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UM Canes' (former ) AD Shawn Eichorst -- the invisible AD -- is officially gone and has taken the same job at Nebraska.


     University of Miami President Donna Shalala just confirmed what we already knew: UM athletic director Shawn Eichorst has resigned, effective immediately.

     Eichorst has taken the same job at Nebraska, and will replace Nebraska athletic director Tom Osborne Jan. 1 -- though Eichorst will begin at Nebraska Oct. 9 as a special assistant to Chancellor Harvey Perlman. Eichorst accepted a five-year contract, reportedly worth $973,000 annually.

    "I am deeply disappointed in Shawn's departure to the University of Nebraska as I thoroughly enjoyed working with him,'' Shalala said in a written statement. "We wish Shawn and his wonderful family the very best at their new post.''

    Shalala has appointed Blake James, Senior Associate Athletic Director, as the acting UM athletic director. James served as the AD at Maine from 2005-2010 and returned to UM in 2010, having previously worked at UM from 1995-97 and from 1998-2001.

    Eichorst was hired by the Hurricanes in April, 2011.

    Hello? Anyone want to be the UM athletic director?    

     Osborne announced last month that he will retire at the end of this year.

    At UM -- bracing for NCAA sanctions in the case involving former UM booster and convicted felon Nevin Shapiro -- Eichorst has been one of the most low-profile athletic directors in school history. He was not at UM during Shapiro's wrongdoings, but except for once or twice, has declined to speak to the media since coming to Miami -- and has mostly kept his distance from UM fans and donors.

    Among the media, Eichorst was known as the invisible athletic director.

    He was supposed to accompany the Golden Canes boosters on the trip to Chicago. 

    "I think his timing is offensive,'' a long-time Miami booster told me. "It's a Golden Canes trip. It's a Notre Dame game. If he was that unhappy, he should have just left before this.

    "If someone can't even say hello to people he sees all the time, he's not at the right place and isn't part of the Hurricanes' family."

     Former UM great Alonzo Highsmith has been busy tweeting this morning:

     "Donna listen," Highsmith tweeted, referring to Shalala, "Find an AD with vision, passion, guts, decision maker, leader, knows and respects program , knows the culture, man of people!"   

    Alonzo also tweeted this: I wouldn't know Miami AD if he told me who he was and that's all u need to know!!

    Eichorst's predecessor, Kirby Hocutt, served only 2 1/2 years as the UM athletic director and now is the AD at Texas Tech.

    Eichorst was responsible for the hiring of basketball coach Jim Larranaga. Just before his hiring, the school agreed to reward women's basketball coach Katie Meier, the co-national Coach of the Year, with a five-year contract extension that would take her through 2016. The contract was negotiated by then-acting AD Tony Hernandez.

     Eichorst is a native of Lone Rock, Wis., and was an all-conference defensive back, three-time letterwinner and 1990 team captain for the UW-Whitewater football team, according to his Miami bio. He graduated magna cum laude in business from UW-Whitewater in 1990 and earned a law degree from Marquette in 1995.







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Another great move by shalalalalala, she should be gone too.

I agree with Highsmith! We don't need an AD that doesn't care about "THE U". It sounds like he had Saban's wonderful personality? What a joke! So glad he is leaving. Let's get a real AD in here! GO CANES! BEAT THE OVERRATED IRISH!!!!

Bring in Howard or Jimmy back, we need a CANE through and through. Please Donna do something right.... Susan please some recruiting news, go CANES!!!!!!

Might mean the hammer is getting ready to drop from ncaa. Let's get it over with and move on. GO CANES

Pete Garcia would be good too.

I say we get an AD who will push for a 40-50k capacity stadium either on or near campus!!!

@Maria the Irish aren't overrated.

We do need a visionary AD. Miami can't use being a private school as a crutch anymore. Stanford has about 4,000 less students and is very competitive in every sport almost every year. First off Miami will need to find a way to build there own football stadium. Having your own stadium is a huge money maker. I currently go to the university of montana which has a powerhouse fcs team and it produces about 1.1 million dollars a game and our avg attendance is 26,000 people.(and the university has the same number of students as Miami.) I know this has been brought up a billion times but it is very necessary.

I would say go after a young AD that is hungry, and can handle the NCAA situation. It's not going to be pretty when the sanctions hit. I believe Miami will take another bowl ban this year also, no matter there record. I also think Miami should impose there own sanctions now and hopefully the NCAA agrees. Such as loss of schollys. Deal with it now instead of trying to scrape by and hope the NCAA doesn't come down hard. Also have the AD do what is necessary to keep Al Golden. I am nervous that he might jump ship for Arkansas or a High paying SEC school.

bernie kosar would be perfect..smart,well educated (UM) business smart..most of all loves the U..

Lack of leadership from the top- Shaneh neh resign please.

Once the NCAA penalties hit she should be asked to leave- nicely at first. If not kick her socialist a55 out the doe'

@MontanaCane: The media-hyped Irish have been overrated since screwy & cheating Lou Holtz was coaching there!

I agree. Bernie Kosar would be a perfect fit. We need someone with not only business sense, but someone who loves the university.

I agree, Bernie Kosar would be perfect for the AD. True blue cane through & through and football wise. Donna, bring in a U family member for the job. Do some thing that will get you on the good side of the fans for once. Go canes, beat ND Saturday night.

Bernie Kosar would not be a great fit at UM. He was a great football player at UM. That has nothing to do with how he'd do as an AD. He lost a ton of $$ as a businessman and whether he'd be a great AD is highly debatable. UM does need someone, however, with better ties to UM than these guys from the Midwest who use the job only as a launching point for their careers.

How about Gino Torretta??

I do not agree with Kosar. Every interview I have seen of him, he looks and sounds drunk. Love him as an old player but not AD. I do approve of Jimmy Johnson. He is very intelligent and has coached and led at every level when it comes to running a business(ie, NFL, NCAA, etc). Jimmy will not get it though because he won't put up with Shalala's crap. Remember how he bucked the old AD back in the day....Donna would be too scared to hire him.

This does not bode well for the bigger scheme of things. Maybe this Eyesorst guy knows something that we don't, as in specifically what kinds of sanctions are looming.

This tells me that UM needs to find somebody who has UM ties. I don't know who'd that be. "Side Arm" Kosar had his ups and downs and I heard he was a finance major. JJ is not interested, he's not back from fishing in Tavernier. Plus, JJ doesn't strike me as a desk person. But I'd give him a shot. My feeling is JJ would quickly get rid of the entire coaching staff, minus Barrow and Kehoe. Butch is available. He wasn't a bad coach, I'd give him a shot at AD. Whoever gets here, that person must be ready to ride out the storm. Right now, DS is running everything, and whoever gets the job has to accept that.

I would LOVE JJ as AD, but there's no way he comes back to a job with that kind of stress associated with it. He's comfy as an NFL announcer and has earned the right to enjoy having a fun and relatively stress-free gig.
For the folks who think UM is EVER going to have an on-campus stadium, please just give that up. Well, I should say that you need to give up on that unless you think you can convince the residents of Coral Gables to first sell the land to UM at a bargain price and THEN to allow UM to build a 50K+ stadium (and all the parking to go with it) right near their beautiful homes. It's NEVER going to happen, so please stop complaining about it. Am I happy about the current arrangement or the destruction of the OB? Hell no!! I hate it. I have some great memories from my time as a student going to watch games in the OB.
As for calling for DS's head..... As an alumnus of UM I'm ecstatic over the boost she has helped to give to my alma mater in terms of its academic reputation. Am I content with the decline of the football program under Coker and Shannon? Of course not. It kills me to think of some of the crap I now get from fans of UVA, UNC, and VT. I grew up and went to UM in the days where if you weren't ranked in the top 15 then we just figured you were the next practice squad or Washington Generals team that we were going to abuse on our way to title contention. It took Donna three tries to get the right guy in place, but she's got the right guy now. Of course, she has to KEEP him.

So we need a new AD. I like Gino, but he's better at just rallying the alumni base. I like Bernie. I like Pete Garcia even more. I'm not sure that a former football player is the right move to run the whole department, but somewhere out there might be a 'Cane athlete who has the brains and determination and moxie to do the job right...and also bleeds Orange and Green.

Go 'Canes!!!!

Kosar? No. Toretta, a born leader but not cut out for the AD job. Jim Kelly: No. Dorsey: HECK NO!!!!!!!!!!!! Vinny T. I don't think so.

What about Stubblefield?

Not Stubblefield: Dan Stubbs from near Red Bank, N.J. Was a DE and LB at UM under JJ. Well spoken, smart intelligent knows the game and the area.

Funny I said this Middle of the Country Boy was not a good fit for Miami. Miami is an multi-racial, multi-fender, multi-lingual university and he is classic good ol' boy type. He needs a snow white kinda institution because I'm sure he was never comfortable here.

Uncle Luke would be a great AD.
Think what that would do for recruiting.

Hey Ginger (Eicwhorest):

Thanks for doing crap.
Thanks for nothing.
You didnt accomplish squat here. Ya quitter.

Hey Husker fans: In this doosh you get a scared little pu55ie beetch quitter.

I just hope we get to play these huskers so we can pound them like we did in 2001. But the closest we'll come is the utter destruction UM is going to heave upon Bo's little brah- Carl at FAU. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

For a program with relatively sports and no on campus football stadium to manage, I'm not sure why UM has more than a low level/low $ AD.

The only thing the AD does that really matters is hiring and managing the coaches. When that is needed a consultant is used for screening anyway. Let the Trustees step up since they need to approve the hire anyway.

Huge $ could be saved with this approach and plowed into the programs, esp the football asst coach salary category where we are well below market for big time programs.

Luke would probably take the job for free. Luke, Luke.

Another great move by shalalalalala, she should be gone too.

Posted by: ltcdolphin

I'm with you ltcd! My position on this matter is still the same. Hobbits belong in movies. Fire the midget!

bernie kosar would be perfect..smart,well educated (UM) business smart..most of all loves the U..

Posted by: canedude1

Agreed plus he's already on the board of trustees.

GO U!!


Stating the Obvious: Imagine that: Luke as AD. UM would be stocked with players from NW and Hialeah High. U think folks in "The Gables" would go for that?

OK the Alonzo Highsmith post was a stretch but I honestly wouldn't mind it.

I think that Kosar would be a good choice. He's well liked in the community and loved by the Hurricane family. He does have his business degrees and is a member of the board of trustees. I also believe that Jimmy Johnson would be an excellent choice as well, hands down. Though getting him away from his current job will most likely pose a challenge. I'm not too sure on Gino Torreta but who knows. Last I heard he was in real estate up in west palm beach or something. It's funny but nobody has considered Jim Kelly just for the heck of it. Who knows what he would say to an opportunity like this one. Now my first and foremost pick for this position will be Howard Schnellenberger. He is ADORED by all in the Hurricanes family and the State of Miami. Who knows. Since we're throwing names around how about Don Soldinger? Tremendous resume, respected in the community, a go getter, motor constantly going, etc...
Hey this just came to mind right now, Joaquin Gonzalez!!! That guy is a born leader on and off the field. Received many academic awards and respected by all in the Canes family. Well spoken, direct, educated, someone that we can look to in times like this... I know I'm just throwing names around but these are the ones that first come to mind. I don't want to hear anything about Pete Garcia. Toss that name from here.

As always...







I'm glad you got rid of Eichorst, but did you have to send him our way???
We wanted someone that knows the Husker culture, the same culture that thrives with the 'Canes of Miami. Someone who bleeds the colors of your school (whatever color that may be...Orange and Green or Scarlet and Cream).
I, for one, hopes he is only a temporary person to fill the position until a real AD becomes available.

What about me? I can help with recruiting and I knows all the kids in the MD School System!

Hey Cool Cat watch out. If you agree or like any of my posts the loser Morons on this blog will call you all sorts of names and try to bring you down.
Of course no one in the Gables would go for Uncle Luke, but he would be a lot better than what they have now. They have nothing, no leadership, no tradition, no loyalty. The blind leading the clUeless, no wonder the program is in such dissarray. Good luck finding anyone half way decent with the sanctions coming up.


What does Lou Holtz have to do with the current Irish team? And who are you/we to call them cheaters when Miami has a huge NCAA investigation taking place.

Yes the Irish team is struggling offensively but there defense is stout. They beat two ranked teams one on the road. Also they run a spread offense and the last time Miami ran into the spread it wasn't pretty(i.e Kansas State).

Sorry Miami has beaten a 1-3 Boston college, 2-3 Georgia Tech, and a 3-2 NC State. 6-8 combined record and a FCS team. I watched them get annihilated in Manhattan. Kansas State literally scored at will on Miami. I am not trying to bash Miami win's but that is the honest truth.

I hope they win this game and get over the hump. Give them momentum heading into the north Carolina game and show up 6-1 vs. FSU.

"bracing for NCAA sanctions in the case involving former UM booster and convicted felon Nevin Shapiro"

Why does everybody keep referring to this sniveling POS rat turd as a booster. He took a bunch of young, impressionable kids, threw stolen money at them and then ratted everybody out. Instead of 20 years, they should have given him 20 minutes as a tackling dummy at an (unsupervised) UM practice.

The only bright spot regarding Hurricane athletics since I graduated in 2005 was the hiring of Coach Golden. And that was only accomplished by lying to his face and covering up the impending sanctions (which Shalala and Holcutt were well aware of).

Donna Shalala has proven time after time that she doesn't care at all about the future of the athletic department. Everything she touches in the athletic department turns to crap, because she doesn't care and is unwilling to spend the $ necessary. Failed move to Joe Robbie Stadium, $250 Club Seats at JRS that have been empty for three years, failed coaching hires, failed AD hires, failing to admit athletes that then end up at FSU, nonexistent marketing within the community..the list goes on.

Considering the program has been rotting from the top down for so long it is a great credit to Al Golden, his coaches and his players that he has this thing pointed in the right direction.

Well said Omaximus. Golden has done well despite shalalalalala not because of.

Cut me and you'll see I bleed orange and green
But when you compare our situation against other schools
it's a NO brainer people! I know in our passion and foaming at
The mouth as dedicated, die hard, kill for The U,
Rabid rabies infected zest we are blinded with bias but our
BEST asset the football team plays in MG at Joe Robbie err, the Gardens Bowl err, No Life stadium! If you're a doctor you'll go to work in Rochester, Minnesota because the
Mayo Clinic is there. Point is wackhorst dissed us because at the end of
The day the facilities, support, and allure is greater in stankin' lankin' than it is in beautiful
Coral Gables. Look at the noon game attendance and support at corn chuckers game versus a game at duck bill stadium and an AD whose
Job it is says "I can do better than this". Sadly many football recruits too! I think he was spineless for his timing and doing how he did but can ANY of us be mad at what he did?
Not if we are honest because what he did was find a better situation for he and his family. Who of us would not do the same in our current work situations?

I love Bernie, but he's not AD material. The guy has well documented issues that disqualify him from this type of position.

Another thing....bring Howard and/or Jimmy back cannot be our response to everything.

Flying out to Chicago tonight!!!!

You are getting Gene DEFillippo!


FightinSibis: On campus, ha? Well I hoped U walked around long enough to know that it's the same campus where former DT Jimmy Jones jumped in the lake to "tame" an alligator on bright day. I hoped U walked past the library, the same place where the likes of Stubbs, Maryland, Walsh, Kosar once called home. War Canoe? That's a new one on me, but hey, once again U get the day's award for, well, just being, not ignorant, but 'ignant.....

So we lost an AD-big deal. The man made no enhancements to the U and was the favorite of Shalala from day one. Maybe she needs to stay away, and let the Trustees make this hiore and get the U a real AD. Have no fear, there are plenty of quality people who who love to be the AD at the U. Time for Shalala to go---Now to the important thing--GO Baby canes and upset the Irish Nation and all of ESPN with a big W. We love you guys.

Pete Garcia would be a good choice, however that's why he left to FIWho! UM passed him up and hired that guy who left to Texas Tech. Need to hire from within, a person who is a true Cane! someone who won't leave during tough times. What about Tony Gonzalez is he still around?

This AD crap has nothing to do with our on the field exploits.....so let's move on.

How about Obama. He will be looking for a job after November, a great fit, articulate, smart, and loves his face on tv.

Good this guy is gone. It's true he operated in isolation. Can't understand how Nebraska made the same mistake. Shalala needs to hire someone of the U. A strong football program is critical to Miami at all levels. It advertised success. Pete Carroll did as much for USC's academic rise as any academic. But Shalala seems intent on hiring "cheap," budgeting "cheap" and destroying the culture of Miami football. If she tries that this time, the Board should send her packing. She's the root problem with Miami football.

Cliff....you're right about her trying to destroy the culture of miami football. This woman wants a bunch of sheep out there. We're lucky the current team has heart.

No big loss. He was a temp and we all knew it. This will be a non-story in 2 hours.

I don't like Hocutt, but this likely means Eichorst wasnt raising the kind of funds that Hocutt was. That doesn't bode well for a school building new facilities and in need of an on campus football stadium ASAP. He ends up at Nebraska where the boosters will continue to write checks even if he never leaves his office, which he seems to excel at. Good riddance!

Yep, that one should have got wiped on a dirty sock!!

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