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UM Canes' (former ) AD Shawn Eichorst -- the invisible AD -- is officially gone and has taken the same job at Nebraska.


     University of Miami President Donna Shalala just confirmed what we already knew: UM athletic director Shawn Eichorst has resigned, effective immediately.

     Eichorst has taken the same job at Nebraska, and will replace Nebraska athletic director Tom Osborne Jan. 1 -- though Eichorst will begin at Nebraska Oct. 9 as a special assistant to Chancellor Harvey Perlman. Eichorst accepted a five-year contract, reportedly worth $973,000 annually.

    "I am deeply disappointed in Shawn's departure to the University of Nebraska as I thoroughly enjoyed working with him,'' Shalala said in a written statement. "We wish Shawn and his wonderful family the very best at their new post.''

    Shalala has appointed Blake James, Senior Associate Athletic Director, as the acting UM athletic director. James served as the AD at Maine from 2005-2010 and returned to UM in 2010, having previously worked at UM from 1995-97 and from 1998-2001.

    Eichorst was hired by the Hurricanes in April, 2011.

    Hello? Anyone want to be the UM athletic director?    

     Osborne announced last month that he will retire at the end of this year.

    At UM -- bracing for NCAA sanctions in the case involving former UM booster and convicted felon Nevin Shapiro -- Eichorst has been one of the most low-profile athletic directors in school history. He was not at UM during Shapiro's wrongdoings, but except for once or twice, has declined to speak to the media since coming to Miami -- and has mostly kept his distance from UM fans and donors.

    Among the media, Eichorst was known as the invisible athletic director.

    He was supposed to accompany the Golden Canes boosters on the trip to Chicago. 

    "I think his timing is offensive,'' a long-time Miami booster told me. "It's a Golden Canes trip. It's a Notre Dame game. If he was that unhappy, he should have just left before this.

    "If someone can't even say hello to people he sees all the time, he's not at the right place and isn't part of the Hurricanes' family."

     Former UM great Alonzo Highsmith has been busy tweeting this morning:

     "Donna listen," Highsmith tweeted, referring to Shalala, "Find an AD with vision, passion, guts, decision maker, leader, knows and respects program , knows the culture, man of people!"   

    Alonzo also tweeted this: I wouldn't know Miami AD if he told me who he was and that's all u need to know!!

    Eichorst's predecessor, Kirby Hocutt, served only 2 1/2 years as the UM athletic director and now is the AD at Texas Tech.

    Eichorst was responsible for the hiring of basketball coach Jim Larranaga. Just before his hiring, the school agreed to reward women's basketball coach Katie Meier, the co-national Coach of the Year, with a five-year contract extension that would take her through 2016. The contract was negotiated by then-acting AD Tony Hernandez.

     Eichorst is a native of Lone Rock, Wis., and was an all-conference defensive back, three-time letterwinner and 1990 team captain for the UW-Whitewater football team, according to his Miami bio. He graduated magna cum laude in business from UW-Whitewater in 1990 and earned a law degree from Marquette in 1995.







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We keep comparing our situation to USC but what have they done since their penalties?

We are toast

Now if only we could get rid of shalalalalalala

Stanford gets millions from their uber wealthy alumni. It is a top 5 university. Any athlete who graduates from Stanford is practically guaranteed a job in a major market anywhere in the country.
Their facilities are as good or better than USC's, and their tradition, though not as illustrious as UM's as regards football is much longer.

I'm a proud UM grad, but until we get a REAL home stadium, we will have problems fully competing on a long term basis. (IMO)
Pete Garcia might be able to help us get that. However, I firmly believe, Donna does NOT want any part of an on, or close to campus stadium. Especially if it takes funds away for her International Studies, etc.

Well, one way to keep Katie Meier, our most successful coach in YEARS here at UM, would be to make her assistant AD, hire Garcia, and move forward.
Will never happen, but Katie has the GOODS.

Problems didn't start at The U until the hobbit got here and started making changes. Don't fix what ain't broken stupid beeitch. Honestly who likes this woman and is willing to admit it in a public setting?

I, for one, do not trust an adult that requires a high chair to eat at a restaurant. That's just me. She screwed up not only with the football team but also with the school's medical program. That Jackson South Hospital deal she created back fired and is not making any money for the school anymore but actually losing 16million a year. Thanks lady, or whatever you really are. Funny how the moment "IT" got down here, so did shitpiro, coincidence???? I absolutely think not. If no one believes me on that Jackson South fiasco, then go ahead and research it. You'll find it in the MiamiHerald. That's where I got my info from. Jackson South let the hobbit dig a hole and then pushed her in it to save their own a55e5 from their own financial dilemmas. Then she went ahead and signed a 25yr lease with corporate owners of Joe Robbie Stadium. She did not one thing to get assistance to help fix up the OB. She let it crumble thinking that putting our Miami Hurricanes, not hers, OUR MIAMI HURRICANES in a pro stadium 30miles away from campus. Then instead of paying $5 for parking, now everyone has to pay $30 and up. Ticket prices are threw the roof in comparison to what they were at the OB. People wonder why barely anyone goes to the stadium?? Really? Take a family of 4. Driving all the way out there(gas$), parking$, hotdogs and sodas for the kids, something for the wife, don't even think of buying anything for yourself because you just spent that money on your family. Eat whatever your kids leave and drink whatever is left from them that is already warm. Then drive all the way back home. I was recently living in Homestead and just moved back to the Gables but my Hurricane Pride knows no bounds. I haven't missed a home game in years. I don't want to hear about people complaining about the heat. IT'S MIAMI, IF BY NOW YOU HAVEN'T GOTTEN USED TO IT, MOVE! LATER SNOWBIRDS! We do need a stadium but our own stadium. We had one and our own school president did not one thing, not even lifted a finger, to help keep our team in it. NOTHING! For that alone she should be dismissed. At least we had a home field advantage in the OB. Losing the OB felt like being evicted by our own school president. Personally she's not my school president because that would imply that she is someone that I would look up to and since I can't look up and see her at the same time then she's not.

Donna Shalalalalalalalala...

You're not our president.
You're not loved or even liked in our community.
You're not respected in our community.
That picture holding a dirty check has stained our memories.
Your financial decision making with JSH -- failure.
Your lack of respect for the true cash cow of The U will be your demise.
I would like to say something positive about you but I can't find anything REALLY noteworthy, not even when I googled it.
Just leave.


@ wimpyIbis

The one about Obama for AD was just too funny, I knew that wasn't the real you. You are just a grumpy retard with no imagination or sense of humor.
Do you get excited when you talk about the canoe? You seem to be obsessed with it.
So another AD bailed for a better job. Coaches, ADs, administrators are here just biding time until something better shows up, just like in any second rate minor program.
Who ever said your sorry program cannot improve without an on campus stadium and top of the line facilities is right on the money. It is also true you will never get any of those things with Shalala at the helm.
MontanaCane has it right ND is a lot like KSU, only kool aid drinking fools think beating ACC pansies is anything to get excited about.
Play a good team and you lose. Beat a pansie and get all wet. Repeat. Pathetic.

I'm really liking the idea of Kosar as AD more and more. He would fight for The U. Unlike the hobbit.


Big deal its not like we lost anything with this guy going to Nebraska. And it doesn't mean anything like we are going to get slammed by the NCAA as the reason he left. He came from Wisconsin and he is a better fit for that area and they probably paid him more money. I don't know of anyone from our past glory days who would be a good fit. Bernie Loves Miami but lets face it, everytime I see him on TV he looks like a sweaty slurred speech drunk. Now whether he is or not I don't know. Jimmy would be great but as one poster already said he would be too much for Shalaber and she doesn't want that. Uncle Luke are U nuts? Yeah he loves the Canes but his shady past would make everybody uneasy. Howard Schnellenberger would be the best choice of the bunch. He is deeply respected as the man who originally built the dynasty, he is smart, and it would allow him to come back to the U again and his career would come full circle. That is if he would be interested in coming out of retirement. He would be the first person I would call if I as looking an AD. But we all know Shalaber wants a hobbit puppet that will do all she wants. Howard is too smart for her.

Yo I say Uncle Luke and the 2 live possey.

Luke as Pres
Alonzo Highsmith as AD

Go Canes

Uncle Luke and the 2Live Crew

Told ya....I knew it. the Allen depositon sunk UM. The NCAA was there while he was under oath with his attorney which provided phone records and receipts supporting the allegations. Be prepared for serious sanctions against Miami. Has to be at least equal to USC....30 lost scholarships plus 2 bowl games. The AD is getting out before it all hits. The 2 million (allegation) over all the years might not be that far off. Team needs to play for pride going forward. Recuiting will be next to impossible....all the other teams will slam us on this.

Eichorst came into a tough situation and like Golden none of that was his fault. He did a good job as far as I can tell. I wish him well. I hope we can get someone qualified to take over and it doesn't hurt recruiting the next guy that Eichorst was able to get a top job with a big salary based on doing yeomans work with us.

rod chudzinski would have been great if it was realistic to steal him from caolina.....he is old school cane, knows the culture...KNOWS HOW TO WIN....the kind of guy that would e out there chewing D's a s for all these yards.

all this talk about a stadium..there will be no new stadium. we have 25 yr lease....we are a sunlife forever.

Screw you, Eichorst, for using UM the way you did.

Nebraska deserves you.

You are a souless twerp.

Let's find someone who gets loyalty and has some juice and charisma, and who can deliver for UM.

In the meantime, Beat ND!

A new intimate raving and raging mad intimidating 40,000 seat ORANGE BOWL on Campus and ALL of our problems are settled I move back to Miami we get most ANY recruit we want and ALL is right with the world culminating in National Championship won against Nick SATAN!

look first of all your an idiot.....you make up your own stories. The NCAA is investigating the allegation. It is 2 million from what Shapiro told them. The university gave back almost $100K already.....Shapiro was a sports agent...he owned a sports agency. He bought influence...Allen recruited for him and entertained recruits and then phoned the GOLDEN coaching staff immedately....they have the phone records. Look,kid....your too young to know anything...I bet you never even went to UM. Miami is gonna get hit hard. Shapiro is not lying about everything. he was loyal to UM....He gave them Allen. Allen corroberated his story and provided documentation......the AD knows.....he aint gonna go down with the ship. The nebraska job was a lateral move.

Thanks for regurgitating the recent Bruce Feldman article, Jim. As usual you are talking without much knowledge. If it was $2 million you and I know the bankruptcy trustee wouldn't have settled for $87k. And as much as I love UM Nebraska is more than a lateral move when it comes to salary, alumni base, boosters, facilities, not working under Shalala etc. To your other point I don't foresee a new stadium but unless you have seen a copy of the lease you have no idea what the termination fee is or for how long UM is really locked in.

Wasn't directed at me but you would be well served to lose the "kid you don't know nothing" attitude.

Its hard to get over the stadium because even on its best day Sun Life is an awful stadium. Every seat is far away from the field and its quiet (relative to other stadiums) even when it is full for a big game. True it would be better if the Canes were better but even for the FSU game the atmosphere was mediocre at best.

Plus its further away from the fanbase and students. I'm happy to pay and support the school but even though they have reduced some prices they are still high and in no way reflect demand. HUGE mistake by Shalala not to fight for a renovated OB OR an on campus stadium OR the right to share the Marlins park.

This information is very important for the people who are looking for gathering knowledge from various sources and different parts of ....

First of all whoever said Bernie would be good- sure, but Kosar is uspectd (maybe more than suspected) to have an issue with consumption (if you what I mean)- So I woulodnt bet on it/

Uncle Luke- will never happen but f it did, I'd say that would be a courageous (maybe even syupid) move by the University

Schnellie- Too old. Im sorry. he is.

Caneh till idie- Great posts- same with ibis. These morons (Gallo and the other peckerheads) have to be presented with facts because we all know they have none.

Fonally, I'd like to commend Susan Degnan for having the courage to call out Eichorst. In her initial article she titled it with a caption: "Don't let the door hit you..." But the PC editors in the crap Miami Herald took it down. I say- If this is a Miami Hurricanes blog, it will be weighted towards the U. Like it or not. Your gestapo editing and censoring wont fly with any one of us. You "allow"
crap posts form bloggers and trollwers like Curse and others who come on here with racist statements and making fun of Bryan Pata and all and you censor Susuan? Shame on you MH editors!

Go canes baby.

I take full credit for the petition drive to make Uncle Luke the next AD. It was my great idea and Cool Cat was the first to agree. We don't need any Johnny come lately fools aboard our bandwagon unless you are ready to go out and do the legwork needed to make this happen.
First the blogger LOSERTILUDIE....DH should drop his doomed petition drive for the Tropical Park Stadium and direct his street corner collection efforts, as weak as they are, to our Uncle Luke for AD drive.
If we all band together this will be possible and UM will have a real AD for the first time in a long time.

Crap like this is why I dislike both Susan & Manny. We only hear about stuff like this after the person is gone. It's almost as if they are scared to report the truth.. Manny started shitting on Randy as soon as he was fired, but not a peep while he was still the coach.

Kosar looks and sounds like a fool. Great player, but he would embarrass us to no end.

Eichorist and Hocutt are just an example of Donna's visionless incompitence when it comes to athletics. Doesn't she vet these guys? Too bad Paul D's dead. Kosar is great for the program, but as an AD??? No experience in anything like that. I am going to throw out a name, that I think would be a good AD, but would defitinately be controversial...DENNIS ERICKSON. Sure we might not have athletics 10 years from now, but it will be one hell of run before we get there.

Luke, Luke, Luke, Luke
2 Live crew
Luke, Luke, Luke
Think of what he can do
Luke, Luke, Luke

The ROCK for AD!!!

Bring him in, Donna!!!

Crap like this is why I dislike both Susan & Manny. We only hear about stuff like this after the person is gone. It's almost as if they are scared to report the truth.. Manny started shitting on Randy as soon as he was fired, but not a peep while he was still the coach.

Posted by: 202canefan | October 05, 2012 at 08:47 AM

This is a very valid observation that really hurts their credibility. We NEVER hear any of this inside info until the person is gone. So many things about Randy that should have been revealed during his tenure were printed in this blog as soon as he left. It is pathetic cowardly "journalism" and I have no doubt it is done to preserve access. Barry Jackson is the only South Florida writer who provides any inside info in real time.

Can anyone point to a site (subscription or free) that reported these complaints about Eichorst BEFORE his resignation? That he was arrogant, aloof, holed up in his office, not doing his job (IE interacting with boosters and raising money)?

For someone like me who is not in the loop in Coral Gables its so frustrating to have to rely on the vague, after-the-fact reporting done by the Herald, Sun Sentinel and the radio stations. Is it worth subscribing to Canesport or some other service?





Please follow the link below and take a look at the Curse’s post…it is accompanied with a photo…could this be the Curse in all of his ugly glory? If the answer is yes, then establishing this mentally ill dirt bag’s identity will be easy.



Says the guy who can't figure out which handle to use today. Still waiting on that stimulus check from Obummer are you? Your shift at the piggly wiggly is about to start, hurry and you can make the bus.

Wow what a douche.


You guys saying Kosar would be a great AD for UM is snorting more coke then Unlce Luke use to sell the players back in the hey day. GO Irish!

Hire Highsmith!

FightingIbis, I'll beat the ish out of you buddy, so keep being a gangster thug because in real life I'll slap you so hard that B of a hore your mom would feel it.

Go gators

and Irish

Sit down suzies and calm down. Theres a game in chi town in case you all didnt know.

Leaving. In the airport. Canes repping.

I feel like getting my sh5t on against some ND fans, but im gonna chill.

Hey you all... For all you whiners who cried when storm johnson was allowed to leave the program: 17 carries 53 yds against powerhouse east carolina. 3.1 yds per carry. Impressiv eh? Hed be whiming about playing time now and causing all sorts of negativity in the locker room.

Just like i said, addition by subtraction. Just like Eickwhorest

The next Miami AD needs to be a man amonst men.Pure and simple.The next search should be carried out slowly and carefully with input from as many cross-section supporters of the U as is possible.A LARGE BUY OUT CLAUSE should also be included as based on the short tenure of the two previous but stepping-stone opportunists.

So Irish Man is no longer an NC State fan? Shocking.

I guess next time he will be a lifelong UNC fan. Looks like he slipped when he said Go Gators.

What a loser...

After the debate the other night, i don't want obummer anymore, I want the Romney guy. He could afford to build us our own stadium out of his pocket. Maybe he could pay off the ncaa, then J. Gallo would have nothing to write about. Oh never mind, he would go back to the def cood stuff, like canes 72, more lineman would solve everything. Maybe when we get a new AD, they can convince him/her to make changes. I'm glad i just have a bird brain

Invisible A.D.? That is the last type of A.D. I would want on my staff. To the U staff that hired him defense... Maybe they didn't know he was going to hide in his office all day everyday. Maybe Golden and the staff wanted him gone! You never know. Sounds more to me like he didn't fit in EVER and he knew it so he jumped ship back to the mid-west where he came from. I say WHO CARES, make a good hire (Maybe Golden has a few good men in mind) and move on. Nobody will notice this guys gone anyway.

If you want a look at why the U has struggled since Shapiro undermined the team with gifts and parties read this interview with Sam Shields in Green Bay:
Do you miss "The U?" Yeah, I do. Best college memories? Just the big family of "The U." The partying part. I'm not going to lie, I miss that. I don't really party like that anymore. It gets old.
Is it a big party down there? Yeah, in Miami you never sleep. It goes on until 6 o'clock in the morning. And then you're back at it again."
I hope this stupid selfish attitude and lack of dedication has been rooted out by Al Golden. No wonder the players always underachieved.

News flash, Al Golden will be the new AD. He will finish the season, and find a replacement. He says he will find a coach who's style fits his recruits. He will honor any offers made to recruits for 2013. The NCAA will not be kind to Miami, so we will see how long he stays. Maybe he will help in getting a stadium for the canes. A defensive coach would be the best thing, I hope he doesn't force the new coach to keep D'nofrio.

Jim if Al golden did take the AD job he would not be stepping down as Head Coach so quit sounding like a jerkoff for once in your life.

So USC is ranked 12th at 3-1, having lost to Stanford 3-1 at 18th?? Ya makes sense. Canes 4-1 having lost on the road to Undefeated #7 Kstate get no love.
No Bias at all, lmao. The world is full of fools that love to Raa Raa!!

@ Undefeated only chance we will ever have, 2000??

Stop comparing your sorry program to the good schools out there like USC and Stanford. Even if you go undefeated it will not help you much when there are so many other better programs out there.
You have no love from anyone, don't desreve it either,
you got no leader, no direction, a revolving door of ADs and coaches like the second rate program you are, you got no stadium, no facilities and no fan base. The only reason you get kids like Duke, Tracy and Malcom to play for you is geography, and you get fewer of those every year and will lose most when probation hits.
You are a pathetic shell of the 1980s and 1990s, two decade run is long over, keep watching that DVD, it's all you have.

Suk a Dik sayer

Now that The U's AD has jump ship, when does the University president leave? Donna Shalala needs to go. She hasn't given a hill of beans for the school's athletic department ever since she took over the job. It was Hurricane football that put the University on the map. If there are still any real Cane fans out there, they should feel the same way. I say again, get rid of Shalala. She is no good for the future of the school.

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