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Will he play or won't he? Doubtful or Probable? The Stephen Morris mystery.

Will he play or won't he?

Doubtful or probable?

During his weekly press conference Tuesday, UM coach Al Golden wouldn't indicate one way or another whether Stephen Morris, who sprained his left ankle Saturday against UNC, would play against Florida State Saturday at Sun Life Stadium.

"Game-time'' decision, Golden said.

Morris again did not practice Tuesday, and is not expected to practice Wednesday, Golden said. The coach said the earliest he would even attempt to practice -- obviously, if he is able -- would be Thursday.

Here's what Golden said about Morris: "He didn't practice today. And he probably won't practice tomorrow. I think at the earliest we'll have a shot to do anything would be Thursday -- I mean at the earliest. And you're talking not pocket stuff, just 7-on-7 and things of that nature. We've got a long way to go.

"I would have to classify him as a game-time [decision] right now. So, I don't know what that would mean in terms of our ACC [injury] report. Doubtful maybe if it came out Thursday. We'll see. Probably, doubtful --one of those.

"Ryan did a great job today. He threw the ball well, practiced really well, made all the throws. We're excited about him. We don't have really two separate game plans going in. Ryan ran the whole thing and Preston Dewey backed him up today, because I knew that question was coming. So we're proceeding like that. If Stephen's healthy, we'll give it a shot.''

How do you make that final decision?

"Just how he feels. They both are preparing, they both have got to get ready. Stephen is more mental right now; Ryan is more physical, taking the reps with the ones. I'm not going to put Stephen out there if he is not healthy enough to execute. It wouldn't be fair to the team and it wouldn't be fair to Ryan. I want to make sure we're all preparing throughout the week and see how it shakes out.''

Golden's take on Ryan Williams: "He's got a great pocket presence. He's got vision in the pocket. He really has nice touch on the ball. The one thing that he does well [is] he's got a good mind; he's got good touch on second-level throws -- level two throws -- incuts, deep overs to corner routes, things of that nature. And he's long. He's not afraid to stay in the pocket and use his vision and his ability to release it high.

 If you read my story in today's paper you'll remember that Stephen sprained that same ankle THREE DAYS before the Sun Bowl in El Paso in late December, 2010. And it was a bad sprain, at that. Then, after Jacory Harris threw three interceptions in his first seven passes, Stephen came in as a freshman and was impressive, despite a hurt ankle in the bitter cold. Per my story: Morris’ numbers that day in UM’s 33-17 loss to Notre Dame: 22 of 33 for 282 yards and two touchdowns, with one interception. He even rushed on the bad ankle four times for 22 yards.

Today, Golden elaborated on how UM's initial goal is to win the Coastal Division, because that's the "way out'' to get a 50-percent shot of making it to a BCS game. With that in mind, I asked Golden,

"Can you talk about the fine line between deciding to let Stephen start knowing he might not be 100-percent healthy and having him sit out Saturday which gives him another week or more before your Coastal game with Va Tech?"

Golden's response:  "I’m not going to have that conversation with Stephen in terms of ‘Stephen, should we sit you out this game?’ If you want to have that with him, go right ahead. I mean, that’s not going to go very well.

 "I [understand]. But we all only get so many shots at this. He deserves an opportunity if he’s healthy. I’m not going to ask him to sit out Florida State for any game, to be honest with you. If he’s ready to go, he’s ready to go. If you see Stephen out there it’s because he’s ready to go. It’s not because I’m making him go, or he wants to go. It’s because he’s ready to go, and he can execute at the level we need him to execute in that game. That’s it. If he’s not, then that question is answered."

 So, if Stephen is ready to go, someone asked Golden, then he starts the game if he hasn’t practiced this week?

 "I can’t say that right now. We’re so far away from that. We’re just trying to get Ryan and Preston ready. I’m just trying to project for you guys. We’re not having the same conversations here. In terms of us, we’re getting Ryan and Preston ready. If tomorrow he looks better and can do something we’ll let him do something. If he looks a little better on Thursday. But he couldn’t do anything today, and we’ll see. As I said, it’s not a high-ankle sprain, so we know it’s not going to be a long time like Denzel’s was. But it’s swollen. It’s significant. I know he’s tough. I know that."

 My gut is that Stephen will play. But honestly, I have NO idea how bad his ankle is and how painful it is. He was seen by a couple reporters walking into the weight room today, and apparently wasn't limping. Let's see tomorrow what happens, because I think this situation can change quickly. Maybe Ryan starts and Stephen comes in... Maybe Stephen starts and Ryan comes in...

Tomorrow is the last day we have access at UM, so we'll get back to you then.

Until then, please chime in. I know this isn't a Coastal game, but to me, FSU is a very important game -- for all kinds of reasons. I think the coaches will treat it that way.

One more thing: Golden confirmed today that Duke Johnson has turf toe, but said he seems to be getting better daily. Turf toe can be a long-term problem. Hopefully it's not with Duke. He's too valuable to this team, and too fun to watch.




Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/10/16/3051768/ryan-williams-ready-to-be-the.html#storylink=cpy









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I hope Morris gets healthy and I hope Morris plays. What I don't hope is that 'Goldy doesn't go through that stupid QB shuffle again with FSU. How dumb can that be to happen again and against FSU?

UM needs its best players in this game and Morris is that.

Can we have some updates on any recruiting?any big recruits coming to the game possibly some defensive line recruits.

They can bet fsu, but the key will be no turnovers, but the defense needs to play disciplined. This means staying in lanes as when they play ga tech. FSU plays a version of the option, and you mess up one tackle and their speed will kill you. Manuel cant pass. Id watch the goofy bubble screens which jumbo fisher loves to do over and over nd over.

Offensively, miami has to attack. Attack. Attack. The running game must be crisp

But without a kicker, itll be hard.

Morris=0 touchdown passes against ranked teams this year


And Va tech. If they lose to FSU and Va Tech the others are just window dressing . It will also probably mean we will give up going to a bowl. We will only go to a major bowl.

Morris will start or we're doomed otherwise.

If UM's O-Line can protect Williams,and that's a big if, he'll do better than most people think. If he has time to set up and throw it, he's very accurate and his ball is very catchable. That said, he's unable to make certain throws that Morris can make. Still, with good support, he can do well.

i like the keep fsu guessing. we will need every advantage, not that this really helps. fsu's defense will come after either qb, thats what they do. disrupt in the backfield, like we USED to be able to do. either qb will have a very short time to make their throws. timing routes will be the best for us, and catching the ball of course. they will stop our runs, making the qb win the game. tough task ahead for 2 weeks GO CANES

And Va tech. If they lose to FSU and Va Tech the others are just window dressing . It will also probably mean we will give up going to a bowl. We will only go to a major bowl.

Posted by: Bob_bba70 | October 16, 2012 at 09:35 PM

And yet, if we get there and totally stink it up like we did against K State or ND then what's the point?

they stink on defense this yer- I see they are 16-17 point underdogs- I hope they keep it that close. Season started they had a great comeback game against B.C> I figured gee- they are better- they beat aq team they lost to last year. See noting that promising since- they struggle to beat poor teams, lose to mediocre teams and are not competitive against the good teams. Hope I'm wrong- I don't see it turning around with our defensive co-ordinator. just opinion Go canes

This year can be summed up so far as "mediocre" at best
Why dont we try a novel approach and mix things up
Change is good!!! This cat is smarter than all the qb's combined...
Why dont we put the qb I saw play against my nephew in Palm Harbor.. This kid is a winner
Fans want Crow!!!

Fsu will route the Canes and I'm a fan of both teams.

Willams should play if Morris is really hurt. Morris shouldn't have to risk his entire season for one game.

Miami is toast against FSU.
Might as well get out the book of excuses golden and d'o have been writing.

The truth is they stink as coaches running their prevent the win defense,

they stink as recruiters of big tough linemen and tight ends and big backs to guarantee a four yard gain when you need it,

they stink for not bringing in junior college transfers who would be juniors and seniors by now to eliminate that too young, to immature, to inexperienced excuses.

What the Canes have had for a decade is lousy coaches brought in by shalalala and her lousy ADs.
It is well past time that they admit they are lousy and dust off Don Shula's original coaching book that Schnell brought with him.

@Lucy Linens you must be outta ur damn mind woman! Put in Gray Crow? Excuse me for being such a jackbutt but for that comment u are no longer welcome to comment on this site. Gray Crow is no where near ready for a team like Fl.State. In fact I can see him transferring in a couple of years. @ Canesjunkie bro I agree Morris should sit out this game. We need him for the remainder of the season. But he was getting sloppy I must admit that. It appears that his only target is Phillip Dorsett. And he's not looking around for other receivers. I hope to see Robert lockhart in action this week. Ryan Williams may do better than what we think. He might come in and shock everyone. I'm not doubting him at all. But I would definitely would like to see him spread that ball around.

He's going to play.. keep FSU guessing on who to prepare for.

Guess what dUmmys, it don't matter who your QB is. If Morris plays he will get intercepted, and sacked and beat up, so you might as well rest him for your next game. If Williams plays he will get intercepted, sacked and beat up. Lucy is on to something, might as well play Crow, none of them got a chance any way.
On top of that your (no)defense will give up close to 500 yards and 48 plus points, you got no chance.
Remember how you felt after the KSU game? How about the ND game? Remember that little girls? You will experience that again Saturday night, guaranteed.
Get ready for your next beat down fools.

bringing in jc guys was never part of the plan for a reason. the plan was to bring in young guys to develop, learn the system, and get a lot of game experience not squeek-out an extra win or 2.

Golden needs to be shown the door after this year. He is better suited for Temple and similar destinations. Maybe Miami of Ohio will take him.

When is the last time the Hurricanes were 19 point underdogs to anybody at home?

Im thinking because its a rivalery the game will be played closer than what everyone thinks. But FSU will previls.

FSU will not only prevail, FSU will demolish the lady canes. It will get ugly, for you. I predict pain, lots of pain for you.
Your (no)defense will be shredded again. Start getting ready for Duke and UVA, this game is over.
You got no chance ladies.
Your next beat down approaches, get ready.

CaneKiller, why are you trolling a Canes blog if your not a fan? Anywho I agree, FSU is just a stronger team if Williams play its will be downright ugly, Morris a little better.

It is not that JC transfers would not be good enough or that golden has some golden idea that freshmen could eventually mature into a NC team four years from now.

The problems are that golden and his DC are morons, big tough senior players are needed NOW, not only four years from now.

And year after year, good coaches keep winning with whatever the best talent they can get PLUS run winning formations on offense and defense and NOT prevent the win defenses and throwing hail mary and flat passes instead of passes to receivers who are past the first down marker. Like Duhhhhhhhhhh.

i guess we should get some big tough senior players from the free agent market, duh! not sure why golden didnt think of that! what are winning formations? oregon, bama, k st all run different offensive formations and win. notre dame runs "prevent the win defenses" and not only have they won but their defense has kept them in or pretty much won games for them. please give actual thoughts instead of the cliche catch phrases that announcers use after a team loses.

hail mary and flat passes can be run out of nearly every formation. are you saying we should only run slants, posts, and 12 yard outs? u dont like quick pass to wr in a 1 on 1 situation or moving the blockers point of attack to the outside to create seam for rb or slot? or all passes less than 5yds and outside the tackles? or is it simply the scoreboard u dont like?

I don't like a soft team
I don't like an inconsistent QB
I don't like a swiss cheese defense
I don't like a clueless DC
I don't like a smooth talking coach with no results
I don't like that you are a simple minded fool

furthermore, i really like championships but i've seem some more impressive things happening from this team/coaching staff. these "kids" are learning to become "men" and "rolemodels". Dorsett for instance could drop every pass he is thrown until he graduates but if he continues to grow and mature the way he has already i will never hesitate to point him out to my sons and say "that is a man"! very proud he is a hurricane!


What a crock of manure! College football players as role models for your kids???????
HHS should go investigate you.
If Dorsett keeps dropping passes he won't be on the team for long to become your role model you moron.

ouch! got me on that one! i'm the rolemodel for my kids but have no problem pointing out someone else as an example also. nothing wrong with showing respect where it i due. kids watch how adults conduct themselves and he is a better example than nevin! nothing wrong with using teachable moments when they present themselves either. basically, dorsett wont vanish into thin air when he leaves the program and neither will any other player! they arent cartoon characters but current and future members of their community. sorry i just got the memo i was supposed to post "fire everybody, they dont know anything, blah, blah, blah."

I don't like a soft team
I don't like an inconsistent QB
I don't like a swiss cheese defense
...nobody does but thats what we have.
I don't like a clueless DC
I don't like a smooth talking coach with no results!
...open for debate(execpt the no results part).
again sorry guys just trying bring up a positive but i'll just crawl back into my hole.

canefan'72, since im apologizing sorry for getting on your case also. i suppose im looking for any reason for u to not be right. cause if your right that will just set us back another 3-5yrs.

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