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UM Canes depth chart just released for FSU game: At QB, it says Stephen Morris OR Ryan Williams

Good morning,
   On my way out to practice, but before I go, here's the UM depth chart for Saturday's FSU game. As I'm sure you know by now, things can change -- and they sometimes do.
    But following the loss to North Carolina, here's what coaches came up with.
    Note that it says Stephen Morris OR Ryan Williams at quarterback. Last night Al Golden told us he was going into the game thinking Ryan was "the guy.''
    Some other changes:
   Defensively, Denzel Perryman has moved from the middle to the outside, where he played last season as a freshman. Eddie Johnson still has a firm hold on the other outside spot, which has been the strong side for him. The middle linebacker spot is now listed with a double OR: Gionni Paul OR Jimmy Gaines OR Raphael Kirby. Especially impressive for Kirby, a freshman who has nine tackles in only two games played.
    Also on defense, Deon Bush is now ahead of A.J. Highsmith at one safety spot, with Kacy Rodgers ahead of Vaughn Telemaque OR Rayshawn Jenkins at the other spot. I feel for Telemaque, a fifth-year senior who we thought would break out this season. He's had injury issues, but the youngsters have passed him for the time being.
     The starting D-line has stayed the same.
     On offense, Mike James is now alone in the top spot at running back, ahead of the injured Duke Johnson (toe). James had a career day Saturday, and is doing well this season.
     At right tackle, Seantrel Henderson and Ereck Flowers have an OR between their names.
   Check @smillerdegnan for news from practice later.
 WR 80 Rashawn Scott 6-2 190 So.
  86 Herb Waters
6-2 185 Fr.
LT 79 Malcolm Bunche 
6-7 325 RSo.
  64 Hunter Wells
6-4 300 RFr.
70 Jon Feliciano
6-5 314 RSo.

68 Jeremy Lewis
6-4 316 RSr.
62 Shane McDermott
6-4 295 RSo.

75 Jared Wheeler
6-5 314 RJr.
65 Brandon Linder
6-6 308 Jr.
  63 Danny Isidora 6-4 320 Fr.
RT 77 Seantrel Henderson -OR- 6-8 340 Jr.
  74 Ereck Flowers 
6-6 314 Fr.
TE 46 Clive Walford
6-4 250 RSo.
  49 Dyron Dye
6-5 255 RJr.
  82 Asante Cleveland
6-5 263 Jr.
FB 33 Maurice Hagens
5-11 240 Jr.
  43 Sean Harvey 6-4 262 RSo.
QB 17 Stephen Morris -OR-
6-2 214 Jr.
  11 Ryan Williams 
6-5 221 RSo.
RB 5 Mike James
5-11 220 Sr.
  8 Duke Johnson 5-9 188 Fr.
  23 Eduardo Clements 
5-9 195 Jr.
WR 4 Phillip Dorsett

83 Kendal Thompkins -OR-
5-10 182 RSr.
  6 Robert Lockhart Jr.
6-1 188 Fr.
WR 1 Allen Hurns
192 Jr.
  24 Davon Johnson
6-0 188 Sr.




71 Anthony Chickillo
6-4 262 So.
  90 Ricardo Williams  -OR- 6-5 240 RFr.
  99 Jelani Hamilton 6-5 271 Fr.
DT 67 Corey King
6-1 295 RFr.
  72 Earl Moore  6-1 300 Fr.
  66 Dequan Ivery
6-1 303 Fr.
DT 91 Olsen Pierre
6-4 300 So.
  93 Luther Robinson  -OR-
6-3 288 RJr.
  98 Darius Smith
6-2 315 Sr.
51 Shayon Green
6-3 260 RJr.

17 Tyriq McCord
6-3 236 Fr.
44 Eddie Johnson 6-1 238 RFr.

34 Thurston Armbrister
6-3 222 So.
MLB 36 Gionni Paul -OR- 6-0 218 So.

59 Jimmy Gaines -OR-
6-3 230 Jr.
  56 Raphael Kirby 6-0 218 Fr.
OLB 52 Denzel Perryman 6-0 229 So.
  34 Thurston Armbrister  6-3 222 So.
  31 Tyrone Cornileus
6-2 210 Jr.
CB 37 Ladarius Gunter
6-2 198 So.
  3 Tracy Howard -OR-
5-11 185 Fr.
  20 Thomas Finnie
183 So.
S 2 Deon Bush 6-1 190 Fr.
  30 AJ Highsmith
6-0 202 RJr.
S 22 Kacy Rodgers II
6-2 210 Jr.
  7 Vaughn Telemaque -OR- 6-2 204 RSr.
  29 Rayshawn Jenkins 6-1 203 Fr.
CB 21 Brandon McGee
6-0 194 Sr.
  39 Antonio Crawford 
188 Fr.




13 Dalton Botts
6-3 205 Sr.
  40 Jake Wieclaw
6-2 193 RSr.
FG 40 Jake Wieclaw
6-2 193 RSr.
  18 Matt Goudis 6-0 170 RFr.
KO 40 Jake Wieclaw
6-2 193 RSr.
  18 Matt Goudis 
6-0 170 RFr.
H 13 Dalton Botts
6-3 205 Sr.
11 Ryan Williams
6-5 221 RSo.
61 Paul Kelly 6-1 262 RSr.
  59 Jimmy Gaines 6-3 230 Jr.
61 Paul Kelly
6-1 262 RSr.

65 Brandon Linder 6-6 308 Jr.
4 Phillip Dorsett 5-10 185 So.
  8 Duke Johnson 5-9 192 Fr.
KR 4 Phillip Dorsett
5-10 185 So.
  8 Duke Johnson
5-9 188





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No Curtis Porter, damn it!!

Canes rising video absolutely AWESOME, Al Golden cares about this team and program. We finally have a CEO at head coach! I BELIEVE in this coach and team!!

Let's go CANES!!

How about everyone show up to the game on Saturday night!!!!!

Johnson, Kirby, and Perryman at LB is major... we are in dire need of DT's. Ambrister and Cornelious should never be on the field as LB's. horrible.

Still wondering about Dorsett. He may be doing it at practice but seems to struggle with the games.

0 touchdowns Morris has thrown against ranked opponents this year...

Dorsett is awful. I'm sorry he may be a "gamebreaker" but if you can't actually hold onto the ball, what does it matter. He just cannot be counted on. sad

No Morris on Sat means big trouble. In watching Williams, he seems to have an accurate arm, but has an ackward throwing motion. He also seemed to prefer checking down, versus attacking down field.

Regardless,it was going to be difficult with Morris, but without him it seems to be mission impossible

Don't matter if it's Morris or Williams, you will still get whipped. Your D will give up 500 yards and we will put of at least 48 points.
No matter who the QB is he will throw a few picks get sacked a few times and your O will struggle all day.
Get ready for an old fashioned beat down in front of a rowdy Garnet and Gold crowd. I'm ready to go.

Where is #78 Jermaine Johnson? The offensive line needs depth.
Why hasn't he returned to the team?
Manny, can you find out more about this?

Manny? Don't you mean Susan. Manny barely updates this blog. Susan. Get us some answers plz.

Jermaine Johnson left the team, personal reasons, but clearly the coaches didn't think he was good enough to get any PT.

Love how the FSU folks are already clamoring about how they are going to route us. You all lost to NCState which lets us Canes fans know that ANYTHING is possible when playing the Noles.

We got this esas, 25-3.

Go Canes!!!!

Posted by: CaneKiller | October 15, 2012 at 09:38 AM

Oh my god, it's such a relief to see some trash talk on this blog that actually has to do with a football rivalry and not the childish jackoffs talking about their fake internet rivalry that has nothing to do with football!

Homecoming baby, throw out records when Miami and FSU play!

Love how the FSU folks are already clamoring about how they are going to route us. You all lost to NCState which lets us Canes fans know that ANYTHING is possible when playing the Noles.

Posted by: Joe



Though I'm SMH over what happened saturday afternoon. I still can't believe that Coach NO D is still incapable of making adjustments until the end of the game. I'm done with the DC. I'm now focusing purely on our O which is in trouble now with Morris out for the next game. I do have faith in Williams, smart QB, doesn't eyeball his WRs, has a nice touch on the ball, good timing also. We need to play fast and hard against fswho. Quick pass plays for 5-7-9yds each and then compliment it with our run game and we can get through this game.

We beat NCST (44-37) and they simply out played fswho (17-16).

total yds - 651
passing yds - 566(Morris threw 5TDs/1INT/SACKED 1X)
rushing yds - 85(Duke rushed 1TD)

fswho vs. NCST
total yds - 343
passing yds - 218(EJ threw 1TD/1INT/SACKED 4X)
rushing yds - 125(0 rushed TD)

We can win this game if we stick to our defensive assignments. No more vanilla offense/defense. LET THEM LOOSE!


NINE freshmen in our two-deep on defense and we blame coaching and schemes. Too dang funny, man!

That's almost 50% of our defense is freshmen, high school ballers. Get real!

You all got lucky with your win over NC State, they gave the game away to you. Go play them now at their place and they will smoke you.
But no matter we will win big for homecoming. Yes it will be our homecoming when our fans will again outnumber yours. Pathetic No Life Stadium will be colored Garnet and Gold. Roll out Morris or Williams either way they will be punished.
Bunch of fools talking defense when you got none, we will show you what a defense looks like. It will be similar to the K State game or the ND game.
Get ready for a smack down!

Honestly don't understand in the 7th game why we are still changing starters on defense...at the mlb...spot ...to explain the mlb is the qb of the defense...they had denzel at middle...ok i understand that it was injuries and all but the mlb is from a coaching stand point..if jimmy gaines or paul or kirby ..were better you should have been made the switch instead of making in the 7th game of the year... understand why kirby wasn't there but gaines played against gt and so did paul......im just saying seems like the coaching staff is searching...i have faith in golden but we need new coordinators ...they cant coach the kids up...the kids play for golden ,i believe, but he has to make some changes to the staff...i think we will be 4-4 after the fsu game....4-4 then a bye week..4 games left...a new season..the question is will they finish strong..and when i say they... i mean the staff and the kids...6-6 is not good,bcuz this is not a 6-6 team..7-5 above 500..8-4 would be really good and the team will have momentum..but if they fall flat (below 500)...i will be very disappointed.. this team looks like (hate to say it) the gators from last year...we didn't have as much experience as them but the look similar from a team standpoint...we have to keep improving...honestly i was working and had to hear the game on the radio and have not looked at film.....but from what i have heard and read (another 400 plus yardage game from the defense) they have not improved...and that what i want to see improvement...after the fsu game it will be a tale tale sign of where this program is going...IMPROVEMENT I WANT TO SEE

Unfortunately CANEKILLER is right about the game, I'm afraid ! Unfortunately for him it won't change his low IQ!Which he seems to reinforce daily on this blog!

Look for Shalala to announce no bowl game this year after Seminole shellacking.

Thanks a lot Mrs Shalala for being so CHEAP and hiring wannabe coaches!!! We will get humiliated against FSU..so if you plan on going to the game dont forget the two bag kit, a paper for the head and a plastic to puck in!!!


This Canes team just may upset FSU or VT! Prop VT guys! FSU is prob back and won't loss another game! Thats ok it helps the ACC, plus they are two years ahead of us with recruiting/coaching. That said I will be be watching and rooting on our canes....


Play hard fellas!!! I'm behind u no matter what happens. At least I know u will fight AND NOT QUIT. U haven't quit all year so keep persevering. FSU is definitely beatable.

I must admit we're fixin to get our a#$es whipped. I'm a true Hurricane fan and I must say that I was highly disappointed in the loss we took from NC Tarheels. I like the defense of dept chart but I say remove Brandon Mcgee and place him with Thomas Finnie or Tracy Howard. Brandon Mcgee is going to be a major pick on me target this coming weekend. That's what's going to kill us. On another note Miami needs a stadium we don't make no noise to pump up our team or get the other team distracted. Donna S need to be fired!!!! Bring in Jimmy Johnson for the President of the U. And Bring butch Davis back for the coaching with Shannon as the def coach. We definiely need some true Hurricane almni's in the program. Bring in Jeremy Shockey for the Tight end coach. We need a miracle. Dorsett needs to loose his job for a game or two make him earn it. Don't just give it to him.

Jerry -

Do u like the canes?

Hey Gary you can tell a fellas IQ just by reading a lousy blog entry right? You sure are one smart loser elite are you? Good for you that you are afraid, you should be.
Your big brother's coming to town to give you a whipping better get ready. Keep changing the no depth chart, keep trying to find a defense, keep getting humiliated.
You little girls got no chance.

Jesus lord....please help these people...

As Canes fans....HOW can we dissapointed sitting at 4-3 right now. Many people had us only winning 3 games this year. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? FSU fans should not be here gloating about thier pending victory this weekend.....like.....they are doing something SO majorly INCREDIBLE THIS WEEKEND....OHHHHHHH....WERE GOING CREAM THE CANES THIS WEEKEND....DUHHHHH.....WERE SO BAD TO THE BONE.....A DUHHHHHHHHH......You should beat our butts this weekend.....why would you even waste your time bragging about it? Like it makes any difference at this point? If any team in the ACC should be humble....and quiet....and NICE....at this point and time is FSU....are you kidding me????? Once again.....you all CHOKED AWAY WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN A GREAT SEASON FOR YOU ALL....BUT....NOOOOOOO....WERE GONNA CREAME THE CANES THIS WEEKEND....WEAK!!!!!

i think it was apparent after the game with nc there are certain things that are obvious...this team is SOFT..could you imagine what those teams in the 80's would have done if the qb's helmet was ripped off and the guy doing it stood there like a cocked rooster??..NEVER would have stood there for long..this team is small..just look at most other teams i.e,alabama,lsu oaklahoma just to name a few,big and fast...golden needs to start getting some big fast TOUGH recruits in here or we will continue to be pushed around...

NINE freshmen in our two-deep on defense and we blame coaching and schemes. Too dang funny, man!

That's almost 50% of our defense is freshmen, high school ballers. Get real!

Posted by: 360Cane


Dorsett cant catch an STD even if he hung out at SObe without a supply of Trojans. Seriously- someone said that Williams can only throw short passes not down field. Morris threw downfield and looked like the second coming of Jacorry Harris when he chucked those ints up for grabs INTO THE WIND! I'd rather he do that and be more like Aaron Rogers and Drew Brees and let the WRS make some plays. problem is, Miami's WRs can't consistently make plays! Example of UMs "playmakers:"

Dorsett: drop, catch for 11 yds, drop, drop, drop

Mike James: runs for 13 yds. Then 1 yd, 2 yd, 1 yd, loss, 2 yds.

Rashawn Scott: Catch for 1st down, then drop, drop

Duke Johnson: loss, loss, loss, 10 yds,, 1 yds, loss.

How can you get an offense going with this garbage?

I realize Fisch is trying everything. even thewild cat. But what this offense needed against UNC was:

1) The O line cant block my granma.
2) The D-line is the worse in college football. UM needs a playmaker or two on the Dline. Not a 320 lb someone called theplug who cant plug anything. Its more like "the hole" Lets be serious. The Plug is not a plug. he is a hole, because the holes Giovanni bernard was getting, my great aunt could have walked her rolling scooter through/
3) Where Chick at? What happened to Chikillo? He seems lost in a mire. He cant apply pressure to save his life. Want a D-end? JJ Watt at Wisconsin and now in theNFL. Thats a D-end. Chikillo spends most of the game playing paddy cakes with the O-line, or overrunning plays, chasing rbs, or getting pancaked

Golden says FSU is up there with kstate AND NOTRE DUMB, SO HE IS EXPECTING A BEATDOWN. Miami has no chance, anyone thinking this team can come within 30 points is delirious. Young or not, these players are overmatched, these coaches will be overwhelmed. Golden will never get miami to this level, he should move miami to sunbelt where they belong now.

FSU started this season as the pick of the ACC...in fact if I am not mistaken Herbstreet picked FSU for all the marbles?.. What happened?..

Every year is FSU's year to return..What return?.
Miami is down and if our team shows up to prove something then we can use a Win to our advantage down the road in the ACC.
We may even play these guys again...

I would love to see the surprise if Miami rolls like we did in beating NCState..
Put is all together for a full game..Not playing quarters hot and cold...Playing over their heads on adrenaline...either QB.. moving the ball..strategic plays..LESS PENALTIES killing drives.

The 'U' has something to prove in this game.. Who want's it?...The Canes will come to play..The 'U'
Go 'Canes Always

FSU-56 or 59just to give kicker practice Miami-3 with 2 wide lefts and 1 blocked no td's morris or williams don't even show up there will be more tally people than scUm fans at your horrible stadium.

UGO baby, dream on. The u is dead. maybe on life support at best. This game will not be close, with your def. we will score on almost evry drive. You will be lucky to get a field goal sat night. And to play us twice, why would you do that to these players.

The difference between these teams, We hired a coach, and expectations went high. We have not achieved them yet, but we are close. You hired a coach, and no-one expects anything. Losing is expected now at miami. NO_ONE expects you to win anything. sad, but true The once proud, dominant "U", is now a bottom feeding place for players? who can't make it on winning teams. SHUT IT DOWN save the disgrace

UGO baby, dream on. The u is dead. maybe on life support at best. This game will not be close, with your def. we will score on almost evry drive. You will be lucky to get a field goal sat night. And to play us twice, why would you do that to these players.
Posted by: samseminole | October 15, 2012 at 02:06 PM

Poor, poor gator fan pretending to now be a noles fan. You do not realize that a real noles fan would not DREAM of trying to talk to Canes fans about kickers.

We once faced the nolitos THREE times in one year, and beat them all three times. Facing them twice is nothing for us to fear, unlike the Gators, who are scared of both the Noles and the Canes.

Not too very long ago FSU didn't look any better than Miami does know. Fact is, FSU's chance just got taken away by NCST. This year was all or nothing for the Seminholes. Miami is rebuilding and it's not going to happen over night. Still, just maybe there is enough talent to give the "National Title" contending jokes a good game. I'll sure be watching and pulling for the canes!

nice try jeff, but the jokes on you. maybe winning our 3rd title won't happen this year, but it's a good bet we will have a 3rd and 4th before you even win the coastal of the acc. miami will quit by the 2nd qtr like last week and the one before. Lets faceit, miami was SCARED to play ND. A good game will mean you even score. 56-3 noles. thats if we put our 3rd stringers in by 2nd qtr. Our freshman will have the privilage to beat UM 4 times before they leave.

Well Danny, by the time the noles get around to winning their 5th title we should have another. So looks like the U will alwasys be ahead of the chokers. Your team is better this year, but for how long Danny? Do you really think that FSU will be any better next year, or do you think they may take a step back? I think the Mighty Noles will take a step back. And lets make one thing clear, Miami isn't afraid to play any team. We may get beat, but we're not afraid and that goes double for the F@#k Noles. Enjoy this year!

Cane fan talking about a title. What title is that? Worst defense in college football ever? That's the only title you are in contention for. You dUmb canes haven't been relevant for a whole decade and keep getting worse every year. Imagine that, a POS team getting worse. Dude said it right you won't even win the coastal while we take the ACC title. We will at worst, play in the OB game on Jan 1rst. You will take another ban if you become bowl eligible, big if.
Get ready this Sat, the NoleNation is in Miami, No Life Stadium will turn Garnet and Gold, your 15k fans will start to file out by halftime. It will be another home game for us. Face it fools you are a door mat, even Duke is on par with you and may even beat you.
Your beat down is a coming.

Goldens plan and leadership are fine except for the DC and OC! He has to realize these guys are in over their heads! As long as D'Onofrio is listed as DC, I will continue to shout for his release. His cover story of we are young does not excuse him for not scheming or inability to make adjustments. How obvious is it? Was watching the game with Stevie Wonder and he ask why the DC won't do something different! Come on Guys!! Lets screme for his release!

2010 is FSU's year. 2011 is FSU's year. 2012 is FSU's year. Well I guess 2013 will be FSU's year also. How many games did FSU lose in 2010 and 2011? Maybe they'll lose that many this year to. As long as number two comes this weekend, Canekiller. Get a life you loser.

U know it is hilarious to sit here and read all you wanna be Head coaches, offensive and defensive whiz kids that think turning a program around and winning games are as easily done as it is in your reality XBox or Playstation video games where you can control any player you want. This is reality and in reality it takes time and experience for these players to become dominate. These coaches are doing as good a job as anybody could given the same set of circumstances. And believe me I am all about winning but I am also a realist, and if we were in year 3 or 4 with these guys and we were at the same stage assuming there are no sanctions as far as scholarships coming, I would be as upset as some of you guys are. So until then, scream until your little hearts content. I meanwhile am going to back this team and coaches until they show digression such as Shannon and Coker did.

What has Chickillo done that keeps him as the starter at DE? That guy does N.O.T.H.I.N.G!! He can't apply pressure, he sucks against the run....Seriously? How is this guy a captain?

Will Muschamp went 7-6 last year (his very first year) and now have the gators in the top 5 and undefeated. Nick Saban also went 7-6 his first year, 12-2 – 2008 and national champs in 2009, Les Miles 10-1 – 2005, 10-2 – 2006, national champs – 2007. The point im trying to make here is that within each of these programs there has been consistent, steady, progression. Whereas our once proud program has not even been relevant in the last 10 years! TEN YEARS!! In this same time period all of the aforementioned programs have won TWO national championships each!! Respectively. What in the heck is going on in south florida!!?? I honestly believe Shalala does not even want a good program as long as there are 5 or 6 wins each year. Why isn’t something being done or said about this. I liked golden initially but this dufus he has at off and def coordinators have to go. There is NO WAY we should struggle at home against nc state and lose to north Carolina. Im really tired of rooting for a bunch of losers and please don’t give me that excuse that the team is young. Do you honestly think that all other teams have only juniors and seniors playing? I see another 7-6 or 6-7 season right around the corner.. Perhaps I should try to get on the coaching staff at UM, it must be great to get free money to do nothing! It was great being a Miami hurricane but its time to go. I cant keep wasting my Saturdays on losers that apparently don’t care. Best wishes to all of you…..

right on bad boy. at least one canes fan knows what's right. miami stinks. thats reality. and jeff, at least our expectations are hihg. what are yours. 7-5. 6-6. probation isnt even here yet. and champs, that your young garbage is just that. golcant coach. its not the oc and dc, its golden who should be held responsible. wake up, do what any respectable fan does, get rid of a losing coach. saban was hired because people inside and outside made it happen. same as fl state, we made it happen. all you s fl fans do is make excuses. LOSERS

Posted by: Jeff T

FYI Jeffrey boy. FSU was better than U in 2010, better again in 2011 and still better in 2012. They will also be better than U in 2013. So we lost a game, it hurts cause we got high expectations as oppose to you who are expected to be door mats. So we are down if we lose a game, you get all excited when you beat another fellow pansie. Different set of rules for good teams like us and pansies like you.
Bottom line is we will win the ACC while you got a slim chance at the coastal, getting slimmer by the day. We play in a BCS bowl game while you sit out again.
We recruit and reload while you get the scraps and get worse.
It is what it is you can't escape who you are.
It sUcks to be U.

Someone call coach golden and ask him whats going on with jermain Johnson. Tell this coach we want to win and his recruits aren't cutting it.

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