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UM Hurricanes defensive end Kelvin Cain's mother: "He's heartbroken. He said he did not quit the team.''

     A day after the University of Miami said that junior reserve defensive end Kelvin Cain had quit the team, his mother, Ursula Dean, said she was still confused with how the situation transpired and said Kelvin told her when he got to his locker this week, it had been cleared of all his belongings.

     “He’s heartbroken,’’ said Dean, who lives in Clovis, Calif., a suburb of Fresno. “He said he did not quit the team.

     “Coach Golden told me he left the team but that’s not what my son is telling me. He said, ‘Mom, when I showed up, nothing was in my locker.’’’

    Chris Freet, UM associate athletic director for communications and marketing, said Thursday that Cain was on the dress roster for Florida State last Saturday and was expected to be at the game, but that he had “removed himself from team activities”  by not showing up Friday or for the game.

    Dean told The Miami Herald her son called his older brother late last week telling him he was left off the list of UM players who were to stay overnight at their usual Friday-night hotel before home games.

    Freet said UM puts out two rosters: a 60-player list of those staying in the hotel on Friday before home games; and a dress roster for those who are to suit up on game day.    

     Cain's mother said she got a call from defensive line coach Jethro Franklin on Friday afternoon saying coaches didn’t know where Kelvin was.

    “Kelvin told me he wasn’t supposed to show up,’’ Dean said. “But I don’t know the rules and if that’s true or not.’’

    She said when Golden finally returned her calls Wednesday, he told her he had heard from other members of the team that Kelvin was quitting.

    Dean said coaches had told her previously that Kelvin “was having little problems on the field that he didn’t fix.’’

     Said Dean: “Coach Franklin said he practiced fine, but on the field the problems showed up again. Kelvin told me he wasn’t getting many reps at practice.

     “I really and truly don’t know what’s going on.’’

     Dean also said someone at UM tried to get Cain to sign a document “he was withdrawing from the team,’’ but that he declined to sign it.

    “Kelvin called me Wednesday afternoon. He still wants to play.’’

    Cain, who saw action as a linebacker in nine games last season, had been suspended twice at UM for undisclosed reasons.

    In late August, Golden said Cain was on the right path.

    “The trouble is in the past,’’ Golden said. “A lot of that trouble is the same trouble a lot of the students in college get into. It’s just that he’s playing for the University of Miami.

   “He has grown up. He has matured. I hope that this consistency and this effort we’ve seen from him the last five or six days will become who he is.’’

    Cain’s 26-game career totals: 43 tackles, a sack, two forced fumbles and an interception returned 59 yards for a touchdown last season.

    His mom said if things don’t work out, he will likely transfer.




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What a mess; why is there so much drama with our team, including leadership, coaches, and administration? As a head coach, why would you not know what is going on with your players? If Coach Golden is listening to players on the team that a player is quitting (which is troubling in and of itself), why not get more information from that player? Dude (Coach Golden), either get your butt in gear and lead our “U” in a credible, winning, and productive fashion, or pack it up and get the heck out! Stop the excuses and finger pointing; put up or shut up.

Here we go again with Calvin and his 3,000 word posts. The best thing to do is just scroll right by his posts.
You arent welcomed here
Readership at the Herald just dropped with him around

cane89. you make some good points but read the fine print in the article: He has been suspended from the team TWICE. HE DID NOT SHOW UP TO THE GAME! What is Golden to do when a back up doesnt show up to the game? I know what I would do: I would boot his a55 off the team and take his scholie. This team needs serious players who wont whine and pout but instead will work hard to E-A-R-N a spot. Lord knows we have enough problems on Defense. last thing we need is another primadonna. Nowhis momma is talking for him.

Hey maybe he;ll transfer and bust put like Arthur Brown.

Not showing for a game is pretty serious, Im not sure what was gping through his mind.

Oh great here we go again with the whole mama thing where her son is being done all wrong and this and that! Givem me a break. HEre's a clue Kelvin, when you don't show up for the game and team functions, then guess what either U are suspended or U are gone. Oh and I am pretty sure that Golden tried to get in touch with the kid but if the kid doesn't answer the phone it isn't as though GOlden can crap him out to ask him face to face. Sounds to me like he lost his job to a true Freshmen mind you and now he is running to MAMA and telling her how he wants her to know how the story is in his eyes. This goes to show everybody another steller example of the type of player Shannon brought into our team.

Good Lord, why is there always drama around our Hurricanes? I really don't understand how a guy can just not show up. A free education should never be taken for grant it. I'm holding on to the belief that we are still in the storm and there will be calm soon. The program has taken a beating for a decade now. Our rebuilding project is definitely in slow motion. I have put my trust in Coach Golden and Co. I had hoped for faster progress in the process. I am an adult and can wait more patiently, but we are depending on young men to make choices in a couple months about their college choice. With NCAA sanctions looming STILL, our on the field performance, we are making it far more easy for young men to choose other options.I do believe a trip to the ACC championship will be a positive to the season and my wish is to win out. Let's Go Canes!!


It's really quite simple, if you don't like what you read here, why don't you go somewhere else? This is the UM section of the Herald. Why don't you just stay at the UF section instead of telling Canes fans what to do regarding Canes posters?

The Temple Owls Freak Show. Talking the talk when it benefits them but not walking the walk. Very poor communication going on here.

This is just stupid and dumb. Cain is the most versatile player on defense. He's soo good that DunnToday, DunnoTommorrow, DunnoForever simply is dumbfoundedwhen it comes to utilizing Cain. he's also a very smart player. This tells me that the DC is just disconnected and detached from the players.

There is no way in the world with that speed and size that U can tell me that he's a scrub. UM cannot survive with Dunno and "Goldy at the helm. This is not progress. He ain't a prima donna and he ain't a problem. He's waited his turn. Yea, this is the type of defensive player RS brought to this team and we all should be that much more proud of it.

That said: Heisman watch:

1) Teddy Bridgewater, ex RS recruit and UL QB
2) Geno Smith, WVU QB

It is equally more dumb how some of these folks right here continue to give this HC and DC a pass. If the folks giving this DC a pass don't see what the real deal is here, then U are just as dumb and absent-minded as the DC? R U kidding me? Yielding practically 600-plus yards a game? Isn't that something to get upset about?

I hope the kid gets things right. Whoever is at fault here, just man up, apologize and make the most of the opportunity to play, or coach the kid. With VT coming, distractions are the last thing this team needs. The herald will find anything, at any time to hurt this team. GO CANES

something doesnt add up. all of a sudden now he "forgets" to show up for a game. there is more to this. something doesnt smell right

Posted by: 'Cool 'Cat

It doesn't matter how fast or versatile he is when he doesn't show up to a game.

How can you evaluate a coach in year 2? Especially when he's following up 2 of the worst coaches in college football, a scandal, and a troll.

championships is all that matters

Someone sounds butt hurt.I know you have to get tired of being stuck in the basement all day.

Randy Shannon coaches the linebackers at TCU, that's how great of a football mind he is considered. Golden is following up a coach who couldn't even land in a coordinator spot.

Golden has inherited a mess created by incompetent people, so it's going to take time to fix. If you feel this is a pass then you really don't understand how poor Randy Shannon was as a head coach.

Woa.......If anybody is remotely suggesting that this is one person's single creation, then....that is simply not true. U and I both know the whole mess goes back to 2001 and goes right up to the top of the administration. I don't think anybody's "hurt" per se. Baffled is a more correct word.

How can you evaluate a coach in year 2?? We should ALWAYS be evaluating a making changes so the Canes can FINALLY head in the right direction! I don't have blind faith in Golden, & his dc cannot do his job! Golden needs to get to the bottom of this & get in better touch with what's going on with his players!

a minor mess when put in perspective. I thought they would do a little better this year, so far, they have not. They couldda won the coastal division if they had beaten UNC- a medicore team at best- now they will have to beat va tech and win out- they can still do Lets GO CANES

I am in violent agreement with you, this goes all the way to the top. It all started in 2001 and slowly began to crumble.

You can't build it back up in 2 years. It will probably take longer now with sanctions.


Donna Shalaya is....SATAN

Just wondering? What would it take to get ride (fired) of her?


Posted by: T-CANE

A picture of her holding a check from Nevin Shapiro.

we are under the CURSE of the Orange bowl it should have never been demolished!!!

You fans have no idea what happens within that team. It's so easy for you to throw rocks at these kids than to blame these coaches for the dysfunction going on. I am aware that there are two rosters and if a player's name is not on the travel roster, he is not supposed to show up. Please get an understanding of how the system works before you place all the blame on this young man. These coaches know the deal. They are responsible. When there is mess going on, ultimately the head coach is responsible and there's a lot of mess going on. Trust me.

canes junkie, you've really drank the kool-aid. Seriously, if other recruits are reading this, I hope they will think long and hard about coming to UM. So many players come to UM for the tradition, but are disillusioned by a coaching staff who are clearly outmatched. These are the best caliber of players Golden has ever had to work with and you tell me he can't get them to win. All of a sudden these upper classmen are so inferior to the 18 year olds he has brought in. C'mon man. Are you kidding me? And the problem is that most of you have bought into that fable, so Golden feels no heat on himself...so what does he do...dispenses with the older players, puts them on the shelf so he can have an excuse for not winning right away. Well, Muschamp didn't take that excuse at UF, Meyer didn't take that excuse at OSU...In fact, I don't know a credible coach who has taken that excuse. Canes, if you love your school and want the program to return to its elite status, you have to first look at that coach and his staff.

This is easy to believe because there is no communication on the field so why would there be any off the field. It's always something. I keep hearing that this coach excels in player development. I guess this is why Chickillo hasn't done anything all year?


Last year fans were so happy with golden because the team competed and the games were close with Shannon's players. This year we have been blown out and field one of the worst defense in college and in cane history. We lost three games last year because of coaches not being able to adapt. It was a reason why all those players left early for the draft last year. The defensive scheme sucks and we can't produce any sacks. The offense has regressed and coaches would rather pull out whipples play book than to play real hard nosed football.

Golden and company are killing this team....coker built the miami brand all the greats from the 90's as the OC....60-15 coker with a bowl apperance every year he was the HC vs golden losing record of 34-44...Shannon is reponsible for all our wins this year.....now players are leaving and none will come with sanctions. Never should have fired Coker....were stuck with a situation what will take years to fix.....Golden will leave. He is not experience enough....players have NO faith in this staff. No we are stuck with all these mediocre staff....
shannon-coker get the last laugh.....former miami greats have distant themselves from miami...its too embarrassing.

always blaming the shannon players....fyi, without those players we would be winless...

defense ranked 170...incredible, players are blaming the coaches and rightly so....

Any of today's issues were caused by shalalala. She hired the bad AD's.

cane411 is right on the money

Organizer , I don't have a basement and know nothing about being but hurt but considering U, little jimmy, and whoever U want to call yourself today are always taking it up the ass I guess you would know about that sort of thing.
Tally, the defense has looked much better the last few weeks and U know yourself that all of SHannon;s players sucked so stop regressing back to your blind love of that loser and take an objective look at what our coaches are building and working with such young players. Randy had 4 years and no way the mess to clean up that he and Coker left Golden. It is going to be almost comical in a year or so to see some of these fake names disappear or start praising Golden when these players get some age on them and start dominating. Really to me it is almost hilarious to hear some of the ignioramimouses on here spew their BS and moronic comments who are knee jerk clueless morons who know as much about football and a process as an old woman trying to watch a game.

If golden does not get us to at least the acc championship game with this weak division then this year was a failure. There are no excuses we should beat this vtech squad at home on a by week. If golden wants to play these freshman in these garbage schemes and claim the team is to young then he needs to be on the hot seat for personal decisions. Golden has the oppertunity to make or break our season with one game. I hope we win fore canes sake because the fallout will be ugly. Give us some hope golden because right now it's looking pathetic. We should beat vtech no excuses.

Cane411, I guess you know how Golden feels? You think you already figured out this team. Lets look at the QB position who do we have compared to the QB's at Florida, and Ohio State, both players at those school were highly recruited. We have mellow Morris who is not bad, but at times, he relies too much on his arm instead of trying to read the defense. I don't even want to talk about his leadership. I understand there have been a lot of drop balls, but I never seen Morris get on somebody's face to lift him up, or just tell them how it is.
In the defense of line, we don't have that big guy in the middle which Miami needs to stop the run. Florida has a kid in the middle who was also highly recruited Omar Hunter who by the way is a Senior, and can give some leadership on the defense of side. Miami defense is not really good, but I can tell by watching all the games this year the defense is improving every game. Coach Golden will bring this team back, but every thing starts with the QB. You can only do so much with the quaterback you have, and that's where you have to look after the coaching staff. I like this coaching staff. They know it's going to take sometime, and by the end of this year, Miami will be a better team than they were at the begining of the season. We may end up ACC champs which nobody predicted.

I do know this much, goldie and his boy oach OH-NO who is suppose to be coordinating the defensive players, definitely are not use to Miami boys and will have to get use to us. That's another reason alot of the older guys went pro early on defense.

I remember seeing a video where oach OH-NO was yelling at jordan futch, telling em to "quck running around the block and jack em up" futch was looking at em like man, you bout to get swung on for real. In order to deal with Miami guys you gotta be around us for a while. That's why tracy howard basically said "this my city, i'm not going nowhere". Meaning, f this coordinator and his cotton candy scheme, i'm eventually going to ball the way i do within the scheme.

Whether oach OH-NO is real or fake, his tuff guy act comes off as fake to alot of guys. To many people know football down here. We don't guess football, so we know right away what works and don't work for the players we put out. What has always made Miami defenses fast, was the fact that our big guys could run too. But unfortunately now, the big guys are being taught to engage first, stand the o-line up, check run than shed the blocker. By the time you do all that, you'll continue to be hovering around dead last against the run.

More importantly, the technique they're teaching, all of a sudden now, teams are able to run toss sweeps and stretch plays against us and are turning the corner at will, how is that possible with all the team speed we got, the technique they're trying to teach slows the defense down.

kel vin wasn't the best fit for this system but he was an older guy, tyriq mccord has talent, but he's not going to be able to be out their that many downs as a true freshmain, somebody is going to have to spell em. And here's to hoping they don't mess up jelani hamilton, that man has boatloads of talent when healthy, we'll see how slow they make him. This coaching staff is trying to force a big 10 philosophical style of defense on speed players.

I'm just happy this staff wasn't here when we had ed reed & SEAN TAYLOR, they would've been accusing them of "freelancing" instead of realizing that alot of players know how to play off instincts.

A word to the not so wise, stay aggressive on defense, and the whole defense balls and plays strong defensive football, start calling those coward schemes and soft coverages, and you continue to be around dead last in defensive stats.

Playing soft zone is a cowards scheme, nothing to defensive about that, just gave Fsu a free 3 points before the half. I could careless if the ref's screwed it up, Fsu should've never been down their anyway.

I like al goldie, but that guy dissappointed me crying about having to bring the team back out and he couldn't get our "big guys" in their, man shut up, we haven't blocked a punt or extra point i don't recall since he's been here, quit whining and go for it on 4th down and less than 2 yards for the touchdwon, who cares if you don't get it, put it on the players.

Nobody in Miami with since is going to blame goldie if he went for it on 4 and less than 2 yards, to get a touchdown, had we gotten stuffed so what, would've been like a great punt and had there offense pinned down at the 1 yard line, blitz em.

If it wasn't for jedd fisch, this team would be 1 & 7 right now. People are being delusional. The offensive side of the ball has legit coaches. kehoe, needs no intro, mcdonald has the receivers balling. For dorsett and scott to be true sophmores doing what they're doing, gotta give it up to young mcdonald, the runningbacks coach is legit, he just doesn't rotate the runningbacks well, no luv for eduardo clements, that's stupid. The weak link on the offensive coaching staff is percy pringle a.k.a. brennan carrol the tight-ends coach.(http://youtu.be/8DWkSwcVK5M)

What tight-ends coach is going to allow 3 out of the 4 tight-ends to balloon up to 270 lbs and than expect them to get open with that much weigth on, that's bad weight for any tight-end expected to catch a pass. All our tight-ends should be in the 240 to 255 range.

goldie is the headcoach, he's the one that's signing off on this ridiculous defensive scheme. Than after every game, goldie keeps trying to convinve us and the rest of college football how good a team was that we just beat, lol, are you serious goldie. He said Georgia tech was a good team after we beat them, maybe that's why their fired the d-co. NC St., ranked near the bottom in alot of categories on defese as well along with boston college. BETHUNE COOKMAN has a better defense than all the teams we got victories against.

I think this is another attempt by the coaching staff to only play the freshmen. The only reason the defense looked like an NCAA defense last week was because of the number of upper classmen who played. We could have used a guy like Kelvin Cain on the field last week. He is a very very talented player. The fact that this coaching staff can't seem to overcome personal egos and get the best, most experienced players on the field is the true indictment on them.

If I were a parent of a talented high school player, and I read what happened to Cain, I would advise my kid not to go to UM. There is some type of agenda going on at UM that has nothing to do with football talent. You also have to remember, all of our would be seniors bolted early after being with this coaching staff for a year, and they left alot of money on the table by doing so. Maybe they know alot more than we do about Al Golden and Co methods and the way they treat players.

Finally, Al Golden is a freaking 8-10 against Division 1 talent at Miami. That is pathetic.

Tally, I know we can beat Va Tech but you have to keep in mind their team is made up of alot of upper classmen juniors and seniors and this team at VA Tech was suppose to have one of Bud Foster's best Defenses ever so to call this a make or break game would be premature considering the youth on this team. Its going to be an interesting game to watch. Actually getting to the ACC title game would be a huge gain in the process but not an end all be all. Va/ Tech is going to be a tough out for us and anytime you are playing young freshmen and sophomores its a gamble but what is the man to do? They are the best players on the team and thats what the coaches put out there. The experience these young players are gaining are going to pay off for us many years down the road and bring us back to the top. Its really been a fun year because any body with one eye and a quarter of a brain would realize that this year is a year of player growth and a winning record alone would be a great coaching feat. Winning a division title would just be icing on the cake.

Snotman, the young players played the vast majority of the game last week and held up well against a FSU team that is 3 years ahead of us. Why are U on here anyway, U ain't a Cane. I proved that a few blogs ago, old news. You are just some jerkoff who is trying to screw up kids minds. Cain is just crying because he was beat out. Any coach who has a freshman and a junior who are of equal talent the freshmen is going to get the nod just because he has more to contribute than the upperclassman who really has never done anything to resemble a Cane other than his last name sounds like it.

Calvin, do you actually watch the games or do you just like to dream things up and blow one lie out of your rearend time and time again. The defense has really progressed well the last two games against two high octane offenses and sent one seminole after another to the bench. I havent seen that many indians go down since those old western movies. So get your facts straight and try telling the truth for once.

Bunch of cry babies in here. smh

Life is good. You should try it sometime rather than crying about a team you know nothing about.

Our upperclassmen suck. Just look at the recruiting classes. The #1 class didn't do crap for us but leave early just to get cut from the NFL. Shows how good they really were, huh?

After them we had classes ranking in the 30's. We were picked by most to be 4-8 even 3-9. We lost to a team by 10 points that was suppose to blow us out by 21. Our D caused 5 fumbles. Knocked a bunch of FSU's players out and may even lose to Duke.

Reality check. FSU had 5 senior starters on D. Our seniors, VT and McGee are on the bench with McCord beating out another upperclassmen.

Y'all need to stop crying. It make you look pathetic. Go outside and get some fresh air. Or put you NCAA game on easy and blow out FSU if it makes you feel better. You might actually think you can coach this team better. Which you already do and that's laughable.

Stop crying. Where's out troll at? Y'all need some smacking around.

It's no use of having legit coaches when you pull out whipples play book.

Being a loser is all that matters - your Golden boy is 8-10 against real competition, take that and stick it where the sun don't shine. Real Canes fans know whats going on. I am one of them. You are a troll.

The only thing wrong with Whipples play book was the mind of the guy trying to execute it. Really, the So Fla game was the epitome of it, Whip calls a tight end pass and Jacory throws another deep floater up for grabs. If you think Whip called that you are a fool. J-12 was the problem not the plays.

Look foundations of programs are not laid completely on freshman. If you look at JJ's regime, he did play alot of freshmen on defense, especially on LB and the secondary, but he didn't kick every experienced guy off the team. What we are seeing at Miami is far different. If you have experience, you aren't wanted or needed. And this great experience is an EPIC failure. No team has done if before or would ever do it again. It just is not a winning coaching strategy.

Whenthe WE ARE MARSHALL team was force to play freshmen in 1971, they won 3 games doing so. 3. I guess we upped Marshall by winning 4. But Marshall was not relevant again in college football until 15 years later. You want to give Al and D'No that much time? I didn't think so.

championships is all that matters

You can't blame Randy Shannon all the time he is gone get over it.This team is young and it was going to take a coulpe of years before we get back to a championship level it looks like it might take a little bit longer but of course you would not have known this because you are only allowed so many minutes a week outside because you are stuck in that little basement of yours.

Miami DID upset FSU...in womens soccer. That's all that matters. -Donna

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