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UM Hurricanes defensive end Kelvin Cain's mother: "He's heartbroken. He said he did not quit the team.''

     A day after the University of Miami said that junior reserve defensive end Kelvin Cain had quit the team, his mother, Ursula Dean, said she was still confused with how the situation transpired and said Kelvin told her when he got to his locker this week, it had been cleared of all his belongings.

     “He’s heartbroken,’’ said Dean, who lives in Clovis, Calif., a suburb of Fresno. “He said he did not quit the team.

     “Coach Golden told me he left the team but that’s not what my son is telling me. He said, ‘Mom, when I showed up, nothing was in my locker.’’’

    Chris Freet, UM associate athletic director for communications and marketing, said Thursday that Cain was on the dress roster for Florida State last Saturday and was expected to be at the game, but that he had “removed himself from team activities”  by not showing up Friday or for the game.

    Dean told The Miami Herald her son called his older brother late last week telling him he was left off the list of UM players who were to stay overnight at their usual Friday-night hotel before home games.

    Freet said UM puts out two rosters: a 60-player list of those staying in the hotel on Friday before home games; and a dress roster for those who are to suit up on game day.    

     Cain's mother said she got a call from defensive line coach Jethro Franklin on Friday afternoon saying coaches didn’t know where Kelvin was.

    “Kelvin told me he wasn’t supposed to show up,’’ Dean said. “But I don’t know the rules and if that’s true or not.’’

    She said when Golden finally returned her calls Wednesday, he told her he had heard from other members of the team that Kelvin was quitting.

    Dean said coaches had told her previously that Kelvin “was having little problems on the field that he didn’t fix.’’

     Said Dean: “Coach Franklin said he practiced fine, but on the field the problems showed up again. Kelvin told me he wasn’t getting many reps at practice.

     “I really and truly don’t know what’s going on.’’

     Dean also said someone at UM tried to get Cain to sign a document “he was withdrawing from the team,’’ but that he declined to sign it.

    “Kelvin called me Wednesday afternoon. He still wants to play.’’

    Cain, who saw action as a linebacker in nine games last season, had been suspended twice at UM for undisclosed reasons.

    In late August, Golden said Cain was on the right path.

    “The trouble is in the past,’’ Golden said. “A lot of that trouble is the same trouble a lot of the students in college get into. It’s just that he’s playing for the University of Miami.

   “He has grown up. He has matured. I hope that this consistency and this effort we’ve seen from him the last five or six days will become who he is.’’

    Cain’s 26-game career totals: 43 tackles, a sack, two forced fumbles and an interception returned 59 yards for a touchdown last season.

    His mom said if things don’t work out, he will likely transfer.




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Organizer, I never blamed Randy for everything but this is what he left my team, a bunch of crap and now our staff has to fix it. Quit jerking the curtain little man. Looks like I struck a nerve with U little man. Get over it and beat off to your tebow picture.

Snot man take a breath or you are gonna kill yourslef fool. Jimmy did not have to play true freshmen and sphomores because he followed Howard Schnellenberger not Randy Shannon and Larry COker. Doofus, thats what all winners do when they follow nimrods like that. They clean house. Man its going to be fun watching you guys disappear when this thing get turned around. Now go pop some zits and get some sleep. Oh and by the way U are not a Cane and I proved that before, Bi y otch

Sjparman if you throw 27 interceptions in two years on the same play to the same part of the field without changing the personnel who is responsible for that. If the qb throws multiple ints a game bench him. If you do not bench him that means that you wanted to run those plays. If you think whipple was good oc then I will no longer bother to read you post and you do not have to comment on mine.

Personally I believe most of you guys are a bunch of racist! If Golden was black, you all be calling for him to be fired.....Like Shannon. Golden is white and I am seeing him get a free pass. Coker left the program in bad shape. Golden get's a free pass, because Shannon left the program in a mess. WTF!!!!!
Shannon players left early and most of you complained!
Golden is now doing good by getting rid of Shannon players...WFT!!!! Make your racists minds up!

Hey Tally, man I agree that we should be running the ball more. Its just that our recievers are our best weapons. The only calls I really have had a problem with Fishe were in the Ga Tech game on that pass inside the 5 that would have put us up almost 30 points and the game last week when Mike James was running pretty good out of the I formation we abandoned it and I believe we went a 3 and out on dropped passes in a series that our defense really needed a break. Other than that the offense with the line we have needs to be running more down hill.

Hey Snotman tell us one more time what Goldens record is. Go ahead I know its killing you to post it again, dummy.

Running that clock and being physical is a young teams best friend. I agree that our wideouts are are best weapons but not if they are dropping the ball. Coming out and running that playaction on first down and getting sacked demoralizes our team. We might as well run the ball at least we are looking at 2 and 10 instead of 2 and 18. In football you must win on first down to be able to compete in a game. I know we just lost to fsu but I still can't get over notre dame because they were IMO the most beatable of the top ten teams we played. We catch those passes and its a totally different ball game. I know we are young but the sooner we get blood in our eyes the better off we will be. We must take advantage of every oppertunity we get to be a better ball club.

Let me tell you people something. I can care less that these older guys from shannon left or bolted early. Its not like they were vilma, portis, reed ect.. These players that left or has quit did nothing for miami. When new coaching staffs come in, thats what happens, weed out the players who cant even beat out freshman recruits. And for those saying its wrong, shannon did the same dam thing. There is a reason why miami hasnt been winning. No player deveopement. Cain isnt an elite player and his presence on the feild is no diffrent than having true freshman out there. Clean the house of this trash. Upperclassman were on a short leash anyway. Even if golden isnt the man to win us championships, at least hes bringing in the players for someone else to do it. But i would do the same as golden, my recruits that only know my mentality will play the most. This is his job and he could care less what yall think because if he was undefeated doing what hes doing, yall same bashers would be on his tip. Let the man coach and handle his team. If you dont like falling on the dept chart, do something in a game. Its too many upper classman getting mad cause they look good in practice then forget everything in a actual game. Talameque still getting burned, stephen morris still freazes up against good defences, allen hurns disapeers when good teams come to town, shannons tight ends still cant catch, cornilious cant tackle, clemens is a waste of a scholarship. Why not ride the freshman. If all the upperclassman played it will still be the result and maybe same score. Next year yall will see a different miami, i asure you. Year three of goldens decision making will pay dividends. No championship but you will see a better team in terms of dept, ( good dept, not just upperclassman using roster space), understanding the game, interceptions, running, recieving and qb play. One spot that the jury is out on is the d line. That may be why we wont get over the hump, but hopefully experience will be their teacher. Our whole team is basically back next year, first string and second string. Like i said before, next year we will win 9-10 games, and 2014, will be special, the year of redemtion. at least 11 wins. One thing you have to look at, shannon only had one good recruiting class, the rest of the classes where players most colleges didnt want, cain, hint hint. But goldens class he brought in last year then this class he has so far this year will pay off big. Mark my words. Funny how you people get mad and down cause other teams are having succes and we are not. Other teams havent played who we have played either. Three top ten teams, come on people, saban couldnt even have led our freshman squad to victories this year. Heck, if we had fsu's schedule, we would be 6-1 as well. Relax and let the man do his job.

Oh I agree Tally to a degree but 1st and 10 is the best time to run play action. I have not problem wit hthe two bombs we threw that Dorsett dropped. But like you said if he catches the ball those two times then it is a completely different game and possible outcome so the play call wasn't the problem it was the execution from the player. And man I know Notre Dame stings because of the games of the past and all but their defense was not going to be run on in that game. The coaches are taking advantage of every opportunity this however is the price that has to be paid to make it great again. I have never seen anything that was made great in which there wasn't a bad dirty period before the greatness started to happen. This is a year whether we like it or not that is going to be messy but its better than lingering in lembo knowing we aint going to get anybetter like we were with the two that came before Golden. Its going to take patience.

And another thing, someone said booting upperclasman off the team is not a good thing because of their experience. Golden didnt boot cain from the team, cain booted himself from the team. He an upperclassman, he knew the dam schedule, hes been doing it for three years. Point blank though, if you are not good by your junior season, 80 percent of the time you wont be a difference maker the next year either. You might make a play here or their but you wont be someone we would count on. These recruiting sights to some are garbage, but if you look past the stars by their name, look at the colleges who offered scholarships to them. Who offered cain, who offered cornilious, who offered highsmith, who offered stephen. Ect.... Teams didnt want these guys and randy took them. Even golden had to grab a couple no names because of dept issues shannon left. Nobody wanted ryan williams, olsan piere, and so on. They were seat fillers in transition time. Perryman was a three star, but if you look at who offered him you' d think he was a five star. Hes good on the verge of being great. On the other hand thomas finnie was a three star, and only good school that offered him was south carolina. It shows, hes not good on the field at all. Let golden do his job and be patient. Dam

I am a supporter of Coach Al Golden, but you have to have blinders if you don't think something is rotten in Denmark. The team says he removed himself from team activities. The kid says they left his name of the game roster and called home upset. They say he quit....hew says he still wants to play.....C'mon.

I like AL, but I have to admit, I am turned off by his constant excuses of "No excuses.." I listn to the Joe Rose show on Satellite radio every morning. This guys mantra coming into the season was that they were all expected to play like Miami Hurricanes and that age was not an excuse. BUT THE FIRST THING OUT OFF HIS MOUTH EVERY DAMN WEEK THAT THEY LOSE IS THAT THEY ARE VERY YOUNG. I can't count the number of times he has said, "I challenge you to find another team in the country that is doing what we're doing with such young players." Okay, I am sure we can find plenty of 4-4 teams in D-I. I remember a TON of freshmen helping UM to it's first National Title. Now I want NO EXCUSES. The team is young, but you do have some veterans. I like what I see out of alot of the youth, but I also hate seeing good talent get wasted. Vaughn Telemaque can ball. He and Cain came from California to the U, and stayed when the coach that recruited them left....do you really think they didn't WANT to play here. Look, plain and simple, play the best guys, give open competition in practice.

And, for the record, I don't mind youth as an excuse because the team is young. But YOU opened your mouth COACH and said it wouldn't be. Man up. And don't get your panties in a wad. If the kid is disgruntled look him in the eye and tell him what he needs to do. Don't clear out a locker and piss on his scholarship. Low class, and I really don't think that is what this regime is about. But it sure smells rotten.....

Golden has created a team that does not respect the staff.....in reality these coaches never had the experiance to coach Miami....was a rush and irresponsible decision bt shalala. The whole program is now in a free-fall. The U brand is so over....sanctions will nail the coffin shut.....after other teams raid dade county talent what will be left will take longer to develope. FSU/FLA will have their way with south florida recruiting. Like i've said in the past....another shoe is gonna drop....prediction, Golden resigns.

There are jr/sr at almost every position....golden deliberately has played the freshman and ignored the senior players...he is hedging his failure to produce...he thinks he is slick. All he is a BS from NY just like D'Onfrio...both a package deal...the whole staff needs to be cleared out. Now is the time to do it after this season....

I didn't have a problem with those calls either but you cannot continuously run playaction without running ball. I like playing the younger players becuase it gives me something to look forward to down the road. Even if the plays are gaining all this experience it is the coaches responsibility to put them in the right situations and formations to to be successful. In the tree phases of the game we have three glaring weaknesses that wiill retard a growth this year. Special teams has been non existent no punt returns no nothing. Instead of sacrificing duke on offense put him back there at punt return. Dorsett has dropped so many balls he doesn't deserve to be out there. On offense we have abandoned the run and on d dense where is Chickillo the pressure. I know I'm beating a dead horse but let's be realistic. Some of these things are due to our immaturity but some of this stuff is philosophy and coaching.

This is simple. The coaches set this player up. He fail for it. Now he's off the team. Going forward - If you are a Randy Shannon recruit and you are not a starter you need to work twice as hard and look out for yourself. We are in the second half of the season and therefore coaches are making arrangements for new recruits. If you are not starting or contributing by now you can bet the coaches are looking for a reason to force you out.

It's a dirty game.

Sometimes, a recruit just doesn't work out. Can't cut it even if it is a NCAA Division I scholarship workload.

To the guy who keeps referring to Gino Smith & teddy Bridgewater they went elsewhere. Get over it! I'd love to have had Teddy Bridgewater but not at the expense of keeping Randy Shannon! I'm a UM grad! UM needed to cut past coaching ties when they fired larry Coker! Randy was a decent guy WAY in over his head! He couldnt focus! Taking the names off the jerseys, micro managing everthing but coaching and RECRUITING!!!!! Give Golden another year! Randy's such a hot commodity that he's a not even a DC somewhere!

I just hope Kelvin cain doesnt go somewhere else and end up being a Arthur Brown that kid is balling this year

championships is all that matters |

Do you work because your always on here it must suck being you.


Look this is more about what has transpired at The U over the past 5 years or so. Different regime but we have a ton of players that have either transferred, quit football entirely(what did they do? Decide to work at Wendy's was a better option). This program and the adversity it has had to endure for the past 10 years is mind boggling. We are lucky to even have a full roster. They hire Larry Coker who set the team back years and then they compound the disaster by hiring a coach that was on his staff who should have all been fired in the first place. When has a head coach been fired for lack of performance on the field and then replace him with a member of that same staff? I loved Randy when he played here and we both went to the same high school. But he was in way over his head. Look at the results and what he left Al? I didn't even mention the sanctions coming. What a mess!!! The 3 game losing streak adds to the depression. Only positive is this is a very young team and when they take away scholarships hopefully they can overcome it. Didn't work that well last time as it took Butch years to recover from the last sanctions. Coker now coaches the University of Texas San Antonio Road Runners and Randy is now a linebackers coach. Not even a div 1 D-Coodinator. Nuff said but all this goes to the heart of what we are seeing today folks.

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You lost me, friend. I mean, I suppose I get what youre stating. I realize what you are saying, but you simply appear to possess ignored that there are some other men and ladies within the world who see this matter for what it actually is and may not agree with you. You may be turning away a decent amount of individuals who may happen to be followers of one's web log.

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