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VIDEO: Al Golden press conference before Virginia Tech

Here is Al Golden's Q&A with reporters Monday before the Virginia Tech game.

The Hurricanes are off limits to reporters the rest of the week leading up to Thursday night's game. 


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We have to be able to get seperation on man coverage. We need to be able to punish teams that cover us man. There's a problem if we are unable to do this.

Man 2 man coverage and contain QB (box him in). Get the running game going. MORRIS NEEDS TO CHECK DOWN if the deep ball is not available. Geez. No bubble screen crap. Lol. Play fast and lay some wood. GO CANES!

P.S. Tyriq McCord will be huge in this game. You watch


P.S. See you guys at the game. C'mon Canes, get to this game!!!!!


I will b at the stadium supporting this team. Susan or Manny can we get some recruiting news??? or can you only write about how FSU and Gaytards are doing recruiting down here?

This week guys playing zone more than man will be the key. When you are playing zone your eyes are always on the QB, not the WR. The def. must tackle well and the off must take care of the ball and score often!!!!


This sounds like an easier way for NCAA to provide more harsh sanctions despite Miami's compliance since the onset of this whole fiasco.

I agree playing zone will be important..and we need to have someone assigned to spy or lock on to the Hokie QB. Do NOT let him move or start running..Shut him down.
As our defense improves, if we have strong defenseive plays, and a couple of takeaways and the 'U' should be in good shape.
Let us not forget that we need to step up also in our kicking game....
It's a thursday night game...We have been hot on thursdays so let's do it again.
Go 'Canes Always

A bunch of wanna be coaches here. Bunch of fools, the only thing needed here is for the D to stop the other team, it can't, and for the O to outscore the opponent, it won't.
You can't and you won't. Translation for you retards is that YOU LOSE. Or for you illiterate MDCC and GED rejects, YOU LOOSE.
Either way it's no good for you.
A Hokie beat down a coming Thurs nite ya'll better get ready.

CaneKiller appears to be well educated. Nice spelling.

Man to Man coverage is what I have been begging for all season from this so called defense that Coach No D puts out there. If we can't pass rush then we have blitz while in man2man. Force Logan to run and Perryman will make him suffer. We need to play as aggressive defense as we have all season. ie:NFL SCOUTS REPORTS ON MIAMI'S DEFENSE. Coach No D should take notes from that article. It speaks volumes of the defensive woos going on with us. Just beat them into oblivion. I truly see Morris getting his game back and tearing up VT DBs and the run game will fly all night.



Your request for man to man has been there all the time on your posts.Blitz while man to man forces Logan out of the pocket then our defense can move up and handle him..

Morris is due...If he get's hot, and the Runnig game gets moving..

We win.
No if's, and's or but's.

Win here and we move on to the ACC leader board...
Go 'Canes Always

Morris is due? he was due against UNC. He was due against ND. He was due against FSU. What he needs to "due" is check down, and hit rbs in the falt, and not always look for the home run. What he needs to "due" is be more accurate, and in the redzone get TDs.

Morris is indeed due. Due for another beat down and multiple pick day.
Your "request" for man to man D is stUpid, you should request any D to show up. Like someone who can tackle, or how about someone who can rush the passer, or someone who can cover.
How about some coaching, like someone who has a clUe.

Posted by: CaneKiller

We own you. Your whole life belongs to us.

UGoCane =
Canesjunkie =

Canekiller you have no life...

You can't get what you don't HAVE.

Go 'Canes Always

LOL, I love Coach Golden's facial expressions.

al golden could hardly hold his giggle in when that reporter referenced VT and the storm. he knows VT cant get in very many good practices because of the weather...but no good coach would say that out loud, he is probaly thinking ist about time something goes our way, lol....go canes

Its a dumb question. I dont care if they have to walk here...vt's itinerary is not our concern. Why not ask him how he used the bye week. That run gake needs a kick in the ass.

Kind of hard to believe that the young Canes have a good chance of winning their division, but it's great. It's clear now that it was no shame to lose to KState and ND in away games, and FSU is darn good, too. No one really expected UM to win those games. The NC game is the exception, but it was close and may have been different if Morris didn't get hurt. Anyway, with Bernard in the game, NC has a really good team. Finish strong, get into the ACC championship, give FSU a good contest and it will have been a surprisingly good season.

CaneKiller, really? Gators lose one game and you're a V Tech fan?

Like I've been saying, you're not even a football fan, you're a fan of fake internet rivalries that have nothing to do with football.


Are we ever gonna get an update in miami recruiting?

Posted by: weatherdetective

There's shame in these losses. We got intimidated at K-Stage and ND. UNC is a home loss. We have fight, but we have yet to really smash someone. Even Bethune was in the game with us. The next step is for this team to run someone out of the stadium. We should've crushed UNC and been in the game late with ND. Some of these guys don't know what they are yet. I'm talking about guys like Dorsett and Duke.

People, this is a huge game for us. First Thursday night game and a chance to show something against a quality opponent. We can ride this all the way to the ACC Championship game, beat FSU, turn down the BCS bowl game and make them go play in our place.

IMO that's way ahead of schedule...but possible.

I don't know that I would say there is shame in those losses rather than mistakes that these young players will learn from much like the growing pains the Canes went through in 98 and 99 on their way to becoming the most feared team from mid 2000 to the beginning of the 03 season. All of our losses have come against teams that have either a coaching staff in place for at least 3 years or a team full of seniors in which our young team made up mostly of freshmen and sophomores were playing against upperclassmen. Really I see no reason to turn down any bowl game since our team did that last year unless it is for sure that the NCAA is going to levy a two year bowl ban on us. Ohio State knew they were going to get a ban and they did it anyway. The question for the administation's athletic department is to decide what is in the programs best interest and go from there.

I said it before and ill say it again. I see another 6-6 maybe even 5-7 season. This coaching staff sucks! How does jedd fisch call a pass play on the freaking 2 yard line??!! Twice against nc state? Once against fsu? WHy cant the receivers catch the damn ball? Does group of losers even WANT to win. Bench phillip dorsett fire the off-coordinators and def coordinators.... I have plenty of UM gear collected over the last 25 years if anyone wants it!! SIgned Ex-Cane Fan!!!!!

I hear you badyboycane. I havent worn my cane stuff in a while..It is embarrassing. also 25 years collecting everything. I almost only had Canes tshirts and had to go to the mall and get some fkng Nautica and underarmore sht!!! i just wanna burn IT!!!

Firing people is not the answer. Dont you want to see if these coaches can get this program going? Do teams quit on games in the first quarter or do they fight? This team, coaches and all need to fight through this.


I hear you, but i think theres a standard here and we cant give that up. You know this program is special and everyone needs to get back to understanding that. I understand we're going to lose some with these young kids, but those losses need to burn and that anger needs to come out eventually.

I think we are getting daily recruiting updates.

Canekiller you have no life...

You can't get what you don't HAVE.

Go 'Canes Always

Posted by: UGoCane

So true.

GO U!!

Here's a recruiting update for all ya dUmmies. All the top recruits are going elsewhere. The only chance you got is with some local kid who wants to stay home, it's between you and FIU. No contest. Everyone else goes elsewhewe, as they should if they wanna win.

Weather report for tonite lows in the 60s. Translation: cold weather for USoft pansies. Get ready for another beat down.

Bandwagon update: several cane clowns are giving away team gear. Just saw a homeless dude onthe street corner with a cane jersey asking for money. Maybe that was CANETILUDIE maggot, it was close to Tropical Park.
Either way more clowns coming off the bandwagon and ashamed of anything cane. Typical front runners.

And the cane wagonner said, It sUcks to sUck!
Aint that the truth clowns.

Here's an update on your miserable life:

You're a complete loser who's obsessed with this blog (not with football, not with the Miami Hurricanes' football team).

You spend every day of your life reading up on Miami and the teams they play so you can talk to people on the internet.

Truth hurts.

Reality check:

All your losses so far have been embarrassing. And pathetic.

Va Tech is a very bad team yet you will still find a way to lose, or loose, to them. Blame it on the cold I'm sure. ExcUse U.

Not our rival maggot, truth does hurt, so you wanna shoot the messenger. Instead strive to better your team. Show up to the games, fan support would be nice yet you have your excUses too.
Donate to fellow dUmmy CANETILUDIE for the Tropical Park stadium pipe dream. Yet that will not happen and he will use that cahs at Burger King.
Put pressure on the administration to better the facilities and hire competent people. Yet Shalala's in charge and she doesn't care about football.
So it is your situation is hopeless, get some counseling before jumping off the causeway.
Sad, it does sUck to be U

Nothing you say about UM changes the fact that you are, personally, a huge loser obsessed with another team's blog.

And nothing you say about UM could make Miami fans feel bad about our team.

Your existence just puts things into perspective. Could be worse than having the team you follow lose some games.

Someone is off their meds today.

Canekiller's entire existence is very sad. I feel sorry for him. Think about how much time he spends on the Canes blogs hating on the team under his varioUs aliases. Does he do this for other teams or just the Canes? Was he picked on by a Cane or Canes fan when he was growing up? Is he an ex-Canes coach or player who feels that he received a raw deal? What could possibly possess him to spend such an enormous amount of time not only following the Canes but posting lengthy diatribes, which are admittedly sometimes quite funny, about how bad the Canes are? Something about the Canes has created a deep wound in his soul. Unfortunately, posting mean spirited attacks on the Canes and the Canes' fans will not help him. Also, watching every Canes game and dissecting more Canes information than the vast majority of actual Canes fans probably is not helping either. I would recommend gradually reducing the amount of Canes intake until the need for Canes dissipates. Do they make a patch?

"And nothing you say about UM could make Miami fans feel bad about our team."
It's not what I say, it's just what it is. Cane clowns do feel bad for their team, some are fed up and frustrated, it's all over these blogs. The cries of despair, they are "tired of the loosing". They are giving away their cane gear. I didn't say any of that I merely confirmed what has been said. It is what it is. You are what you are. It sUcks to sUck.
Don't get mad at me, do somthing about it.

" posting mean spirited attacks on the Canes and the Canes' fans will not help him"

Sunny boy, it's not I that needs help, it's your fellow hopeless and frustrated clowns.
You say mean spirited. Not guilty. Show me proof. I speak the truth, again don't shoot the messenger cause you don't like the message. Go to some games. Give CANETILHEDIES some burger money. Write a letter to Shalala. Donate to the university.
In the meantime, get ready for a Hokie beat down in the cold, empty rent a stadium.

Nothing you say changes the fact that you're, personally, a pathetic loser who spends all day every day researching a team that his team doesn't even play in football so he can fuel the only meaningful communication he has in life.

Talking to people on an internet blog and trying to make them feel as miserable about their sports team as he does about his life.

Just pathetic.

Hey Junk, man I agree a hundred percent with you about the standard that all Canes live by. Its just that we also have to be real about the situation for what it is. UNC although a game we could have and should have won was a tough opponent and I knew they would be based on the style of play they execute and with that high octan offense they have I really am surprised our defense held up as well as it did especially with a team that is so young. When you look at it 3 of our four losses have come against the number 2 and 3 and 8 teams in the country. So I am not too discouraged by that. We knew this would be a rollarcoaster season by playing so many young guys, so this is no big shock. If we were in year 3 and we weren't on probation then I would say its cause for alarm. I agree though that I would like to see some pissed offness and attitude out of some of our players a little more. But that being said these players do play with much more emotion than the teams Shannon and Coker fielded.

Regardless of how right you think you are , I don't come on this blog to read your hateful crap. I've been a Canes fan for life, and am a proud UM Alum. It takes time for a program to recover from coaches that never developed the talent they recruited( Coker, Shannon). Enough of your crap, be respectful or shut your mouth. Noone wants to read your b/s.

Here read my BS then.....we go 6-6 or 5-7. The Golden blueprint of playing freshman over more senior players like he did at Temple will not work. The stadium issue is fantasy...never going to happen and the UM era is long gone. The facility issue, sanctions and the more competitive schools in south floridas backyard since 2005 makes it almost impossible for UM to get back to where we used to be. The AD and coaching staff are the varibles that can be controlled. Golden is not holding his staff accountable....we will be 2 seasons back to back losing. The DC has to be replaced immediately. Question for Golden....where are you gonna get your top "20" recuits for 2013? Nobody is comming here next year.

Silly cane clowns, I don't bring any "hateful crap", I bring you the truth you don't want to accept. It is still the truth.
I can't be respectful with ignorant and delUsional clowns.
"Noone" of you want to hear the truth. Do you wonder why you keep "loosing"?
How many will show up tonite? Not many I know.
It will be cold for the USofties.
Another beatdown in the works, just imagine if Va Tech was any good how much worse it could be.
And the cane waggoner cried out: " It sUcks to sUck!"

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