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VIDEO: UM coach Al Golden after UNC loss

Thanks to Carlos Pineda for the video.


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Wow pathetic. Season over fire coach d. Overall this is a sad team. See y'all next year

There is no quit in this team. Granted, the defense leaves alot to be desired, but for those of the fans on here that have EVER played ball, you know it is tough to succeed/win on a regular with young guys. Everyone must realize, in the early 2000s most of this defense is learning from the upperclassmen. These guys don't have that chance to learn so as coach says, they are learning on the fly. To all the haters that come on here to bash this squad or def coord., chill out and bask in the wins and look forward to the following week after games the U falls a bit short. You are either in this for the long haul or get off the wagon now!!!!!! Come back in a year or two when this SAME team destroys teams like all fair-wether fans do.

Part of our problem on defense is the way we show our hand just before the snap of the ball. Our players go into their final set for the defensive call as soon as the offense lines up. Invariably, we end up with a 4 man front with two linebackers 5 - 7 yards off the ball. When the center lines up on the ball to make his blocking calls...there's no confusion for him....it's an easy decision. I believe our linebackers are athletic enough to stack the line of scrimmage in their initial set to confuse that center...put him in a blocking scheme dilemma by faking the numbers in our favor. But hey, who am I? Why aren't the Miami coaches teaching our kids how to do this?

I was an undergrad at the U when Kelly broke his shoulder. This was the year they beat PSU in the rain at the OB.
Regardless if coaches, ADs, Presidents it is absolutely heart breaking that 25 years later we lose to NC.
Regardless of equal scholarships, changes in the game, etc. We lost to NC.
It's shameful how far this program had fallen since that day I sat in the OB and watched us kick a last seconds field goal to knock of the #1 team.
Things have fallen apart so much.

Does anyone have Will Muschamps cell number? Him and his squad are putting in work!

Yes, we're rebuilding...or we're not.
Yes, our guys will get better...or they won't.
Yes, the sanctions won't really matter...or they will.
Yes, we're going to have many more good recruiting classes...or we won't.
Yes, the future will be brighter...or not.

But right now I'm just sick of losing, sick of being mediocre, sick of seeing how far this once great & proud program has fallen. I love this team, will always love this team, but for right now I need a break. I just can't stand to watch this anymore.

Great post Lucadog.
I agree and i feel your pain.
And it's real pain.

Very disappointing game from the offense - N. Carolina is OK, but nothing special on defense. UM has to win a game when its defense gives up 18 points, especially at home. This was a bad loss, the worst loss of the season the way I see it.

Al Golden is a defeated man.....his starring at the ND game mindlessly and his press conferences...he is done. There is no WAY he can turn this around and equally no way with sanctions.....he should rsign.

We are awful; simply awful. Worst team we have put on the field in decades; too young, too few, too inexperienced, too little, too many excuses. We need coaches who can adjust, call plays, and get this program in gear. I have never seen so many players out of place on defense or a lack of adjustments during a game; we suck as a team and coaching staff -- period.

shalalalalala has won...we are not relevant. harvard of the south. Miami has gotten worse every year of her tenure...not Golden's fault. Shalalalala wants Miami to be known for women's volleyball.

Golden did not dig the hole we are in, Coker and Shannon did. We cannot expect to win it all without some rebuilding work. There is an elite 11 QB on the horizen as well as a young squad that Golden will teach and help mature. LOSES SUCK We just played against a squad with offensive first rounders and an alll american running back and only gave up 18 points while making mistakes that a freshman team is going to make.

Miamis offense is randy shannons offense, al golden had nothing to do with it.....he recruited all except philip dorsett....the defense is all golden and company...coker-shannon-george bush....are not responsible for any of this.

rebuild what? UNC defense had 4 jr / 3 sr / 3 soph and 2 freshman.....miami offense is 6 soph / 5 jr and 1 sr.....almost idential....our offense should have easily handled unc defense.....offense is getting worse also...try watching nbc special about notre dame, was on yesterday afternoon.....youll see what a real coaching staff looks like....there is no way an institution like that would tolerate DC weak performance.

gallo right again like always. we are badly coached. offense has gotten worse. there was plenty of rime for receivers to be open they werent or the qb couldnt find them. sad day thats the best we can do at home. somrthing is wrong. i ro;;ed my ankle like that in a kickball game last week. still manged to play. not saying hes not extreamly hurt just saying wheres the heart. cant watch anymore blood pressure to high lol. ps i feal for everyone on here we are all just fed up with this stuff. we beat ohio st last year. now ohio st is a top ten team this year how does that happen lol

we made strides thia year, season is over now as far as anything meaningful. man if we could of pulled that game out though we had acc wrapped up. now nc wins it

This Just In:

UM defense only gives up 486 yards in loss
to North Carolina! A breakthrough!!!

Defensive line may put defenders in formation for
running plays around the ends. Coaches to confer.

Passing game sputters and receivers rarely beat
the coverage to get open. Mystery continues.

Drops continue. Dorsett hit in helmet at the
goal line. Hurns drops third down rollout pass.
Walford to be examined by medical staff for possible hand deformities.

Kickoff returns are a non-factor. Returners encouraged to run to the spot with the most defenders for the purpose of execution.

Coach and players claim they failed to "execute,"
once again. Players now speaking Coachspeak. Show
minimal rage at losing...too impolite. Tea to be served.

Defensive coordinator offensive to fans, about whom
he doesn't care...Makes adjustment with #44 on the
D line...may receive innovator of the year award!

Miami Hurricanes of old nowhere to be found.

Admission standards increase, but players not smart enough to "execute"! Shalala may raise standards!

UM leads ACC in players with dreadlocks. May be slowing them down! Hair may be executed!

And Florida State is coming to town...

Good post dbc you gotta turn to humor to be able to swallow this incompetence. Golden's honeymoon should be over, this team is regressing and I don't see a rebuilding with sanctions on the horizon, we are stuck in mediocrity again with no hope.
FSU easily killed BC, a team that gave us fits. They will destroy us too unless a miracle happens.
Some one said he's tired of the losing and mediocrity, welcome to the club!

The only way for the Canes to recover is to replace the DC and the OC. If golden will not get started on that immediately by searching for proven successes in those jobs, then, he and the whole staff needs to be fired effective at the end of the season. And shalala needs to go, also. She has been a one woman wrecking crew of the Miami U Hurricane football player and fan program for the last decade.

The Cane players are great as they always are. A blind man could recruit from South Florida and could put together a great Miami team of great players. Players are told by the stupid coaches that they are not executing or the players are out of position. Malarkey. The coaches do not know offense or defense, so of course the players are out of position.

There's nothing we can do, but wait. Golden will have a few years to prove himself. UM will not fire him "Period". He's great communicating with young men. I beleive in him. We are seeing what it will be like when we get sanctions. Just pretend we are on sanctions right now. These kids will get better. It's a shame we couldn't take advantage of a weak Coastal Division. Now it's up 4 grabs! If we don't win the coastal, I say give up another Bowl. I only hope it rains for FSU!

dbc...that is the best I have ever seen, lol....dont forget Um baseball as well...shalala killed that also....FSU-Florida-ND....top 20 all in fierce recruting battle for fla talent....will almost immpossible for um going forward, especially with sanctions....I dont think Golden can get fired with his new contract....however a big time NFL OC/DC as head coach will at least give recruiters a chance in the living rooms....in notre dame nbc special yesterday...you should see the fla recriuting team....got a foothold in st thomas aqua....they almost had giovanni bernard....that to me is what is the most troubling based upon this season being essentially over.

dbc.....I cant stop laughing "walford to be examined by medical staff for possible hand deformities"...dude that post is a CLASSIC...it does not get any better than that....I made a cut/paste of it....very impressed but sorry state of UM

Does anyone have Nick Sabans number and please, please give phillip dorsett the boot....!!


Thanks. A yuck can help.

Tough to witness that game.

I always enjoy your passion and willingness
to cut throught the BS.

Hoping for a miracle!!!


dude i took the acc final um stats from the beginning of the season (blocked out all the hype)...defense was at 4,319 or 359 per game average...(google 2011 u of maimi overall team statisics nov 25,2011) that pdf on the opponents side is the benchmark...equal it um goes 6-6 just like last year....I saw rigth away that the defensive yards begining in the BC game goes right to 436...then 499 the over 500...you see the defensive yards going exponentially higher with each game.....it is a statistical impossibility for UM to have a winning season based upon that...as a result you are seeing it play out now....you have to improve every opponent stat on the right side of that pdf. I dont listen to any of the coaches interviews or opinions...its all about the stats.

Im really going to have to find something more productive to do on saturdays! Im CONVINCED football has gone the way of professional wrestling with a: script, a predetermined winner and loser. If you didnt know this after the 2002 fiesta bowl you should definately know it now. Why even play the game if the winner has already been determined?? How is it that the odds makers can predict or determine; who will win and the margin of victory with such precision week after week??? North carolina (a very average team was picked to win by 4 and thats exactly what happened). We should not lose to them at home, nor should we struggle with their counterpart (nc state) at home.. Good luck to all of you and its been fun being a Canes fan for the last 30 years but i must go. College football is scripted like all other sports!!!

golden see that stats as well....2011 was rebuilding year at 395 defensive average.....how the hell in our second year we to over 500 defensive yard average and golden says....dont worry...rebuilding....come on man..thats all BS...he know wtf is going on...the question is....will he boot DC....I say no, they are a package deal.....DC goes, golden will go.

I am lucky to have lived the miami glory years and 1972 dolphins....those are days gone by and to never come back I am afraid....it is too bad the green peas class 2004 and beyond to 2016 did not have the chance to go to a great school and enjoyed it all....the school...football...baseball...the orange bowl...cocaine wars (lol)..it was a fun time.

Hand deformities...hilarious!

Other teams are starting to recruit in South Florida people, this is a major problem for us.

On saturdays all I am going to do is watch 30 for 30 espn um .....stever walsh.."I remember some pretty prominent miami players wearing hoods a stealing car stereos...hats what they has to do to get by"....the best....or when he said tim brown was complaining to the refs that miami defensive players were talking bad about his mother....."they probably were"...classic stuff

"Coach and players claim they failed to "execute,"
once again. Players now speaking Coachspeak. Show
minimal rage at losing...too impolite. Tea to be served"..lmaoooooo

dosent ryan williams have the worst arm motion in the world?

ryan williams looks awful, we win that game if morris doesnt get hurt

People whining about ND and others recruiting in South Florida like in the catholic schools. Helllooooo.

Schnell recruited in overtown and liberty city. Get the kids from the Florida and the Philly ghettos, again. The kids from the nice schools are not tough enough nor nasty enough to play for Miami.

Schnell came from the Don Shula staff which was always into the playoffs with Griese and the fin defenses. Golden and his staff came from pedophile state u where the "we are penn state" crowd is happy if joepa went 8-4. And golden is NOT the caliber of joepa coaching.

I totally agree with Georgie Southern Cane. This team has 20 Freshmen playing and a dozen starting. Every team we've played thus far has had an average of 14-18 Seniors starting.

That's 22 year olds playing against 18 year olds. Patience people!

Jimbo, Last years team had some seniors that up until then weren't coached well, but experienced, this years team on defense, is almost completely new since those players graduated. This year is a rebuilding year and everybody knows it because we have the young building blocks to make a strong defense in the future. The defense played much better yesterday especially in the 2nd half of the game. I don't know why some of you are pissing and moaning. If Morris doesn't get hurt we likely go down and score and win the game. Guys UNC's offense is one of the best in the nation and they have one of the best QB's and RB's in the nation in Renner and Bernard, plus they have some hold overs from Butch's team on defense. Really and truley, Carolina was suppose the win the division this year by all the prodnosticators. Had our recievers actually caught the ball when it hits them in the hands then we would have won this game easily. I'm sticking with my Canes through it all.

Georgia Cane, U are a true Cane and understand what it takes in a rebuilding process.

dbc, good post, except UM's admission standards for athletes is the minimum required of the ACC.

It's the same standard Va Tech and FSU recruit with.

can go to ghettos anymore....they dont have the sats or the resume to get into miami....its not like the 80's where miami was basically everyone gets in that will pay.....this years offense is all shannons, and they are the only bight spot on the team...sorry our offense matched almost exact to unc defense in terms of years playing....stop with the if this and that....morris getting hurt didnt change the outcome.....what happend to the first 3 quarters?...all bs excuses as always. 14 offensive points...give me a break

goldens press conferences are looking worse and worse....he looks like a broken man...he really was unprepared for a program like miami's.....he is not going to make it. I understand its after a defeat but it just looks like he is carrying a big weight.....there something else going on here..i can sense it

Little jimmy there ain't nothing else going on there so quit with you usual BS rhetoric. Do you have any idea how much work, time invested and emotion goes into preparing a team to win especially with that many young players who are learning? And to lose a game that is that close takes a toll on a coach. He is far from being broken, he is just disappointed shortley after a loss. Quit playing your little playstation thinking that everything in the real world should happen like it does on a game. I do however agree with someone and it could have been you, in that WIlliams throwing motion is one ugly thing. The good thing with him though is he is more of an accurate passer on short to intermediate passes than Morris is. If Morris is not back by Saturday then we are going to have to be less wideopen and go back to more two back sets.

I believe in in Al Golden and this team! I will hold off judgement until next year! Jim Gallo you are not a canes fan, you are prob voting Obama too.

Al Golden looks pissed off int the presser because he CARES!

Thank U Jack!


I'm tired of the rebuilding and youth excuses. This team is not playing any better. The defense is terrible, the DC looks lost. Golden picked the DC, it's on him too.
If Randy was still here we would have Teddy Bridgewater as QB, how's he doing? It is time for Golden to step up, the honeymoon is over, he needs to produce. Beating FSU next week would be a good start. I don't think we can do it but at least put forth a good effort!

They better do a good job of coaching Williams up this week. We are going to need the entire playbook to have a chance against FSU. If that defense smells blood in the water the game will be over very quickly.

Manny, Susan,

Why don't you use your reporter skills and do a story on academic requirements at UM and compare them to the powerhouse programs. You know journalism.

I don't see us beating FSU and I would understand that loss!! NOW we must win the games we are supposed to: USF, DUKE and VIRGINIA! That puts us at 7-5 IMPROVEMENT INDEED. I looked at the roster on D it is a young squad, judge them next year! That said they must close the season strong! Randy Shannon got his four years!

Let's go Canes!!

Jack, well Florida State is about 3 years ahead of us in their reclamation project by Jimbo Fisher. So that being said they should beat us. Getting Morris back would be huge for us but Williams to his credit isn't a bad QB. With WIlliams we give up the mobility and Cannon arm Morris has but we do gain much more accuracy on short to intermediate routes. I tell you this Florida State has a good defense but it is not like it was hyped to be. Our D is looking better so its going to be a much better game than people think. Most of these nimrods up here don't know anything about the Canes, football or anything for that matter. They are just trolls wanting to create doubt and cause problems because they fear Golden, these young Canes and what our coaches are creating. They ain't true Canes.

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