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VIDEO: UM coach Al Golden after UNC loss

Thanks to Carlos Pineda for the video.


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Well said championships!!

Canesjunkie, the SEC has slightly lower base requirements than the ACC but FSU and Va Tech have had success with the exact same requirements UM is working with.

UM has had success recruiting for that matter, and all of those top recruits they've brought in have gone on to the NFL.

They just haven't been coached up while at UM, period.

Al Golden WILL coach em up! I am excited about this coaching staff and team! Future is bright in Coral Gables..

Jack, I have no doubt that Golden will get this thing turned around and will have us back in the top five within the next 2 years.

Gallo and co....i live just outside south bend and ND fans for the last 2 years until 3rd game this year that there D.C. should be fired and kelly isnt the right guy for the job! I must concede that i'm not a fan of the 3-4 UNLESS u have the personel to run it. A lot of bashing going on here and i am curious to know whether u guys bashing think that we have caliber of talent to reach the expectations it appears a lot of u have right now. I'm not trying to be a d*ck or engage in a battle of wits as many appear to enjoy, but what i see is a nearly j.v. squad playing on varsity level right now. Gallo, nd is a year ahead in their switch to kelly and the 3-4. Also he inherited nix (i think a senior this year) as their boulder or anchor which is a must for 3-4 to work correctly. We are yet to discover any d linemen on our team. i think chick could be decent if he wasnt the only threat to an offensive line. guess im rambling now. sorry, just disappointed for the players and coaches who have put in all that work. It does suck that i dont get to brag about being a canes fan right now but then again it isnt much work being a fan.

One, Miami will NEVER win more than half their games with golden or his DC or OC. They do not know how to set up formations or coach top ten, winning football. They play soft, prevent the win defenses. They do not have a one big back offense for running plays or throw to tight ends to get first downs and to open up the WR pass plays.

Two, they do not know how to recruit big tough linemen on either side of the ball nor have the smarts to recruit big, tough half backs that will get you four yards when needed.

Three, these coaches do not understand the need to play 4 down linemen to stop runs up the middle, to put pressure on the passers, or to stop end runs. They do not know how to coach man to man pass coverage nor even how to teach how to kick a field goal.

The coaching staff is being paid millions of dollars a year in return for nothing. They just do not know what they are doing. You can wait four or five years of mediocre seasons. But this is the best it will get. Morris and the offense have gotten the four Cane wins on their own this year in spite of the poor coaching.

Golden did not put Miami in this situation...at least he cares and loves the program. The problem is Shalalalala - she put Miami in this hole. Can't wait to see a "Fire Shalalalala" banner flying over the empty stadium she put us in.

Ted Foote wanted to dismantle the football program, Donna Shalala doesn't particularly care.

Neither one had anything to do with the football program, nothing will change when Shalala retires, no college football program is run by a university president. Les Miles and Nick Saban make LSU and Alabama football perennial contenders. Frank Beamer and Bowden/Fisher have run the ACC, not Va Tech and FSU's presidents.

Fellas we have not had top notch coaching or talent for a long time. UM will not outbid other schools for a high-end HC or staff, they just won't. We do not have the horses on the field to compete with the men that's right men that the top teams have. We have boys and they got trampled by the men at K-St and ND and they will also get trampled by FSU.

I'm sorry but you are just going to have to accept that this is a mediocre program. Please don't make me list the other mediocre teams we have lost to over the past ten years and the good teams that flat-out embarrassed us, you know it would take all day. Get your expectations down to mediocrity where they belong and you will lower your blood pressure by 100 points. Setting your sights above mediocrity with this program is just setting yourself up for disappointment. Don't do it. Just Say No to denial. Accept reality. It has been 10 years for God's sake, we are what we are.

canefan, i appreciate your enthusiasm. I understand the points you're trying to make, but not sure that i can agree with them at this time. Nearly, any scheme can work IF u have the right personel for it. We dont really have the right personel for any scheme to work consistantly right now IMO. I assume u would agree that golden is not in the same situation that craig erickson was given, right? Somebody with your "apperent" football knowlegde does understand game and risk management. I dont know how these guys coach with full cabinets but i know they havent even been able to cook with their own ingredients. u could be right and they are coaching out of their league, but i beleive coaching turnover is the biggest killer of a program. even more than bad coaching. in most cases 5yrs is the minimum to find out how good a college coach is (unless character issues with coach/players)especially when changing to a different scheme. i do know that timeline isnt very realistic now days though.

NO ONE on this entire blog wants the the "U" to win more than the players and coaches putting in the countless hours it takes to prepare for an opponent. Let that marinate for just a second.......No one wants to win more than the players and coaches preparing each and every week. I am telling you now, I go back a long way and know a good coch when I see one. AG is the man to lead this team in the yrs to come. MARK MY WORDS, the "U" will be back on top very soon, very soon. This reminds me of the mid 90's when every win was a grind and the losses were almost too much to witness. *remember the drubbings by Syracuse and FSU?* Although this program is not under sanctions just yet, thre are not enough playmakers that are ready for the big stage YET!!!! They will be soon as these games win/lose/draw, are part of the process. Again, just hang in there and be supportive to this 2012 squad because they signed to play for UM. Remind them all of why they did!!!!!!!!

Randy Shannon must be laughing is a...ss off. This is a guy that was vilified (rightly so) however it is his offense that is carrying Goldens team with the exception of dorsett....all were 2010 Shannon recruits....as for ND, if you watched the nbc special saturday you saw a extemely serious program....it was very impressive....I just dont see that caliber at UM. Brian kelly has a long successful career in football....Golden dosent. I do not believe our players are that good...they are OK but not compred to the rest of the NCAA. Also look at all the coaching changes that were made this year at ND....they are not afraid to make changes...are we? well see.....Also ND has 2 DC's running the defense. The thing that Miami used to do really well was their use of the tight end....we have gottn totally away from that and ND used theirs extremely well and has a very good one also in tyler Eifert (6'6" 249 lbs).....we need a big guy like that.

judging williams on less than 2 minutes in a game is unfair. we wll see sat night if he can perform. but no matter what, the players around him need to step and do their jobs. that seems difficult enough right now no matter the qb. just a thought about things, remember when? canes defense was great, the offense practiced daily against that def, making the off. better. in the spring game, the off. blew the def. away. this shows why now. so the off isn't pushed to excel because the def. is lousy. the off is so-so, therefore the def doesn't get better either. vicious cycle.

Who's afraid of Golden and the current pathetic canes? Dude you gotta be on some cheap bath salts to believe this crap.
This team is terrible and the coaches are lost. You say FSU is afraid. Afraid of what? Afraid to rack up 500 yards and score 40 plus. What a moron!

It is time to fire this D Cordinator. Everyone wants to talk about youth but let us not forget we have always had success with youth. There was a time when the U sent guys to the pros after their sophmore year. I am also a Dolphin fan and watching Olivier Vernon proves we under utilized the talent we had last year. Coach D'onfrio has to go. His defensive schemes are pathetic and our Defense has gotten worst every year he has been here. He is scared to put 8 men in the box and will not man up on the corners. He plays a soft 2 deep zone and teams are running the ball all day on us. Golden better fire his buddy or it will cost him his job. GO CANES!

I am ashamed at some of the people on here posing as Hurricanes fans, and then turning around to bash them. The fact is that Miami is a very young team.

Jim Gallo also needs to recheck his rosters as well. Miami had 1 senior (James), 6 juniors (Including J. Wheeler replacing S. McDermott at center), 7 sophmores (Including R. Williams replacing S. Morris), and 3 freshmen. North Carolina had a single starting freshmen, in their two deep, but a highly experienced linebacking corp, and a senior leading the way on the defensive line surrounded by a junior and sophomore.

Despite what the naysayers are saying here I'll keep my faith in Miami, Al Golden, his coaches, and this young team. It's time to weed out the weak Hurricanes fans, and see who REALLY stands behind the U... who REALLY bleeds the green and orange... and who REALLY has the right to throw up the U. All pretenders need not apply, and I don't care how long you claim you've been a U fan.

4Sho @ REAL Cane Here! The "[]_[]"!!!!


Regarding academic standards,
twas my attempt at a joke.

You know don't "execute", "out
of position", etc.

I'm a fan of strong academic standards
and working with kids to develop such
skills when needed.

Go Canes!

Love it when the trolls get their "licks" in....how pathetic. But....get them in now while you can....this team is very young. The Canes will finish with a winning record this year.....AND MANY STARTERS coming back next year.


This just in.....6 Canes were named to Phil Steels mid-season All ACC team.....hmmmmm.

I can't take it anymore. I'm tired of hearing excuses. Young guys that still have to learn. Learn what? How to tackle? How to catch? How to cover? Do the fundamentals of the game change? I like Al Golden. I really do. But Vince Lombardi couldn't overcome the obstacles this team faces, the biggest being a non supportive administration that has installed a revolving door in the AD's suite, a broken recruiting pipeline, and a stadium/crowd situation that is an absolute embarrassment on a national level. The two best Miami kids on the field Saturday wore Carolina blue. No way any kid in his right mind (see Bridgewater, Teddy) chooses this situation over a title contender. Dont throw "academic requirements" out there because ND and Stanford have much stricter standards and would beat us by 4 TD's, and have. Any Cane worth a damn will be in the NFL by year 3, so don't tell me to wait til these kids are seniors. Take off the blinders and recognize this team is 3 possessions away from 1-6. Go back and add up the combined penalties drawn by BC, NCSU and UNC, and those games aren't close. Weis and Rich Rod failed at ND and Michigan because they prioritized scheme over personnel. The same way Belichek was an epic fail in Cleveland (doesn't work as well without a Tom Brady) D'O will continue to fail at the U trying to play a Penn St style D. And it's only going to get worse, because no defensive 4/5 star in the country is coming to a program where he can "watch his lane" or "hold his block". The truth hurts and like I said, I cant take it anymore. And dont tell me to jump off the wagon, cause my ass was rocking the OB back in 98 and knows what the top of the mountain looks like, and this AINT IT!

South Georgia Cane you called it..your post was incisive and very much spot on.

We as fans have not found anything called PATIENCE..we all seek instant gratification and if we can't find that then the team is horrible, fire the Coaches, schemes are lousy, effort is suspect, injuries are suspect, facilities are horrible, attendance sucks, Administration is lousy, Coaches are inept and on and on. All of the above quoted from Gallo and others.

Now what a refreshing breath to read your post that had reason, loyalty , and higher expectations over the long term than these other windbags. Your support for the players and Coaches are needed to bolster the confidence of young players that we all will depend on down the line...
Why beat them up when 2 years from now they will be the best thing since sliced bread..

Now every grimace, gesticulation, and response of Coach G is being dissected..These things add up on this guys shoulders..He hates losing more than you do .Leave him ther F alone..He is calling for patience, the process, execution, and intensity.. Give the man room to work..

Everyone GET A GRIP and if you are a real Cane fan then hold your seat..if not then throw the seat on the field...march out of the stadium and go do something else. Don't let the door hit yuou on the way out.
The true fans will be here.

Support for these young Canes is critical for their development..and while learning, the worst occurence is doubt, second guessing, and unwanted vitriol assualting their ears as they try to get the plays down, and represent our 'U'.
It is now time to either be supportive or STFU and leave. U are either a Cane or not.
Enough Already.
Go 'Canes Always


Well here we are again another loss from a poorly prepared team. so now Golden is defelcting the blame to the qb. That is a coward move and further demonsrates his lack of being able to coach at the U. I am tired of the built excuses some of you keep giving. Coker and Shannon are long gone, Golden has had two complete years to recruit his type of players and thus far he has failed miserably. The U gave this guy (Al Poser Golden)a contract extension without him proving the aability to win. So now he is getting free money for doing absolutely nothing. Fire the bum and get one of the Stoops brothers to come in and rebuild a winning tradition.

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