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WEDNESDAY P.M. QB UPDATE: UM Canes QB Stephen Morris already practicing for #FSU - #UM game -- limited, but making a lot of progress.

Morning has given way to afternoon.

And it's a good one for University of Miami football fans, who are awaiting the most fun game of the season: FSU.

Miami quarterback Stephen Morris, who sprained his left ankle during Saturday's North Carolina game, was out there this morning, practicing on Greentree Field -- though Coach Al Golden, who we just talked to, is definitely downplaying the situation.

Golden indicated Morris was very limited, and that all he did was throw the ball. He said he couldn't drop back -- but he did drop back-- repeatedly -- and fired the ball in the 15 minutes we watched.

He was wearing the exact same practice uniform that backup Ryan Williams wore. His left ankle was not visibly wrapped, but you can bet it was wrapped under his white sock. He stayed during the whole practice, I was told, helping Ryan Williams in the huddle and encouraging his teammates.

 So, what we saw was Stephen practicing his drop-back steps, then releasing the ball to receivers. When I saw him, he was alternating his throws to Kendal Thompkins and Rashawn Scott. And, as usual, he was zipping the ball with velocity.

When the horn sounded, Morris jogged to the rest of his teammates, who had gathered to start the more intense part of practice, and we left.

Golden: "He just threw stationary. It's not a situation where he can drop yet or plant,'' Golden said. "Ryan [Williams] took all the reps. [Third-team QB] Preston [Dewey] took some as well. Again, we're moving forward with Ryan and we'll see if Stephen can in these last 72 hours do something.

"I'm not surprised that he could just stand there and throw.''

Golden was asked, ''Encouraging that he's out here, vs. not even being out there at all?"

Golden: "Yes.'

The coach said he's still swollen, though I had heard they've made progress in that area and that the swelling had subsided quite a bit yesterday. "He's in a boot if he's not here,'' Golden said. "He's back inside getting some treatment and he'll continue to do that.''

One thing we know for sure is that those FSU defenders are going to be flocking to the quarterback Saturday. We also know that Stephen Morris is a warrior.

"He's always a guy who heals from injuries quick,'' said running back Eduardo Clements. "That's the type of quarterback and leader he is. He never wants us to see him down.''

That's all for now.

By the way, unfortunately, we don't have any access tomorrow or Friday.