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X-rays negative on Stephen Morris' left ankle, not ruled out vs. FSU yet; Williams expected to start

UM coach Al Golden told reporters moments ago x-rays performed on the left ankle of starting quarterback Stephen Morris were negative for a fracture and that he has a sprain.

"It's not a high ankle sprain -- that's the [bad] one," Golden said.

Golden said the team will go into this week preparing as if backup Ryan Williams will be the starter against Florida State, but wouldn't rule Morris out just yet. Golden said Williams' backup right now is unclear. He said freshmen Preston Dewey and Gray Crow have not separated themselves yet.

"I don't think I can imagine a scenario where we're not going to try to beat Florida State," Golden said when asked if the team would try to sit Morris this week since a loss to FSU wouldn't impede Miami's chances of winning the Coastal Divisin. "Our kids deserve everything we've got to win this next game."

Golden said having Williams make his first start for UM against the 10th-ranked Seminoles would obviously be a huge challenge. But Golden said it would be a huge task "no matter who is playing quarterback for us."

"We'll assess [Morris' health] as the week unfolds, but going we're going in with it thinking Ryan is going to be the guy," Golden said. "Ryan's very bright and took a lot of reps in the spring. He'll have to rely on that now.

As far as the backup quarterback position is concerned, Golden said: "Preston obviously was ahead of Gray earlier in the season. Gray has responded the last two weeks. We're really going to have to evaluate those two -- they're body of work over the course of the season and where they are at mentally and who would be ready for this opportunity should it arise."


> Golden on winning time of possession for the first time this season vs. UNC: "I would trade some of that time of possession for some explosive plays in the game in terms of a couple passes that would have helped us score."

> As far as the Hurricanes defense is concerned, Golden saw improvement and said the reason the Canes played better in the second half versus North Carolina (173 yards, 3 points) was because they got better play from their defensive tackles Earl Moore, Corey King and Olsen Pierre and corners Ladarius Gunter and Tracy Howard. He also praised the play of freshman safety Deon Bush

"We still left too many plays out there," Golden said. "We need to continue to work to improve that. We're still not exact in too many places, but we did a good job on third down. I think we held them to 50 percent in the red zone. We wanted to win those two areas. But we never got any deflected passes and batted balls. If they're going to sit there in shotgun and throw quickly, you got to get some batted balls and we didn't get the takeaways other than Eddie [Johnson's interception]."

> UM's defense had a better day, but getting pressure on the opposing quarterback continues to be a problem. The Canes didn't produce a sack for the second straight game and had no hurries either. The Canes have produced just seven sacks all season and are on pace to produce the fewest in a season ever. 

"We're not getting the pass rush we need. There's no question," Golden said. "That's an ongoing problem right now we have to continue to address. We need guys to not only improve there, but mature."

> Florida State quarterback E.J. Manuel is the fourth-highest rated quarterback in the country in terms of passer efficiency. He's completed 72 percent of his passes for 1,804 yards, 14 TDs and just four interceptions. He's also run for 186 yards and a touchdown.

The next-highest rated quarterback the Canes have faced was Kansas State's Collin Klein. He ranks 17th nationally in passer efficiency with a 159.9 rating. He's the only opposing QB in the top 30 UM has either played already or is scheduled to play against later this year.

"He is really good at distributing the football," Golden said of Manuel. "He can move out of the pocket and create. He's got length so he can down the field and he has an arm that can make all the throws. And he's a dual threat. There's a number of issues that he presents that you obviously have to game plan for and resolve. This clearly one of the best players that we've seen so far this year."

> Golden said it was a game time decision Saturday whether or not freshman tailback Duke Johnson would play. Johnson has been battling a toe injury and told reporters Saturday he's at "95 to 90 percent" in terms of health. Golden said the team had to relieve Johnson from a lot of his duties. Johnson carried the ball 14 times for 47 yards Saturday against North Carolina, but didn't catch a pass or return a kickoff.

"He really fought through it and did a nice job for us," Golden said. "I think he played 25 plays. But we had to hold him out of kickoff returns and that nature. We just got to make sure we continue to monitor those reps like we do all those guys and keep them fresh."

Golden said Eduardo Clements (12 offensive snaps, 10 more on special teams) and Dallas Crawford (special teams only) have to be ready to share the load moving forward. Mike James carried the ball a career-high 22 times for 96 yards vs. UNC.

> Golden said linebacker Denzel Perryman, who re-aggravated his right ankle and left the field a couple times Saturday only to return, is battling through discomfort and will continue to wear a walking boot on it for precautionary reasons. Golden said he's been wearing a boot for almost a month now.

"Just trying to make sure we alleviate any stress or any pain," Golden said. "Right now he's not showing up on any report as far as going backwards."

> Golden said he's seen improvement over the last 10 days from three young corners -- Gunter, Howard and Antonio Crawford. Does that mean more playing time? Not necessarily.

"Tracy was physical in terms of the tackling he made on [UNC RB Gio] Bernard on the sideline and did a good job in coverage," Golden said. "He played about 20 plays for us and some more on special teams. But I think he's making progress right now. I think they've all hit the wall at some point. I think for Tracy it was a couple weeks ago and we're trying to push him through it. He's got a good attitude right now and I really see the light coming on in terms of him learning. We just to continue to keep pushing him forward. At the end of the day, they're young kids we got to continue to teach and out of a comfort zone."


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Tape it up, snug without cutting off blood flow.
If he has no pain or slight pain, play.
Now, fix the OC. Fire him if he calls a flat pass or a hail mary pass to dorsett.
Fire the OC if he does not call passes to the tight ends.

Fire the DC if he runs a three down prevent the win, zone pass defense.

It doesn't matter who plays. It won't change anything.

When is the last time Stephen Morris threw a TD pass against a ranked opponent?

Ryan you have the experience of Playing College ball.
Your news conference indicated you know the importance of this game not only to the 'U' which you said was your dream school to represent, but to every Hurricane Fan who will watch this important game..
Practice and respond to all the players this week and know that the true 'Caners will be with you.
It is so easy to pile on right now.. Offense this week and next week the defense, dropped passes etc...It is what it is...but stick together and be positive.

How do we win the Coastal?..One game at a time.

The next game is an intense rival, we all know that.Many Classic games have been played.
There is history here, and you know it..Make this a must Win for all the 'Canes out there.

Do your best..You have worked with Stephen,and a WIN would be perfect to push our team and players to excel when all the doubters who find it so easy to bash the 'Canes at this time are lined up and hating.
Practice hard, study hard, play hard, and know that the team and all the Coaches need the best game of your Life on Saturday..
Show us, because NC State drew up the template... Execute and use the process..
The 'Canes can and will win even when the odds are against them...
Go 'Canes Always

I guess it's best not to expect this team to do anything. It's tough watching this team full of potential. Potential is nothin when there is piss poor preparation. This team does not play for each other. The d played a descent game and the offense did not make plays again. We had areas where we played well and then? We had an oppertunity to win a game and tighten our grip in the division. We now have to depend on someone else to take care of our business for us. This team had another oppertunity to grow and it did not. Fsu is licking their chops!

at least the coach knows that a high ankle sprain is the "bad one"

he doesn't know much else though


Terry King, you are an ásshole for typing in caps.

Fan72 Tape it up and, your so stupid.

Why worry about the coastal. How about fixing the team. The thought of getting embarrassed in the acc champ game is crazy. NC is the best team in the coastal right now, VT is next. Duke will have a great chance against us. Vir stinks but has had our number for years. This team needs to worry about catching and tackling 101. This team is regressing like shannon's teams did, that got him fired. Golden has a long contract, another showing of mismanagement of this program.

Canes Must beat USF, DUKE AND VIRGINIA PERIOD and maybe split the VT AND FSU games! That WILL be a good year and set us up for next year. I am going to reserve my judgment until next year, so should you!!

@'72...gee thanks for the advice doctor. u do realize that on nearly every single pass play the qb makes reads and chooses who to throw the ball to, right? Ofcourse, there are plays where the first read will take the ball to the flat or to the tight end but seldom set in stone unless a sack or int is the goal. Not a big fan of the 3-4 either but the cliche is old and doesnt really hold h20. 3-4 didnt PREVENT the irish from nearly blanking us. it does look helpless and ugly while they are learning it, i agree.

what we need is a Randy Shannon DE-FENCE

AS much as I hate to say it, we kinda stink- especially on Defense. We are at a stage now, that we struggle to beat poor/medicore teams, sometimes not being able to do it like against UNC. We haven't beaten a good team this year, and are getting slaughtered by the bigger/best teams like KSU and ND. the first signs of improvement will come when we are easily able to beat the lousy teams, struggle with the mediocre teams ans
d sometimes win, and keep it respectable against the big top teams_ I hope that will be next year I expect FSU to score > 40 points against us

St Pete Cane -we have been getting beat by mediocre teams for 7 years! If the Canes beat USF, DUKE AND VIRGINIA that will be a good year! 7-5 and the only bad loss will be to UNC. I believe we finish the season strong!

Posted by: CaneFan'72 | October 14, 2012 at 05:11 PM

"Tape it up, snug without cutting off blood flow.
If he has no pain or slight pain, play.
Now, fix the OC. Fire him if he calls a flat pass or a hail mary pass to dorsett.
Fire the OC if he does not call passes to the tight ends.

Fire the DC if he runs a three down prevent the win, zone pass defense."

Yes, you must be the genius everyone wants for a coach. LMAO!

Canes fans, we have the best mascot in college football. please vote for the ibis, he is so close this week. capitalone.com/mascotchallenge

Finally, some good news after a bad loss. Morris should at least be available for some more games this year. UM has got to get to 6 wins this year so they can self impose a bowl ban and start getting the sanctions behind them. In the long run it will help recruiting. Six wins is not yet a given for this team this year.

games like these last 2 will kill recruiting. along with kstate and the way this team is going backwards, add the ncaa, recruiting will be a take anyone you can get to sign. without the hiring of an AD who will not take losing lightly, regardlss of shalala, this program is on death row. the fact that golden REFUSES to accept responsibility,and do something to help on defense, shows recruits nothing here will change.

UF #2. FSU #10. UM ???

When the Ohio Bobcats are ranked higher then the []_[] it's just a shame! I mean I know the team cant be ranked in the top 10 every year. But when's the last time the Oklahoma Sooners or OSU wasnt ranked in the top 25? Why cant the []_[] be ranked in the top 25 every year like those teams? The ACC isn't even a hard conference!!! What is up with this team for real!!!!

It is a wonder that some of you on here don't kill yourselves with the bleakness and negative attitudes that many of you display on this screen. We still control our own destiny even if we lose this weekend, which is not a given considered NC State beat FSU. And for the scared guy who doesn't think we should go to the ACC title game because we may get embarrassed, how is Gods name do U call yourself a Cane. True Canes fear nothing or no team. Winning the remaining of our coastal division games, beating USF and winnning the coastal would be a hugely successful season considering the youth on this team.

Danny, dude this is hardly going to kill recruiting. We are only going to sign around 15 players this upcoming year any way and 10 of the slots are already full. Just relax man, things are going to be fine.

I dont know if we can win, but we better go out and punch someone in the mouth. This is an FSU week, so bring it. As far as QB, next man up.

Miami allows opposing offenses to play pitch and catch for four quarters with a lousy defensive scheme and Golden is concerned about winning the Coastal Division? Get real, Coach.

Chumps,which what we would be, how can you stand to see your team humiliated? For me, watching the ND players taunting, making fun of, is not the way it should be. At some point you must have compassion and just throw in the towel for this year. And probably next. It's not going to get better, for years. Recruits are going to change their minds. What will Golden promise, you will be on tv getting you butt kicked, made fun of. C'mon man, this is hard to watch, especially if your a fan.

Championships and Jack,
Both of you are spot on. IF UM and right now it is a large if with the way our defense is playing, with the status of Morris and with looming sanctions. IF we were to qualify for the ACC championship game and the administration decides that we will play in it, I say play the game. Even if we lose, which we more than likely will, unless something unforeseen we to happen to us in a positive light or to happen to FSU or Clemson in a negative light, it is more practice for the team and it is good experience for all the players AND the coaches too.

As regards the team, I want us to win every game, starting out at 4-1 had some of us (including myself thinking that this could be a special year 11-1, 10-2 maybe). Reality is most of us realistic fans thought that we would finish 6-6, the fans who were thinking that we could pull off an upset thought 7-5 at best. I WANT US TO WIN ON SATURDAY, but I am a realist. Unless we have a special night or FSU's QB get's hurt, we will more than likely lose again on Saturday. That being stated, if Morris comes back at full strength and picks up where he left off, we really have a chance to finish 8-4. That would be better than any REALISTIC fan thought.

By me wanting the team to finish 8-4, I am not downgrading the expectations of the program (like that moron on 560 WQAM Dan Sileo thinks). I want us to finish 12-0 or 13-0 every season. This team is not at that point yet, so an 8-4 season would be a win IMHO. The loss to UNC hurt, but practically EVERY team loses a game each season that they should win (WV vs. Texas Tech, USC vs. Stanford, Wisconsin and Michigan State several times this year). UNC was that game for us and in reality, it was a push game. The loses to KSU and ND were expected (by realistic 'Canes fans). FSU is expected to be a loss also. If we finish 8-4, then we would have lost 1 game we SHOULD have won and we would have won 1 game we SHOULD have lost (Va. Tech). I can take that as a realistic Canes fan.

BTW, before everyone says that I am settling, again, I WANT US TO BEAT FSU, but what I am really looking for in the game is how we compete and if the defense can build on their second half against UNC. If we compete and it is a competitive game in the 4th quarter (us within a minimum of 10 points) and the defense is playing better, it bodes well for us getting the week off and playing VT on Thursday 11/1. Again, I am not looking for moral victories, I am just being realistic and looking for progress, ESPECIALLY from the defense.

I, like all of you can not wait for the time when in July and August we are looking at playing FSU, VT, (maybe Clemson, if we draw them that year) and the ACC championship game as our 3 or 4 biggest hurdles BEFORE we play in the NC game.

Exactly Barry, some people here are just too much. Winning the coastal means having a better record than everyone else, not backing in because NC can't win it, or other teams lose from a harder schedule, it means earning it. I saw a post yesterday, look at who we beat. BC will fire their coach,GT is firing coaches to save the head coaches job, NCState, would have fired o'brien if not for the upset. so what have we beat, but a trio of bad teams. And barely at that. Could you imagine us against clemson, instead of 4-500 yds, it would be 7-800 yds of offense, for them.

Imvery happy for the improvement shown by the D. They kept it under 500yards... 484 to say so jajajaja and IT WONT MAKE A DIFERENCE id Morris plays or doesnt play against FSU... our D will give un 600 yards 55 points and go back to its usual!!! jajaja FIRE DNO!!!!!

Nice cane4life, but totally off base. Beating either fsu or VT is not going to happen. Virg has had our number, Duke is better , A losing record is the future. and this guy champs, only 15 recruits, this team is in shambles. Not one phase of the game is getting better. We are going backwards, and it won't stop. It's just the fact that the University doesn't care about winning, only the cash they get from the ACC. Winning will not happen here, for many years.

If the NCAA was to give the death penalty(i know they are not), with most of the teams at miami,being supported by football, would they have to shut some down. Just a curious question. Not trying to be sarcastic or negative.

It's sad to see another BCS poll published and we (the "U") are not listed. How far can we go? Have we reached the bottom yet?

"Control your own destiny", are you kidding? Jack Kevorkian controlled destinies and look how that turned out. "Control your own destiny", someone must be goofing around. I hope. By the way, how many people there yesterday, ESPNU went to extraordinary measures to not show "crowd?"

This is a process. IF....IF we see the same production next year/following year then get the WEBSITE (FIREGOLDEN.COM) going. His process is building with these young players so every year we should see/have great strides made from these guys.He should have brought in a few JUCO DT's at least, needed a mixture. I agree that the OC & DC HAVE to do a better job of calling the game. When you don't have the players you want, you need to call a near perfect game. I have already come to grips that we have to out score teams. That means TD's or FG's when we get the chance.

Golden is coaching his butt off...give him a break!! Blame the real root of our problems...Shalalalala hates the football program.

Reality check.

1. We shouldn't fire anybody. We just hired this guy for Chrss Sakes. The reason UM struggled so much in the last few years is because they had a new coordinator every year. Golden is not getting fired. For a LONG time. Im not saying he's great, or even a great hire, but firing people and re-hiring new chumps is not the answer. Not yet.

2. Stop saying "true Cane fan." Blogs are for complaining when your team sux and getting all fired up when they win. What is a true Cane fan anyway? What kind of machismo nonsense is that? True Cane fan is someone who goes to those god awful home crowds and watches them when they stink, like they do now. That's it. Whether your rah-rah or down in the dumps, so what? It's not like these blogs are read to the team in the locker room before the games.

3. This mediocrity is nothing new. 9 years!!! since we last won a respectable bowl game. There is no wait until next year. This is just the way it is now. UM can get better, and should get better. It's a great program, school, tradition, etc. But this isn't a one year dip that will be better with experience, age, coach, etc. This is the new reality of the program. Just relax, root for the team, flash your U, and hope soon it all comes together again.

did you see where Temple had another quality win this weekend? Temple was the absolute worse team ever until Golden turned it around. He struggled at first but built Temple from the ground up like he is doing at Miami. I agree with Jack, this is a rebuilding year. So was last year but then we turn around and lost Lamar Miller, Tommy Street, Fortson, Ojomo, and Olivier Vernon arguably the five best players. We could finish 7-5 and slowly build for the future. I say the future looks bright. We just need to be patient.

Yes.....for sure a year of learning with ALL the Fr and Soph playing. I can assure you that next years defense will be light years ahead of this one.

cane4life & blogger fantasy world u r in my head! thanks for putting my thoughts to words.

like to add i'm proud of the way the kids have been conducting themselves off the field.

@Blogger Fantasy World.

Reality check is good.. Great post.
What is the easiest thing to write when you are losing, upset, or pi****? and that is fire the Coaches.

The "true Cane fan" is in reality better classified as the "Die hard Cane fan". Someone who rides with the Canes in the down times, and the high five times.

Our legacy laughed at mediocrity..we wrote the book on coming in and beating you and then making you know it..so it is a come down when teams we have humiliated in the past, put it to us while we are down..it comes with the territory.

I agree relax, and ride the ride, some highs some lows, but deep inside when the 'Canes are back you will know that you stuck with them through thick and thin, and you fought the battle and won the war.

"We shall return" as McArthur said and will kick some A** while we are at it.. The good times will be back.
Patience is a hard word to say, but reality is what it is. Relax, root for the team, flash the U.. I like it.
Good stuff.
Go 'Canes Always

U know Danny boy, U talk about winning the coastal and earning it this and that. The fact is if we win the Coastal we will have earned it by beating our coastal division counterparts other than NC. It doesn't matter how we get there this season as long as we win it. THen U cry about getting humiliated in a championship game like you are a scared little punk. THe U doesn't fear anybody and if we get our butt whipped by a better team then so be it. They have to do it and I had rather my team have the balls to fight and get beat then not even be there cause they were scared of a butt whoppin. Real Canes know the deal, watch the U documentary, follow our history, and learn the game, then U have something worth saying.

No doubt our beloved program has suffered some missteps and setbacks. I got news for some of you negative types, armchair quarterbacking ain't a sport. I'd be willing to bet that95% of you criticizing the defense have never felt the sound of your own chinstrap snapping in place.
Over the years I've met lot's of other guys who want their schools to win the NC every year. Fact is with over 100 teams that's an impossible and unreasonable expectation. In the last 30 years the Canes have played in the national Championship game 9 times! We've won our fair share, and then some. All programs have their ups and downs. Well be back, but it doesn't happen overnight.
Firing Golden, isn't the answer. Supporting the team by going to games will help recruiting and team morale. I for one am a Cane to the bone and I live in CA but watch EVERY GAME till the final gun (Cane hat and Jersey on)
Go Canes

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