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November 08, 2012

Freshman WR Lockhart out for the season; Bush out for Virginia, Perryman doubtful

The Hurricanes injury report has been released for Saturday's game at Virginia and none of it is encouraging.

Linebacker Denzel Perryman, who has started six games this season and ranks third on the team with 50 tackles, has been listed as doubtful with an ankle injury.

Freshman safety Deon Bush, who has six of the last seven games for UM, is out this week with a stinger. Bush has 31 tackles this season.

Freshman receiver Robert Lockhart, injured Tuesday in practice, is now listed as out for the season following "lower extremity" surgery. Lockhart only played in two games and didn't make any catches. Is Lockhart eligible for a medical redshirt? Not according to the rules I just read.


For a student-athlete to receive a Medical Hardship Waiver per Bylaw 14.2.4, the following four conditions must be met:

1. The student-athlete may not have participated in more than two contests or dates of competition or 20 percent of the team's completed contests/dates of competition.

2. The injury or illness must occur prior to the completion of the first half of the season.

3. The injury or illness does not have to occur during practice/competition, but it must be incapacitating.

4. Appropriate medical documentation must exist and be provided.

All percentages are calculated according to contests or dates of competition, depending on how your sport's competitive opportunities are counted. Only contests or dates of competition occurring during the championship (traditional) season are included in the calculations. Conference championships/tournaments are counted as one contest or date of competition, regardless of the actual contest/dates used.

If the percentage calculation for the 20-percent rule results in a decimal -- any decimal -- the whole number preceding it is always rounded up. For example, if the softball team competes in 56 games, 20 percent of 56 is 11.2. Due to the "rounding-up," a softball team member who competed in 12 games does qualify for a medical hardship waiver.

To meet the first-half-of-the-season requirement, all competition must cease prior to the start of the contest or date of competition that begins the second half of the season. For example, a soccer player competing in the 10th game of a 19-game season does not qualify for a medical hardship waiver.

Also, a student-athlete who is injured in the first half of the season, then attempts to play in the second half and aggravates the original injury, does not qualify for a medical hardship waiver.