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Golden's post-game comments after Va. Tech win

Al Golden's post-game Q&A with reporters after the 30-12 win over Virginia Tech.

On his impressions from the team’s performance…

"I'm excited. I feel like we healed up, I feel like we grew up. Holding them to 12 points is significant without Denzel [Perryman], without Deon [Bush], I think some other guys stepped up. I'm real proud of their effort and the fact that a lot of the young guys are not young anymore. They had a good look, they prepared well, we had good practices. I felt good coming into the game, and the kids responded."

On the importance of a bye week...

"We all seemed fresh. Let's all be real - that was really hard. The first eight weeks, and the opponents we ended up playing out of conference and away, that was difficult. I just think last weekend we got them back. We only practiced two days in the bye week. Good sense of mind, good focus and good energy. I thought they were really resilient tonight. They were tough."

On the lopsided time of possession and score...

"We had good field position because of one Duke [Johnson] return and a turnover I believe. Obviously there are a couple of red zone opportunities we didn't convert early, or it could have been even bigger at the half. Nobody got down. Even when we sputtered on offense in the third quarter, the whole third quarter basically - hats off to Virginia Tech, I thought they did a great job, they had a great scheme, gave us a lot of problems there - our guys hung in there and had some big drives to end the game."

On the play of the team’s defense...

"We held them to 12, and we gave up about a 75-yarder - it looked like he started here and ended up in Coral Gables. It was just one of those deals. Our MIKE linebacker was matching around and he fell down and it just opened up. I'm real proud of how resilient they were. We weren't great on third down on either side early in the game, but we ended up getting another takeaway down there on the goal line. There were a lot of guys who stepped up and really did a nice job for us when they got an opportunity today."

On being in first place in the Coastal Division...

"It's critical. I know everybody wants us to be national champions yesterday and get back to the BCS games and all that, but the reality of it is that the pathway through that is the Coastal. It's almost like we have to re-educate our team that that's how you get there. You get there by getting to Charlotte, and then you have a 50-percent chance of going to a BCS game. That's what we have to do, we have to educate our team, because our fanbase doesn't really understand that right now. They look at the Notre Dame game and it's all in or bust. This game coming up against Virginia is critical. It's truly critical for us. We have to get focused, get right, and get back to work."

On the fourth quarter spark on offense...

"I think we stayed with it. We found a couple of runs that worked. It started with Rashawn's [Scott] conversion on the third-down play. That was big. He and Stephen [Morris] read each other's eyes and made a big play there, and then we got some runs going. I thought Mike [James] and Duke [Johnson] ran really hard, and then obviously knocked them off the ball a little bit."

On winning games without explosive plays...

"We're better on defense. It showed that we're making enough plays on defense that we don't have to have prolific, explosive plays and still win. Obviously the punt block helped. We have to do a better job covering kicks, but it showed we could win in a different way. We didn't quite have enough against North Carolina to pull that one off. It's nice to do it this way."

On the improved play of the team defense...

"I thought our defense hung in there. They did a great job in the redzone and ended up doing a good job on third downs late in the game. We got a couple of sacks, we started to get after their quarterback - that's critical, We haven't had that from a four-man rush. Olsen [Pierre] came up big the one time, and a couple other guys did a really nice job of getting to him. It makes all the difference in the world. Finishing with an interception was great."

On Deon Bush’s injury...

"Deon's been struggling with some stingers. We'll evaluate him, but I think the best thing to do was to shut him down. It was on fire for him. There was some pain. Denzel just wasn't quite right. We'll put him back in a boot, and hopefully in nine days he'll be ready in Charlottesville."

On a strong special teams performance...

"They looked good in the return game. I think it was Gabe [Terry] that blocked it, right? We put him in a different position this week and challenged him, and Rayshawn [Jenkins] and those other guys, he just went out and did it as perfectly as you could do it. He stayed low, got his hand down nice and low. We missed on some of those opportunities earlier in the year. Mike [Barrow] has been working the heck out of it. Mike designed it, and the kids went out and executed it. I'm really excited we had a chance to do that finally."

On wearing orange uniforms with orange pants...

"I wanted them to have fun. It was a tough eight weeks. We had a chance to get a break, catch up on school, and get healthy. I just wanted them to have fun. It was a little surprise for them. I think they were excited about it. I guess that means we have to keep wearing it, I don't know. It was good."

On the success of trick plays...

"That was big. Dallas [Crawford] did a nice job, and he threw it really well. I guess you could argue he should have thrown it in the flat to Duke. But he made a decision and Kind of zinged it in there. I keep saying it, Dallas is coming on now. Dallas is starting to do a good job for us and grow up. I'm excited about Dallas. Obviously Dorsett made a great decision getting us some more depth and throwing it across the field to Stephen [Morris]."

On the expectations inside his team’s locker room...

"We're trying to learn a process and get better. We've been focused on the Coastal. That's what our focus is right now. I'm glad I'm coaching at a place where the expectations are high. At the end of the day, When you can meet the expectations of your fanbase, you're going to be in a great spot. We're going to keep doing it. We just need a little bit of patience because of how young we are. We're growing up. Guys are fighting hard, they're working, they're getting better. I'm excited. A lot of guys stepped up today that hadn't - Curtis Porter, Jalen Grimble, Tracy Howard early in the game, [Rayshawn] Jenkins in his coverage. I can go on and on. Guys stepped up, and guys that are going to be here for a long time, and I'm excited about that."


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Awesome effort by our defense, by Morris and Duke.

I saw some positive signs as well - the team is growing up. They also seem to be far more physical and intense than teams from the recent past.


Trust the process! If jimmy endorces al.......that's good enough for me! Trust the process! Golden is our next nc coach!

Great win by the Canes. Keep building Coach!

Agreed. In my opinion:


Special teams
Duke Johnson
The defense is definitely getting it. The redzone defense is tough as nails and has shown a never say die attitude. Fromn that fourth down goal line stop against BC or NC state (cant recall) to the fumble recovery last night and the 4th down stop on that pass by Logan Thomas.
Rashawn and Allen Hurns should be the #1 receivers. Phillip Dorsett is inconsistent at best. He has a hard time getting open.


Fisch's play calling is erratic sometimes- reason why they went on sleep mode for the entire third q.

Morris has accuracy problems. He constantly overthrows receivers. You canlook at it as "he doesnt overthrow into the hands of defenders like last year and like Jacorry Harris. But helacks touch esp in the redzone

Mike James has a hard time getting started. 1 yd here 1 yd there. Come on man. Take over a game.

O-line same as above.

Peeryman had no business leaving Logan Thomas from his sight on that long run. He was running to the right and even if he didnt fall, I dont think he would have caught Thomas. I mean this could also be on Donofrio but after playing KSU twice and Va Tech once already didnt they learn about the read option QBs that like to take it up the middle on third down? For G--ds sakes.

ACC officiating- worse in the country. By far. Deon Bush popped the receiver with his shoulder. Hello. Thats why he got hurt. NOT WITH HIS HEAD!!!!!!!. That was a drive sustaining bad call. Seriously.

Jessie Palmer and the idiot Chris "Foul-er". All they needed was Reece Davis to complete the triad of clowns making fun of Um's attendance over and over. Like its the kids' fault. Jessie- youire lucky you didnt get to play the U in your QB playing days- youmay have had your pretty face re arranged by Ray Lewis.

But they were right. Attendance was pitiful. What was you all's excuse for not going?

Great win. Its all about this U. Please dont let down vs UVa. Destiny is in your hands. Lets do this. Man I wish I could play. Id be ready to take someones head off for my U.

Great job as a team, all aspects were improved, Stephen could use more time with getting to know receivers, his timing is still off, but both sides looked great.. Nice job all coachs!!!

why wasn't anybody in the stands? stand with this team and grow with them. don't comment on them unless U support them with your attendance. Let's go Canes, Morris doesn't look good at all.

Great win for the Cane youngsters.

Did you notice the predominantly used four down defensive linemen to stop runs?
and to put pressure on the VT QB?
The VT QB had a miserable night throwing passes into the ground and over the heads of receivers.

Did you notice the Cane linebackers were moved slightly closer to the LOS, 4 yards instead of 5 yards?
Did you notice mostly man to man defenses which stymied the VT QB because no receivers were open?
Did you notice all of the Cane blitzes?
Did you notice most Cane passes were down field instead of to the flat?
Did you notice VT's low score, 12 points instead of 40 points?
All the changes the Canes needed to do which I have been blogging about and demanding since the first game.

Amazing how good formations will put pressure on a great QB like VT has. Right? I told you so.

Another thing will happen as a result of the better Cane formations, the loss will frustrate VT. They play FSU next weekend in VA.
VT will beat FSU. Their QB and their coach and their players will be very angry and want to have a better season.

Look for Miami to play FSU in the ACC championship.

CaneFan'72, no I didn't notice any of that. Simply put this team is a better team than the one that lined up in Chestnut Hill or the one that lined up in Manhattan KS, or even the one that lined up against FSU 9 days ago. Team improve during the season, and kids get stronger during the season. This game was hat on hat and the U players were winning the small battles period. Schemes don't win games, player do, you'd better learn that.

CaneFan'72, I mostly noticed Morris playing badly. Yes - things are getting better but the O is too erratic.

CaneFan'72, you're an idiot.

UM has played 4 down linemen all year, have played off receivers all year, have run short screens all year.

You just play the result, if they lose it's because their idiot coordinators did those three things, which you got stuck in your head the first game of the season and can't let go.

If they win it's because they didn't.

You clearly know nothing about football.

lets go cane good win now lets keep it going.Al u are doing your thing i got your back.

Great win by the Canes. The defense played well in many key situations. They are fighters.

The offense did some good things,and Duke and Mike James and Rashawm Scott and Clive Walford made some great plays for us. Good job Jake W.!

On the positives and negatives, agree with 5>3>2.

But it was a sweet win, baby!

Got to bring for Virginia. They will be looking for some redemption for their season. They will believe they can beat us, given recent history. Morris must play more consistently and accurately. He need`s to step his game up, as does the OC. I hope we take them down convincingly.

The announcers mocked the crowd turnout. The attendance at the game was shameful. Miami can be a soulless town. Glad to hear AB Blake talk about openness to a new stadium, you know on campus or within walking distance. Hurricane Stadium. start the tradition of a home, about 50K would do it.

Got my checkbook ready, Mr. Blake, but there must be some big money alumni out there. Chase them down!


The orange uniforms are dreadful,you won't see Bama,Auburn,ND,Ohio State looking like clowns. Wear all white on road and white pants at home,look like a champion.
Morris is not going to get us to the promised land,we need consistent QB play. The play calling is boring and doesn't force defenses to defend the whole field,not just 15 yards.
As long as there is progress,I'm happy with Al Golden,he seems decent,upbeat and a really good guy,who might actually stay at UM and build a solid base.
I've been going to UM games for 52 years and I'm so sick of the lack of fan support,year after year. The University does nothing about it,the community does nothing,the Herald ,the local TV stations all ignore it,rather than encouraging the fan base. It's time to step it up and finally build a hostile home field advantage .

We've played 4 down lineman all year except for 3rd downs, when we switched to 3. Against VT we gave that up and finally started to close out some 3rd downs. Not enough, but more than before and that's improvement.

cainemutiny...we are definitely erratic, and that's not going to go away this year. But we can get less erratic, see some success, and gain momentum with a good bowl (if we take it) and a spot in the ACC title game. That will spur the guys on in the off season and increase the expectations for next year. Morris must get better at completing the simple passes and making better reads. He's not going to be perfect this year, but he can grow and then practice his butt off in the off season.

Positive signes indeed, but don't get carried away. We're young and we could easily lay another egg at any point. This trip to UVA is scary because they've been struggling and we may be overconfident. They are physical and if we don't go in there with some moxie we'll get behind early and then anything can happen.

The main problem I see with fan support is the cost. Not the only problem. UM fans are still fickle- for that matter all of south florida fans.

But for $30 for parking, plus the ticket cost, plus $7.00 a beer, $4 for water, $5 for a dog, in this staggering economy, no-can-do for the regular joes or josephines. No way. Only maybe one game a year (71,000 for the FSU game after a loss to UNC).

cost. period. This is on the Um administration. Shanana and her socialsit cronies. Hate to inject politics in here but come on. How is it that this troll, after raising 1 trillion dollars for a second time cannot in all honesty raISE ENOUGH MONEY FOR A UM ONLY STADIUM? That to me exemplifies the corrupt and self interested politics of Miami-dade and UM. Only outdone by Chicago.

We all want a home field advantage. We all want the energy that the OB brought. The first step is winning. I guarantee that if UM had beaten FSU, there would have been at least 50k in the stadium. Last night, ESPN game there were 37k.

On the game side of things, a big issue is Morris and his lack of accuracy (esp in the red zone- should have had 2 TDs). Fisch also gets to dang cutsie in the red zone. Please guys just pound the rock in. It was 1st and goal at the ten and you lost a yd and then had 2 incompletes. Dallas Crawford should have hit Duke in the flat or ran it himself. He could have run it in. and the O-line's inability to open holes for the rbs early in the game

cane72- yeah sure. The Miami coaches read this blog and said to themselves, Hmmmm. that cane72 guys is right. We should have 4 down linemen and move the lbs up a yard or two. Why didnt we think of that?

Sure. Convince yourself of that.

Ahh, troll free now that the Gators lost. Hey Mr. 4-8, looks like you were WRONG AGAIN.

LMAO at you, moron....

The moron fans and coaches on here who do not recognize my brilliance are incredible.

They can not see that moron golden and moron D'Os three down linemen, no blitz, zone pass prevent (the win) defenses LOST all of the Cane games this year and all of the close games the Canes won were by the great play of the Cane players in spite of moron coaching.

Same with the moron OC throwing flat passes and hail mary passes instead of 15-20 yard timing routes with crossing patterns down field like Jerry Rice and all the great receivers ran so that Morris can hit a guy in stride by leading him on a crossing pattern instead of hoping he can hit our receiver running flat out away from him.

BTW, I have played football in high school and college, and I know good coaching from crap coaching. With good coaching I have had a 90% win record. With piss poor coaching like with only 3 down linemen on defense, maybe 50%. You can not fix stupid.

It feels good to be talking about a win again. It has been a month since the last one. I just wanted to point out that it is funny how everyone wanted our Defensive Coordinator fired (including me) and now after this game it is the Offensive Coordinator (not me).

I was pleased with the effort and the fact that we capitalized on miscues. I just want to say Congratulations and take it one game at a time rather than all or nothing every week.

Congrats to the guys and Go Canes!

This vanilla d, four down lineman every down, switching to 3 on third, has not worked all year, and it didn't work last night, without a doubt. Tech killed themselves. D'onofrio and golden are saying that it's because we are green and young, but truth is we are one of
The worst in almost every major defensive category and our defense is getting gassed, did anyone watching that game not
Feel sorry for
Our young defense in the second half? And the offensive play calling in the second half was atrocious! What happened to the four/five yard play? It was fourth quarter before we even got a first down on third.
It was player execution earlier, and understandable, because they are young, and Rome isn't built in 24 and all that. But fsu and va tech? Some of the worst coaching I've ever seen, and I just want to send a shout out to all the defensive and special team PLAYERS for the game last night, they not only won the game, with all the time they spent on the field, they went above and beyond, and have not gotten the credit they deserve.

One more thing, I like golden, as a coach and as a person, what I know of him, unfortunately he has one major flaw, and it will cost him his job, and it's d'onofrio, unless we have a new dc next year,Not only will the defense not improve enough under his care, but these great players will not continue to develop and golden will not make it to 2014. Don't shoot the messenger.

Its great that once you have a good win, the Positive Comments start flowing in from all of you!
This team is still very much LEARNING, whether L. Thomas ran for 150 yds or 300, all that matters is that this Defense stopped them when it mattered! REDZONE, 4th qtr THIRD DOWNS, SPECIAL TEAMS. Great Job!

Offense, is very dry at times and it makes them hard to watch. The past few games we have started going 3-and-out and always facing a 3rd & 8 or 3rd and long. I like how we stuck it to them with the run in the 4th qtr, THAT...IS...MIAMI...FOOTBALL.

Let's finish out this ride....ACC Championship game please & a bid for the Orange Bowl maybe?


Also, I'm still trying to figure out why when Deon Bush Demolished VT's RB, why was it personal foul? He was running the ball, he wasn't a receiver. Horrible ACC Ref's

Biggest win since 2004 the year we joined the ACC! Keep it up and close STRONG CANES!!!!!!!

CaneFan'72, you are wrong. Incorrect. Unambiguously mistaken.


Ummmm, Tommy, did you not watch the Miami/ND game a few weeks back? ND absolutely looked like clowns in their hideous split helmets. A swing and a miss with your negative jab there, bud... I thought the orange unis were a grat surprise, so did the kids!

@ inimounts and CaneFan'72

You both are caught up in your own drivel.

The defense you claim is still underperforming but with each win that the 'U' has there is the negative
B******** that is posted, to try to justify your positions.

I got news for you both...calling the Coaches and fans "MORONS" because they support a team win or lose is infantile....get this through your pea brains it is called "TEAM LOYALTY". We enjoy wins and suffer with the losses.

This team has improved and the players are getting accustomed to the speed and tempo of the game.
We still (make no doubt) have a problem on both offense and defense in depth, and it shows during the games.. Our chance to take a breath it seems is the third quarter...then we come alive to finish the game..
Once we have depth and can play all the way through we will not have to worry about injuries, and the playbook can go from vanilla to pure excitement.

Defense keep hitting, special teams play hard, offense stay healthy, and Steven throw with accuracy. We are on the way to an ACC finish many thought impossible..Picked to finish 5 th in th ACC.. Coach G and his Coaches are surprising a lot of people.The 'U' has a chance to win the ACC..Who would have thunk.

Congratulations and keep up the good work.

Go 'Canes Always

Crowd was 37,000.....again....were in a bigger place then the OB.

Defense finally showed some signs of life there at the end. Having Porter back definitely makes a difference, he helped give us some push. Don't think Morris has what it take to be the man and win at this level - lack of touch, poor field vision, bad decision making. The bottom line is that he is inconsistent. Sometimes he looks great and sometimes terrible. That spells mediocrity which is reflected by our record. I vote give Williams a chance. He looked ok in limited action this year.

bay area cane, the rules of the game include no helmet to helmet tackles. The ref thought our safety led on that hard hit with his helmet. It is a judgment call by the ref. It is probably a good rule. Even the tackler can get a concussion from a hard hit with a helmet to helmet contact.

ugouglycane, the reason the Cane defense played better last night was that for most of the game, the Canes were in a four down defensive lineman formation, LBs were moved one yard closer to the LOS (4 yards instead of 5 yards away), there were frequent blitzes by the Canes, and the secondary was playing tight man to man with free safeties.

That is WHY the Canes held VT to 12 points and stymied one of the best QBs in the country. Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. You stupid smucks do not understand that a few things win games, good solid defensive formations, great conditioning, no mistakes EVER (no offsides, no fumbles, no interceptions, no penalties EVER)

And on offense, good blocking, crisp passing, timing routes with the ball in the air when the receiver makes his last cut.

As to butts in the seats, winning will draw crowds. No one wants to spend time or money to watch losers.

inmounts. Donofrio is getting through to the kids, and theyre buying into his system. However he does need to adjust better to various offenses.

IMO, the problem is now the OC. He is inconsistent, and at times ticky tacky and cutsie. At times he forgets about the bread and butter and what works. Here is what works and has worked with Morris and receivers:

Play action short to intermediate range passes.

occasionally keeping it and getting 4-5 yds.

dump or check down passes to the rbs

here's what hasnt worked:

hail Mary 60 yd bombs. So it worked one game. Well, it hasnt in 3 other games. Especially now that Dorsett has the dropsies.

Hoping Virginia isn't a trap game. I know expectations are high following this win but really I'm just hoping for a bowl berth that we can decline as a self-imposed punishment related to that ponzi-scheme moron!

Please, put away the uniform scheme (Orange on Orange). I would like to see the green jerseys used more often.

Agree. I think green jersey/white pants is the best combination.

The moron fans and coaches on here who do not recognize my brilliance are incredible.

They can not see that moron golden and moron D'Os three down linemen, no blitz, zone pass prevent (the win) defenses LOST all of the Cane games this year and all of the close games the Canes won were by the great play of the Cane players in spite of moron coaching.

Same with the moron OC throwing flat passes and hail mary passes instead of 15-20 yard timing routes with crossing patterns down field like Jerry Rice and all the great receivers ran so that Morris can hit a guy in stride by leading him on a crossing pattern instead of hoping he can hit our receiver running flat out away from him.

BTW, I have played football in high school and college, and I know good coaching from crap coaching. With good coaching I have had a 90% win record. With piss poor coaching like with only 3 down linemen on defense, maybe 50%. You can not fix stupid.

Posted by: CaneFan'72 | November 02, 2012 at 09:55 AM

This man knows what he speaks, not sure why people think this man is just spouting off at t he mouth, we won that game last night off of mostly talent. That 1st interception, had that man put the ball out there a lil more, we were in the wrong defense and got lucky the pass was underthrown.

On that 3rd down where logan thomas overthrew that wide open full-back in the flats, wrong defensive alignment again. Last night like most of our wins is fools gold. V-tech made it to our redzone way to many times like all the teams we've played this year.

I said before the game, all you gotta do is go about 3 or 4 wide, the scheme calls for the linebackers and everybody to clear the middle of the field out, i knew eventually logan was going to hit one, but 73 yards, got damyum.

To many times i'm still seeing our db's take off early trying to avoid as it's been stressed to this team "the big play" so all receivers are doing are running our db's off, than just doing simple comeback routes or stop routes and it's wide open everytime.

With this defense, we will normally always lose the time of posession battle because we give up all the underneath routes, which will always result in long drives methodical drives by the oppossing team. It chews up clock, our offense doesn't get in a groove because they're off the field way to long and goldie and jedd will give up on the running game way to early. They need to use mike james a whole lot more.

It's good to have a lot of athletic linebackers again out their at the same time. dzp needs to just shut it down for the next game or 2, that high ankle sprain ain't going nowhere unless it gets rest. Him trying to make that tackle on that runningback for kansas st. caught em slipping how much power that guy came into the endzone with.

V-tech will look at the tape and realize and think to themselves, they're not that much better a team than us, when they realize how many opportunities they didn't capitolize on, their were a whole lot of plays to be made by V-tech. Most of us knew this, but curtis porter is by far the best interior d-linemen we got, olsen pierre is definitely coming along. The defensive ends are basically worrying about being in the proper gaps instead of getting a pass rush upfield.

Our o-line is doing work out their, not sure why the criticism for the o-line, but they're definitely a young bunch of guys and 1st starters playing real solid football out their, this group will only get better. I'm proud of malcome bunch, he's settled in nicely over their at left tackle, alhough several pressures do seem to come from his side from time to time he's battling. The whole o-line is, shane mcdermont is balling.

Loved the 80s orange on orange. Great idea to mix it up.

Who are the clueless here who write the same things over and over and are still wrong? ALL TEAMS play 3man lines and 4 man lines at different times. Some play 3 more often and some play 4. Be sure to tell the Steelers their 3 man front can't possibly work.

Calvin, supporting a comment made by yourself under a different name does not qualify as corroborating evidence.

Calvin and CaneFan`72
Will you please STFU
At least go read football for dummies before you make your dumbarse comments
Or go do us all a favor and end it
DO IT NOW!!!!!!

What's up CanesFans Faithful, First off...

-Good win.

-I'm ashamed of the Miami crowd that showed up. Pathetic. Even the student section was poor. I understand that it's a school night and there's classes tomorrow but this again shows that Joe Robbie stadium is too far even for the students to attend all the games. The OB was better on every level in comparison to Joe Robbie except in regards to the bathrooms. Ya, they were pretty bad back at the OB but no one really cared because everyone was going nuts in the stands anyways. The OB was our 12th Man.

-DLine stepped up in a major way last night especially with the reemergence of Curtis Porter. Can't wait for him to be in full condition. He has been sorely missed. But my complaint with the defense lies with the DBs. Once again Coach No D has not taken any heed to what the NFL SCOUTS REPORT said in regards to playing more aggressive man to man coverage. Miami had 15 1stDowns while VT had 24. The majority of those came from WRs that were completely WIDE OPEN since our defensive schemes are setup in such a way as to play no less than 8-9yds off all opposing WRs. It equates to almost 2 pass plays, on average, to make a 1stDown. "Here's your sign."

-Morris needs to work on his touch big time. He has all the power in the world but continues to either put too much or far to little on his short passes. There was one play where Duke Johnson ran left to the flat for a pass and Morris practically threw the ball at his feet and couldn't get it. Had the ball been a foot higher it would have equaled a Long TD for Duke with nothing but air in front of him. I honestly would like to see Golden re-open the QB competition this upcoming spring going into next season. I think it would be very interesting.

-I really would appreciate, for the Love of God, that Fisch will stop running the sideline to sideline run plays to the short side of the field. "Can you do that for us, Fisch, can U???"

Other than that, alot of players stepped up and really contributed and held containment on Logan, (minus one long run for VT's only TD).

My Canes should be proud of themselves holding VT to only one TD and containing VT's only real threat on offense. WAY TO GO CANES!!!!

GO U!!

I like how people say the steelers have a great defense, but what alot of people fail to realize, the 3-4 defense looks like a great defense only when a team has only 2 good wide receivers, but when a team has 3 legit wide-out, that 3-4 scheme gets trashed. That's why all those old heads(gibbs, parcells especially) got run out of the nfc east when jimmy got their, jimmy brought the speed and the 3rd wideout saying basically, my 3rd wide outs is going to win the one on one matchup with whatever lunbering linebacker you got out their.

Same thing happened to that recent superbowl champion pittsburgh steeler team, arizona torched that defense with their 3 wide-outs. It's a conceptual defense based on not necessarily shutting the other team down, but more so forcing the other team to only take what they're giving them and take their chances on a team trying to drive the whole field on them.

It's also a scheme that tries to intimidate teams from trying to run it by stacking the box, and daring you to drop back and pass and that their pass rush will get their as well because they'll have more men in the box than you can block.

As you can see, the flats against theat defense is wide open along with the out routes. Where as the 4-3 base/press man defense is designed to wear down receivers, throw the timing off of the routes and basically doesn't concede anything like the 3-4 does.

This is why that 2000 ravens defense will more than likely go down as the greatest defense of all time, teams barely got past the 50 yard line on that defense. That defense also had a real high 3rd down get off the field rating as well.

One of the best moments for me was seeing deon bush crack the hell out of that runningback for V-tech, and than watching him being told he couldn't go back into the game, that man was pissed off and crying cause he couldn't get back out their. Than seeing O.T. over their letting em know, it's all good, it's about the long haul.

First of all great win. I loved the orange on orange IMO I made us look formidable. We were given gifts last night and we did a good job of accepting them. It looked like vtech was runnin the type of running plays we need to run. Why don't we hammer with James and get the oline into a groove and then try to pass. We start out the game with duke when we need to be setting the tone with James. I liked that zone read play for duke but I'm wondering if we can get more stretch plays and off tackles. We had a period where the defense held vtech in the third quarter and the offensive play calling was terrible. We had three straight incomplete passes which didn't help a struggling defense at all. They fumbled on the goal line which could have been a disaster. Defense played better but that wasn't a good disciplined vtech team. The play calling for the offense doesn't help the defense. They had far to much time and oppertunities last night and a good team would have capitalized. Hopefully that will improve. Great to be a hurricane.

I endorse the sentiment of @ Anti-Calvin.
S T F U. Football for Dummies here she comes. Canefanny....

One mind, one track , one thought, and it is all wasted, because your posts are Repitious and Monosylabllic.!!

Great stuff Tallycane..good ideas.. Canetillidie- Morris' touch has seemed to desert him and then suddenly reappear..Lasers one minute, too high, too low the next, and his reads to open players were really off..he needs to tighten up his game and consitency is needed for our next move toward the ACC .

Good win to grow on and we need to adjust as we improve.
Go 'Canes Always

please a high school team could have won yesterday....VT totally self destructed...miami looked awaful and the stats show it as usual....cant play freshman like golden did at temple.....way to much rotation on the defensive side...as of Nov 2, 2012....defense has allowed 4416 @ 490 per game vs the whole of last year at 4319 @ 359.....39% 3rd down conversion rate on offense....trust me we still suck.....btw alex collins rumor is going to FSU....so recruits are starting to unwind verbal commitments....golen and staff have to go

jim gallo, Calvin and CaneFan`72 all under 1 IP address.
Poor little smuck is just lonely and seeking attention.
BTW the rumor is that you will STFU and never post here again

Hey Tally I agree with you in that I loved the orange on orange look and like the idea of using it from time to time. I was screamin for us to run the ball more in the 3rd qtr if nothing else to take time off the clock especially with Duke out of the gun because that gave Va Tech trouble the whole night. Our line is made for run blocking with the size they have but they did a pretty good job in pass blocking. Defensively it was a great effort by the guys. Deon Bush is a straight up hammer at Saftey, Tracy Howard is a lock down corner with a nasty streak in him that we need more of and Tyriq McCord is gonna be a beast as a pass rusher along with Olsen Pierre. We just need to stay focused and the prize is ours.

Calvin/Cane Fan '72/Gallo aka "the clueless",

Try real, real hard to learn what each word in the next sentence means, plus how they are used together:

While a 3 man front technically has 3 linemen, any number of others, especially linebackers, may rush the qb in an attempt to confuse the offense.

I can help with any word you don't understand, or the order in which I used them. I tried to use small words.

Getting more depressed during the third quarter as it sure looked to me that VT would wear the defense down and score twice.

But, into the fourth quarter the offensive line started to push the Hokies back and the defense front four pressured their QB the rest of the game. Golden's strength and conditioning is definitely working.

Last year, this team would have melted.

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