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Golden's post-game comments after Va. Tech win

Al Golden's post-game Q&A with reporters after the 30-12 win over Virginia Tech.

On his impressions from the team’s performance…

"I'm excited. I feel like we healed up, I feel like we grew up. Holding them to 12 points is significant without Denzel [Perryman], without Deon [Bush], I think some other guys stepped up. I'm real proud of their effort and the fact that a lot of the young guys are not young anymore. They had a good look, they prepared well, we had good practices. I felt good coming into the game, and the kids responded."

On the importance of a bye week...

"We all seemed fresh. Let's all be real - that was really hard. The first eight weeks, and the opponents we ended up playing out of conference and away, that was difficult. I just think last weekend we got them back. We only practiced two days in the bye week. Good sense of mind, good focus and good energy. I thought they were really resilient tonight. They were tough."

On the lopsided time of possession and score...

"We had good field position because of one Duke [Johnson] return and a turnover I believe. Obviously there are a couple of red zone opportunities we didn't convert early, or it could have been even bigger at the half. Nobody got down. Even when we sputtered on offense in the third quarter, the whole third quarter basically - hats off to Virginia Tech, I thought they did a great job, they had a great scheme, gave us a lot of problems there - our guys hung in there and had some big drives to end the game."

On the play of the team’s defense...

"We held them to 12, and we gave up about a 75-yarder - it looked like he started here and ended up in Coral Gables. It was just one of those deals. Our MIKE linebacker was matching around and he fell down and it just opened up. I'm real proud of how resilient they were. We weren't great on third down on either side early in the game, but we ended up getting another takeaway down there on the goal line. There were a lot of guys who stepped up and really did a nice job for us when they got an opportunity today."

On being in first place in the Coastal Division...

"It's critical. I know everybody wants us to be national champions yesterday and get back to the BCS games and all that, but the reality of it is that the pathway through that is the Coastal. It's almost like we have to re-educate our team that that's how you get there. You get there by getting to Charlotte, and then you have a 50-percent chance of going to a BCS game. That's what we have to do, we have to educate our team, because our fanbase doesn't really understand that right now. They look at the Notre Dame game and it's all in or bust. This game coming up against Virginia is critical. It's truly critical for us. We have to get focused, get right, and get back to work."

On the fourth quarter spark on offense...

"I think we stayed with it. We found a couple of runs that worked. It started with Rashawn's [Scott] conversion on the third-down play. That was big. He and Stephen [Morris] read each other's eyes and made a big play there, and then we got some runs going. I thought Mike [James] and Duke [Johnson] ran really hard, and then obviously knocked them off the ball a little bit."

On winning games without explosive plays...

"We're better on defense. It showed that we're making enough plays on defense that we don't have to have prolific, explosive plays and still win. Obviously the punt block helped. We have to do a better job covering kicks, but it showed we could win in a different way. We didn't quite have enough against North Carolina to pull that one off. It's nice to do it this way."

On the improved play of the team defense...

"I thought our defense hung in there. They did a great job in the redzone and ended up doing a good job on third downs late in the game. We got a couple of sacks, we started to get after their quarterback - that's critical, We haven't had that from a four-man rush. Olsen [Pierre] came up big the one time, and a couple other guys did a really nice job of getting to him. It makes all the difference in the world. Finishing with an interception was great."

On Deon Bush’s injury...

"Deon's been struggling with some stingers. We'll evaluate him, but I think the best thing to do was to shut him down. It was on fire for him. There was some pain. Denzel just wasn't quite right. We'll put him back in a boot, and hopefully in nine days he'll be ready in Charlottesville."

On a strong special teams performance...

"They looked good in the return game. I think it was Gabe [Terry] that blocked it, right? We put him in a different position this week and challenged him, and Rayshawn [Jenkins] and those other guys, he just went out and did it as perfectly as you could do it. He stayed low, got his hand down nice and low. We missed on some of those opportunities earlier in the year. Mike [Barrow] has been working the heck out of it. Mike designed it, and the kids went out and executed it. I'm really excited we had a chance to do that finally."

On wearing orange uniforms with orange pants...

"I wanted them to have fun. It was a tough eight weeks. We had a chance to get a break, catch up on school, and get healthy. I just wanted them to have fun. It was a little surprise for them. I think they were excited about it. I guess that means we have to keep wearing it, I don't know. It was good."

On the success of trick plays...

"That was big. Dallas [Crawford] did a nice job, and he threw it really well. I guess you could argue he should have thrown it in the flat to Duke. But he made a decision and Kind of zinged it in there. I keep saying it, Dallas is coming on now. Dallas is starting to do a good job for us and grow up. I'm excited about Dallas. Obviously Dorsett made a great decision getting us some more depth and throwing it across the field to Stephen [Morris]."

On the expectations inside his team’s locker room...

"We're trying to learn a process and get better. We've been focused on the Coastal. That's what our focus is right now. I'm glad I'm coaching at a place where the expectations are high. At the end of the day, When you can meet the expectations of your fanbase, you're going to be in a great spot. We're going to keep doing it. We just need a little bit of patience because of how young we are. We're growing up. Guys are fighting hard, they're working, they're getting better. I'm excited. A lot of guys stepped up today that hadn't - Curtis Porter, Jalen Grimble, Tracy Howard early in the game, [Rayshawn] Jenkins in his coverage. I can go on and on. Guys stepped up, and guys that are going to be here for a long time, and I'm excited about that."


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also if it wasnt for shannons recruits golden would be 0-9 at this point and that is a fact.....this offense is shannons..golden had nothing to do with it

Calvin lay off the soap opera's dude and fantasy land stuff. I bet you are a reality TV junkie.

J70's 2011 campaign under jedd









Yards per completion avg=8.3


smo17's thus far






Yard per comp=7.0





j70 was by far the better qb under jedd, his completion percentage and td passes alone separated him from smo and if j70 was here this year, he'd beat him out again. Yoy rarely saw j70 miss that many guys wide open like smo does either when he passed it to em or just not seeing em. Normally when j70 put it up deep, that was a home run coming.

With all these pass attempts, to only have 12 touchdown passes thus far is real anemic.

Little jimmy the word is either you are or You're not Your U moron. Next answer me these questions,

Does or Does not Golden have us in position to win the ACC coastal division?

Has or has not the defense improved from the beginning of the year to now this year?

Did or didn't Coach D'nofrio's defense only yield one Touchdown to Virginia Tech?

Was or was not this suppose to be Bud Foster's best Defense in years for Va Tech that we put up 30 on?

Just answer the questions little fellow thats all U have to do. It's so simple even an idiot like you can do it.

Stats are for dummies and wives. Don't believe me ask LSU and Les Miles.

your figures are wrong:

As of nov 2, 2012 NCAA stats:

passing yardage...2497
avg per catch....7
avg per game.....277

2011 final stats:

passing yardage....2785
avg per catch.....8.2
avg per game....232

both are weak and jedd is weak...a good passing team is over 3000 yards at this time and what difference does it make if the defense gives up alomost 5000 yards at this time....statistically we can NEVER be successful with that type of offense/defensive dynamic...thats why the DC has to go...no reason this will ever get better

winning the costal divison is not a benchmark but an insult for a brand like miami

defense hasnt gotten better at all....nov 2 NCAA stats are at 4414 total yards @ 490 per games vs last year at 359, dont know what Golden is talking about...not one bit of improvement...let me remind you at the begining of the season we were at 432 per game...

weve given up 32 TD's vs all of last year at 24 and we still have 3 more games left....going backwards...

vt qb blew up his team....we would have lost that game

collins and bryant de-commiting and Golden unable to slip a bowl under NCAA sanctions plus being 5-4 at this point....whats there to be so happy about. reading these posts are a laugher...we suck, plain and simple and are not getting better...only in the ongoing storyline from Golden...because if getting better was a FACT...it would show up in the stats...

in my world you either perform or your history....its mediocre performance,no more....when the stats turn for the better then we can all agree we ahev the right coaching staff....but as of now they are not and are worse than last year....first of all freshman dont play....they sit on the bench and learn until they become gamers....soph/jr/sr should be playing....Golden is trying to duplicate what he did at temple and play all freshman...it aint gonna work here....thats why the defense sucks.....youth is not an excuse..its a diliberate strategy by Golden....so he should stop with his "youth" BS...he wants it this way....

Like I said Stats are for dummies and wives. Don't believe me ask LSU and Les Miles.

Winning the coastal is a bench mark when a team has never done it before and this staff had to follow those previous two bozo's, U dumbarse.

Didn't think U had the balls to answer the questions or the intellect. Now that is a FACT!

What ever world that U are living on stay there cause its gotta be planet dumb.
Second the young players didn't have any "ballers" as U call them to learn from in the first place.

And finally, Golden's doing it like he did at Temple, ti's working ,and We are getting better each game.

So sit back shut up and like it cause there ain't jack U or any other screen name can do about it.

Oh and Collins and Bryant are still commits the U, baby and it don't matter right now. What matters is the first week in February.

i just answered them....you should ask when Golden will announce the collins de-committ...i cant wait till that happens...

If it does it does, It ain't going to change anything with the process. No U didn't, I guess U were a victim of castration or U have one of those mutations where U are are half female half male. Its cool the world is made up of all types.

Just wondering though, why are you even on this blog? It's obvious U are not a Cane as I have proved before. You do know that a fan would pull for their team and be happy that he/she has a coach who is truning the program back into a winner. The other day I checked out the Florida website, just for curiousity to see how many people blog on that site and there was nothing and they are having a pretty good season for a change. Look I know the Canes are the envy of the country but people like you really should support your teams blog. I mean its kinda pathetic.

Winning is not the most important thing that matters.
It is the only thing. ----- Vince Lombardi

canefan72- finally a true statement.

championships- right on bro. Gallo is what his surname implies. Translation of Gallo in spanish or italian- anyone? c-0-c-k. He is one. The proof of his hate for Miami is that last statement= "I can't wait till that happens" when referring to Collins decommiting.

So what. we'll have Sony Michel. And others. And Duke.

Has anyone heard anything about Deon Bush's injury?

Does or Does not Golden have us in position to win the ACC coastal division?

Has or has not the defense improved from the beginning of the year to now this year?

Did or didn't Coach D'nofrio's defense only yield one Touchdown to Virginia Tech?

Was or was not this suppose to be Bud Foster's best Defense in years for Va Tech that we put up 30 on?
532, All of my statements are dead on balls accurate and truthful. But it takes a smart person to be able to understand brilliance. Most bloggers do not have a clue about how to play football or about offense and defensive formations. They are like a bunch of cheerleaders with pom poms.

Coaching is the only profession where mediocrity is accepted or even rewarded. If a doctor loses half of his patients, he will not be a doctor for long. If an engineer's bridges fall down half the time, ditto. Other than a fumble or a player getting a penalty at a crucial time in the game, for a coach to blame his players or make excuses they are too young or inexperienced is the same as a doctor blaming the patient for not living through a simple surgery.

The BRICKS keep on stacking up... Together we ALL WIN!!
as far as attendance goes, I miss the Generral Admission section.. Bring the fans down from the 400's

see the new roster....notice the freshman are gone...finally this coach gets it..play all the senior players...sit all freshman on the bench....sit back and watch the difference.....

What are U looking at fool? They're freshmen and sophomores all over the two deep, dummy.

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