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Ask your questions to me here for live UM Canes Q & A. Susan Miller Degnan


I'm here for the next hour for a live Q & A session. Go for it. I'm ready.




Q: Thank you Susan for always taking the time to bring us the latest from our beloved U. Are there any updates on the Highsmith/Uncle Luke Stadium in Tropical Park? I have sources that along with the petition we are on track for something as opposed to nothing!


A: Well, Go Canes All Day everday, I haven't heard anything like that. I talked to UM Interim AD Blake James a couple weeks ago and he made it pretty clear that for now, and for the immediate future at least, Miami is concentrating on trying to make Sun Life Stadium a better atmosphere. UM has a long-term lease there. It would be nice if people showed up for most home games. This Saturday is the last home game for the seniors. I sure hope people show, but I have, frankly, given up on being optimistic in that area this season.

Q:  Posted by: CANETILIDIE...DH | November 14, 2012 at 02:28 PM

Prediction on game this weekend. How is USF's QB situation, do you think that coupled with Eddie Johnson and Perryman being back will be enough for us to win?

A: UM wins this game, but I don't want to predict a score. Just a win would be pretty nice for Miami right around now, though it would certainly be refreshing for UM to win in a rout. Al Golden said Denzel Perryman will be back, and Eddie Johnson has been practicing as well. Those two will make a big difference, but Deon Bush likely won't play, and the Canes are in sad shape receiver-wise. USF is without B.J., a very talented player who suffered a broken leg in the UConn game. If Miami doesn't win this game, with or without receivers, it's in a bad state, indeed.

Q: DisFan82 said:

Know there was alot of whispers about NOA going out last weekend (that turned out to be false) Any insight on when this may actually happen? Will the NCAA say when it goes out, so we know, or will it depend on "sources" to leak the info?

A: Re: NOA, should be soon. The NCAA will not say when it is going out, unless someone leaks something.

Q: SMD, What can UM do better to stop (or slow) the top talent from leaving So. FLA. I'm tired of seeing guys like Teddy Bridgewater, Geno Smith, Amari Cooper, and Giovani Bernard tearing it elsewhere.

A: It's tough, because of media the way it is today, including social media, everyone knows about every program. There are a lot more from which to choose, and we've seen talented kids get lots of pub no matter how high-profile (or low-profile) the program. When UM starts doing better, and does it consistently, more kids will be attracted to the program.
Is the Marlins, stadium adaptable for use as a football field? If so, could/would the Hurricanes play there?
A: I just talked to Marlins expert Manny Navarro and he said he was told the Marlins Stadium is, indeed, adaptable for use as a football field, and that it was hoped that eventually a bowl game could be played there. But it has not been done yet. Hurricanes? I don't know the answer. Not for now, that's for sure.
Is Gabe Terry still on campus?

A: (PART I) Rashawn Scott is on campus, and I happen to know because I just saw him a couple hours ago picking up another player and driving away. I don't know the specifics of his situation, however, other than he is suspended indefinitely. I've heard rumors, but not going to disseminate rumors unless I know if they're correct.
A: (PART II) Oops, you were talking about Gabe Terry being on campus. I am not sure, but the way Al Golden talks, I am thinking yes. Al makes it seem like it's up to Gabe Terry to get his life in order and do the right things, and then he'll be allowed back. We had heard Gabe was involved in a fight within the team, but Golden said he didn't know anything about that a couple weeks ago when we asked. I know he's been suspended before this, as well.

Q: CaneRock said:
"Rashawn Scott is on campus, and I happen to know because I just saw him a couple hours ago picking up another player and driving away. I don't know the specifics of his situation, however, other than he is suspended indefinitely. I've heard rumors, but not going to disseminate rumors unless I know if they're correct." Susan, I respect your journalism, but the sentiments in the above post, are waaaay different than what you tweeted earlier: "smillerdegnan just saw suspended WR Rashawn Scott... He was driving away from campus." You gave the impression that He was driving away for good.

A: That's your impression. I didn't mean it that way, although in hindsight I should have worded it differently. So my apologies. He was driving away from campus. For all I know he could have been driving to Starbucks. But I think you are right about the wording. I'll try to be more careful. Twitter can be tricky.

Q: Montreal_Cane said:
Susan i don't remember UM athletics to be so much on the down slope. Do you think UM needs an experienced AD who has had a lot of success elsewhere or you think James is up to the task to restore UM athletics?

A: What UM needs is someone who truly cares about the university and knows the South Florida culture and the distinctions of the UM fan base, and someone who wants to be here. It has to be someone who is smart and savvy and knows about business and marketing and shmoozing and economics and student-athletes. It would be nice to have someone who reaches out to the community and is accessible, and is open-minded. I think experience is vital, though there are people who haven't been ADs per se, that could still fit the bill. Blake James seems like a great guy. I don't know him well, but everyone who does says he'd be great.

Q: rchy said: So when does Mark D's (UM Def Coord) get his head chopped OFF?
A: Not while Al Golden is here.
Q: John said: Could D. Crawford get more playing time at WR?
A: At this point, he could if they needed him. But I don't know how much he has practiced there and how well he knows the routes. So, that depends.


A: I think UM needs someone who wants to be here and who already understands the South Florida culture and market (in particular the University of Miami fanbase and culture) and  is a smart, savvy person who knows about business and economics and the art of schmoozing and raising money and attention (in a good way). I think that person does need experience for sure, but not necessarily at a big-time program. I think that person should be open-minded and try to
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