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Canes WR Davon Johnson is out for the season

UM won't just be shorthanded at receiver for Saturday's home finale vs. USF.

Senior receiver Davon Johnson (21 catches, 348 yards, 0 TDs) has had season-ending surgery according to UM. He joins freshmen Robert Lockhart and Malcolm Lewis as receivers who have been lost for the season. Sophomore receiver Rashawn Scott was suspended indefinitely before the Virginia game and remains out.

So, UM is down to Phillip Dorsett, Allen Hurns (fractured thumb), Herb Waters and Kendall Thompkins as the only scholarship receivers who are expected to play Saturday. UM has two other freshman receivers being redshirted

Safety Deon Bush, meanwhile, will miss his second straight game with a shoulder injury. Bush has been battling stingers all season.


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what the h--L? this team is cursed man. Cursed. Maybe Bryan pata's haitian family cursed thisteam with some vooddoo curse. Joking. BUt seriously man. How cursed can you be?

How ignorant can you be? You don't curse what you love! Pata loved the U!

All we need is a good group of lb's to come in pick up couple more db's and we will be fine next year

Come on 1981 let the guy rest in peace why even go there? ( Even Joking)....

We need these young guys to step up.

Dorsett and Thomkins will get most of the work with Waters, and Hurns will be limited with the thumb.

Extra work this week for Morris to hook up with these guys... We will need them stepping up to put up some quick numbers then run, run, run.

Go 'Canes Always

Ehhhh...F*ck it.

We need to run the pig anyways.

Duke is obviously our most reliable asset, and when we've committed to it, we've done it pretty effectively. At least in spots, anyways. Make em chase Duke, MJ, AND hell even Dallas around for a little while, then let Dorsett get over the top, with hard play-action.

Too bad about Johnson. He was finally starting to do his thing around here, and this happens, right before Senior Day. That was a lot of wasted speed, and big-play potential, we had with that kid. Damn shame.

I'm a USF grad but was a Cane thru and thru before USF got into football. Who we need to do without is D' Nofrio! Please fire D' Nofrio!

Cane fans is the cause for this

I'm just glad davon had a chance to showcase his talent this year, great job young mcdonald helping these wide-outs talents from highschool translate to the college level. herb waters get ready, it's your time. Seems like when one position gets injured that whole section has a run, earlier this year it was the linebackers.

dzp will be at about 85 to 90 percent the rest of the year. I want to see how we do next year as a stronger and healthier team. Who cares abot sanctions, it can't hurt the team that's already in place unless guys transfer out. Also, no way we're going to get anything close to what penn rape got, if so, the prioties/lack thereof, of college football will be exposed to the max.

Guys allegedly to taking money from some wanna be and sweating ball players does not even come close to what happened at penn disgrace. Especially if they don't take any bowl games away from us, if we took 1, that should be good enuff already, 2 is overkill, if they want to take just a few schalorships, that won't hurt this program for a few years, even if it's 5 schalorships a year, we've been thru this gravy train before!

This isn't even another test for the shaky OC. Is it me or has UM"s running game taken a weird turn? I understand injuries, et all, but Hagens does not play a real crucial role and he should.

What about Crawford? How about letting Highsmith run some offensive and defensive plays? And what's up with the red zone offense?

Heisman Watch:

1) UL QB and former RS recruit Bridgewater, who would have brought the farm talent-ladden NW and RS knew it;

2) Texas AM QB Johnny Manziel, can run pass, throw, is smart and elusive

3) Toss up between Smith WVU and that guy at UND

How bout shut the hell up with your ignioramic comments U worthless piece of whale S h it!

I'm tired of how UM has treated there receivers. Davon Johnson never gets any PT, but obviously had the most reliable hands. Kendall Thompkins never got PT because of potential drops in games? What the h*ll??? Dorsett and Scott drop 5 balls a game an get chance after chance. So why was Thompkins never aloud to get playing experience. Maybe if the team stopped playing favorites they would be better. I mean Kacey Rodgers is no good. Dallas Crawford led Fort Myers HS as a safety with the most int's in school history. Returned 4 of them for TD's his junior year yet alone. Yet he is 4th string RB???? An Rodgers is aloud to struggle? You have a good safety in Crawford yet you start Highsmith a former HS and college QB? Dosnt make any sense. What's really going on at the []_[]???

Earth to Cool Cat Bridgewater, the loss to Cuse ended his Heisman hope. If you think that by post here you're going to restart them, guess what, WRONG.

Hey Johnny 1303: My exact sentiments. It's called coaching and mediocrity. U see when U are clueless you don't know how to evaluate, development and utilize talent. Thompkins deserves something. I wonder if there is a bias against the high school Thompkins attended?

"Goldy had a so-so record at Temple. The DC has lost us tons of games and the OC ain't much better with play calling. Then U got a top administrator who knows little about the game.

If U bring a JJ or Butch back at least U remedy most of that: But hey Johnny, U can lead a horse to water, but......

Dumbass Antonio Crawford is the safety and Dallas Crawford is the RB. What the hell does Dallas Crawford and Kacey Rodgers have to do with one another. What a rb does has nothing to do with what a DB does. Now I do agree that highsmith has been attrocious which is why a freshman in Deon Bush has taken his spot. Now Thompkins has never did anything since he has been here so the reason he has been passed over is because he was beaten out. And for what is really going on at the U, We are having to play with some leftovers from the last coach until we can get the depth we need because all the freshmen and sophomores are better than the upperclassmen. Herb Waters has looked great since he has gotten into the rotation and some of the freshmen WR's are being redshirted which is a smart move at this point in the season. There is no need to burn a redshirt on a young receiver with only two games to go.

Yeah idiot where a kid attends highschool has alot to do with whether he plays or not. Anybody who can rebuild at temple and make them win deserves a nobel prize. Yeah I can see JJ leaving a one day a week show for that job, U f-ing moron.

Mike, Bridgewater wasn't even close to being in the Heisman race even had he not lost to Syracuse.

Calvin has posted over 1,000,000 words over the last 2 days and not 1 of them made any sense. The clown rambles on and on like he understands football. What a joke.


Everybody needs to write how they feel regardless of whether people agree with them or not. I think Pennsylvania I a football state from the pros on down.penn is a football state and the university all ready has a respectable name in athletics. Great for golden. Could one of the coordinators call a timeout some times and coach these boys up while they are substituting all those players. We lost a very close game with all our timeouts in our pocket. Could the coaches not abandon the run so fast? Lets find some solutions to some of our problems. I know it will take time. We have another oppertunity to grow as a team what will we do?

Donofrio is the worst dc in the history of the program. That is our biggest problem.

I like d. Johnson. Shame we never really got to see much of him before this year. Even though we may be shorthanded at wr im not worried seeing as how we have a competent coordinator on offense...unlike the joker over there on d. We will never win consistently with donofrio. Ever.

Sorry #24, and best wishes. You are a clutch player.

Thank you davon I remember watching you playing summerville sc in hs you had a great game. I was ecited for you to be a cane. you did not have the carer we thought you had but you always fought hard. this year we saw the wr we thought u were. Thanks for fighting good luck in the future.

The jury is still out on Golden, there should be improvement by next year or uh oh

Same ol story, its getting boring

Just need some Defense, I just watched UNC get pressure on QB up the middle consistently against UVA.
Our offense will reap rewards once D is good. Whatever it takes, start with a 300 pounder that requires Double always

johnny1303 is brilliant.....i agree with everything he said on 11/15/12....
he should be exalted for saying things that should have been said long ago and reacted upon....the coaching staff
does play favorites despite what they say....i see the same substandard play from the same players week after week, and i dont even have game film to examine

we need personnel changes !

Thank you Devon Johnson for all you did for UM football and the University as a whole. You will always be a Hurricane. Good luck in life and heal well, who knows, maybe the NFL noticed your talent.

AJ Highsmith is a good kid with a Canes bloodline. However, he is a non-factor at Safety. He never intercepts the ball, does not drive on the ball & break up pass plays, he never even comes up and make a hard tackle on a runner. Basically, he is almost invisable during the game.

He should be put back on offense and used as a Wildcat QB from time to time. He was a very good high school QB who did well during limited playing time at QB while at the U. His greatest knock there was his size, being too short to see over the line of scrimmage. But, as a Wildcat QB that would not be an issue and his mobility would be an assest. His has one season of eligibility left, the program should get the most out of his talents during that time. He really is being wasted at the safety position.

Agree with sharkdaddy. Highsmith is a waste at safety. Horrible. Horrendous. But we need a warm body there given Ray Ray's deprture. there are some walk ons that could contribute, obviously no one has looked at them. eg Hugo Delapenha who is a very good athlete himself and played D in high school.

Davon: Thanks for being a loyal, true cane, bro. We never heard you whine, always was there when needed, and performed when asked to. I am truly sorry the previous coaches never gave you the shot you deserved.
Hope you heal so you can try to make it at the next level and will be looking forward to hearing your name on sundays!

As far as Miami is concerned: It always seems that everyone. everyone plays 1000x harder against Miami than at other times. Every team gets all swoll when they play the U- UVa looked like the 3-6 team that they truly are last night. They looked like a bowl contender against Miami. Seriously.

Remember the days when playing teams like Duke was a no-brainer 50-60 points? What happened? What is the world coming to that we are "worried" that we are playing Duke or USF? That makes me want to cry.

Stephen Morris- Put this team on your back man. No more looking flat on the sidelines. Come on man. Be a leader. get in these people's faces. You have one more year. PUT THIS TEAM ON YOUR BACK AND THE REST WILL FOLLOW!

man I can't believe all that is happening here. I never thought in a million years anything to this magnitude would be occurring to us. Second yr - done, with or without post season game. On to the 3rd yr and where the criticism will really take place. All I want to see for next season is..

1. Consistency from Fisch when it comes to his play calling. Run the dam ball down everyone's throat until they actually can stop it, then pass play with a rogue WR going deep so he's one on one with the CB. At least act like you have a pair and stop running the ball to the short side of the field, plain stupid.

2. Coach No D - Throw your play book away. Everyone and their mother knows your play calling sucks. Not only that but you play a soft defensive scheme on every play. Make immediate adjustments, don't wait until the 4th qtr when we have to play catch-up. Better yet, turn in your whistle and leave with the little dignity you have left if any.

3. Golden - Recruit the meanest SOBs you can find. You already got some great skill players and athletes, now go for the Goonies! Look at Jerome Brown, Jesse Armstead, Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, etc etc..

And please bring back the black socks/shoes, I miss the green jerseys also but I don't mind the oldschool orange.


Yo Cane trash

Been a long time since I last visited
Not much has changed, U keep sucking badly
Yo LOSERTILUDIE, I see U are giving up and calling the season another waste with 2 games left, pathetic.
U clUcks can beat USF they r worse than U, not saying much I know.
But watch out for Duke, they gonna get ya maggots.
All U want next season is some wins fool, how about a good AD, or coaches that have a clUe, or players that can tackle or block or catch a ball.
Yo fools U need a lot.
How many clUck show up tomorrow? Not many I know, pathetic.
So it is the saga of a wannabe program going downhill fast.
Bunch of pathetic LOOSERS!!

Cane Trashs' meth dealer won't be ready until 5pm, so he's somewhere in his trailer in Alachua County following the blog of his favorite team

Cane Trash

Easy to talk when we are a bit down but would you like to discuss Pro Bowlers or Five National Championships? We will be back playing for Championships in Tropical Park at the new stadium in no time at all. My sources say Uncle Luke and Alonzo Highsmith have already collected $125.38 toward the new stadium and land rights. So keep the faith #canefamily!!

See one or two of you at the game tomorrow. We can start the wave or something.


PS Another thing I heard - watch for Coach Fisch to run the Statue of Liberty play tomorrow.


Thanks for the stadium update, man. Over $125 in the fund! Should buy a hot dog warmer, buns and all!

Agree with your football points and always love your spirit.

We have a problem at defensive coordinator and with the secondary coach. The one USF kid (Bobby something, Eveld?) is a good passer and this could be a problem. Sorry to see Bush out. He is for real.

Tar Heels defense looked tough against Virginia last night. They have a First Year coach.

USF will be up for beating Miami (can you believe it?!!), as is everyone. The question is whether the Canes will play up to potential. Sound familiar?

The Canes do play hard and don't seem to be quitters, a good sign for the future, and a commentary on coaching, if not actual performance.

I hope Mike James has a great day. He deserves it!

We have some exciting young players though, on the
O and the D. Hope Duke has a career day, and that would be saying something.

Morris needs to take this team on his back, show more
fire and pass with accuracy. He doesn't quite get
there too many times in terms of us feeling that he is in command. Flashes of brilliance...

And, yes, should be no problem moving to the better seats toimorrow.

In the interim, knock the crap out of the Bulls!

i think that coach golden needs to sit down and talk with mr j.johnson about the winning tradition at the U it seems that he still think that he is up north with that B.S#$ play calling to many explosive kids on this team to be 5-5 if year three is no better then they all need to Go.....

Love me some Mike James.

The one thing i don't like hearing from goldie is, he's basically saying he thinks the schedule is to tuff, and he's going to look to change that in the near future, lol. The only thing he needs to worry about doing is winning games. Back when this schedule was being made, i'm sure nobody in the room thought k st. would be the #1 team in the nation, and notre shame was still a shame.

As long as we play our style of football, it doesn't matter who we play, now if we're going to be playing this goldie style & ideology of what a football team should look like, maybe that's why he wants to change the schedule.

I think he means it shouldnt matter who we play. I agree with that philosophy bevause it makes the team focus inwards. We have enough problems to fix, theres no need to pook at the schedule. The AD wants good match ups so the schefule will onoy get harder.

It's a bit tiring reading all these wannabe coaches tell us all how it should otta be. Sorry dudes, or what ever you are, if you were as good as your mouth says you are you'd be out there as coaches. Go Canes.

Sorry To hear we lost Davon, he was adding alot to our offense. He will play on Sundays. Same style as Wes Welker . Good Luck with your surgery, work hard and it will be rewarded.

Ga tech blogs are saying miami will decline playing in the acc champ game even if they beat duke. Does anyone know anything about this?

I am sitting here reading some of the blogs, and it appears that some of you have become conditioned to accept mediocre play. Some of you are providing the built-in excuse of a young team, and sadly some of you blame two years of pathetic play on Coker and Shannon. Larry & Randy WERE NOT conducting game play schemes for the past 2 years for the canes. Larry & Randy are NOT calling plays that make absolutely no sense. Larry & Randy NEVER scheduled FSU as a homecoming game; by the way that was an insult to FSU! Larry & Randy DID NOT stand on the sideline last week and allow UVA to drive the length of the field and score with 6 seconds left in the game. The clear sign of football non-intelligence is Sir Al Golden NOT ONCE considered calling a time out to settle the defense down or conserve time on the clock. NOPE that would have been too much like acting like a Coach, instead Sir Golden ends the game with 3 timeouts left on the clock. I have and always been a CANES fan, but what I will never do is accept pathetic coaching. Please go to FSU and hire their D coordinator (one of the Stoops brothers) as our Head Coach!! If we did that I guarantee winning seasons.

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