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Collins no longer committed to Canes; plus injury updates from Wednesday

South Plantation star running back Alex Collins -- the leading rusher in Broward County -- told University of Miami coaches on Wednesday he's no longer committed to signing with the program.

Considered the 11th best running back in the country by Rivals.com, Collins said UM remains in the mix to sign him, but he's reopened his recruiting and is strongly considering Florida State and Wisconsin. Collins leads all rushers in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties this season with 1,253 yards and 14 touchdowns on 140 attempts.

UM, which now has 10 commitments as part of its 2013 signing class including Lake Mary Prep tailback Ray Lewis III, will lose senior Mike James at the end of the season and are expected to have four scholarship running backs back next season. They are: Duke Johnson, Eduardo Clements, Dallas Crawford and Danny Dillard.

Plantation American Heritage junior Sony Michel, considered one of the best running backs in the country in 2014, remains a high priority on UM's recruiting list.

Coach Al Golden cannot comment on recruits, but was asked Wednesday about the perception of his program in the eyes of local recruits.

"The perception is we're looking for young men to join our program and put Miami back where it belongs in the national scene," Golden said. "I keep saying it, but I confront the facts, know where we are as a program. It's not where we want to be. It's really important we address the facts, not gloss over anything, understand what we're looking for and what we need to do both here in this program and in recruiting to achieve our goals and get us back to where we want to be."

> Delray Beach Atlantic defensive tackle Keith Bryant, a Hurricanes commitment, has been named to the U.S. Army All-American team. He's told reporters he remains committed to UM, but plans official visits to LSU, Oklahoma and South Carolina after the season. The Palm Beach Post says it's going to be a battle between UM and Florida State for Bryant.

> Golden said Wednesday he expects safety Deon Bush (stinger) to miss Saturday's game and that linebacker Denzel Perryman "is somewhere between probable and doubtful. If I was going to guess it would be doubtful right now." Perryman was not wearing a boot Wednesday on his injured right ankle, but was still in a yellow non-contact jersey.

> Golden said freshman receiver Malcolm Lewis, who broke his ankle at Georgia Tech, has been granted a medical redshirt for this season.

> Receiver Robert Lockhart suffered an undisclosed injury Tuesday and could be out this week. “I don’t know if [he’ll play this week]," Golden said. " He has an injury we have to be careful with."


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Malcolm Lewis did not "tear his knee up" at Ga Tech...it was a dislocated ankle...

Wish these kids stop committing so early if you not signing when you say where you going its a waste of time, breath.

About time....did Golden even know collins was looking before he went to Wisconsin? I hope he has a strategy to keep bryant....or he will be gone also....I say he leaves, there things have a cascading effect once it begins and the NCAA penalty phase on the sanction issue be be settled way before the end of the year. After notice is given the process moves fairly quickly.

Collins will not be going to FSU, if so, he will be buried on the depth chart. He'll eventually sign with UM and be part of a dynamic duo with Duke Johnson for the next few years.

Temporary brain fart on my part regarding Malcolm Lewis. I don't know why I confused his injury with Ramon Buchanan for a second. It happens I guess.

No Prob Manny, happens to everybody. Well this kinda things happen and I can't blame the young man for taking a step back and analyzing the situation that is best for him. Signing day is 3 and 1/2 months away and if he comes to the U then great and glad to have him aboard. If not then good luck to the young man and we will just go get another back.

Put down the pizza and proof read!!!

now you cant blame the man...2 days ago you said he wasnt going anywhere....what an idiot you are. keep and dreaming your golden boy's success at UM....aint gonna happen...he is weak and no more than a mediocre coach....the stats tells the whole story....also...colllins is going to fsu...he will listen to his mom....he is not comming to miami no matter what you hear or read....its already basically a done deal

Moron, I never blamed the young man for anything. Stupidass I said the other day that he wasn't gone at that time. If he does decide to leave then fine thats the young mans perogative and I wish him well. Why he would want to go to FSU is beyond me. It sure isn't for coaching, thats for sure since Fisher was outcoached by Golden and his staff. Fisher brought a top 10 maybe even top 5 team into Miami to play a team full of freshmen and sophomores and barely escaped with a win. I'm perfectly confident in what my coach is building here, the question is are U comfortable with what your dipstick is doing? Either you are with us or against us.

Oh and little jimmy the only thing I am concerned with reading about recruiting is what is signed in February. All this other crap is nothing but a soap opera.

lets see jimbo fisher is 27-9 and 8-1 this vs goldie at 11-10 and 5-4 this year....plus goldie loses the #1 recruit to fsu...you are a complete moron...goldie is nowhere in the league of jimbo fisher and the stats prove it....

lets see more:

1. worst defense in the whole ncaa
2. lose 13 players since takeover
3. lose #1 recruit
4. parents calling radio stations
5. rookies playing vs the more senior players
6. sanctions 2012
7. offensive stats no better than last year
8. 13 touchdown passes....weak
9. 5-4 record

give me a break.....fire them all including you

When Miami was in the top ten it would never let a team like nc st cost them the nc.let fsu get a real schedule and see how many more games they lose.

We are a weak team- Haven't beat a good team- struggling against unranked teams- smeared by good teams, We have a way to go

Got anymore BS that you would like to put out there little fellow? If you like fisher so much then go and support him and them. Thats fine, like I said I am comfortable with what my hec is doing. And if Fisher is so good then why did he only have a 3 point lead going into the 4th qtr with a veteran QB, a great Oline the top defense in America against a bunch of Freshmen and sophomores then? Answer me that one smart guy.

To all REAL 'Canes fans,
Gallo is not a 'Canes fan. I was and am a Randy Shannon fan. I look at the man more than just as a head coach here at UM, but for his time as a player, assistant coach and DC. I also look at how he really cared for the kid and how he handled himself as a man. I know many of you do not agree or just look at him as a HC, but I can not forget that he had a hand in 4 of the 5 NC's that we all are proud of. Randy failed as a HC and he had to be let go. End of story. I still have respect for the man though and wish him the best in his future endeavors.

I personally thought that RS firing was premature, but totally understand that he put himself in a bad situation, so he did not have a leg to stand on as regards arguing his termination. As regards Golden, I am behind him 110% (just like I was with RS). I attend games and even though CAG is 11-10 over 2 years I can see what CAG is building. He is building a program , like he did at Temple. My point is this, WHOEVER coaches this team I will support 110%. If Gallo was a real 'Canes fan, he would do the same.

Gallo is welcome to his opinion, thats what makes it interesting. But i agree, AG is building a team,actually a program that will have depth, making it an annual contender, not a one year wonder. I have my doubts about the coordinators though, I am not sure if they are playing a little "dumbed down" right now, or if they lack imagination to create problems for other teams. But I am behind AG, and at this point, we should be glad he has stuck around. Butch was in my opinion, UM's best coach, I know JJ was a great one also, but Butch built from scraps after sanctions. My hope is Al will repeat this, and unlike Butch, stick around to reap the rewards. GO CANES

Ooh Well. I'd rather have guys who want to be a Cane than getting into a bidding war for guys. Thats all they are doing, going to the highest bidder. I will take a hardworking gym rat who stays in his playbook and is a student of the game than a prima donna diva. Coach G is doing a excellent job. He will turn this program around no doubt.

whats there to support....he was 24-34 at temple without a bowl win....why did we even hire this guy? the only way REAL cane fans exist is to face the reality of the situation....there nothong in Goldens record to indicate that he is a winning coach let alone be a top 10 bcs contender....i dont see him as a 11-1 or 10-2 coach....if he was so good why did he still lose 4-5 games a year at temple and if you look at the wins...central michigan 13-10, 28-27 bowling green...please, give me a break. 24-19 ball state, 24-27 navy, 34-32 miami (oh)....he was inches from going 7-6 in both 2009/2010....like ive said...a rushed & sloppy decision...youll see

For all you FSU Haters...and FSU Trolls on this Blog...here is one for you...

Manny, can you look into FSU and Fisher?

I have on good word from inside the Fisher circle he is not happy with FSU. It has nothing to do with the Football Program.

Word is FSU is dissing his little boy who has Fanconi Anemia. FSU has sponsorship with the United Way.

FSU will not even allow Jimbo's wife to set up a booth on The Green @ FSU to promote awareness of Fanconi Anemia and help raise funds for a Cure.

If Jimbo is the Family Man he claims to be and FSU has pi$$ed his wife off, Jimbo is on the look for a Money Deal with an SEC school.

I know from a very good friend of mine Jimbo has a pretty big Ego and he feels SEC Coaches are treated like Gods at there respective schools.

It is hard to be a God following the Ledgend Bobby Bowden at FSU when you lose a give me game on your schedule like NCST that might have cost you a chance at the National Championship Game.

If FSU had beaten NCST they would still be a solid top 2-3 Team in the Polls...

Powers that be at FSU are not happy...when they are not happy...the slow doen the giving...

Bleeding Orange & Green!

Answer the question dumbass, oops little jimmy

For Jim Gallo, some facts back at ya! J Johnson, at Ok. State, best season 8-4, with an incredible win in the BLUEBONNET Bowl, making him 1-1 in bowls. Then he comes to miami, takes a nat champs team to a 5 loss season. It was the 4th season under JJ before we won a bowl game. Jimmy was 2-3 in bowls at miami. With all that talent, 2-3. But we all know he was a great coach.
Now whether Golden has won a bowl or not, what he did at Temple was really, really good. That team is no powerhouse, it's temple. But it still plays well to this day. Al did not step into the same situation as Stoops, or Saban, or even Muschump. We are so lacking in developement from coker and shannon, it's pathetic. Relax, enjoy the ride, it will take a little time, give him some. IT"S GREAT TO BE A MIAMI HURRICANE

My concern is not football...my concern is the women's volleyball team! Love, donna

UVA will be a good test for golden because of the familiartiy of the coaches with each other. We are on the door step of another oppertunity for this team to grow and finally play in the acc championship. If we win and take the bowl ban that should count as three games and that should be it on punishment from the NCAA. Just wishful thinking. Lets get this W.

Yeah Tally I agree with you in that taking another post season ban should offset any punishment by the NCAA. I like you deep down believe it is wishful thinking but in reality it should. Either way we are on our way back to the top.

You all are delusional if you think that self imposed bowl bans are automatically counted by theNCAA towards whatever punishment they are dealing. What rule is that in theNCAA bylaws? Everyone think its gospel but fact is, its not, and programs begintheir yearly ritual (when they are about to get slammed) of sacrificing virgins to the NCAA Gods, hoping they take mercy on them-

Greg Cote and all others-- EFF the NCAA. We self imposed last year, we cooperated, all the dirty coaches are gone, all the dirty players are gone or they paid their money back-- They want to screw us, then screw us.

I for one, if UMis fortunate to beat UVA, and play in the ACC ch., I'd wait to see the outcome of the ACC ch. before making any announcement. Furthermore, if its a good bowl- Peach, or whatever, I would go to it for the sake of seniors and current kids, to keep them, to keep the visibility of the program and more importantly--- For recruiting.

jimbo fisher has so much talent and talent can only get you so many wins then you have to get some wins with coaching and he can never do that ,so we will see how he does next year when he's at AUBURN

5>3>2 you dUmbarse the rules say if the canes play in the ACC game then they can't self impose a bowl ban they have to make that decision beforehand. However all you girls are jumping the gun. The sorry canes have to beat both UVA and Duke to make it to the ship game.
I know, I know, UVA snd Duke, no problem for any decent team, a cake walk. But remember we are talking about the sorry canes, not a decent team but a very bad team.
They will find a way to blow one of these games and all this discussion will be moot.
And all you Morons who keep dissing Jimbo are just, well, MORONS. The dude has a much better record than Golden Balls. It would take Golden Balls at least 5 years after Jimbo stops coaching to catch up with him.
You are the same Morons who claim every top 10 team out there is over rated, especially the SEC.
Your team, coach and program sUcks so much you have to try bring others down to make your sorry selves feel better.
It don't work little cane maggots.
You still sUck

Canekiller you are a MORON, jumbo got handed a team that was well rounded depth wise ETC. they are slowly decaying into a pile of chit. If you like jumbo so much pucker up ur lips and go get on them nuts!!!

"Coach Al Golden cannot comment on recruits, but was asked Wednesday about the perception of his program in the eyes of local recruits."

See, jim gallo, he cannot COMMENT on recruits, fool. You have carried this personal longer than others, curse, I will give you creidt for that, but it is done. Time to give it up, it is worn out like your mom.

Canes had better wear their undershirt turtlenecks going to VA. It will be chilly and everyone knows south Florida football players can not play in the cold.

Maybe golden should recruit some tough Italians from PA for LBs and linemen and running backs and QB that can play in cold weather.

CAG is building a program? What the hell do you guys think the previous coaches were doing? Playing spades? Look! CAG said it himself: "It's really important we not gloss over the facts" So what are facts? 11-10 over 2 years. A horrible defensive squad. At some point All you CAG fans have got to place some blame where it belongs. Right at the feet of CAG. I thought by now I would see some progress but I cannot say that I do for certain. That concerns me and there are clear examples of others getting it done. Jimbo Fisher comes to mind.

By the way, I am not saying that Gallo is not a REAL 'Canes fan because he does not like CAG or because he disagrees with his style of coaching. We are all entitled to our own opinions and it is good when fans are not "brainwashed" by coaches or that EVERYTHING that the coach or program does is right. Fans like that have a real issue also. It is good to be free thinking and have your own opinion and you do not always have to agree with coach. The reason why I say that Gallo is not a real 'canes fan is due to him taking real joy in players de-committing or on the verge of de-committing. He made 4-5 post on the last blog gloating about these guys de-committing.

Look, you may not like the coach who coaches your team, but you at least have a hope that if they get enough talent, maybe the "bozo" who is coaching the team can luck into having success. The teams that I support I have not always liked the coaches, but in those circumstances I always hoped that the players would rise above what ever the issue is that I had with the coach and that the team would be successful in spite of the coach. Also, sometimes coaches have to grow into there positions. Jimmy Johnson when he took the job at UM was not the same coach he was after 3 years with the team. Tom Landry, Tony Dungy, they are numerous examples. So when a person gloats about talent not coming to the school or after a win against a program that we have traditionally had a problem beating (even though they are having a down year) they down play the win and appear almost upset that the team won, it appears IMHO that that person is not a fan of the team. I guess their dislike for the coach supersedes their loyalty to the team, players and program. Different stokes for different folks.

I will say this about coach goldie, i commend him for diggin in and saying he's here for the long haul and to see these sanctions to the end. For any coach to have this hanging over his head and is still willing to stick it out here, i appreciate it. At the same time, he's sticking to his guns and is going to keep his boy here as well, i respect that, because he's doing what most people would do if they hired their boy. If he's willing to let his own career ride on with his boys coaching ability, that's loyalty.

I like goldie being here though, he's definitely a hard worker and we are a young team for sure and he has a plan. Also, guys are not going to sign off on em if he wasn't legit, and i know we're all use to how we're use to seeing us play around these parts, but i'm sure jimmy gave al a piece of advice that al i'm sure knew but got confirmed by jimmy and that was, "look, you have to stick to what you do best and to what your plan is, you got hired because people saw what you already have done, and that's what they hired you for and that's what you know to do".

So as much as i don't want to see our style of play change, at the same time, whatever style of play we eventually end up being, as long as it's a dominant style in all phases, i'm good with that.

Gallo You are right ON BB!!!

My prediction tonight: Tech beats the siemen holes.

Alex good luck my friend. I wish you well wherever you go. Well Golden I say this, go after Derrick Green,Alexander Mckensie,Leon Mcquay III,Von Bell,Priest Willis,Marquedis Bain,Matthew Thomas,Mike Mitchell,Jordan Cunnigham,Stacy Coley,Greg Bryant.

Keep in contact with Keith Bryant and other committee's. They are very improtant and you have to keep them boys home. We need to keep the muck,broward co,ft.myers,dade co,central fl area's on lock. Do not let these 4 & 5 star recruits leave home.

Jim Gallo....at it again...haha...LOSER of the week. Nothing better to do then grind on our Canes. The more haters the better....means were doing something good. Who cares where Alex Collins goes....he is an unproven player at the next level. Now....Duke is proven...made the transition from high school to college....very productive....back next year. After a spring and UTough with him I think we may have a sophmore on the Heisman watch next year....hmmmm....not bad. If FSU gets a great back in Collins...GOOD FOR THEM!! FSU is entitled to get the best players as well....part of the game....that US Canes fans understand and respect....were not sitting here CRYING about it. You see....there is PLENTY of talent in South Florida....if there is one thing I can assure you....the Canes WILL ALWAYS have a good running back corp. In regards to Golden....we have three games to see how we finish. If we go 7-5 or better then it was a successful season considering the amount of young guys we played this year.


1. worst defense in the whole ncaa - Work in progress...playing much better....Porter is back....this weekend will be a good benchmark to where the D sits now.

2. lose 13 players since takeover - Dead weight
3. lose #1 recruit - Plenty of talant in South Florida to go around. Dillard will be our big back next year....can't wait!!!!!
4. parents calling radio stations - 1 parent...apologized to AG....Robinson is a sweet/good kid and talented....thank God we have parents that are passionate and care!!
5. rookies playing vs the more senior players - Great....more reps....more experience...and we have a winning record while doing so....
6. sanctions 2012 - Already serving sanctions...bowl ban last year....one more may do the trick.
7. offensive stats no better than last year - Were 5-4 and in posistion to win Coastal....on any day our offense can get hot....and it will...
8. 13 touchdown passes....weak - See above
9. 5-4 record - Exceeding expectations as per all the "experts" at beginning of season

So....you see dumb dumb....we can spin it just like you....our spin is based on facts though.

Get a life dude!!

Miami held VT to 12 points, best of anyone in the NCAA versus GT this year.

I bet they score more than 12 against FSU.

@Golden Age I truely think deep in my heart that FSU is going to get a good fight tonight. VT should of put up more points against us. 2 missed field goals and a couple of fumbles on our gola line. It was rough and I can say this glad that it made us look good lol. But Logan Thomas hasn't upsetted anyone this year yet. Maybe it's FSU he's going to make look bad we will see @ 7:30 tonight, I can't wait!

I'd also like to add something for Gallo to consider, we played against THREE TOP TEN TEAMS with NOTHING but FRESHMEN and SOPHMORES, NOBODY in the country has had to do that. If Bama had that many youngsters, you think they'd be the No. 1 team in the country?

You make yourself look really immature with your posts. I mean if you don't like the Canes, WHY do you come onto this blog??? That's pretty childish and sick, and you have issues dude, really bad issues, and you need some serious help.

real cane here that cares but is unwilling to wait for the inevitable....Golden is all wrong to bring back the Miami of old....a recuiting requirement going forward..he is trying to implement what he did at temple which was mediocre and it wont work here at UM

"It just appears that they are trying to build the program like it was still Temple," he said. "Offering kids late -- or only if they go to their camps -- isn't the right way.

"They are looking for good, clean, coachable kids that are more 'yes, coach' kids than playmakers and freelancers. It is almost the exact opposite of what you typically find in this area. You can eliminate the big plays against you with that type of recruiting but you also can eliminate the spectacular plays that go your way."...SI

Golden is stubborn (DC is still here) and is a little upity....Jimmy knew what those living rooms looked like in Liberty City..players related to him..thats why those players were bad ass...golden thinks this is catholic school with ties and white shirts...."Miami-The Harvard of the South" I am sure Shalala loves him.

Shannon recruited better....his departure was bad for UM recuiting in the way it happened....thats why so many left...say what you say but the players related to him....Golden is a silver spoon type guy that swears by his moms immigrant roots....but he left that in NJ...stubborn, stubborn...you will all see

best quote from the SI article:

"Until the current version of Miami returns to being the Miami of old, the status quo may become the new reality. There are kids that want to go to Miami for sure," he said. "Duke and Tracy were not going to go far from home, but there are others that want to get away. Until Miami can prove it is the place it was, it is going to be battling for players and recently it has been losing those battles."

there is nothing left to be said...so the question is can Golden be that guy, I say no...he lacks the exoeriance to be a top 10 or BCS guy...like ive said, he is not at 11-1 or 10-2 type of coach....at this point in his career, you would have seen it alrady...Does anyone think D'Nofrio is a BCS defensive coach?..you would have to have your head examined

gallo- you stoopid bro. Was Jimmy Johnson a top ten guy? Was Dennis erickson a top ten guy? Was Coker a top ten guy? Was Butch a top ten guy? No no no and no.

well until the stats say he is...then im right and your wrong.....see green pea...your too young to be able to see the trees thru the forest...certain things in life you just know...I'm like an oracle...i see it before it happens

Gallo engages in periodic fake praise to attempt to maintain credibility. Pore through a couple comments and you'll see he is a fraud.

Recent example: Shannon recruited better.

Shannon and co were banned from more dade/broward high schools than wanted anything to do with them. Played favorites with hs coaches just like he did with players. Ask around.

Wow. Big jim gallo gets a kick out of making bold statements that are pure opinion then pulls the bolder "I'm right" card.

Wow, you spend hours on here posting idiotic nonsense and think you are a grand master.

You are a sad wrinkled piece of refuse. You probably look like the oracle in The Matrix.

You see, I'm right and you are a grim dumb slob.

See how that works.

too bad green pea you cant face...the reality

"I don't know of anyone that will say the transition out of the Randy Shannon era was anything but a disaster," Ferman said. "The level of recruiting and talent evaluation fell apart. Collectively, as a staff, the handling of recruiting was a disaster.

"Ferman cited Teddy Bridgewater from Miami (Fla.) Northwestern who went to Louisville after Shannon was fired and Charlie Strong hired top South Florida recruiter Clint Hurtt; Gio Bernard from Fort Lauderdale (Fla.) St. Thomas Aquinas, who has starred at North Carolina; and Jacoby Brissett of West Palm Beach (Fla.) Dwyer, a backup for Florida, as ones who got away."

plus the 13 that left....now his recruits (Offense) are saving Goldens season which would be 0-9 without them

your the only idiot that thinks otherwise.

I don't have a problem with jim gallo or anybody else who's speaking their mind on here. So far, jim gallo and the information he's brought has been on point, can't knock that.

His problem is with most of the staff and that's understandable. When you sitting at next to last on defense out of 120 teams, come next year, and if we're a healthy team, there needs to be a drastic improvement, if we get to under 50th in the country come next year, ok, that should be able to justify keeping his boy, other than that, if we're close to the 90's or in the 100's come next year, no way you can justify that after going into year 3.

I don't know about this. It still might take some time to get the program back on solid administrative and athletic ground. Either way, it doesn't look good now or down the road.

FYI: Heisman Watch:

1) Former RS recruit and superstar UL QB Teddy Bridgewater, the same TB who could have turned UM around in everything

2) Smith WVU QB

3) Manziel, if Texas A & M beats Alabama, this guy jumps ahead of Smith, if they beat Ala they will do it on pure offense

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