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Does UM's delay in announcing bowl decision bode well for the Hurricanes?

 I admit I was a bit surprised -- and disappointed -- when Al Golden didn't relay a decision about what the Miami administration will do regarding the Hurricanes' post-season future.

 Golden said he wants to keep playing, but that it's what any coach would want, and he wasn't taking into account any future implications. Whatever UM president Donna Shalala decides, Golden said he will support.

Waiting at all makes me think they might be waiting to see what happens in the game at Duke, and whether UM qualifies for the ACC Championship game, which would precede a Bowl. And if UM beats Duke and were to go to the ACC title game Dec. 1 in Charlotte, N.C., a victory would put the Canes in the Orange Bowl. Wow. Imagine that.

Of course, should UM get in the title game and get killed by FSU...

Maybe the administration wants to appease Al Golden, who is the right coach at the right time for this program. The Canes do not want to lose Golden, who seems very committed, but who also will likely be on the wish list for other programs.

Either way, what do you guys think? Should they go or should they stay?

I think they should self-impose, but I figure I win either way. Covering bowl games is really fun, and the players have such a good time, too. And I have to admit it would be really cool for the Canes to get into their first ACC title game.

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Heart says go to bowl

Brain says take the ban

It really is 50/50 for me, tough call. Good thing is I don't have to make it, and the attorney's have more info on the impending sanctions than any of us do (media, fans, coaches & players).

My vote was to not self impose until I watched the Virgina game. Simply put, this team is nowhere near capable to play on the national stage. IF and I mean IF we got past FSU, we would have our little bottoms spanked in the Orange Bowl.

I hold the Ohio State situation up as an example. They did not self-impose last year during a 6-6 season and were awarded with a ban for this season. This season they are undefeated and would most certainly be ranked #1 or 2. All so they could go to the Gayturd Bowl and lose to Florida. What do you think would happen to us in the Orange Bowl??

I Think We Should The Ban ... Our Team Being In Position To Make The ACC And Perhaps A BCS Is Great Accomplishment . Looking At Our Roster , It Seems Like We SHOULD Be Very Good & Competitive Next Year . We Gotta Prepare For The Future And We Are On The Right Track .

Take the ban. They're most likely negotiating with the NCAA. Hopefully they get something out of it.

Take the ban and start building for next year. Ohio State, nuff said.

Well said, Steven. I felt the same way before the UVA loss, and the same way you felt after it. I now 100% feel that self-imposing is the right move; this 2012 team is not ready, but the future is super bright!

The NCAA dragging their feet on the Miami investigation is purposeful and damaging, which is a severe form of punishment in itself evidence by last year’s massive defections of quality players and the recruiting fall off. Further, last year’s suspensions of mostly key players, that has largely been forgotten, was also a penalty that Miami has already paid a steep price.

Almost immediately after the Yahoo! article was published NCAA president Mark Emmert sprinted in front of the national media microphones and cameras to vociferously decree that in the case of the Hurricanes the death penalty is not off the table.

Conversely, he had to be dragged kicking and screaming into the Penn State situation after first claiming it was not an NCAA matter, but a criminal matter. Do you see the vast difference in Emmert’s mindset? One would have to be naive not to realize that Emmert is going to make Miami an example and believes he will be celebrated and honored for being the man who brought the big, bad Canes down, which is probably true.

The only prayer that Miami has is Emmert’s actions will set a precedent and I suspect that the NCAA legal counsel and other highly placed sources have warned Emmert that Miami will not be the last school to be brought before him after committing serious violations. And should he overreach with Miami the ramifications could be far reaching as the next school(s), unlike Miami, may enjoy favored nation status and being forced to put a stake in their heart(s) won’t bring the satisfaction that doing so to Miami offered.

I believe that all things being equal that a second self imposed bowl ban would be a prudent step, but, and I hope I am wrong, based on the above it would only be a blip on Emmert’s ego driven screen and not curtail the shock and awe he is looking forward to personally ordering for our Canes.

Go to the bowl game now...once the scholarship losses start to hit we'll be begging for 6-6.

It is going to get MUCH worse before it comes close to getting better...take the revenue, the recruiting and extra practice while we can

Self imposing is the right move, but maybe the administration should wait to announce that after we take Duke to the woodshed. By qualifing for the ACC championship game only to then self impose should go a long way with the NCAA. The Canes will be potentially walking away from BCS money. Let's maybe be a little strategic about this situation. This talent base we have now reminds me of the early 2000's. Prime time Players!!! Herb Waters looked like a young Michael Irvin streaking up the sideline!! Our time is coming.

This is one I am truely on the fence with. If we self impose another ban, then I would only be infavor of doing so, if the NCAA would make a commitment to either no future penalties, such as bowl bans, or scholarship reductions. Our team is built for 2014 and 15, and the possibility of us actually going to the orange bowl game is really less than 25%. So if we just impose a ban this year to cause a reduction of any penalities of an extreme variety, then I say screw the bowl game this year.
If the NCAA does not give us an option and say basically whether or not we accept a bowl ban it is not going to help or hinder the punishments then I say F'em and go to the bowl game.
Personally I am sick and tired of money grubbing school officials such as Shalaber getting off scot free and these kids and coaches being penalized for these things. Take their jobs away from them or penalize them. These kids are innocent and should not be punished at all. All Shalaber and others care about is the money that the FB program can bring in.

Before Virginia game - go the ACC Championship game. Great opportunity, you don't know when it will come again.

After Virginia - ban. This team is not very good, won't beat FSU, might not even beat Duke, and doesn't deserve it either way.

Its a cowardly cop-out on goldens part....its his decision, shalala will go with what he says....First of all there is no guarantee that a self imposed bowl sanction will satisfy the NCAA sanctions....second he owes it to the class of 2012, why should they leave with nothing...third he ends the season on a bad note....fourth assume FSU wins the state championship, he gets another chance at FSU which a win keeps keith bryant from de-commiting.....he should be licking his chops to get another crack at FSU.....either you have it or you dont....the proof is in the pudding, show us that you really can handle this program because I am not convinced at all.....

Gallo, clueless as is so often the case. The lawyers have Golden walled off from this decision, as well they should. It is a University decision, not a coach's decision.

Really it depends on what they know the ncaa has. If they know they have alot and are gonna get at least 2 yr bowl ban do it now, Most of this team is freshman , The best ones are soph redshirt freshman or freshman, So take ban, If they dont think will get 2 yr bowl ban then dont self impose pretty simple.

why should Golden self-impose when the university hasnt received the notice of allegations from the ncaa? thats stupid.....you agree with the findings and proceed to summary judgement or request a hearing from committee on infractions and fight the allegations.....its like going to jail first without going to trial...

your the cluless one indiy499....theres no UM lawyers talking to ncaa...dosent work like that...nobody is negotiating anything at this time.....thats not the procedure....learn before you speak.

I say let the kids (and Golden) play this year. We self imposed last year. Let the NCAA actually present just reason to ban us for a second bowl game. The seniors that have stuck around and bought into what Golden is doing deserve it. The young kids will benefit from the extra practice time and get a taste of what it is to play in an ACC championship game, and you never know what will happen on the field --- we could shock the world and beat FSU. And I disagree that a Louisville or Rutgers would easily beat these Cane.

Beat Duke and then have another shot at FSU!

The kids and coaching staff deserve a bowl game but if this would gain favor with the NCAA then so be it. Why set our selves up for another ban when next year and the year after we will be a top team. I had rather be staying home this bowl season than staying home when we have a better record next year like Ohio State is this year.

Gallo, shut the hell up U piece of Whale S h it! U ain't a Cane anyway, just some jerkoff with penile disfunction and alot of time on your hands. Last week U and your seven alter ego's were saying we would lose to USF and now you have to eat it or swallow it in your case.

your delusuional championships..I never said that..the reality is Golden is afraid to play FSU again....thats the real reason.....at this juncture UM is completely innocent...we havent even been charged with ANY violations...you have a chance to make something of this disfunctional season and hes throwing it out the window.....WHAT A COWARD

exactly david...thats the way I would be looking at it as a coach.....anything can happen

I am fairly certain that Miami's administration cannot be trusted with this decision. They've handled the football program as a whole horribly over the last 10+ years. These are the same folks who oversaw Miami losing its stadium with absolutely no plan in place during the last 20 years to secure a home for its football student athletes, oversaw 4 horrible hires in football and basketball, fostered an environment in which dirt as like Shapiro were allowed to remain close to the program because of a severe lack of funding and fundraising resources. meanwhile the rest of the university fundraising arm is bolstered to raise 2 billion dollars none of which goes to athletics (by design and influence), an administration that has overseen the downward spiral of the entire athletics dept during Shalala's tenure, over saw the debacle how our president handled the FIU brawl in the media....is responsible for my alma mater being a national punch line during every televised football game. An administration that is responsible for my undergraduate son having to ride a bus 40 minutes from his dorm to attend Miami games in another teams stadium.....shall I go on?

Someone needs to step into those offices and revoke this administrations right to make anymore decisions on Miami athletics. They've ruined Miami athletics, yet these are the people who remain in control?

Let Golden decide. He's the only leader on campus that actually truly seems to care about the student athletes. He's not faking it like our president and BOT do to appease.

Play the games. These kids earned it. We aren't playing for a national title next year, and frankly nobody cares about the Champs Bowl. Let Golden and our courageous student athletes do what hasn't been done before, play for an ACC title.

UM is not that good, period. I feel bad for the Seniors like Mike James, but it is not like UM is 10-2 or 9-3 and those losses where nail bitters. UM may be 7-5 and had to fight to beat G.T., NC State and Boston College. Again I love UM and was at the game against South Florida, but they need to self impose a ban. It will open things up for next year when the team should be better and it will help with recruiting to get the bowl bans out of the way.

Susan, as far as not taking a bowl ban to appease CAG, personally to me that is laughable. Look, I support CAG and his staff, BUT WHAT THE HECK HAS CAG WON TO MAKE ANY DEMANDS!!?? His DC has not done anything all season (yeah, we held a bad team with their 3rd string QB to 9 points yesterday, and...). I personally do not blame Shalala, like many fans on this blog do, for ruining Miami's football program. I understand that she is not a GM of a professional football team, but a university president whose major task is not appeasing football fans who don't go to the games in the first place, but running a school of higher learning. In reality, the athletic department is a small portion of her responsibilities and from what I've seen, she does support the programs. It is this support that lead her to be fooled, like many other uber intelligent people, by Nevin Shapiro. With all due repsect a coach that is 12-11 over 2 years and who has never won a big game, much less beaten ranked team is in no position of leverage. If James and Shalala are scared that CAG may move on because they impose a ban, then THAT decision, would cause me to question her leadership.

Take the Ban, if Golden leaves no big deal, make sure he take No-D-Onfrio.

Bring back Butch Davis and he will build a winner, not an excuse maker like Golden...we r too young. The guy doesn't have a lifetime winning record.

Normally I would say take the ban, but if we win the game against Duke and lose to FSU then the worst case scenario is the Chic-fil-a Peach Bowl against an SEC team. If you are a true Canes Fan then this game means something to you. LSU vs U 40-3.

This is more than a game it is an Opportunity to play our best game as a team with the Seniors we have. Personally, I would let the team decide their fate because they are the ones who will have to pay the price either way it goes either now or later. They have put so much in this year to get an opportunity to control their own destiny. That makes this team dangerous and emotional. Anything goes if given the opportunity. However, this is my heart talking more than my head, and this team has been playing with more heart than any team since that loss to LSU. This team does not use their head at all, because they do not know that they are freshman and sophomores when they are playing like Hurricanes.

So take it out of the presidents and lawyers hands and everyone else closely related to the NCAA process and let the players and coaches decide. Let them know the good and the bad and then let them decide.

For those of you opting to look at the UVA game as the deciding factor then remember we were down several players on defense including our best cover linebacker Denzel Perryman. Eddie Johnson was suspended and Mr. Set-itOFF (Deon Bush) was out that week too. Anyone of those players would have turned a touchdown into a field goal if they were on the field. Not to mention our offense was not the same after the Notre Dame game when our best receiver forgot how to catch the ball.

The only team that flat out dominated us was KSU. Our defense has improved and will only get better after the Duke game. Every team that has won the National Title or at least was in contention started by gaining momentum the prior year. Do you Remember what LSU did the following year after they crushed us 40-3? National Championship

But then again... Stephen Morris is a SENIOR next year. This is not fair. The NCAA cannot be this incompetent that it takes two years to make a decision. This has killed recruiting and is divisive to the school and fans and players and coaches and to the ACC if we beat Duke next week.

This really should not be in anyone's hands besides the NCAA president to make a quick and swift decision. The investigation started back in 2010 and we are now going into 2013. This is ridiculous for it to take this long especially when the University has not hindered but helped speed up the investigation.

Look at the big picture, we have no shot against Free Shoes in the Championship game, so take the ban. The future is more important than gettin' your head kicked in, in the ACCCS.


UNC won the coastal so we dont owe the seniors anything. As for fighting the ncaa, they have testimony from former players (talentless rats like tyrone.moss) saying the received illicit benefits, so forget winning.

We are a rebuilding program....so rebuild and move on. You dont like this team anyway, so why do you want to see them in a bowl game.

I hope Pannunzio gets a lifetime ban, he deserves it. Haith should also get banned for life. Shapiro, enjoy the rest of your life in prison.

As for the acc, let Duke and NC State play your bowl games. Goid luck getting viewers.

BAN THE BAN!!!!!!!!!!
BAN THE BAN!!!!!!!!!

We self imposed last year. Let them play this year. Ohio State is a weak example. They did not impose anything, in fact chose to play in the Independence bowl after a 6-6 season. Why is everyone screaming "take the ban"? Have you seen the evidence? Are you conceding that all the allegations are true? What's wrong with you people. Until the NCAA files notice, f**k em. Let the kids play. Imposing this year won't amount to squat but losing recruits and possibly an awesome head coach. As a long time fan and a proud alum I do not want to see Coach Golden jump ship.

And another thing, are you real fans? Saying we can't beat FSU. WTF??? If you believe that, you don't deserve to be on this blog or be associated with the program what so ever. Any given Saturday, anyone can be beat. Just ask Oregon and Kansas State.

Reasons NOt to self impose:

- For the current sthletes, and coaches who have nothing to do with the infractions

- For the underclasmen whohave worked extremely hard and in some cases suffered severe injuries (Malcolm Lewis, Lockhart)yet performed at levels above their expectation at such early ages. Some would have been redshirted innormal circumstances

- For the FUTURE (biggest reason). Playing in the ACC championship game is HUGE for recruiting. Potentially winning an ACC ch would be ridiculously huge- and despite what the NCAA may do, a good recruiting class in 2012 could partially offset any looming scholarship reductions in the next 5 years. Playing in the ACC ch and in a bowl could keep the current commits and/or swaying back the de-commits or yet to commit!

- For the fans. We deserve something good from/ for the canes. I donate $ to the U and I pay $30.00 a pop for parking. Don't tell me I have no say. We all do. In light of the corrupt debacle with the MArlins and the Dolphins, The U is all we have in south florida sports.

Reasons to self impose:

1 reason that many of you here have stated: "For the future". What a load of cr%p. DO you all think the NCAA is going to be lenient on Miami? LOL. If you believe that I have a baseball stadium to sell you in Hialeah. The NCAA will be very hard on Miami. Miami already self imposed a bowl ban. Miami players have returned money that they took.Coaches and players that were involved are no longer here. There is nothing more that Miami can do. All of this is goofy self-flaggelation and all you wannabe or true lawyers out there such pipe down. Do you all know anything about the NCAA?? Are you involved in the negotiations? If the answer is no, then all of you- including Susan Degnan are CLUELESS.

I want to see Miami play in the ACC championship game. That will be a major positive thing for this program. The last six years havebeen a nightmare and despite the record, this will be huge. The revenue of an ACC championship is also huge. It keeps the program in everyones conciousness for positive reasons.

If Miami loses to Duke self impose. They wouldnt deserve it anyway.

If Miami beats Duke they should play in the ACC ch. The benfits of that for now and for the future HUGELY outweigh the negatives.

Notre damn is number one. Miami is last among colleges in NO defense all because of shalalalal and golden and his coordinators. Miami is the new temple invited to homecomings for embarrassments.

Take the bowl ban and other sanctions and get rid of shalalala and golden and his staff.

All you people who believe we should go to a bowl game this year are crazy. Why jeopardize the future for the purpose of taking this mediocre team to an average bowl game. Take the hit now in hopes that a better team can go to the Orange Bowl later. Plus we are no way beating FSU on a neutral field. It is so obvious what is the right thing to do for the future. Also it is wishful thinking to believe the NCAA does not have evidence of what was going on. By the way do not bring up that I am not a true Canes fan. It is a lazy argument and if you reply negatively to this post you are stupid.

I say that if we win agaisnt Duke we should not self impose. Its has been almost 2 years and not word yet? That meansncaa case is not super solid. Those allegations came from garbage in jail. Some may be truth some may be not. NCAA has had somany bumps in order to confirm all

For the people wanting Butch Davis back, good luck with that. Butch was fired by North Carolina because of NCAA infractions during his watch at NC. You think Miami wants any part of Butch?

Wow this post is really useless. Broken by Abc before MH? Wow -
They self imposed as predicted. http://abcnews.go.com/Sports/wireStory/miami-imposes-2nd-straight-bowl-ban-17758946#.UKo0t_Oe_OM

Replying to Ms. Degnan:

[This is what I was going to post: it doesn't matter now, the Administration killed this Team.]

If the Administration decides to "self-impose" a bowl ban, it will be because they think it is the prudent thing to do. Few not on the Team would disagree. They want the Shapiro mess behind them and will let this Team suffer the penalty. They are so wrong.

If you had been researching a story since Feb 15 and had suffered lots of setbacks on the way and enjoyed the thrill of a break-through when a new lead came through just all seemed to be lost, and finally, just as you pulled the story together, (you were so proud of it, your colleagues were praising the draft as a terrific piece of investigative reporting, it was your career-defining moment), just as your best work was about to appear on the front page in bold print, your editor pulled it because killing it was the prudent thing to do. How would you feel?

Team sports are even more personal. The Team dies when the season ends. It is never reborn. That's why it's not prudent for the Administration to interfere with the Team's Goal and the life of the Team.

It's also the wrong decision. Circumstances have created a perfect storm for Hurricanes Football. It is at a crossroads. Real support from the community has evaporated. What is prudent about dying?

Let this Team makes its mark and claim its place in the folklore of the smoke. If Coach Golden believes the Canes can go to Durham and win, and then go to Charlotte and beat the Noles, that's what we should do and the Administration should quash the rumors of a "bowl ban" immediately. They need to speak up for the Team and show faith in a program that will rise again from the smoke. If the Canes can be playing in the Orange Bowl on Jan 1, 2013, they cannot pass on the opportunity. It's a perfect storm because you have a qb like Morris, a running back like Duke, and a defense that is finally getting healthy-enough to make a stand and a Team that is no longer too young: this Team can bring this season to a glorious end on the field and create a whole new generation of Hurricanes. 8

Supporting the Team is the prudent thing for the Administration to do if, behind closed doors, Coach Golden tells them that his Team is poised to win out. Let those who have put their hearts into this season play it out on the field and let destiny go with them.

Is there any way we can impose a ban on Jim Gallo, Cool Cat and CanesFan72 - the NCAA should give us some sort of a break to all the true fans that have had to endure these idiots all year long

I've seen so many brilliant ideas on this board. Here's some more... Let's just ignore the NCAA. If they limit our scholarships, let's just give more out anyway. And as far as coaches. Let's just hire and fire all new coaches every year, that way we have an excuse for losing. Even better, let's cutoff all of our players' scholarships after their sophmore years, that way we can't complain about young talent NEVER being developed.

So many of you guys are idiots! We must self-impose and move forward. Al Golden is the man for this job. Winning football teams have discipline. That is what he is teaching/preaching. Too many of these "State of Miami" kids don't know anything about discipline. Keep coaching Al, the victories will follow.

This administration is so stupid and could give a cr3p for this football program, the kids, the coaches and the fans.

Blake James you are a moron
Shalala- you are a dumb lib loon
Board of Trustees- idiots all of you

This is typical of south florida sports. Miami-dade politicians and people inpower.

Dont believe me, can you utter the words Ross, Loria or Shalala with throwing up in your mouths?

Damn Cane brothers. I am heartbroken like the day they tore down the old lady, the Orange Bowl. The shining light is that the new stadium at Tropical Park is still on everyone's mind and Uncle Luke's dime.


I have really no clue what to say here. To play it safe is to take the ban but the hard work that everyone has put in deserves the right to play. At the end we as fans should want what's best for the team long term instead of short term. Short term is only short lived while long term can carry over and over into further improvement and a return to dominance. Damn I hate shalalalala. There's no way in hell she didn't know things were going wrong here even with people telling her and she kept turning the other cheek while leaving her hand extended out for the next check. She's a disappointment.

GO CANES 2013!!!

Damn Cane brothers. I am heartbroken like the day they tore down the old lady, the Orange Bowl. The shining light is that the new stadium at Tropical Park is still on everyone's mind and Uncle Luke's dime.



Wow you can't get me off your mind can't you? Pathetic troll. You're the same douche that said we would only win what like 3 games this year?? Get a life.

9:00 EST "Miami Declares Bowl Ban".
The decision Canetillidie is made...

Our Bowl Game will be with Duke, and then it is the inevitable wait and see what the NCAA dictates..

We have been put in a position where the players and the team realize we have to take one major hit now, and as you said the long term development of the team overshadowns anything that would affect us post NCAA sanctions.
I feel also that the extra practice and game planning we are giving up is a sacrifice because all of that leads into getting ready for next season.

Sooooo Duke is our Bowl Game... I wil be there and know that our 'Canes are showing what it is to be resilient and tenacious for 2013.

Coach Golden and the staff has the plan in place, we just need to be patient and supportive in our rebuilding process....
Anything the NCAA throws out will affect us but we have to be ready.......
Our 'Canes have grown this year.. Winning and Losing.
Go 'Canes Always


tell 'em CANETILLIDIE - we won 6 and now maybe 7!

The U is back, baby!

Replying to UGoCane:

I'm too disheartened by the School's decision to kill this team. I can't think about Saturday now. I doubt that 50 people will be in the stands for this meaningless game. DUKE could beat us now too. My tickets for the game just arrived but I might just eat them because I have no stomach for the Administration at the U. I'd travel 1500 miles for the players; I wouldn't cross the street for the Administration.

According to Coach, Shalala, Lawyers and the stand-in AD made the decision. They killed the Team: All of them were around when Shapiro was selling his poison, so pardon me if I don't trust their judgement about anything related to this football program.

I'm terribly disappointed in Coach Golden. I don't respect a Coach who passes the buck. I hope he is convinced that this 2012 CANES Team had no shot at winning out. This may be it for me. What a stupid decision and a waste of a "golden" opportunity to do something great and rekindle the smoke. That was the prudent decision. Killing the Team is reckless. All this NCAA crap is just crap.


Get a clue. It is a University decision, not a coach's decision. You may have wished it to be otherwise or thought it should be, but it isn't. And, of course, The U has feelers out trying to ascertain whether self-imposing would generate sufficient mitigation to be prudent. Think before you ceaselessly type.

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