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Does UM's delay in announcing bowl decision bode well for the Hurricanes?

 I admit I was a bit surprised -- and disappointed -- when Al Golden didn't relay a decision about what the Miami administration will do regarding the Hurricanes' post-season future.

 Golden said he wants to keep playing, but that it's what any coach would want, and he wasn't taking into account any future implications. Whatever UM president Donna Shalala decides, Golden said he will support.

Waiting at all makes me think they might be waiting to see what happens in the game at Duke, and whether UM qualifies for the ACC Championship game, which would precede a Bowl. And if UM beats Duke and were to go to the ACC title game Dec. 1 in Charlotte, N.C., a victory would put the Canes in the Orange Bowl. Wow. Imagine that.

Of course, should UM get in the title game and get killed by FSU...

Maybe the administration wants to appease Al Golden, who is the right coach at the right time for this program. The Canes do not want to lose Golden, who seems very committed, but who also will likely be on the wish list for other programs.

Either way, what do you guys think? Should they go or should they stay?

I think they should self-impose, but I figure I win either way. Covering bowl games is really fun, and the players have such a good time, too. And I have to admit it would be really cool for the Canes to get into their first ACC title game.

Have a good night.