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Does UM's delay in announcing bowl decision bode well for the Hurricanes?

 I admit I was a bit surprised -- and disappointed -- when Al Golden didn't relay a decision about what the Miami administration will do regarding the Hurricanes' post-season future.

 Golden said he wants to keep playing, but that it's what any coach would want, and he wasn't taking into account any future implications. Whatever UM president Donna Shalala decides, Golden said he will support.

Waiting at all makes me think they might be waiting to see what happens in the game at Duke, and whether UM qualifies for the ACC Championship game, which would precede a Bowl. And if UM beats Duke and were to go to the ACC title game Dec. 1 in Charlotte, N.C., a victory would put the Canes in the Orange Bowl. Wow. Imagine that.

Of course, should UM get in the title game and get killed by FSU...

Maybe the administration wants to appease Al Golden, who is the right coach at the right time for this program. The Canes do not want to lose Golden, who seems very committed, but who also will likely be on the wish list for other programs.

Either way, what do you guys think? Should they go or should they stay?

I think they should self-impose, but I figure I win either way. Covering bowl games is really fun, and the players have such a good time, too. And I have to admit it would be really cool for the Canes to get into their first ACC title game.

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So Dana Young is terribly disappointed in Golden for passing the buck, but knows (or should know) that it wasn't his decision to make. Get a grip.

And there weren't going to be many at the Duke game anyway. There never is and with all the students away for Thanksgiving they're might not be anyone there.

Even by Gallo standards some cl;ssic (il)logic.

1. At this juncture UM is completely innocent

No they aren't. The process isn't resolved but they obviously know they aren't innocent

2. Golden is afraid to play FSU so took the cowardly way out

No, Golden not only wasn't the head decision maker on the self-imposition, he wasn't at the table. Try to focus on each of these simple words---- IT (thats any easy start for you) WAS (not much harder) A (first word you probably should have learned) UNIVERSITY (longish word so we usually simplify it for you as U) DECISION (probably will need help here, maybe use your phone a friend if you have one).

Indiy499 - that was hilarious! Thanks for the laugh :)

Gallo is an absolute twit.

gallo......still showing us how stupid you truly are. Its not up to Golden you dimwit troll.

By Dana.....go find another team.

Don't fool yourself; AG is not in demand for any program. He has done nothing at UVA as an assistant. Don't compare Temple to the U; AG is nothing but an assistant coach with a marginal record at Temple; if he wins at the U, maybe he will be in demand to return to the Northeast, to programs like Temple, Pitt, Penn State, and other programs looking to field teams that compete, but never win titles. You idiots at the Herald who push this dude up to bigger than he is in denial.

I think that they should have waited until after the Duke game to make this decision. If you don't think this will have an effect on these players Think Again! Some of these kids might never get a chance to play in a conference Championship game again. I don't care how strong or though these athletes are they are still humane and have feelings.Also if Penn State were to win their division of the big ten or Ohio State win theirs were they still going to the big 10 championship game? I believe that you should still play for your conference championship but forgo the Bowl game. It at least gives most of these athletes who were not involved in any of this scandal something to play for.Your punishing the entire team for the mistakes of a couple. Group punishment sounds a little archaic.

I give coach Golden and his staff a lot of credit for being able to hold this team together under horrible circumstances and to do it with class. I might not agree with the administration but I trust Coach Golden and I hope he will stay a cane forever even though I know he is a Penn Stater and this was his probable first choice before he took the Miami position. I just hope he doesn't get disgusted and look elsewhere. He probably is on the top of the list of a lot of Colleges and NFL list to be their next coach but I hope to believe that what he said in his interview today that he and his staff are committed to Miami to finish the job they set out to do. Go Canes!Don't give up the fight Remember it's not the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog that counts. Canes 4 ever!

Which colleges have a 12-11 coach, with the 112th ranked defense, & a 2-4 record against ranked teams, on their wish list?

We do Lucadawg, you fool, as do many others.

He's a phenomenal coach and we are fortunate to have him. I am crossing my fingers that he stays to right the ship. Goodness knows he has plenty of reasons to leave.

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