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Dorsett looking to get back on track at Virginia

Sometimes the life of a receiver can be hit or miss. 

Hurricanes sophomore receiver Phillip Dorsett, who posted two of the top 10 individual receiving games in UM history in wins at Georgia Tech and at home against N.C. State at the end of September, is now in one of those month-long slumps -- and he's looking to Saturday's game at Virginia to snap out of it.

"I definitely want to be able to perform better," said Dorsett, who still leads the Hurricanes in receiving with 36 catches for 545 yards and three touchdowns despite four sluggish weeks in a row. 

"I haven't had that many catches these last few weeks. I just got to keep working and whenever the ball comes my way just catch it and do something with it."

Since hauling in 15 catches for 375 yards and three scores against the Yellow Jackets and Wolfpack, Dorsett has continued to see passes thrown his way -- even after his four drops against Notre Dame. In all, Dorsett has been targeted a team-leading 25 times in the last four weeks. He and quarterback Stephen Morris just haven't been able to hook up.

Dorsett has just eight combined catches for 81 yards and no touchdowns during the stretch. Only two of his catches -- a 26-yard catch last week against the Hokies and a 23-yard catch against North Carolina -- have produced double-digit yardage.

His special teams work? Equally disappointing. Last week against the Hokies he made the mistake of fielding a punt at the Canes 1-yard line and drifting into the end zone, before recovering and avoiding a safety by getting tackled at the 1-yard line.

"Special teams is a crucial part of the game for us. Blocking that punt gave us a big momentum boost. Me fielding that punt on the 1-yard line shifted the momentum to Virginia Tech," Dorsett said.

"The hardest thing about catching punts is knowing where you are. Say you are on the 20-yard line and the punter punts the ball real high up, once you are up looking you don't realize you are backing up. The only thing on your mind when the ball is in the air is catch it. I'm backing up and realize 'Oh, snap I'm on the 1-yard line.' I just got to do better, practice plus territory punts and get better at that."

Despite Virginia's 3-6 record, Dorsett said the Canes know they are in for a battle Saturday against the Cavaliers defense. Virginia ranks 34th against the run, 44th in pass efficiency defense and ninth overall on third down defense.

"They like to play a lot of Cover 8, Cover 1 defense," Dorsett said. "They're a big physical defense. They took it to us last year and we're looking to take it to them this year. We got to answer the bell."


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"Despite Virginia's 3-6 record, Dorsett said the Canes know they are in for a battle Saturday against the Cavaliers defense."

Why is this news??????
The sorry canes are in a battle with any pansie team out there.
They are in a battle every freaking Saturday cause they are not very good.
And Dorsett is very inconsistent, can't chalk that one up to being a poor little freshman.
Bunch of clowns.

Dorsett is a good receiver, he just needs to keep fighting.

We're probably not going to a bowl game so feel free to get angry and frustrated....take it out Virginia.

What a sorry life you must have to get your jollies off reading canes articles and posting negative comments, canekiller. Wow. I actually feel sorry for you, you need to get a life, man.

The Cane players are individually great and motivated and enthusiastic about football. The coaches are morons playing prevent (the win), soft, non aggressive, no blitz, zone coverage defenses which allows the Cane defensive players to be out of position, loss of ten yards on every play.

VT was beating FSU last night for 59 minutes until their moron coaching went into the Cane prevent (the win) soft defense which allowed the TD pass and wide open broken field running by a speed receiver. As in, Duhhhhhhhhh.

Need to get the ball to Davon Johnson more. He is your best possession receiver. He will convert 3rd downs for you.

Hey cane killer, when did you get a football scholarship? Jealousy and talk is cheap.

Let me know when you are in Gainesville and I'll show alittle about football.

By the way, Im not a Gay-tor.

CaneFan72 - You need to quit delivering pizza and start coaching. I'm thinking maybe girl's flag football as a start. They could really use your X's & O's skill.

CaneFan'72 , you are mistaken sir. They were in a man the entire drive and that's why he caught a four yard slant and took it to the house.

Canepiller....haha....what a joke.

NEVER an undefeated season.....EVER...
Tebow tears on TV
No Dynasty....choked away against Bama
Lose to the Dogs AGAIN
More arrests then any D-1 program in last 3 years
More top 10 recruit classes and nothing to show for it...

I truly understand why you hate us....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH....

Posted by: Jim Gallo & Canepiller = dumb dumb

You forgot more Pro Bowlers then any other school, more orange seats, more years in a row of not winning the winnable ACC, and more yards given up then any other college in the state.

Don't forget to sign the petition from Highsmith and Uncle Luke for the new stadium at Tropical Park.


I have been reading this site for years to get intelligent insight on my Canes but man this "canekiller' guy is such a freaking joke that I have to comment for the first time . First of all you could not kill even a cane mascot if he were on life support . Second of all if you have nothing intelligent to say don't sat anything that way we will never hear from you again . Obviously you are so verbally abused on your own teams site you spend all your time here . So do us all a favor and say Bye.

"CaneKiller" has been here for YEARS, two years at least, that's how long I've been reading.

He really is a miserable, hate filled person and clearly a loser in real life if he spends all day every day researching a team that doesn't even play the team he used to follow just so he can try to make others feel bad on the internet.

canekiller- so, by your delusional, jealous logic, FSU, ranked #8 inthe country's win against (according to you) pansie Va tech, and loss against pansie NC state, both of whom UM beat, makes them just as pathetic as UM.

Just s--fu loser. Whoever your team is, we all know one thing--- They aren't the U. You wouldn't get it

Hey rocket and jo6, you folks would not know a prevent (the win) zone pass coverage if it smacked you in the head.

Here is the FSU TD. Before the play starts, count the number of down defensive lineman. (three, 3, tres) That is your first clue. NO, NADA, NEIN, ZERO pass rush with only three defensive linemen trying to get through 5 blockers. LBs were just there for looks - they were not guarding against any run, nor blitzing. Finally, look at how far off the LOS and receivers the VT DBs are, like ten yards or so. That means zone. Zone means prevent (the win) defense. OMG!!! just like morons golden and D'O prevent (the win) zone (lack of) defense, lack of pressure on the other QB, lack of run stop ability with only three linemen.

You just can not fix stupid. There was the greatest generation, the me generation, the x generation. Well, lately, since 2000 we now have the "stupid" generation.



No one is as pathetic as scUM. FSU is the best team in the ACC. That doesn't mean much cause we all know that " ACC sucks and the canes can't compete". How ever this year my fellow sage is wrong in that your sorry canes are actually competitive in the super sorry coastal.
Is that a product of great coaching? No, not even close.
Is that a product of great player performance? Not quite.
It is a product of weaker and crappier than usual competition from the other coastal teams.
Be that as it may, or is, you clowns have the ship game in sight for the first time ever. What a feeling!
What a letdown when you blow one of the next two games to pansies UVA or Duke.
Bunch of clowns.

Canekiller you talk like you think someone gives a s**t what you say . You act like you think you know what your talking about but you don't . So what is your infatuation with the Canes . I'm guessing your one of those band wagon fans and you used to be a Notre Dame fan but jumped ship when we domonated them , then you jumped on the Nebraska band wagon but we pummeled them too , so you have a built up anger over the years and now that we are down you use this opportunity to try and boost your ego for whatever team is unfortunate enough to have your blessing right now .

The Canes just might run the table the next three games, VA, Duke, FSU in the ACC championship.

especially if they follow my suggestion that the defense only use four down linemen, one blitzer, move LBs up closer to the LOS, close man to man pass coverage.

And on offense, timing routes past the first down stick across the middle or to the sidelines instead of flat passes or hail mary passes which are wasted downs.

I am suprised that CORPIS did not critique CANEKILLERS use of the English language. No basic English lessons for CANEKILLER? I guess he didn't use affect or effect in his rambling incoherent paragragh.

I agree with CaneFan'72 with the middle and side routes. They have had a lot of success with those in the past few weeks. Opposing DBs are playing far off the speedy WRs and you have to take advantage of the cushion. Save the deep balls for second and short. Of course, you have to mix it up. But I've seen too many drives start with an incomplete pass on first down recently.

S T F U CaneFan`72 aka Calvin aka jim gallo and anyone that agrees with that idiot
Come up with some new material
You are boring and clueless about the game of football
Stick with what you know and thats playing D & D with your trailer buddies

Based on how we dominated VT and FSU struggled against them, I bet FSU will not have the cakewalk to the ACC title they thought they would have.

FSU beats UF,
Miami beats FSU,
State title, here we come!

Just win tomorrow that is all.

Golden and Fisch should take into account the fact that Dorsett plays scared--very reminiscent of Leonard Hankerson during his sophomore year. Hank improved after working with Mark Duper, but I notice him reverting back to playing scared, now with the Redskins. Hurns, Scott, Johnson, and Walford can form a great young corps of receivers. Let Dorsett prove he can hang in their and lay out for the Canes.

Dorsett can get hot during this game...The ball has to be anticipated and he needs to look it into his hands then use his speed...if he looks or moves just a fraction off he will drop the pass...

I am sure Morris has been working with him all week and a breakout game is due...

Play hard, play tough, Catch the ball, and Run , run , Run again... Go Duke, Go James.
We got this...
Go 'Canes Always

Just cause FSU barely beat VaTech doesnt mean Miami is any better or worse then any of those teams. you can't look at matchups like that. Although I would of cried in tears of joy to see FSU lose.
Lets throw the ball more to Allen Hurns, the guys is 6'3" compared to Dorsett's 5'10"...Not saying Dorsett is not good but Allen Hurns has been more consistant on catches (minus his injuries).
More Scott, Hurns & even some Walford and then you can try to get Dorsett out of his funk when we have established a consistant passing game...Godo luck Fellas

Dorsett gets open, he just drops a few balls. that's something that's fixable. id be more worried if he couldn't get open....Go Canes

Last night was one of the first times i could ever remember kind of wanting Fsu to lose when not playing us, than i said, hell, that's like rooting for V-tech, so i was conflicted last night. Sine gumbo fisher has been the headcoach at Fsu, i could careless if they lose only for not making the state look bad.

But that cold weather definitely hurt Fsu last night. Also, ej manuel is still overrated and what runningback wants to run in that boring offense at Fsu.

Funny how they were trying to blame devont'a freeman for that safety, that's how the play was designed, from the time ej manuel handed him the ball, it was almost next to impossible to not get a safety, bad play-call. gumbo fisher is barely skating by, forget the nc2a sanctions, if we get a chance to play Fsu again, f'em, we need to run it!

dorsett is a playmaker, he'll come around and continue to make plays for us, also, no matter how many drops that man has had, d-co's no they still need to be sure they pay special attention to em, i think saying he drop passes is overrated anyway. He's nowhere near a pass dropper like leonard hankerson was before him. All phillip did was drop a few passes in his and most of the players first game in that kind of cold weather and it threw his timing off plain an simple.

I'm good with dorsett and all of our receivers. All we need for smo to do is throw balls that our players can actually catch, that's the real problem right their, he's always trying to gun the ball in their to much.




Quit bragging about soft zones this, prevent that. The fact of the matter is yes; we have to do so in order to acclimate our very young team. I would go back to last night's game in which your Semen-Holes barely beat VaTech. No matter how much talent FSu gets, no matter how highly ranked they become; every year it's a massive disappointment. When is the last time you played for anything of substance? 1999? Yeah! 2000? Great job not even scoring a damn point. That safety was given to you. So quit being a Cane hater and go focus on your team. I bet the Gayturds will smack EJ around like he stole ya Momma's purse. Talk to Jimbo; he can't wait to get dem Cajun fries ooh whee!

Oh I forgot CaneKiller, make sure you grab your moonshine and put it on your ATV before the state police come and find your backwoods still. And while you are strolling around that great destination known as Tally-Ass-Me, make sure
Your brother Bubba gets his coming of age tattoo. Dat way he can be like him brotha, next stop da dentist for dem 4 more teeth!!! Yeah!!

Calvin, Canekiller, Jim Gallo, all you immaculated football gods need to quit hitting the rural juice and go back to your mountain roadside shack outhouse and relieve your tensions.

Where have we been all these years without Calvin's football knowledge, such a know it all, all the answers, all the insight, gosh why aren't you on ESPN or FOX. Calvin the greatest undiscovered,dumbest football mind of the century. What a joke! I live and die waiting to get the next blessing of his football wisdom.Go back to what ever blog kicked your ass out and beg for forgiveness for being so stupid and see if they let you back.

CaneKiller must be out on a weekend pass. Whose credit card did you steal last night? Make sure you don't sign your real name to the receipt or show your ID to the cashier, just a little advice, just saying.....

Jim Gallo hope you talked with the Hurricane staff before they game planned for Virginia, they can' do without your insight these days, especially since they found out how much you know about football and have since been following your advice.

Wow have to take a break after reading all your oh so insightful words of wisdom.

I got it......Now I know where I know Calvin from......He was the one standing on the porch behind the banjo player in the movie Deliverance! Yeah that's it!

canefan, just watched video and you are incorrect. it looked like they were in a 3-3-5. they did have just 3 dl, with an additional lb on line of scrimmage =4 men on LOS. other 2 lb did blitz. and they were in man coverage in secondary. how far off the receiver a db is has little bearing on what type of coverage man/zone.

canefan, also before the play u could call it 7 on 4 then. so fsu still had numbers. but like i said other 2 lb blitzed, rb stayed in, and the tight end released ending up with a 6 on 6 match up on the line.

canefan, did i mention the LBs were NOT "just there for looks - they were not guarding against any run, nor blitzing.-canefan". if they were "just for looks" and did not blitz then there would have been good chance that it doesn't go for a td and ball never even thrown as qb would have had to throw that ball through the rightside lb.

Dorsett obviously HAS concentration issues.The guy can t play consistently if he s not sharp mentally.THAT s been Dorsett s problem all year.He just cannot focus for each game too well.Maybe next year he ll be better....hope so.

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