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Duke Johnson only Hurricane named to All-ACC team

The Miami Hurricanes might have won a share of the Coastal Division title on the field, but that didn't mean voters felt like they deserved much representation on the All-ACC Team.

Freshman Duke Johnson turned out to be the only representative from UM to make the team. He earned second team honors at running back and as a special teamer.

Four Hurricanes were named ACC Honorable mention: OL Seantrel Henderson, OL Brandon Linder, OL Jonathan Feliciano and LB Denzel Perryman.

Here is the complete list released moments ago from the ACC.

QB-Tajh Boyd, Clemson (86)
RB-Giovani Bernard, North Carolina (91)
RB-Andre Ellington, Clemson (77)
WR-DeAndre Hopkins, Clemson (80)
WR-Alex Amidon, Boston College (53)
OT-Oday Aboushi, Virginia (53)
OT-Brandon Thomas, Clemson (51)
OG-Jonathan Cooper, North Carolina (79)
OG-Omoregie Uzzi, Georgia Tech (64)
C-Dalton Freeman, Clemson (78)
TE-Brandon Ford, Clemson (54)
K-Dustin Hopkins, Florida State (79)
Spec.- Giovani Bernard, North Carolina (48)

DE-Bjoern Werner, Florida State (89)
DE-Cornellius Carradine, Florida State (77)
DT-Joe Vellano, Maryland (80)
DT-Sylvester Williams, North Carolina (63)
LB-Nick Clancy, Boston College (66)
LB-Kevin Reddick, North Carolina (65)
LB-Steve Greer, Virginia (58)
CB-Xavier Rhodes, Florida State (66)
CB-Ross Cockrell, Duke (50)
S-Lamarcus Joyner, Florida State (59)
S-Earl Wolff, NC State (46)
P-Will Monday, Duke (73)

QB-EJ Manuel, Florida State (25)
RB-Duke Johnson, Miami (47)
RB-Chris Thompson, Florida State (31)
WR-Conner Vernon, Duke (51)
WR-Michael Campanaro, Wake Forest (32)
OT-James Hurst, North Carolina (50)
TIE OT-Cameron Erving, Florida State (21)
TIE OT-Emmett Cleary, Boston College (21)
OG-Tre' Jackson, Florida State (26)
OG-R.J. Matttes, NC State (24)
C- Bryan Stork, Florida State (19)
TE-Eric Ebron, North Carolina (51)
TIE K-Chandler Catanzaro, Clemson (22)
TIE K-Casey Barth, North Carolina (22)
Spec.-Duke Johnson, Miami (44)

DE-James Gayle, Virginia Tech (30)
DE-Kareem Martin, North Carolina (22)
DT-Everett Dawkins, Florida State (34)
DT-Nikita Whitlock, Wake Forest (24)
LB-Demetrius Hartsfield, Maryland (34)
LB-Christian Jones, Florida State (31)
LB-Jack Tyler Virginia Tech (28)
CB-David Amerson, NC State (46)
CB-Antone Exum, Virginia Tech (44)
S-Rashard Hall, Clemson (43)
S- Walt Canty, Duke (31)
P-Tommy Hibbard, North Carolina (40)

Honorable Mention

QB Mike Glennon (NC State) 10
QB Bryn Renner (NC) 15
RB Orwin Smith (GT) 13
WR Sammy Watkins (Clemson) 19
WR Jamison Crowder (Duke) 15
TE Jake McGee (Virginia) 12
C Camden Wentz (NC State) 12
C Jay Finch (Georgia Tech) 16
OG Brandon Linder (Miami) 21
OG Dave Harding (Duke) 14
OG Jonathan Feliciano (Miami) 16
OG Travis Bond (North Carolina) 14
OT Menelik Watson (FSU) 13
OT Emmett Cleary (BC) 21
OT Seantrel Henderson (Miami) 13
OT Will Jackson (Georgia Tech) 14
OT Brennan Williams (NC) 13
OT Perry Simmons (Duke) 11
K Ross Martin (Duke) 11
ST Stefon Diggs (Maryland) 33

DE Kenny Anunike (Duke) 13
DE Darryl Cato-Bishop (NCST) 12
DE A.J. Francis (Maryland) 12
DE Malliciah Goodman (Clemson) 16
DT Antoine Hopkins (VT) 10
DT Derrick Hopkins (VT) 15
DT Timmy Jernigan (FSU) 15
DT Anthony McCloud (FSU) 10
LB Jeremiah Attaochu (Georgia Tech) 26
LB Denzel Perryman (Miami) 12
LB Kevin Pierre-Louis (BC) 14
LB LaRoy Reynolds (Virginia) 10
LB Kenny Tate (Maryland) 12
LB Bruce Taylor (VT) 19
LB Vince Williams (FSU) 11
S Brandan Bishop (NC State) 20
S Tre Boston (North Carolina) 29
CB Kyle Fuller (VT) 16
CB Tim Scott (NC) 10
CB Demetrious Nicholson (Virginia) 12
P Alexander Kinal (Wake Forest) 12
P Gerald Levano (BC) 13

> FYI, a year ago UM had linebacker Sean Spence make the All-ACC first team. Running back Lamar Miller and center Tyler Horn were named to the second team. Leonard Hankerson, Matt Bosher and Brandon Washington made the All-ACC first team in 2010. UM had six players make the second team in 2010.


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How dorsett didn't make honorable mention at least he had a better season than Sammy Watkins I know statistically wise it's all apart of the hate for the u next year though lookout

How is Bernard first team ST and not Duke?? He did not even return kick offs according to his stat sheet on espn.go (http://espn.go.com/college-football/player/stats/_/id/500890/giovani-bernard)!! I hope that is a typo, but if not, that is some bias right there.

I can't believe one of UM's offensive linemen couldn't at least make the 2nd team. FSU has 3 O-Line players mentioned on the 2nd team. I don't think so!

how was duke left off first team s. teams. this is cruddd. lol

F#%k everybody! Go Canes!!!

wow... goes to show people really dont like to give the u credit where its do. i thought we had great offensive linemen and i would take morris over any of those qb's

Anti-Cane bias, just like how they predicted us to go 4-8 and end up in the bottom of the coastal.

We will just keep proving them wrong, and next year they will HAVE TO put more Canes on there or their hate will be so glaring that they will have to hide in shame.

Eddie Johnson and Steven Morris didn't make Honorable Mention...... LOL WOW.... That's Crazy

CaneKiller changes his name after predicting a 4-8 season for Miami, and ends up wrong. Again.

CaneKiller changes his name after predicting a 14-0 season for the Gators, and ends up wrong. Again.

Cmon Curse Piggy, we know you are cantkiller, canttrash, and jim gullible.

4-8 huh? 14-0 huh? you are pathetic and I only hope you didn't waste a trailer payment on that weak prediction.

In the preseason ACC "convention" or what have you UM was predicted to be last or next to last in the coastal, and to go basically 4-8. That was by the writers and whomever was there, coaches and whatever.

These same clowns chose G. Bernard at a ST first ACC over Duke. The anti-cane bias as demonstrated repeatedly by the joke referees from the ACC is glaring. Did Ron Cherry vote?

That's OK. Next year- Duke and Eduardo in the back field. I bet Eduardo will destroy Mike James' ypc average. Throw in Dallas Crawford, potentially Danny Dillard etc. and we are fine. Alex Collins- you be sitting for another 3 years at FS-who where they will give you empty promises of ships, son.

Offensively we'll be scary. Defensively, we'll see- but a whole off season of weights and conditioning (starting next week)- will make Armbrister, Eddie Johnsosn, Perryman, Gionni, Bush, Howrad and every one else beasts.

We coming. Yeah. You know we coming

Golden Age = the same pathetic loser talking to himself. About himself. And trash talking his own 12-0 prediction so he can gloat to himself that the Gators went 11-1.


Plain and simple... DUKE GOT ROBBED of the honor he deserved. They gave it to the senior Ellington instead of the far more deserving freshman.

This my friends is as close to a TRAVESTY as I have ever seen. Duke played 12 games while Ellington played 11, but this is NOT even close. NOT by a long shot. The ACC should be ashamed of itself. Actually, I think a stir should be created out of this injustice. The kid deserves his honors. GIVE IT TO HIM!

Here's the evidence:

- Rush Yards: 957
- Yards per Carry: 6.9 yd/carry
- Receiving Yards: 221
- Return Yards: 892
- All Purpose Yardage: 2,070
- Rushing TD's: 10
- Receiving TD's: 1
- Return TD's: 2
- Passing TD's: 1
- Total TD's: 14

- Rush Yards: 959
- Yards per Carry: 5.2 yd/carry
- Receiving Yards: 197
- Return Yards: 153
- All Purpose Yardage: 1,309
- Rushing TD's: 8
- Receiving TD's: 1
- Return TD's: 0
- Passing TD's: 0
- Total TD's: 9

That list is a joke. They have Glennon and Manual over Morris. That in itself is pathetic. Glennon is a turnover machine and Manual is a dimestore version of Jamarcus Russell. Thats alright let them give to these guys, We will be loaded next year and take the majority of the 1st team spots along with the ACC title too.

4-8 CaneKiller? Really? Oh too busy with Gallo ...I know it's Momma's nap time!

Shorty Lamarcus Joyner? Seriously?


Totally, totally ridiculous. Duke Johnson does not make first team...are you kidding me? Also, Morris should be mentioned at least on 2nd team at least. Who's better????

mike glennon and bryn renner ahead of morris? did they really have better stats?

duke johnson and morris just did a little better than OK....

duke johnson - 141/955 10 TD
giovani bernard - 184/1288 12 TD

stephen morris - 472/3415
tajih boyd - 534/4042

they dont deserve to be first team.....both a dry spells during year....as oppose to the #1's who went after it on every game.....

again green peas...stop drinking the koolaid and reading golden love letters....dont count on next years team to be better....golden blew up this team and roatly f....k them for his own personal gain.....wake up dip s...its

Bullshot man. Morris and johnson should be on first team.

I cannot believe that UM didn't get anyone from the O-line on AT LEAST the second team.

ACC must hate UM as much as the rest of the country.
It's all good though, in a couple of years they're gonna hate us even more, YOU'LL SEE!!


Whis is JIM GALLO supposed to be that he insists that UM isn't going to be better next year?

Anyone with half a brain (apparently, he's not one of them) is saying that UM will be MUCH IMPROVED, given all the playing time and growing up that the freshmen and sophs had to do this year.

Jim Gallo is either another UM hater, a fan of a team that UM had destroyed in the past, or just a misfit who thinks he knows what he's talking about...however, I'll bet he's just a UM hater....he "sounds" like one.

Hey, Gallo...F**K OFF!
You're laughable...the only thing funnier than your comments must be the sound of laughter when your wife sees you drop your boxers = MORON!

the only question is morris vs manuel

morris 472/3414 21 TD...7.2 yrd per play
manuel 415/3202 22 TD...7.7 yrd per play

I think acc looked at td and per yard average.....thats why every play counts

umike: your an idiot....what do you know....I read the stats this years team was worse than last years and nexts years team who know how good we will be......why dont you get your head out of your a.....s and read the final ACC overall stats for Miami....you want to get sick?

byw...duke is good but giovani bernard is far better...stronger and bigger.....

I have no problem with Duke finishing behind Gio Bernard. Gio is a beast and will be drafted in the top 2 or 3 rounds next year. When Dukes career is done though, I believe if he stays healthy, that he will have a better career than Gio.

Morris should have made at a minimum 2nd team though. Boyd's stats were astounding and he was a Heisman candidate for several weeks. Morris should have beaten out Manuel though. It is tough to get the vote over him when his team ends up 10-2 and yours goes 7-5. I know you all hate to hear that, but it is the truth, I can not sugar coat it for you.

Also, I see a lot of love for Morris now, I remember a time when numerous people wanted Ryan Williams to be our starter and even stated "we will never win anything with Morris as our QB, Coach Golden needs to go with Williams, he is our future". I laughed when I saw post like that, because all they saw of Williams was the Spring game and the kid never impressed in that game either. Any QB guru will tell you that Morris currently has an arm better than many starters already in the NFL and he has great pocket awareness. He needs to add about 15 lbs though to take the pounding that he needs to get to the next level though. Maybe some of the voters who didn't vote him 1st or 2nd team were 'Canes fans who still think that Morris doesn't have the goods and that Williams is the better QB?

ND has almost the same young defense as us and TCU has a younger defense and they just beat #16 texas....we will NEVER get to the top 10 or BCS with Dnofrio.....but keep believeing...try praying

By the way, barring injury, Duke will be 1st team his Sophomore and Junior years (I hope he stays for his Senior, but I doubt it). He will also be a Heisman candidate both of those years. Stephen, barring injury and being beaten out by Ryan Williams (last part tongue-in-cheek) will be 1st or 2nd team next year also and may be a dark horse Heisman candidate, if the receivers drop 29 passes again.

ryan williams has the worst arm motion I have ever seen....morris is the way to go....no matter what. what miamis need is a tight end....the coaching staff has totally given up on our history of tight ends....help morris out with a tyler eifert (ND 6'7" 258)....but again this coaching staff is weak as ever.....almost 6000 yards, please....NO WAY

duke should have been first team, top back. morris should have been first team or at worst 2nd team, he is much better FSU's QB. and no perryman, whats going on????

I'm not much for individual awards (including the Heisman), but Duke over Ellington seems to be a no- brainer. Just look at the stats.

dec 1 charlotte, nc 8 pm.....fsu vs gt for the championship....its unbelieveable.....golden is a complete idiot....I hope the players speak out later....id be livid and to top it all off.....might have gotten an orange bowl invite....what a way to end my time at UM class 2012.....

I will be non stop until he leaves.....he is too stupid to be a coach....

ANd You are too stupid to be allowed to post.

Hey Gallo, try watching a canes game every once in a while. Check the last three games, numbskull. Check out the resurgence if TE play

You sound like a bitter gayturd to me

U all should know by now... we play against the opposing team every game as well as the refs. That "Tbow"esk play against Duke was a TD, the refs just didn't like the call with the lead we had at that point in game. If it's a toss up it will go against us.
It's the same here. And anyone here that thinks we will not be favored to win Coastal next year doesn"t know what they are watching. No DC will look forward to facing this O next year, and if our D secondary can improve, like find anyone capable of playing either safty position, and hold teams to under 30 we will win ACC.

Free internet,
Great point. The offense is playing lights out. I just hope and pray that through osmosis, the defense will follow suit.

andre ellington was better

duke 139/947

Gallo has Teabag's balls on his chin on a regular basis.

Who else spends time looking for stats to bash Duke of all people

Gallo you are a phaggot turd. No doubt about it

nobody is bashing him....i like him alot, but he didnt earn the spot on 1st team...giovani bernard did..that cant even be disputed.....

Don't respond to Gallo the troll.

No doubt Duke Johnson just finished the most remarkable freshman season in NCAA history and he was totally dissed by the voters. But that is really the point. We are in the NC league. They only care about NC players and the league champs. Okay, when you go 7-5 you aren't league champs regardless of the numbers. Miami needs to get out of the ACC for numerous reasons. First and foremost is revenue. It just isn't a league that generates enough revenue to support all programs. Second, every championship game is in North Carolina. That is a helluva drive for Canes fans, and no disrespect, but it ain't exactly an attractive city to spend bucks on to go visit. Thisrd, FSU went there first and there is a coverage bias for them. Finally, what was ever wrong with the Big East anyway? Did we gain ANY advantage by playing basketball in the ACC over the Big East? We sure as hell lost rivalries we enjoyed in the Big East. I think there is a lot of Big East schools that have buyers remorse in the ACC. It is a tobacco league school and we don't grow tobacco.

We were innovative when we went to the Big East. We should be equally innovative and return to it or the SEC. We tried the ACC thingy and it isn't our cup of tea. Our players are disrespected and we have gained no advantage from it.

Jim Gallo isn't a troll. He is probably the only Cane fan who posts here who makes any sense. He doesn't accept 7-5, or 6-6 seasons as appropriate for the University of Miami. None of you should either.

Spoken by someone who's only here because he was kicked off Canespace

Gallo & sjmparman nobody here is excepting 7-5 or 6-6 but we as true fans see the light this guy gallo just rains nonsense all day on this blog don't let him fool with that we crap he is not a real canes fan he just blows negativity n ur naive as f*** if u can't see that he wants golden fired then he says golden has lost the locker room its goldens fault for the bowl ban my god give it a break u would think with all this no how this gallo guy could cure cancer what a waste of semen ur dad should of just blew it on sum tissue

Go canes, 2014 watch out. NC

Eff all yall bombs, more importantly the Gaytors and Knolls are really scared for their life. Yes next yr gaytors watcj out

Players have to catch the ball and execute better and the dline coach and the defensive coordinator need to be locked in the film room and study those great cane defenses and figure out wo to put in those spots. That zone crap and shuffling on third down has got to be fixed. Since golden will not get rid of him he has to lock himself in. It's disappointing not to see us play this week but its for the best. We have to close better and beat the teams we are supposed to beat. That's are next step in development. I think we are supposed to play Florida the first game of the year on 9/7 and they will be returning a good defensive team. Does anyone know if we play notre dame next year and where?

Whatever the coaches do we have to get pressure some kind of way on defense.

Who cares! Its us against the world....just the way we like it.

All you impotent Cane fans resort to is...."wait till next year"..."us against the world"....."it's a young squad". Pathetic, all you can do is rely on your self imposed sense of entitlement which rides on the coat tails of Hurricane football teams of the past. Your fan base is a joke. 95% of Cane fans have no ties to the school what so ever. Look at the posts. The majority cannot spell, use proper syntax or grammar. I would not want that as reflection of my school. Hurricane football, it is all about the sugar coating!!!

A little something for Goldie to chew on while he makes up every excuse (but they make no excuses btw) know to man to cover for his BFF

Total Defense
Last updated – November 25, 2012Through games of November 24, 2012
101 Marshall 12 953 5479 5.75 69 456.58
102 Ball St. 12 874 5517 6.31 48 459.75
103 Duke 12 860 5545 6.45 54 462.08
104 Indiana 12 910 5562 6.11 55 463.50
105 Toledo 12 884 5569 6.30 41 464.08
106 Kansas 11 782 5135 6.57 46 466.82
107 Miami (OH) 12 885 5612 6.34 55 467.67
108 Wyoming 12 903 5643 6.25 53 470.25
109 Tennessee 12 923 5656 6.13 53 471.33
110 New Mexico St. 11 792 5186 6.55 52 471.45
111 Idaho 12 862 5691 6.60 69 474.25
112 Eastern Mich. 12 860 5757 6.69 57 479.75
113 Tulane 12 908 5791 6.38 59 482.58
114 Houston 12 1031 5796 5.62 55 483.00
115 Arizona 12 980 5828 5.95 54 485.67
116 Miami (FL) 12 955 5837 6.11 44 486.42
117 West Virginia 11 832 5361 6.44 59 487.36
118 Colorado 12 824 5862 7.11 73 488.50
119 Baylor 11 910 5607 6.16 58 509.73
120 Louisiana Tech 12 965 6313 6.54 61 526.08

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