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Duke Johnson only Hurricane named to All-ACC team

The Miami Hurricanes might have won a share of the Coastal Division title on the field, but that didn't mean voters felt like they deserved much representation on the All-ACC Team.

Freshman Duke Johnson turned out to be the only representative from UM to make the team. He earned second team honors at running back and as a special teamer.

Four Hurricanes were named ACC Honorable mention: OL Seantrel Henderson, OL Brandon Linder, OL Jonathan Feliciano and LB Denzel Perryman.

Here is the complete list released moments ago from the ACC.

QB-Tajh Boyd, Clemson (86)
RB-Giovani Bernard, North Carolina (91)
RB-Andre Ellington, Clemson (77)
WR-DeAndre Hopkins, Clemson (80)
WR-Alex Amidon, Boston College (53)
OT-Oday Aboushi, Virginia (53)
OT-Brandon Thomas, Clemson (51)
OG-Jonathan Cooper, North Carolina (79)
OG-Omoregie Uzzi, Georgia Tech (64)
C-Dalton Freeman, Clemson (78)
TE-Brandon Ford, Clemson (54)
K-Dustin Hopkins, Florida State (79)
Spec.- Giovani Bernard, North Carolina (48)

DE-Bjoern Werner, Florida State (89)
DE-Cornellius Carradine, Florida State (77)
DT-Joe Vellano, Maryland (80)
DT-Sylvester Williams, North Carolina (63)
LB-Nick Clancy, Boston College (66)
LB-Kevin Reddick, North Carolina (65)
LB-Steve Greer, Virginia (58)
CB-Xavier Rhodes, Florida State (66)
CB-Ross Cockrell, Duke (50)
S-Lamarcus Joyner, Florida State (59)
S-Earl Wolff, NC State (46)
P-Will Monday, Duke (73)

QB-EJ Manuel, Florida State (25)
RB-Duke Johnson, Miami (47)
RB-Chris Thompson, Florida State (31)
WR-Conner Vernon, Duke (51)
WR-Michael Campanaro, Wake Forest (32)
OT-James Hurst, North Carolina (50)
TIE OT-Cameron Erving, Florida State (21)
TIE OT-Emmett Cleary, Boston College (21)
OG-Tre' Jackson, Florida State (26)
OG-R.J. Matttes, NC State (24)
C- Bryan Stork, Florida State (19)
TE-Eric Ebron, North Carolina (51)
TIE K-Chandler Catanzaro, Clemson (22)
TIE K-Casey Barth, North Carolina (22)
Spec.-Duke Johnson, Miami (44)

DE-James Gayle, Virginia Tech (30)
DE-Kareem Martin, North Carolina (22)
DT-Everett Dawkins, Florida State (34)
DT-Nikita Whitlock, Wake Forest (24)
LB-Demetrius Hartsfield, Maryland (34)
LB-Christian Jones, Florida State (31)
LB-Jack Tyler Virginia Tech (28)
CB-David Amerson, NC State (46)
CB-Antone Exum, Virginia Tech (44)
S-Rashard Hall, Clemson (43)
S- Walt Canty, Duke (31)
P-Tommy Hibbard, North Carolina (40)

Honorable Mention

QB Mike Glennon (NC State) 10
QB Bryn Renner (NC) 15
RB Orwin Smith (GT) 13
WR Sammy Watkins (Clemson) 19
WR Jamison Crowder (Duke) 15
TE Jake McGee (Virginia) 12
C Camden Wentz (NC State) 12
C Jay Finch (Georgia Tech) 16
OG Brandon Linder (Miami) 21
OG Dave Harding (Duke) 14
OG Jonathan Feliciano (Miami) 16
OG Travis Bond (North Carolina) 14
OT Menelik Watson (FSU) 13
OT Emmett Cleary (BC) 21
OT Seantrel Henderson (Miami) 13
OT Will Jackson (Georgia Tech) 14
OT Brennan Williams (NC) 13
OT Perry Simmons (Duke) 11
K Ross Martin (Duke) 11
ST Stefon Diggs (Maryland) 33

DE Kenny Anunike (Duke) 13
DE Darryl Cato-Bishop (NCST) 12
DE A.J. Francis (Maryland) 12
DE Malliciah Goodman (Clemson) 16
DT Antoine Hopkins (VT) 10
DT Derrick Hopkins (VT) 15
DT Timmy Jernigan (FSU) 15
DT Anthony McCloud (FSU) 10
LB Jeremiah Attaochu (Georgia Tech) 26
LB Denzel Perryman (Miami) 12
LB Kevin Pierre-Louis (BC) 14
LB LaRoy Reynolds (Virginia) 10
LB Kenny Tate (Maryland) 12
LB Bruce Taylor (VT) 19
LB Vince Williams (FSU) 11
S Brandan Bishop (NC State) 20
S Tre Boston (North Carolina) 29
CB Kyle Fuller (VT) 16
CB Tim Scott (NC) 10
CB Demetrious Nicholson (Virginia) 12
P Alexander Kinal (Wake Forest) 12
P Gerald Levano (BC) 13

> FYI, a year ago UM had linebacker Sean Spence make the All-ACC first team. Running back Lamar Miller and center Tyler Horn were named to the second team. Leonard Hankerson, Matt Bosher and Brandon Washington made the All-ACC first team in 2010. UM had six players make the second team in 2010.


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Politics in sports.

I didn't see Tahj Boyd play this year, so maybe he is as good as Morris, but I don't want him. I've seen all the other QB's in the ACC and don't want any of them either. Morris is my QB. He is one tough character. So proud off him.

Miami has the best receiving corps in the college universe, but none of them are worthy of mention in the ACC. Just like polls, awards don't mean squat. Conner Vernon could play on the Canes: he's football-smart and fearless.

Gio deserves his award, but he was a senior. Duke is at least as good and he was a freshman. None of the other backs on the awards list is in that class. I'd take Mike James over any of them.

Seantrel grew up this year. I wouldn't trade him for the whole line of award winners.

Awards are nice. Rings are better. Go CANES.

A Miami defense ranked 116th in the nation???
That sh_t is totally unacceptable! smh
On the bright side, if we went 7-5 with a defense that bad, if we can fix the problem we'll be back to being a respected football program.

Is there really a seminole on here talking smack? Really? LOL!

Of all the choker-overranked-overrated-underachieving-overhyped-wannabe-underacademic-wish-you were the U's

U take the cake.

Hey Nash thanks for the info we already knew , our defense was bad . That will be improved upon without a doubt , as well as the offense bieng even better.I guess all you Einsteins really think Golden does not want to win and as Gallo brilliantly points out is using the Canes for personal gain . If he had a brain he would know that a coach is not going to gain anything by losing , so you can be sure that AG will continue to move in the right direction , I bet he knows the defensive stats backwards and forwards. It will be fixed . Go Canes

Gallo's and for that matter anyone elses stoopid statistics on D dont mean squat. Why? because included in the 120 teams of D-1 are the likes of LaTech, FAU, MAC teams etc who dont play anyone. UM played 3 top ten teams (at one point), the #1 ranked team, KSu which at one point was #1 or 2, and FSU, not to mention the #3 rushing team in the country in Ga Tech. Yes, our d stinks, but there are lies damnd lies and ststistics.

I agree with Dana. And with the suggestion that UM's time in the ACC is ovah. Not gonna happen, but I wish UM was either independent again, or Big EAst. Big East made more sense. Um is more cosmopolitan, has a huge fanbase of alumns and non alumns in the NE, and tobacco road basically, as an offshoot of the SEC HATES, yes HATES the U and everything it has stood for including the fact that UM has more football NCs than anyone in the ACC. In fact, if it werent for Ga Tech having 4 NCs (3 from back in the day before electricity), Um would have more NCS than almost anyone COMBINED in the ACC!. That's among 12 programs! So they hate our guts, the refs hate our guts, the writers hate our guts, and it all boils down to Coker's poor recruiting leading to UM having its worse run in 50 years, coinciding with our entry into the ACC. After we left, The BIg east actually began fielding better teams- Rutgers, UC, U Conn, West VA (no surprise that it was post Schiano leaving either).

Recruiting Recruiting recruiting

Auburn is looking for a coach.
I don't think they would hire a mediocre group like golden and his coordinators. But one could hope.

The Cane players got the wins this year in spite of golden and his coordinators doing everything stupid as to formations on offense, defense, and failing to properly teach wieclaw to kick field goals by lining up properly.

Nothing will change next year with golden's same prevent-the-win defenses, no effective blitzes from the blind side, zone pass NO coverage with DBs five yards away from receivers, LBs five yards off the LOS giving up 5-10 yards to the other teams running games, and on offense, no slant patterns so Morris can lead the receiver, no timing routes and the ball in the air when the Cane receiver makes his cut, nothing but chickensht flat passes and hail mary passes that waste downs, no big back offense to get short yardage third down conversions.

If you eliminated the likes of LaTech, FAU, MAC teams etc do you know where this defense would rank??? 4 from the bottom and not 5.

And funny u mentioned Mac teams considering that's where this defensive staff came from so I guess they built their rep on not playing anyone. And if they played anyone they sure the hell didn't best them.

Being independent in today's NCAA is a death wish, that is why UM, Penn State and FSU to name a few went into conferences. a death wish. The only major independent today is Notre Dame and that is because they have the big bucks that UM does not have. Texas, one of the top 3 schools revenue even decided going independent was a losing proposition, so they decided to stay with a revamped Big 12. If Texas (the state school of Texas,population 27 million) with an enrollment over 30K and GREAT fan support decided that they should not go independent, what makes some of you think that a small private school like UM (we already know about our fan support, so I will just leave that alone) could remain independent?

As far as remaining in the Big East as regards football, the Big East is withering away right before our eyes. West Virginia left, Rutgers left, Syracuse and Pittsburgh are now in the ACC. UM got off a sinking ship when they had the chance. The ACC now has the NE connection with many of it's alumni (Syracuse, BC and maybe UConn soon). Even though Notre Dame is not in the conference fully in football adding them is a win fall economically for other sports and even for the 5 games that they will play each year in football. When UM gets right in football, the ACC issue will not be an issue.

Also, of the 5 conference left PAC 12, Big 10, SEC and Big 12, (even though the Big 10 was down this year the ACC is the weak sister. The conference got blown out by the SEC in all 4 games they played. THEY LOST THE 4 GAMES BY AN AVERAGE OF OVER 20 POINTS (FSU, Clemson, Wake Forest and Ga Tech). So complaining about being in the ACC is useless. If we can't win here, were can we win and still be an AQ team?????

I think the voters know that the 'U' is getting ready to rebound..
Why would they vote Miami at pre-season where they did?.
That mentality is the same in applying that thought to an ALL ACC team now.Hold them off as long as possible.

Just think when they will have to vote our guys on the All ACC team whether they like it or not...then we will CONFIRM that the 'U' is back and we have EARNED it.

I like where we are...Let's see where they position the U pre season ACC...Interesting.

Cane fans let's watch the process and not let distractins like this accomplish anything. Duke is an All American Freshman to us.
Go 'Canes Always

We play FAU at home before we play UF. We do not play Notre Dame next year. Currently, we have 2 games scheduled with them. The games are either 2015 and 2016 OR 2016 and 2017. Now that may change, because remember they will have a rotating 5 game schedule with the ACC when they merge into the ACC in other sports. Due to that rotating 5 game schedule, the schools may dissolve the currently scheduled 2 games left.

With Pittsburgh and Syracuse being added, the league has added 10 more national championships in football (the last one was won by Pitt in 1976). That makes the league (excluding UM) have 17 NC's in football. IMHO, that is not bad. UM needs to get back to where they were and conference affiliation will be the least our worries. Again, if we are not in the ACC, where should we be?

sorry men, Giovani Bernard did not have a better season then Duke Johnson. Duke has more yard per carry, close to the same running the ball. Duke has close to 900 yards on kick returns and Giovani has zero, case close, not even a question.

Players have to catch the ball and execute better and the dline coach and the defensive coordinator need to be locked in the film room and study those great cane defenses and figure out wo to put in those spots. That zone crap and shuffling on third down has got to be fixed. Since golden will not get rid of him he has to lock himself in. It's disappointing not to see us play this week but its for the best. We have to close better and beat the teams we are supposed to beat. That's are next step in development. I think we are supposed to play Florida the first game of the year on 9/7 and they will be returning a good defensive team. Does anyone know if we play notre dame next year and where?

Posted by: Tallycane | November 27, 2012 at 03:15 AM

I'm Calvin and i approve this message! (The 3rd down shuffling has to go, but if they're doing it for experience purposes this year, i can live with that, but come next year, that shat needs to cease, our offense will be good enuff to build leads, so than we can start getting players playing time/experience the old fashion way).

nash, i see you man, in here, you will find more fact hating vampires in here to as well. Anybody trying to defend the defense this year, don't know defense. Half of the yards given up this year was because of scheme alone, alot of the other yards came because of wrong alignments. I've witnessed goldie sit their long enuff for 2 years in a row now and not call a timeout when it was obvious our defensive guys were not aligned right. It really started sticking out last season when we had jimmy gaines lined up out wide in press-man against one of cavaliers best runningbacks.

If you don't teach your own db's press-man, why in the hell do we have a linebacker in press-man, but yet, afterwards, they wanted to blame that play on ray ray, lol. The prinicpals and philosophies of this defense will always allow it to be an up and down defense. I hate to say it, but right now, muschamp has that gaytor defense playing defense almost like we're use to seeing it. Their db's are in press man, with safety help, no receiver is allowed to get a free pass/release pretty much all game long.

All the teams that play us, by the second half, they get more confidence and rejuvenated knowing, ok, we see what type of defense they're playing, time to light them up. It's a scared mans defense, all you hear goldie and his boy oach OH-NO crying and preaching about is "not giving up the big play", we haven't giving up that many big plays where it had that much of an impact on us being a better defense.

Teams are not looking for the big play against us, they'll just continue to gladly take the 10 to 15 yd underneath & out-routes all the way down the field.

goldie and oach OH-NO's idea of being an aggressive defense is way off base from what we know. It's sickening watching all these teams continue to take our philosophies of defense and offense and apply it to their programs, in the mean time, defensively, we're getting away from what made us a dominant defense.

The only good point goldie made that i'll give hm is, most of the guys that were starting on defense, didn't come in until after the spring. So come next year, if these same guys come back and are healthy, i'm expecting to see a drastic change in the defense we saw this year and last year. I'm not crazy though, you have 20 year seniors, a defensive end is not going to be able and shouldn't even be expected to cover runningbacks in the flats and out and up routes.

Or have ou d-tackles dropping back into pass coverage and you're not in the redzone.

Breaking News Update....."Jim Gallo, Calvin and SJMParman," are still morons! SJMPARMAN and Calvin both bloggers who became persona non grata at other websites because of this very reason....they are morons of the first degree!

Idiots all, lol

Hey Nash, the good news is that this is the very bottom and there is no way to go but UP!

I've noticed that a couple of posters seem to dominate this blog (jim gallo, calvin, canefan72) with hate for Al Golden.

Jim Gallo is butt hurt because he loved Randy Shannon - just out of curiosity is that the only reason calvin and canefan72 hate Golden too?

Bloggers BEWARE....if you disagree with the "all knowing," Calvin you will be called all sorts of derogatory names, this is what happened on the other sites and why he has been banned from them.

Nash...and your point? Were young on defense....I think Coach D gets a one year pass this year. If no improvment(significant) next year then perhaps a different course.

I heard some Moron calling my name.
I saw a doUchebag steal my name and change it up.
Like the Godfather before me, I try leave you alone but you keep dragging me back in, so here it is girls.
I told you dUmmies before that Duke is the only thing you got. He is a very good player. ACC second team behind Gio is right where he belongs.
No other canes in all ACC teams validates what we all know. You chUmps sUck.
Enough with all the excUses and all the cliches about "us against the world", and "wait til next year", you are a bunch of sad dopes.
I can't wait til next year, when you will be bad again. You will lose to both UF and FSU next year and to one or two ACC pansies to boot.
Differnt year, same crap. Same as the year before and the 10 previous ones.
All dUmb, delUsional and in denial is no way to go through life clUcks!

Next year our offense will be potent. This team put a lot of points on the board for 7 or 8 games this year. If our defense can somehow mature through the spring then watch out....10 win season next year and ACC Championship.

Duke was great.Dorsett was inconsistent and had lots of drops at lots of crucial times in many different games.He s very talented but needs to concentrate on looking the ball in and/or making the catch.Period.The defense got about what it deserved.Very little recognition.Perryman played decent but not great.The rest of the defense.....including Chikkilo.......was underwhelming.Golden needs to find a new DC yesterday and stop his MAN-CRUSH that he has for D Onofrio.

This Cane team will get A LOT of attention after the spring and going into the fall. My gut is the Canes will be the team to beat in the ACC and the favorite to represent the ACC in the Orange Bowl Game.

Pre-Season All ACC watch list should include:

Steven Morris
Duke Johnson
Phillip Dorsett
Brandon Linder
Seantrel Henderson
Deon Bush
Eddie Johnson
Denzel Perryman
Gionni Paul

Pre-Season ranking between 15-25 to start....

I agree with Gallo is a fool- you give this DC one more year. Golden gets two more years. Imagine IF (big if) our D was slightly better this year:

UNC- w
FSU- closer
Notre Dame- closer

No way BC, Duke, NCST would have been even close. End result: 9-3. Just as I predicted earlier. I had no clue the D was going to be this bad.

On another note: Anyone here think Brandon McGee, Telemaque, Mike James or any other will make an NFL roster? Kendal Thompkins?

McGee - Maybe - Late round draft pick
Telemaque - No
Mike James - Yes
Thompkins - Maybe - Free Agent

Oh boy! Someone on the Miami blog used my name - time for an all out TROLL WAR!!

Cancel my reservations at KFC ma, I've got work to do!

BOGUS!!! LETS GO CANES>> I love the disrespect.. ADDING FUEL TO THE FIRE!!!!

Dalton Botts???

Either alot of people can't read, or just understand what they've read. I' not sure how someone would read my post and than turn-around and say "it's hate for goldie".

Now do i hate our defensive philosophy, any defense that's giving up as much azzzzz as our defense has this year, who on here is going to advocate love for what we saw this year.

Do i think coach goldie and his boy oach OH-NO understand what a real dominant defense is, nope, they've already proven that, but the defense that they're running can be improved upon. If your philosophy is only being concerned with having a dominant front 7, and you want to run primarily zone behind that, that's a principle and ideology on defense that's going to be up and down. These guys are 3-4 base guys by nature, they're idol al groh got fired this year, why, his same principles of defense that he abides by and believes in.

How old is al groh, so you'd think by now he'd know how to communicate to his players the defense he likes to run, that 3-4 defense is not effective, and that's what primarily created these spread offenses, that's why those 3-4 based teams often get picked apart by spread offensive teams. Even goldie knows he either has to go away from his defensive principles or try and stick it out one more year to see if those defensive principles and philosophies they live by will get them where they want to go.

He's in a dilemma now, because yeah, the 1st year, he help to create depth problems to help buy more time by moving alot of guys from defense to offense, and than this year starting alot of young guys. He basically has no choice but to stick to their defensive principles now going into his third year. They should be real familiar with the personnel on the team now and moving dzp back to his natural outside linebacking spot.

The way they teach the db's to jam the receivers is not a real physical style of jammin em. But the proof is in the stats. The only question remains is, how effective can this style of defense be when you got 2 guys who are conservative by nature from a defensive standpoint.

For anybody to say we would be last in the acc, lol, they just don't know football. We have to much talent to be last in the acc. The same guys picking where schools will finish think like and could be the same guys who keep rating all these signing classes. So and so has the #1 recruiting class is a joke in year one, we'll see 3 years down the road.

Very surprised not a single OL was in the first or second team. OLine played quite well the entire year; just about all of those guys played well enough to at least get in on the list somewhere.

I can't believe Mr Botts was left out of the all ACC academy awards. He was an all ACC punter coming into the season. Most of you here hate on D'Nofrio but what about that lousy special teams coach? He should have highlighted Mr Botts more. If he would have been given more opportunities to punt he would surely be recognized with an award or two. What a travesty!

Mike James will absolutely get drafted. He is a tough runner, has decent speed, is versatile (can play fullback), has good hands out of the backfield and is good at pass protection in the pass game. He is a very high character guy who will also grade out well during the combine on test and during the interview process. McGee, due to having decent size and having very good speed may also get drafted.

The other 2 will have to do well during their pro day and also have to do well during the combine. Both will have to answer why they were 5 yr Seniors on a team that went 7-5 and were not starters. Telemaque, who was beat out by 2 true Freshmen. Teams look at those things. If Telemaque does well during his pro day and the combine, he may be a late round selection. I think T will only make it as a free agent.

to seminole los you should be talking preseason ranked #4 with a cupcake schedule top 10 recruiting since like 84" & you still can't finish in the top 10 "child please"redneckgonize!!!

Get it????

Because he's just a punter???!!!

BTW Calvin is the KING of Hating Vampires, just disagree with the all knowing , now Immaculate Football Wizard", I guess I missed church services that day,lol.

Calvin the King of Haters

I meant to type, I think Thompkins will only make it as a free agent.

Here's what i know, it's funny hearing people and goldie keep talking about how they're tired of having to answer questions about sanctions and this and that when he goes into living rooms, but hell, that's the least of his worries, the #1 question that's going to be asked this year by recruits is, why was the defense that bad, is it because of the wrong players or the wrong coaches? and the #2 question will probably be "if i committed to UM, what examples and proof can you show me, that gives me the confidence that i can turn into a dominant defensive player in your system?

The sanctions question is going ot be on the back burner this year, guys will want to know irregardless of sanctions, we talking, keith bryant, bain and company for the d-line, matthew thomas and mackensie alexander and artie burns and company for the secondary.

The offensive guys will not be hard to recruit, our offense is alot more effective than Fsu's offense or the gaytors, so we should not have a problem signing offensive guys, a guy like alex collins can see proof with how duke johnson is being used, receivers can see proof with how our receivers are being used, will they be scared to come in and compee since we are kind of deep at the wide receiver position, at the same time though, players that come in now, will be much better prepared to dominate with a redshirt year, and start their coming out party in guys like dorsett and rashawn scotts senior years. Or even beat them out if you're that good.

o-linemen, no problem, coach kehoe has a plethora of o-linemen that he can point to as proof to how he can get o-linemen to the next level, but more importantly, forget the next level, kehoe will tell them, while i understand you're trying to make the best decision to help your future, my main thing is helping to make you be dominant at this level, if you dominante at the college level, the pro's will come knocking and looking for you.

The sanctions question is going ot be on the back burner this year, guys will want to know irregardless of sanctions, we talking, keith bryant, bain and company for the d-line, matthew thomas and mackensie alexander and artie burns and company for the secondary.

exactly....i have a hunch keith bryant has told golden he is not certain on comming here....golden seems to be positioning something when he talks about recruting....

when you take the bad with the good...UM still loses...thats what is not registering with bloggers....key statement "we are going to work with what we got"....that tells me recruting is not going good at all...fsu/gators have the lock on the top florida picks with commitments already.....we go nowhere, sorry, that is the hard cold truth

Last point about Mike James and his attributes. The guy has great ball security. Anyone see Bryce Brown last night against the Panthers? He had a great night rushing the ball, but his 2 fumbles were killers. James does not fumble, his last fumble that I can recall (I may be wrong) was the 1st game of the 2011 season against Maryland late in the 2nd quarter.

Poor Jimmy the Gator Gallo, thinking that recruiting is finished in November.

Didn't you learn ANYTHING about the Canes recruiting when they stole from your Gators on the last day last year?

Funny how there is only one Cane "fan" on here that never says anything positive about the Canes. Perhaps because he is Curse Piggy in drag.

Poor Golden Kool Aid Sucking Age, thinking the canes recruit better than the Gators just because Tracy wanted to stay home. News flash Golden Sucker, the Gators, the Noles, most of the SEC teams, USC, ND, and even most crappy ACC teams recruit better players than the canes. Look it up Kool Aid addict, it is a fact. Golden Balls only gets the local kids that want to stay home.

Since we can't compete on the field, let's say that we can compete on the recruiting trail.
What? It is obvious we are getting out recruited by both State schools and several out of State ones as well? OK, surely we play in a better Stadium and have better facilities. No?
Surely we have the most loyal fan base with every game a sell out. No?
We do have a DVD. An ESPN documentary. And lots of pro bowlers in the NFL.
Ahh the NFL, and the DVD. Go Canes!

Whoo!! Two in a row!!!

Take that Miami fans, don't you all feel ridiculous!!!

Cancel my dentist appointment tomorrow morning ma, I can tell it's going to be a looong night!! ;)

Right now, and alot of guys can sell a vision, and of course alot of guys want to say the stood on their own 2 feet and built something. That works well with the 1st 2 recruiting classes, going into year 3, a young headcoach has to start being able to show the ability of creating an environment of player development. Right now, goldie and crew can point 2 about 2 defensive players right now, ahmad brooks and Muhammad wilkerson.

Now i will say this, to have a guy drafted in the first round from temple, that's the most impressive external thing i can see. I know alot of people have their views on what goldie and crew did with that temple program, and their are good arguments both ways, either way, having a 1st round draft pick from a temple football team says something. I like goldie, he has alot of potential as a headcoach, but like the old saying goes, "potential only means you ain't done jackshiizzzz yet"!

Miami running back Duke Johnson and Florida State cornerback Ronald Darby have been honored as the best rookies in the ACC, according to a vote of 46 members of the Atlantic Coast Sports Media Association.

Johnson was named the overall and offensive rookie of the year while Darby won the defensive rookie of the year.

For those of you who follow me on Twitter @ESPN_ACC, you know on Saturday I gave Duke Johnson a full endorsement after his performance against Duke. There's no question Maryland's Stefon Diggs was in a neck-and-neck race with Johnson all season -- in fact I gave the mid-season ROY honor to Diggs -- but in the end, Johnson's breakout season won out.

He became the first Miami player to win the rookie award after he broke Clinton Portis’ 13-year-old school rushing record for freshmen, ending the year with 947 yards. He also led the ACC by averaging 33 yards per kickoff return, and his 2,070 all-purpose yards are the most by a Hurricanes freshman and second only to Willis McGahee’s 2,108 in school history.

“It means a lot being the first in Miami history to win this award,” Johnson said in a prepared statement. “And it means so much to me and the team because I couldn’t do it without my teammates. And this is just another way to make my mom proud and show how I really appreciate the sacrifices she made for me when I was younger.”

So Duke is a player. Great. Congrats. Now you only need 21 more. All potential and no results, the new cane thing. Golden Balls can't sell if he can't deliver, mediocrity is not a good selling point.

1st game of the season.
Boston College 97 ranked offense
Donofrio gives up 537 yards

last game of the season
Duke-86th ranked offense
Donofrio gives up 583 yards

The donofrio apologists say give him time. He needs more time. Well we did give him time. He got 12 games and the defense did not improve one iota. There is not one area we have improved. If you dont want Donofrio fired, you need to take your lips from around his meat long enough to realize that he is outclassed in every game. He is the worst defensive coordinator in the game. I dont understand the people who say we will get the defense fixed...How?
His whole excuse this year was youth...we are only going to get younger. With donofrio we will never get any better...ever.
For the people who say give him time...
Jedd Fisch has had the exact same amount of time with his offense and he has them humming.
He takes what everyone does well and utililizes their abilities. Donofrio does the opposite. He has uber speed and physical corners and he puts them 20 yards off the line of scrimmage hoping he doesnt get beat.
He is incapable of adjusting and every O coordinator knows it. He gets outcoached and torched every single game.
If you defend him...You know nothing.
Youth is not an excuse for 116th//
Youth is an excuse for 80th not almost dead last.
either way...they are not young anymore.
12 games later...donofrio is still garbage.

RIP Sean Taylor. No gator seminole, or bama player has been that special since Sean.

PK Sams is still sore from that one hit he put on him.

We miss you bro. The canes miss you. The skins miss you.

Always and forever a cane

Pissed off? Let's develop a bad attitude, work like hell, and make them all pay next season. Bias? Hell yes. You should be pissed.

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