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Duke Johnson only Hurricane named to All-ACC team

The Miami Hurricanes might have won a share of the Coastal Division title on the field, but that didn't mean voters felt like they deserved much representation on the All-ACC Team.

Freshman Duke Johnson turned out to be the only representative from UM to make the team. He earned second team honors at running back and as a special teamer.

Four Hurricanes were named ACC Honorable mention: OL Seantrel Henderson, OL Brandon Linder, OL Jonathan Feliciano and LB Denzel Perryman.

Here is the complete list released moments ago from the ACC.

QB-Tajh Boyd, Clemson (86)
RB-Giovani Bernard, North Carolina (91)
RB-Andre Ellington, Clemson (77)
WR-DeAndre Hopkins, Clemson (80)
WR-Alex Amidon, Boston College (53)
OT-Oday Aboushi, Virginia (53)
OT-Brandon Thomas, Clemson (51)
OG-Jonathan Cooper, North Carolina (79)
OG-Omoregie Uzzi, Georgia Tech (64)
C-Dalton Freeman, Clemson (78)
TE-Brandon Ford, Clemson (54)
K-Dustin Hopkins, Florida State (79)
Spec.- Giovani Bernard, North Carolina (48)

DE-Bjoern Werner, Florida State (89)
DE-Cornellius Carradine, Florida State (77)
DT-Joe Vellano, Maryland (80)
DT-Sylvester Williams, North Carolina (63)
LB-Nick Clancy, Boston College (66)
LB-Kevin Reddick, North Carolina (65)
LB-Steve Greer, Virginia (58)
CB-Xavier Rhodes, Florida State (66)
CB-Ross Cockrell, Duke (50)
S-Lamarcus Joyner, Florida State (59)
S-Earl Wolff, NC State (46)
P-Will Monday, Duke (73)

QB-EJ Manuel, Florida State (25)
RB-Duke Johnson, Miami (47)
RB-Chris Thompson, Florida State (31)
WR-Conner Vernon, Duke (51)
WR-Michael Campanaro, Wake Forest (32)
OT-James Hurst, North Carolina (50)
TIE OT-Cameron Erving, Florida State (21)
TIE OT-Emmett Cleary, Boston College (21)
OG-Tre' Jackson, Florida State (26)
OG-R.J. Matttes, NC State (24)
C- Bryan Stork, Florida State (19)
TE-Eric Ebron, North Carolina (51)
TIE K-Chandler Catanzaro, Clemson (22)
TIE K-Casey Barth, North Carolina (22)
Spec.-Duke Johnson, Miami (44)

DE-James Gayle, Virginia Tech (30)
DE-Kareem Martin, North Carolina (22)
DT-Everett Dawkins, Florida State (34)
DT-Nikita Whitlock, Wake Forest (24)
LB-Demetrius Hartsfield, Maryland (34)
LB-Christian Jones, Florida State (31)
LB-Jack Tyler Virginia Tech (28)
CB-David Amerson, NC State (46)
CB-Antone Exum, Virginia Tech (44)
S-Rashard Hall, Clemson (43)
S- Walt Canty, Duke (31)
P-Tommy Hibbard, North Carolina (40)

Honorable Mention

QB Mike Glennon (NC State) 10
QB Bryn Renner (NC) 15
RB Orwin Smith (GT) 13
WR Sammy Watkins (Clemson) 19
WR Jamison Crowder (Duke) 15
TE Jake McGee (Virginia) 12
C Camden Wentz (NC State) 12
C Jay Finch (Georgia Tech) 16
OG Brandon Linder (Miami) 21
OG Dave Harding (Duke) 14
OG Jonathan Feliciano (Miami) 16
OG Travis Bond (North Carolina) 14
OT Menelik Watson (FSU) 13
OT Emmett Cleary (BC) 21
OT Seantrel Henderson (Miami) 13
OT Will Jackson (Georgia Tech) 14
OT Brennan Williams (NC) 13
OT Perry Simmons (Duke) 11
K Ross Martin (Duke) 11
ST Stefon Diggs (Maryland) 33

DE Kenny Anunike (Duke) 13
DE Darryl Cato-Bishop (NCST) 12
DE A.J. Francis (Maryland) 12
DE Malliciah Goodman (Clemson) 16
DT Antoine Hopkins (VT) 10
DT Derrick Hopkins (VT) 15
DT Timmy Jernigan (FSU) 15
DT Anthony McCloud (FSU) 10
LB Jeremiah Attaochu (Georgia Tech) 26
LB Denzel Perryman (Miami) 12
LB Kevin Pierre-Louis (BC) 14
LB LaRoy Reynolds (Virginia) 10
LB Kenny Tate (Maryland) 12
LB Bruce Taylor (VT) 19
LB Vince Williams (FSU) 11
S Brandan Bishop (NC State) 20
S Tre Boston (North Carolina) 29
CB Kyle Fuller (VT) 16
CB Tim Scott (NC) 10
CB Demetrious Nicholson (Virginia) 12
P Alexander Kinal (Wake Forest) 12
P Gerald Levano (BC) 13

> FYI, a year ago UM had linebacker Sean Spence make the All-ACC first team. Running back Lamar Miller and center Tyler Horn were named to the second team. Leonard Hankerson, Matt Bosher and Brandon Washington made the All-ACC first team in 2010. UM had six players make the second team in 2010.


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Everything can change in a year and good offseason. Mark stoops is no longer the dc at fsu and is the head coach of Kentucky. The criminoles have lost a good coach. They will still have players but jumbo in big games by himself is questionable at best. Fla is our second game of the year and they will be very formidable. However I beleive we can beat them we will have to hit driskill and gilleslie excuse the spelling.we can beat them if our dc gets it together.

Get it???

Golden Balls????

Oh man, I'm on fire today, definitely won't have time to work on that job application tonight, too much Miami Hurricanes football to read up on and too many UM fans to troll into talking to me!


I am saddened that we can't see fsu again. Missing games hurts. They will have two more games of experience ahead of us. I heard golden on wqam and CP asked him why when we were winning did you not ground and pound more and golden said he wanted to runn for over 200 yards a game. That's what I want to hear. If golden recruits right if we could get another bigger back to complement duke it's in the game Johnson another random that would be very nasty. I liked Crawford and he can only get better. He also stated that the number one thing on defense is to get pressure on the qb. I like Golden and cp said he would help recruiting and in the weight room soon. That's all I needed to hear. I am predicting early that we will have one of the best offensive lines in the country. I another year he is hear and another offseason with them. He may put the harnesses on them pull flatbedds around campus. That is the strength of our team. I see a very good team next year.

Most used cane mottos:

Wait til next year

We are back

Us against the world

I am MDC

OK that last one is not a motto, it's just what it is.
Different year, same crap.
Same excUses, same lack of results.

you forgot the last motto...jim gallo sucks, lol.....koolaid drinkers reading golden love lteers with flowers in their hair...how romantic, lol

is there a chance the defense goes under 5000 yards next year.....naaaaa, that would be a good year

No, the last one is not a motto, troll, it is just a fact.

Duke Johnson, the guy you just said "did a little better than OK" won the ACC Rookie of the Year, first Cane to do so. And you change IDs so often that you anwered my earlier comment using the wrong ID. How sad for you, obsessed troll.

You suck, and your hidden agenda of badmouthing the Canes is not hidden anymore. Time to change IDs again, you got a long summer of being wrong ahead of you, Curse.

I like him alot...but statistically he did better than OK

giovanni bernard - 184/1228 12 td
andre ellington 201/1038 8 td
duke johnson 141/955 10 td

first of all he is under the 1000 mark....thats the long standing index

what i dont understand is the second team special team...they gave that to giovanni bernard

GB - 16/263 yards punt return 2td
DJ - 27/892 kickoff returns 2 td

i think that the herald has a miss print

1st game of the season.
Boston College 97 ranked offense
Donofrio gives up 537 yards

last game of the season
Duke-86th ranked offense
Donofrio gives up 583 yards

The donofrio apologists say give him time. He needs more time. Well we did give him time. He got 12 games and the defense did not improve one iota. There is not one area we have improved. If you dont want Donofrio fired, you need to take your lips from around his meat long enough to realize that he is outclassed in every game. He is the worst defensive coordinator in the game. I dont understand the people who say we will get the defense fixed...How?
His whole excuse this year was youth...we are only going to get younger. With donofrio we will never get any better...ever.
For the people who say give him time...
Jedd Fisch has had the exact same amount of time with his offense and he has them humming.
He takes what everyone does well and utililizes their abilities. Donofrio does the opposite. He has uber speed and physical corners and he puts them 20 yards off the line of scrimmage hoping he doesnt get beat.
He is incapable of adjusting and every O coordinator knows it. He gets outcoached and torched every single game.
If you defend him...You know nothing.
Youth is not an excuse for 116th//
Youth is an excuse for 80th not almost dead last.
either way...they are not young anymore.
12 games later...donofrio is still garbage.

Posted by: PineCountyCane | November 27, 2012 at 02:31 PM

I'm Calvin, and i approve this message!

We do have information that once this defense has all 5th year seniors, the defensive rating will drop below #90 in the country!

RIP Sean Taylor. No gator seminole, or bama player has been that special since Sean.

PK Sams is still sore from that one hit he put on him.

We miss you bro. The canes miss you. The skins miss you.

Always and forever a cane

Posted by: 1981-2011 UM 5 | November 27, 2012 at 02:35 PM

I definitely approve this message!

Before I get started let me state I believe that CAG going to right the ship at UM and due to that, I have to trust his choices of who he has on his staff. Due to him being bossom buddies with the DC I know that he will not let him go and we have to HOOE that things work out with his scheme. Due to that, this is a moot point and I hate to start anything, but Southern Mississippi has fired Ellis Johnson as their head coach. Johnson is a good/great defensive coordinator who had special defenses in the SEC for years. His last stint as DC in South Carolina he helped to develop the future 1st round draft pick Jadaveon Clowney, who at the time was a beast as true Freshman.

I know it won't happen, but with Jedd Fisch getting his act the way offense has been playing and with T. Howard, Perryman, Bush, Rayshawn Jenkins, Chick, Eddie Johnson and others, it would be great if we could hire Johnson as our DC. I believe that with him with this young talent, the defense and team could be special next year. Watch and see, Johnson will not last long on the open market. It is just a shame that UM (due to us not playing in any bowl game and our season being over) could not jump on him right away and hire him, before all the teams with their conference championship games and bowl games do. Don't be surprised to see FSU (Jimbo has great ties to the SEC) hire Coach Johnson since Stoops has taken the HC job in Kentucky. If he does, with FSU's talent, that defense will be a beast to beat twice a year the road.

Again, it won't happen, but the chance to get a great DC in your program don't happen everyday.

no way ellis johnson.....the guy to go after is michigan state pat narduzzi or stanfords derek mason...the problem is that you have to pay these guys 900K plus or so.....the bobby diaco's will be impossible to get them to cross over......its easier to offer them the HC position and let them bring thier own.....

Jim Gallo is the curse pig

Calvin I agree that we need a new dc. I doubt the administration will fire him so we look as if we are stuck with him. Golden must oversee that area more. He will have to concentrate on to's and sacks. The offense is good but they drop too many balls and they don't run enough and use duke to much. Duke needs another davenport type back. It would also be nice to get another te in the mix. Our offense will be good but we must get back to running screens, passes to the Hb in the flats and 30 rushes a game for us to go where we want to go. I would also like to see us incorporate some stretch plays and draws.

Stephen Morris finished the year strong after a rough middle portion of the year. For me, the best performing ACC QBs this season were UNC's Bryn Renner, Clemson's Tajh Boyd, and NC St.'s Mike Glennon. I think the best pro prospects are Renner, Glennon, and Duke's Sean Renfree. I'd like to see how Morris performs in his senior season.

I have this order

1. tajh boyd - 534/4042 34td
2. mike glennon - 564/3504 30 td
3. stephen morris - 472/3415 21 td (the td is what blew him off)
4. bryn renner - 483/3394 28 td (morris has a better play/yard average)

i give the edge to morris since he went 51/70 rushing vs no rush yardage for renner.....the actual was 186 but the offensive line hrt him middle of season....they cost him first team since he would be 3531 ahead of mike glennon

I doubt they fire the dc, but something has to change. Ive been saying its talent - wrong. Duke stinks and they put up a lot of points on this defense. The defensive scheme is going to ruin next season if we dont see drastic changes.

Just listening to CAG's show on 560 WQAM. He is doing a great job, but he did speak about his DC a little. It made me think.....all of those worried about CAG going to another program can rest assured that he is going to be staying with UM (I personally would be very happy with this). The reason is this, when a coach interviews for a job, part of the process is asking him how long would he be able to get a staff together. The coach is especially questioned about his coordinators. Once CAG would tell the team that he is bringing coach D with him, the AD and rest of those at the interview would thank him for flying in, drive him to the airport and tell him that they will get back to him and his agent shortly. Due to the albatross that is his DC, CAG will never hear from the school again.

I personally believe we have to wait until next year to fairly judge the defense or D'nofrio. He had to restart everything from scratch basically this year so once he had next year in then we should see marked improvement. Now is that to say they are going to be an Alabama defensively. HEll no, but I would expect them to be anywhere from say 40th to 60th in terms of toatal defensive rankings. Which that would be a huge improvement, and the following year fall somewhere between the teens or 20's. Anything better than that those years and its all gravy baby.

You guys do know that Miami was brought into the ACC to raise the perception of football in the conference. I'm sure you are aware of what the results have been since Miami's move. The ACC really NEEDED Miami to be good to bring some prestige to a downtrodden league. You think the decision makers in Greensboro are happy with the decision made/ You might have some legitimate gripes about certain players being left off these All-Conference teams,however, the performances of Miami in general is probably the ACC's biggest disappointment in last 25 years. They believed that mimimally Miami, FSU, Virginia Tech and Clemson would be in the Top 25. They never envisioned Miami never having won a Conference Title after all this time. And PLEASE don't act like you wanted a shot at losing to FSU AGAIN in Charlotte.

If you hit Gillislee you will be charged with assault since he is graduating. Will be nice to see people in the stands so they don't need to use those funky camera angles to disguise emptiness of stadium. There should be an article written to desribe the problems associated with broadcasting a Miami game at Sun Life. The networks feel the need to not humiliate the home team and will do everything in its power to avoid showing the gaps. Maybe they even remove tarps from the upper deck. I always wondered why Defense Department did not rent out upper decks during home games to stage war games. Nobody would have been hurt anyhow. Does the moron who dresses in a beach towel, carries a toy horn and holds up signs drawn in a Special Ed class still show up at games. Want to get a rise out of the jackass, go up to him and pretend you believe he is Dolfan Denny. Hilarious!!

UM was ranked #8 in 2012 for recruiting (defensive players since offense is shannons boys) and tcu was #37.....how is it tcu which has a younger defense is ranked #16 and UM is ranked #116?

whats his excuse for that...cant blame shannon or too many ranked teams he had to face or the players were too young.....

tcu defensive yards - 3563
UM - 5837

a 2271 yard differential...amybe its the DC?

Well that is good gilleslie will be gone. That means it will be some new tailbacks to hit.

To all of the canes fans, dont worry the canes will have their share of acc all stars trust me in #2013. 2nd like i said 2yrs ago S. Moores is the real deal we dont have to talk about him just look @ his numbers.3d the canes do need to bring in a DC to help Coach D to help his dl get off the ball once they learn how to do that they will be FINE Period.

Goldie cryin about depth, some of the depth problems and "symmetry problems" were created when he move dlinemen to offense dye, lewis, hell he even tried to move Luther Robinson to offense even though he's the best dlineman on the team.

Then factor in why guys like Vernon and Forston left?? They were being coached to hold the oline up while the hoped the lb's would get to the ball and make a play. When before the were coached to get in the backfield make plays and get sacks. Go look at the last year Petri was the dline coach you'll see the defense was top ten in tackles for loss AND had more than 13 pitiful sacks. Hell Calais Cambell had 10-11 as a red shirt freshman.

Go figure

Dumb comments.

Calais Campbell was a bust at Miami. Period.

Forston is out of football.

Golden and Donofrio did have an empty cupbaord to buld a defense from. Injuries, graduations, departures, redhirts, underclassmen. vernon had to go- he was dirty form the runt ponzi scandal but Ramon Buchanan was a big loss. badly injured- beast in the middle. Several corners departed. Ray Ray could have done something if he wasnt so stoopid and immature. Forston would have contributed and would have benefitted from staying. So these are not excuses. they are the reality- but idiot haters here with idiot posts like to spew waht they think is gospel in their petty little biased hateful ways. It would be like me saying, FSU is a pathetic wannabe program that hasnt won anything since 1999 and Jimbo Fisher is about to bolt. But I wont say it. or I could say, UF is overrated, lucky a55 and hugely overhyped, just like their low-set eared QB. If they only played less than 3 cream puffs, maybe someone OOC and OO state, they could actually talk. No, Kentucky, Vandy, tennesee, and Ole miss dont count.But I wont say that. I am objective

Yo cane trash
Yo corpse U aint objective U be some dUmb clUck.
U be full of excUses for Ur sorry program. News flash lil' maggot, every one has injuries, graduations, redshirts, underclassmen and transfers. What a load of crap! That is not Ur problem, Ur problem is U clUcks r clUeless, your administration and coaches that is.
FSU is a pathetic wannabe program that hasn't won anything since 1999, except they won the ACC this year and beat Ur arse for most of those years including the last 3, what a dolt!
UF is over rated, lucky and over hyped and need to play better teams. Except that they r 11 - 1, ranked #4 in the BCS, and have played the toughest schedule in the nation.
Don't let the facts get in Ur delUsional way maggot.
When U sprout manure like this reminds all of us how dUmb, ignorant, and stoopid U clUcks r.
Yo Golden Retriever won't be able to fetch U any ACC titles, any BCS bowl berths, or any significant wins.
All he can fetch is what U got this year and last, very mediocre.
Only a Moron clUck would badmouth superior teams that have beaten U up the last few times U played.
U wish U were at the level of FSU
U dream U could be a little like UF
U r the worst team in the State by far
Start getting ready for next year maggots, more beatdowns coming Ur way.
Better hit those weights again, what happened to UStrong fools? More like USoft.
Bunch of pathetic LOOSERS!!

yo canetrash if were so garbage, why are you on this blog why waste your time on hear. it seems to me you wanna know whats going on with the mediocre soft pansies thats u ,it seems to me you are scared and i feel you bro number 6 its the horizon but get your kicks in now sugar momma or should i call you sugarcane

You canetrash-
No I dont wish we were at the level of FSU- You mean, perennially overranked, overhyped, overrated and impotently under-performing? No thank you. Miami will be back. See, the difference, is when Um is back you will know it. We will know it by an uptick in your rants. The rants have been more frequent. I can see why, pu55y gators and seminoles like yourself are starting to get worried.

FSU is also always wishing they were back. But even with the aid of ESPN, and the voters who ranked your college of women #4 in the preseason, and a soft schedule, you couldn't do it. I'd rather be in a rebuilding mode- however long it takes, than constantly have my hopes raised by a fake a55 wannabe overhyped team with a false Heisman candidate. Blah blah.

No- I wouldnt want Miami to be at FSU's level.

You mean a mediocre academic instution which barely graduates its athletes?

You mean ZERO. Yes ZERO national championships in baseball- or for thatmatter basketball?


Sure- your siemnhoes beat Um- but they always manage tochoke on the salami against Wake or NC state. good for you!

Who criticizes and trashes an opponent's coach unless he was a snake in the grass like Urban the liar or Nick Saban? Why do you trash Golden? What has he done to you other than make you worried about the storm that is brewing?

Even though Donofrio is the worst coordinator in football Golden will never fire his best friend. Its just a bad situation that we get a decent coach and we have to suffer with his best friend who is out of his league...at least we have an excellent O-coordinator who has had the exact same time as Onofrio and had jacory harris...and had just as much youth on his side specifically starting a new QB.Next year on offense we will be lethal...I know that because we've gotten better by the end of year. Theres promise there.
Donofrio=No Progress


Lt. Lois asked if I hate golden.
No, I do not hate him. I hate his stupidity and that of the coaches he brought to Miami.

I do not know what the Cane players or Cane fans can do about golden and his coordinators since the program has gone down hill so far with shalalala. The coaches she hires are sub mediocre.

We need a DC who can run a four down lineman defense with DEs crashing in from outside the tackle or tight end, LBs moved within 3 yards of the LOS, a blitz from the QBs blind side every play, or a blitz up a gap in the middle, play man to man pass coverage with two free safeties. That defense can stop anything. And defense wins championships.

On offense, Morris and his receivers need to practice practice, practice from now until next September slant pass patterns with the ball in the air when the receiver makes his last cut. A QB has to hear one thousand one, one thousand two in his head and get rid of the ball a fraction of a second later. No hail marypasses and no flat passes. One of the best passes is the QB under center, takes the ball, takes one step back and hits the TE on a slant, instantly. It is a guaranteed five yards.

And we need a big back to get a guaranteed three yards on third down and short.

On special teams, someone needs to teach wieclaw how to line up to put the ball down the middle of the goal posts every time. He does not get it that the direction should be automatic if he lines up correctly and steps to the side at a right angle instead of hit and miss. If he lines up correctly, the only question is whether the kick will have the distance.

Yo cane trash

Yo corpse U some dUmb clUck !

How can you mention Golde Retriever in the same sentence as Meyer and Saban? Two proven winners and one mediocre wannabe. What a dUmb doUche U r.
And all Ur rants against FSU. A team that owns U in every sport. Dude r U so dense?

U dare mention baseball and basketball? Two sports where U are worse than football. Worse than football even though U sUck in football. The stoopidity!

Good thing U are satisfied with "rebuilding mode" cause U have been stuck rebuilding for 10 years now, with nothing to show for. What a pathetic program!

But, you will be back
Yep, wait til next year
A storm is brewing, Us against the world
Same crap, same lack of results

Keep living in la la land dUmmy, keep drinking Golden Kool Aid and living in the past
Bunch of pathetic LOOSERS!!

"Tennessee will be in town to speak to Al Golden on Thursday according to reports..and BC wants to raise there salary to $2m to entice Al"

Yo Primos this doesn't look good. Al must be entertaining this because the sanctions must be bad. I am a TRUE fan and will #standbyu #canefam #lawnmowersassociationofcutlerridge

5 > 2
Wide right I, II, and III, Plus a wide left just to make sure. Have knocked them out of the title hunt so many times Bobby Bowden's tombstone is gonna say "He played Miami."

4 > 0
Beat FSU for a title in baseball, have knocked them out of the title hunt so many times Mike Martin is praying to three gods and an allah now.

Your math sucks, fool.

Don't worry, fake CRL, Golden has already said that he is staying, and jobs like BC and UT would be a step down anyway.

UT 5-7, 4-0 with their cupcakes and 1-7 in conference, beating Kentucky. Kentucky was so ashamed they fired their coach and took and ACC coach as an upgrade.

BC 2-10, 1-3 versus a real OOC schedule and 1-7 in conference, beating Maryland. Maryland was so ashamed they are trying to leave the ACC, who is replacing them with Louisville as an upgrade.

golden resignation is 50/50.....his agent is working behind closed doors....i told you the report last week he was going to resign....he needs to leave since he wont fire dnofrio, so in effect you have the good with the bad.....miami still loses.....52 points by offense provides no protection......better he leaves since then we can go after top DC as HC.....any top DC will not work under golden...they will want to be HC....the offense is set....all upside replacing golden....

the only other option would be for him to entertain meetings so the heat lowers on dnofrio.....I say call his bluff.....still pressure him to replace dnofrio...

If rayshawn jenkins is to be blamed for that 99yard pass on saturday, than who do we blame for all the other thousands of yards given up all year! I'm still trying to track down and understand all this player development and track record coach goldie keeps propping up about his boy coach OH-NO. He said he'd challenge anybody when it came to his boys track record, lol, maybe i'm missing something, but right now, his boys track record is doo-doo at UM.

He's in the history book that's for sure!

I like how it's being pointed out that we had 1 corner on the squad, but it seems to be conviently left off that, devonta davis got let go, jeremy davis wasn't let in, brandon harris dipped out because he didn't want to see his stock drop by playing all this zone defense, the best tree rolla on the team got let go in keion payne.

Than as nash has pointed out, they tried to move luther robinson to o-line, we heard talk already of hearing about jacoby briscoe and jake o'donnel being moved to the offensive side of the ball. So they gets no credit for creating their own problem. So here's the task, who can prove that oach OH-NO has a track record that can give us the same confidence coach goldie has in his boy!

Dumbass his track record went from bad at temple the first years to 40th the next year and 16th his final year. Thats what his track record is. So U can b i tc h and moan all you want with what ever name you want to use, but it ainta gonna change anything because next year the defensive line will be a year older and stronger which will make the world of difference because the back seven are pretty good right now and they will only get better. Oh and the guys who left really have alot of draft stock when their are only 2 or 3 of them still actually playing for chump change because they listened to a slug agent. Can you just imagine the year that Tommy Streeter would have had with Morris as his QB rather than Jacory's lame arm throwing the ball deep. I don't know of anybody who lost more than that kid did as far as money.

Jim Gallo you have no clue so I refuse to read your MONRONIC posts....pass it over and know that your thoughts are blowing in the wind with no direction.....

On Coach G's final news Conference update he said that it is the intent of the U to fine tune positions, get players stronger, and in general grow the football IQ of the young class to make their presence felt..Now when players go from 219 to 245 lbs., there is going to be no doubt a difference in play and awareness.

More of a defensive pass rush is on the table and they are working to increase weight on the line to open holes for that to improve..

The process continues, and the U will continue to show that we are working to a goal that is attainable. Our Coaches are in place and we are locked in to 2013..
End of story.
Go 'Canes Always

Dumbass his track record went from bad at temple the first years to 40th the next year and 16th his final year. Thats what his track record is ........

Posted by: championships is all that matters | November 28, 2012 at 06:59 PM


DURHAM, N.C. — How deficient was Miami’s defense against a Duke squad that came into the game ranked 87th nationally in total offense? The Canes gave up 583 yards — the fifth most in school history, but only the third most this season.
Duke gained 151 yards rushing and 432 passing.
Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/11/25/3112230/defensive-woes-continue-for-miami.html#storylink=cpy


Pssst (he's going the wrong way)...


Your posts are more irrelevnt than a nip ple on a bull.

FSU is the ugly bridesmaid of college football
Only two others as pathetic as FSU are va tech and clemson. Would have said georgia but at least they have a chance

With EJ Manuel aka Xavier Lee 2, gone, you have no chance.

1999 is a long time ago. 2000 dont count bc we owned you that year also despite the fact that theBCS gestapo gave you the chance to soil yourselves against oklahoma, whih UM would have eaten and spit out

Did you not see where I said we had to improve the pass rush which our kids and coaches will see that it happens next year. Who cares about a stat anyway. We all of the intellectual world knew that our defense was going to be weak since we were so young. And as I said the back seven is fine it is the Dline we need to get stronger, bigger and more explosive. That happens and our defense will be fine. The man had to basically start from scratch this year because the upperclassmen he was left with were not anygood other than MCGee. Next year in a since will be year two for the defense, and I am sure we will be ranked anywhere from 40th to late 50's in total defense if not better. Anything better will be total gravey for us.

This whole "when our dline gets better we will be awesome" is pure trash. The reasonwe have no pass rush is bc our dbacks play 20 yards off the line of scrimmage. So...every coordinator throws 5-10 yard outs with seconds of the snap. So.. why would anyone ever run longer developing plays and risk a pass rush when all they have to do is get rid of the ball and get a first down. We will never ever ever have a pass rush with donofrio bc he gives up 10 yards on the boundary every play. No pass rush....lol....no press is what he should say. IT IS SCHEME.
Honestly i like golden but i find it odd that he insists on so much accountability from his players but doesnt hold donofrio accountable for the worst defense in college football.
It is deplorable that he would throw 18 year olds under the bus every week but never once have donofrio take responsibility.
I find that disgusting.
That being said if he leaves...which wont happen...jedd fisch is the man all the way.

What's more disgusting is to read post of people defending this bum.lol

Touche tallycane. Touche.

tcu recruiting on defense was #38 vs miami at #8..were are talking about texas christian for god sakes...not the UM brand....they have equal amount of freshman at the 1st string defense but they are ranked #16 vs Um at #116...they have 1/2 to total yardage vs UM....so how does tht happen?

The thing about the d-line, they're saying that tyriq mccord will be better next year at 245lbs than he was this year, lol. I'm hoping so, but for a guy to go from 219 to 245, i got em falling off just like 3g did this year, he put on to much weight to fast. 3g was more effective 20 pounds ago. Now i do think 3g will be better come next year because he'll be a lil more use to tha weight, but he definitely doesn't need to put on no more than 5 to 10 pounds if that.

3g's game was based on quickness and he lost that this year with gaining to much weight to fast. tyriq mccord's game is based on quickness as well, but if he puts on to much weight to fast, he'll have a dull sophmore year. In fact i wouldn't recommend 3g gain anymore weight, once a defensive end starts getting in the 270 range with the frame 3g has, he'll lose what makes him have the ability to be close to elite. 3g is already at the weight he'd probably need in the pro's but at the college level, 250 is plenty enuff to do what you gotta do.

Me hearing them trying to ballon tyriq up to 245 for next year, that's bad weight for his frame that quick, he needs to be at around 245 to 250 come his junior year and than his senior he'll, if he stays, he'll know exactly what weight he should be at. We don't need guys to try and pass this eyeball test goldie and crew seems to get infactuated with.

Also, when we talking track record, i can se if oach OH-NO's defense was dominating the mac conference, but fool's gold will have people pointing to saying "temple's defense was ranked 16th his final year" as if they were going up against some high-powered offenses over their in the mac.

From a fundamental standpoint oach OH-NO gets out coached and out flanked, our 3rd down percentage is garbage because teams already know, the flats will be open, you running a zone defense, when you flood one side of the zone and than half the half-back come out into the flats, it's going to be wide open and their all game until somebody makes an adjustment. Also, oach OH-NO calls the wrong schemes on down and distance plays, tams have no problem going for it on 4th downs with us because we don't stay aggressive on defense.

Come next year, "God Willing" when we play the gaytors, that defense is going to play defense the way we're use to seeing it, and that's a defense that's going to try and challenge everything by challenging everybody on offense. They're going to find out right away if they can cover our receivers in man, if they find out early they can, than a whole lot of pressure is going to start coming smo17's way real quick. If they find out they can't cover us in man early, they're going to have to take chances.

In the meantime, will goldie and his boy keep preaching about "not giving up the big play" by playing prevent defense, but in the meantime giving up 500 yards from all those wide-open underneath routes. You can't be a scared man coaching a scared man's scheme. This defense only works when we're calling for aggression at a premium., we're going into year 3 now, let's see what the jump in defense is at the big boy level come this year.

Here are the guys that we should see starting to make that jump come next year, corey king(looks solid right now), olsen pierre, 3g, and whoever idea it was to go all the way out to vegas and bring in jalen grimble need they azzzzz whooped for burnig up all that gas to go and get him. Of coure if curtis porter(shannon recruit) is able to be in the starting line-up all year that's a different d-line. The linebackers i'm not worried about, the secondary we got some solid personnel back their.

We don't need to see our skill position guys putting on to much weight, they need to be able to keep the speed up. The bigger deon bush gets, he's going to be a problem back their, rayshawn jenkins, i havent' seen him lay wood yet but he shows up back their for sure. tracy howard will hit you and so will thomas finnie, who would actually do better in press man. Going to be an interesting 3rd year. Offensively, it's known we'll be hard to stop. THis o-line gets better, we're really going to be hard to stop.

Come next year, that game against the gaytors is going to tell us a whole lot.

calvin are you a coach? please tell me your a coach some where on earth pop warner,high school,flag football,lingerie football,hell even 2 hands below the waist something tell me something calvin come on

lichtenpark and others- enough with your defensive schemes this and that!

You all dont know squat. If you think you know so much, go to Coral gables, pick up an application and apply for a job as DC.

Did you want to see what happens when you let these young, undisciplined, wet behind the ears kids free lance and play aggressive? Sean Renfree 99 yd TD! Bam just like that. The dink and dunks would have probably drove them down field but they would have run out of time. Thegame would have been over. Donofrio knows that. Finnie,Jenkins, Bush, Howard are still learning how to be college defgensive backs- Offenses are sophisticated and they can exploit any weaknesses now. How then do you explain Baylor hanging about 60 on the same Kansas State team that we couldnt score on?

Just shut up, support your canes

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