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Duke Johnson wins 5th ACC Rookie of the Week honor, finishes 4th nationally among freshmen rushers

University of Miami freshman running back Duke Johnson was named the ACC's Rookie of the Week for the fifth time on Monday.

Johnson, who along with Maryland receiver Stefon Diggs, is in the running for the ACC Rookie of the Year Award, capped his freshman season with his best rushing performance of the year -- running for 176 yards and three TDs in a win at Duke Saturday.

Johnson finished the season with 947 yards -- a new UM freshman rushing record and the fourth-highest total in the country among freshmen. He finishes 65th overall in terms of yards per game with 78.92. 

The only freshmen who ran for more yards than Johnson: Louisiana Tech's Kenneth Dixon (1,194 yards), Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel (1,181 yards) and Georgia's Todd Gurley (1,138 yards). Each of them had at 37 or more carries than Johnson on the season. Johnson had 139 carries.

Johnson also finished fourth nationally in kickoff return average (33.04) and eighth in all-purpose yardage (171.67).

The last Hurricane to win a conference Rookie of the Year award was offensive tackle Joaquin Gonzalez back in 1998. Reggie Wayne won it in 1997. Kenard Lang won it in 1994.

The last Hurricane to win an overall yearly award in conference was the late Sean Taylor, who won the Big East's Defensive Player of the Year award in 2003. UM hasn't won anything since.

> Alex Prewitt of the Washington Post did a good job breaking down the fight for the ACC Rookie of the Year award between Johnson and Diggs on his blog. Check it out. 


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Are any of those other guys also true freshmen or did they redshirt?

maziel is a redshirt i believe and gurley is a true freshman i think...not sure about dixon

Lee is right. Manziel is the only redshirt freshman. Other two are true freshmen.

Hey Manny, I have read alot this year about how D'ofrino's defense schemes are a problem. To me it seems a true freshman can come in right away and contribute at the skill positions (WR, RB, DB) but it is asking alot for a true freshman to be productive at D-line when he is 18/19 years old and going up against 21/22 years olds physically. Is it possible the main reason our D-line struggled is the fact that they just arent physically as strong at the O-lines they faced and just getting older will be a major upgrade on it's own?

I got a question: Did any of UM's coaches win any kind of awards? You know, they have those assistant and special teams coaches of the year awards...

I wonder why UM coaches didn't get anything? Could it be that giving up 600 years a game of defense is a problem?

Duke is the only good thing your sorry program has. Too bad for him he is over worked and has no help, we will wear down due to his small frame. If he were at any half decent program he wouldn't be the featured back just yet. Problem is you aint half decent, you be very bad, and there is no one else.

cool cat gets the ACC dumb blogger of the year award

He's definitely a leading candidate but he is going to have a tough job beating out that other idiot Gallo.

F@#k everybody! Go Canes!!!!

139 carries or 12 a game and 27 catches or 2 a game can hardly be classified as overworked. Guess you are wrong on that one. As far as featured back is concerned, Mike James carried 147 times with 30 catches. Geez, what a surprise, you are wrong on that point too.

canekiller is a dork

canekiller- youve been had and youve been exposed- as the dumba55 that you is.

The beguiling thing here is that a lot of the so-called "experts" can't admit that "Goldy is no more better than RS; that the DC is so far out of the profession that it's crazy; and that the OC isn't that far behind. UM is not in the biz of trying to win football games and get back to dominance. It is about "nine to fivers."

RS had Bridgewater in the bag and he ends up a Heisman candidate. RS knew of Ray Ray problems on and off the field, band was close to solving them. RS also saw the photo of DS and Shapiro and could do nothing. Is UM football better with "Goldy as opposed to RS? No. Are the defenses and offensives rock 'em sock 'em right now? No.
The current coaching regime is not progressive. Only an educated fool doesn't see that.

Cool Cat has an agenda. He is a RS tool. Anyone with half a football brain understands that AG has been forced to use younger, more talented players. The key here is that these young guys are being developed WHILE PLAYING. AG had no choice. It will be amazing how much better D'O will be thought of next year when these kids grow up on defense.
The O is already pretty good, albeit inconsistent at times. They too will be even better next yr!
All you coach bashers will eat it next year when this all comes down, AG was also smart when signing big classes the last 2 yrs. That will mitigate sanctions.
We are fortunate to have such a dedicated, smart and dynamic young coach.
The next 2 years are going to be fun.

Heck of a year for Duke!


Cat, Al Golden won a Coastal division title which is more than your boy Shannon ever did as the COach. And where in the hell is Bridewater as a Heisman Candidate, he can't even beat Syracuse and lost again this weekend in the Little East. Give it up man U are starting to sound like that idiot Gallo.

CaneKiller: Let me tell you about a wise old owl that said it is wiser to remain silent and thought of as a fool then open your mouth and remove all doubt. You do not say anything that a person with a mental disorder would not say. That is if U are even human.

CaneKiller and Gallo suck each other off in Momma's single-wide while she takes a nap!

Duke is a taleted athlete that exudes Class, humility, and talent.
I have watched him play and he is all about team. Congratulating other players, smiling, and even in warmups the kid is smiling and enjoying his team.
He is all about the 'U'.
He walks the walk and talks the talk.The 'U'

Congratulations to his parents for giving their kid a chance to be himself, and be comfortable with his talent.
He is an absolute pleasure and as his talent is showcased he always gives credit to the team for helping him attain these accolades.

Mr. and Mrs. Johnson you have every right to be very proud.

I hope Duke gets ACC Rookie of the Year. It would be well deserved.
Thank you for a lot of beautiful plays.
Go 'Canes Always

Nicly said ugocane. it was a pleasure watching duke johnson and the canes play. Future looks good

we won nothing.....golden sacrificed this years team for his own history....shared sacrifice is next year bowl sanction this way the class of 2012 walks away with win over fsu and an orange bowl win....class of 2016/2017 still has 3 opportunities to get there.....golden resigns..I stand by it still....he knows he cant get there with dnofrio...and he wont fire him....as soon as sanctions are announcde he walks....he will get killed in the living rooms...parents wont let him in

I speak the name Gallo and the pile of S h i t does appear. What a magic show.

dec 1 charlotte, nc 8 pm.....fsu vs gt for the championship....its unbelieveable.....golden is a complete idiot....I hope the players speak out later....id be livid and to top it all off.....might have gotten an orange bowl invite....what a way to end my time at UM class 2012.....
I will be non stop until he leaves.....he is too stupid to be a coach....

Yeah I heard you just keep sucking and sucking and sucking until people leave. Just glad your personal life isn't going to affect Golden being our head coach

he will be gone....youll see

1. 7-6 close
2. 13 players leave
3. suspensions and locker room mutiny
4. parents calling radio stations
5. #1 recruit de-committs
6. #2 recruit soon to follow
7. 6000 defensive yards...cane record
8. 70/200 ncaa ranking...another team record
9. 1st time in cane history not 1 player makes division 1st team
10. class 2012 screwed out of championship and homw town OB bid for proper farewell

sure hell be the coach, lol....resignation soon to follow after sanction announcement

but we do have gimmick cane walks and ties on the sidelines....sound to me its worth 2 million plus

Congratulations, Duke, to you and your family.

You are a great player with a tremendous future. Glad you are a Cane!

You are a winner and a young man of character. Look forward to your play as a Cane and beyond!

Congrats Duke and congrats Canes on the win. Now get ready for 2013!!


2012 is over we had a terrible defense, facing ncaa sanctions, played a bunch of young players, started a new ob and yet, we still won the Acc Coastal. Now in 2013 I'm in agreement with Ken G it's going to be fun. hate Golden all you want but if you watched this team play this year they were 4 pts from losing only 1 game in acc. Golden's plan is coming together and even with the sanctions the next two years are already built for success. Go Canes! Acc champs 2013& 2014.

Somebody knock this Gallo goon out. Go hang out on the Gator Blog.

In reponse to a post by "Cool Cat"on 11/26/12 @ 4:31pm. You sir, as much as It hurts me, I have to agree with everything you said in your comment

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