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Eddie Johnson, Rashawn Scott, Denzel Perryman, Deon Bush -- not at UVA game.

What do LB Eddie Johnson, WR Rashawn Scott, LB Denzel Perryman and S Deon Bush have in common?

As you probably know  by now, they're not here at Scott Stadium for the UVA vs. Miami game.

Eddie "didn't do what he needed to do to make the trip,'' according to UM director of communications Chris Yandle. That explanation came when I asked if Eddie was suspended.

Rashawn Scott, however, has been suspended -- and indefinitely.

Here's the email we got announcing Scott's suspension:

"University of Miami sophomore receiver Rashawn Scott has been suspended indefinitely for violating team rules.

 The sophomore ranks second on the team with 512 receiving yards and three touchdowns on 35 catches.

 "The ACC Coastal Division-leading Miami Hurricanes (5-4, 4-2 ACC) play at Virginia (3-6, 1-4 ACC) at noon ET Saturday on ABC."

UM coach Al Golden said last week that Bush had stingers. Perryman has an injured right ankle.

OK, so now the Canes are missing their second-leading tackler in Johnson, their third-leading tackler in Perryman and a starting safety in Bush.

On offense, Rashawn Scott can make the big play. I think that's a big loss.

Kacy Rodgers is starting in place of Bush.

Gionni Paul is starting for Perryman.

Thurston Armbrister is starting in place of Johnson.



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What the hell did Rashawn Scott do?? Anyone have a clue? This is a big blow.

All those guys not playing is a recipe for a loss, the timing is a bit off to suspend arguably your best LB and one of your biggest playmaker on offense, it's like Miami is doing it's best not to get to the ACC ship game so they can have an easier decision to skip the bowl game.

Yes, all VERY strangely timed. Are our players THAT undisciplined as to mess up so late in the year?
If so, I'd encourage Al to recruit elsewhere, as it seems the Floridians WE recruit asre not emotionally ready for prime time.

I am curious to see what rules where broken...? So far this game has been exciting. I like what I am seeing in rotating defensive players in and out. It may not an immediate impact other then giving players breathing time. But down the road when all these freshmen and sophomores have all these reps then Miami will have a formidable defense.


Nice, ###holes. Letting down your teammates big time. A chance for the Coastal title and you mess it up. We're losing this one. Can't believe we can't beat the damned Hoos anymore.

We are just bad, please fire No-Dnofrio.

LOL, Look like the V-tech game from last year all over again. I don't want to here anything about penalties, starters being out, and this and that, once the cavaliers got the ball, i would have been surprised if we had actually stopped them,. How many 4th down plays are we going to let teams complete on us. 87 yard drive, lol, have some pride, the players played good enuff to win the game.

Most teams no to attack the middle of the filed on this defense either running it or passing it. Anybody with common sense had to know that the ball was going up the middle of the field on that touchdown pass, he wasn't looking any other way, lol.

Either way though, it'll make the "to play or not to play" decision that much easier, i'm all for the bowl ban myself if it helps the future. Forget going to an acc championship game when you didn't win it out-right in the first place, meaning, north carolina deserves to go before we do, since they have the better record, and they beat us, let the next man/team in and comeback next year an earn it the right way.

Had i known this was the real case, the bowl ban is an easy decision in my book, we didn't earn that spot the right way anyway. Now we also need to get bowl eligible so we can actually bowl ban anyway, it'll come down to the last game of the season looks like, lol.

Either way, good game by the offense until the 4th quarter where we had good field position and did nothing with it. I'm also in a way gald the cavaliers won because that safety call was the wrong call and later on this week we'll here how the referee's jacked up that call and it basically would have cost that the game had we won that way.

I like winning the real way, not on a bad referee call, and than trying to play for an acc championship that really don't belong to us!

Nofrio has got to go. I've never experienced a more frustrating season, with such offensive team potential and total Keystone Cops antics on D. It's so obvious that they're poorly coached.

Prez Shalala, Blake James, Coach Golden -- just make 2 key decisions: (1) Announce no bowl game this year, too (and that frigging assumes the U will win another game); and (2) assign some Freshmen to pack Nofrio's bags and hand him a one-way plane ticket to anywhere.

Frustrated U Fan and U Alum

this team just all out SUCKS, coaching SUCKS, defense SUCKS, play calling SUCKS. To lose with 6 seconds left when all you needed was was to get a couple of first downs after a safety? Really? Same old lame defense letting them go 80+ yards to win. They dont deserve to go to a bowl.

As bad as the defense played AGAIN. This loss is on the Offense and the Coaching staff. Duke ran 2 kickoffs back to our side of the field late in the 4th quarter with us holding a 3 & then a 5 point lead and we did not even get a first down on either possession.

Pitiful performance down the stretch by the coaching staff & the players. I am So tired of this crap, but I've become accustomed to it to the extent that I am almost numb by these disappointments.

This old skool Cane right here, this is exactly what we need somebody to do to the guy who's suppose to be in charge of running/coordinating our defense here:


Yeah, while the offense didn't do anything on those 2 drives, who cares, they put up 33 points, add 7 for the special teams and that's 40, any team that scored 40 points should win.

This lost doesn't come as a surprise, it's just bad when our offense can't be our best defense, we end up losing the game.

Also, what i don't understand is, why when the defense was looking confused on at least 2 snaps, we don't use a time-out, lol, they'll probably say, "we didn't want to stop the clock", lol, see what that strategy got you, if you're calling defensive plays trying to rely on the clock to run out, you get what we got today.

Also, why do we have all these linebackers in the game at that period in time when you know full well the cavaliers were not going to run the ball, lol. so we're expecting gionni paul to be able to go airborne and make a play on that pass, lol.

I would've had my safeties sitting in the middle of the field, everybody else in straight man coverage. I'm not sure why vaughn telelmaque is not in the game, after kacy rodgers let that receiver get behind him the touchdown before that he would've been a spectator the rest of the game had i been the coach. If guys are just going to stare at the qb's eye's and than try and react without locating a receiver, that's either sad coaching or sad football awareness, either way, one or both of those issues wil cause you to give up points let and right.

Lets not forget that we are playing young kids that normally ARENT PLAYING YET, #2, Bush, Perryman and Eddy Johnson , your top 3 Defenders this year, WERE ALL OUT--------on a young team with no depth, of course your gonna lose. U fans that r bashin, U have to remember this is a rebuilding team, 1st yr starter at qb, and TRUE freshman playing and TRUE Soph and Red Shirt Freshman mainly playing. We were picked by nat'l media, on avg, to win 4 this year due to youth. So, we hav shot at 7-5 and ACC title game. do we deserve it? no. but if you make acc champ game, ITS GREAT FOR RECRUITING AND NAT TV as long as we dont get blown out.. but its rivalry vs FSU and would make a good game. USC has lost 3 games prob 4 when they play No Dame ...just sayin.....give it till 2014, when duke and bush and howard are juniors, and kevin olsen is a redshirt freshman qb

Our whole defensive coaching staff needs be introduced to the door. Williams, Franklin, Dnofrio - Barrow Can stay but who know's about his dealings in the investigation. I Thought this team was supposed to eliminate distractions. Obviously not having these two kids missing to suspensions would point to a loss??

But Never would i ever imagined in my life would i think we would be giving up 40 points to UVA. Down right ashamed and disapointed just as well.

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