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Freshman WR Lockhart out for the season; Bush out for Virginia, Perryman doubtful

The Hurricanes injury report has been released for Saturday's game at Virginia and none of it is encouraging.

Linebacker Denzel Perryman, who has started six games this season and ranks third on the team with 50 tackles, has been listed as doubtful with an ankle injury.

Freshman safety Deon Bush, who has six of the last seven games for UM, is out this week with a stinger. Bush has 31 tackles this season.

Freshman receiver Robert Lockhart, injured Tuesday in practice, is now listed as out for the season following "lower extremity" surgery. Lockhart only played in two games and didn't make any catches. Is Lockhart eligible for a medical redshirt? Not according to the rules I just read.


For a student-athlete to receive a Medical Hardship Waiver per Bylaw 14.2.4, the following four conditions must be met:

1. The student-athlete may not have participated in more than two contests or dates of competition or 20 percent of the team's completed contests/dates of competition.

2. The injury or illness must occur prior to the completion of the first half of the season.

3. The injury or illness does not have to occur during practice/competition, but it must be incapacitating.

4. Appropriate medical documentation must exist and be provided.

All percentages are calculated according to contests or dates of competition, depending on how your sport's competitive opportunities are counted. Only contests or dates of competition occurring during the championship (traditional) season are included in the calculations. Conference championships/tournaments are counted as one contest or date of competition, regardless of the actual contest/dates used.

If the percentage calculation for the 20-percent rule results in a decimal -- any decimal -- the whole number preceding it is always rounded up. For example, if the softball team competes in 56 games, 20 percent of 56 is 11.2. Due to the "rounding-up," a softball team member who competed in 12 games does qualify for a medical hardship waiver.

To meet the first-half-of-the-season requirement, all competition must cease prior to the start of the contest or date of competition that begins the second half of the season. For example, a soccer player competing in the 10th game of a 19-game season does not qualify for a medical hardship waiver.

Also, a student-athlete who is injured in the first half of the season, then attempts to play in the second half and aggravates the original injury, does not qualify for a medical hardship waiver.


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Oh well that means he will have to play his ass off these next 3 yrs. I heard so much about him in the Summer practices. From what I was reading about him I just knew for sure that I was goin going to see Robert Lockhart do some damage. Well rest up Robbie we're going to need you in the next couple of years my friend. You also will have some great company beside you which will be Lewis,Jean-Louis,Demauri Jones,Allen Hurns & More. It shouldn't be no excuse for Miami to not kick everyone's ass on the shcedule next season.

All these freshmen getting hurt: Malcolm Lewis, Lockhart, others. It underscores how tough D-1 cfb is, and emphasizes how important it is for MOST not all freshmen to either redshirt or play very limited- they need to get bigger, develop their conditioning, etc etc.

why not just red shirt the entire team then???
You are a idiot troll boy
Injuries happen no matter what year they are in

Head scratcher to me as to why Lockhart was played. Why not Waters? I'll leave that to Golden. Can you imagine if we won the Coastal, played FSU, beat FSU, and played in a bowl game (and played Looserville)? And then beat Looserville. Man I just wish the NCAA would do their thing already. Take our lickins' and move on.
GO Canes!


We should red shirt D'ONOFRIO. Maybe FISCH too. Never mind, i feel stupid

Will it be KAcy Rogers and Telemaque as our safties for this game? Hope they can make an impact like Bush has done these past games. I really dont want to see Highsmith, he is lost everytime he steps on the field, but thats not much more than I can say for Telemaque this year....#BeatUVA

While protecting quarterback Stephen Morris hasn’t been an issue (the Canes have allowed just 13 sacks this season).

The art kehoe affect, i always had a feeling he'd be back. If only soldinger was able to comeback with em, we'd definitely be tuffer at the runningback position. You'll be hard pressed to find a better runningbacks coach anywhere, soldinger reigns supreme in that department. Although the runningbacks coac hwe got now is no slouch either, but with don's guys, you always saw the tuffnesss they displayed. He would've luv to have coached mike james, he's a physical runner after his own heart.

Playing lockhart against Fsu was a waste of time, like UCane305 said, herb waters should've been out there over him, we'll get to lockhart and the crew come next year. Those starting wide-outs position battles are going to be fun to watch. Whoever is going to be the starters next year at the wide-out spots will have to play at a high level, a whole lot of talent, and if a guy like stacy coley or jordan cunningham still comes in, that'll tell me how competitive they are, cause if you coming in anyway with the talent that's already here, if you beat any of those guys out, you must be something special.

jim gallo, hell naw, forget redshirting em, if oach OH-NO doesnt' get it together, they need to do to him like him and his boy started doing to players when they first got here, move oach OH-NO to offense, he should be good at it by now!

What in the he!! did you just try and post???
Try proof reading before you hit the send button idiot
Just do everyone a favor and go hit the send button on some other blog
We all hate you and your other IDs Jim Gallo and CaneFan`72

Heisman Watch: ex-rs recruit teddy bridewater

2) smith wvu qb

3) johnny manziel qb texas am

Yes...this is my only head scratcher with AG & Co....

Heisman watch: jacorry Harris. They'll give him a Heisman "in absentia"

Cool cat- heisman for dumb posts

Anti-calvin- Heisman for dooosh bags

jim Gallo- Heisman for mean spirited whiney beeotc-hes

I see where Virginia is a one point favorite. When I saw that I just went ~ huh? But then we have had our troubles, especially on defense.

The way UV manhandled NCState last week after losing 6 straight.... It just baffles me. Virginia has had our number for a while now. WE NEED THIS GAME!

Jim Gallo loves to show a teabag his well worn gaper.

It's had plenty of male visitors.

I'm not sure why people are impressed with gumbo fisher, that offense is trash. We'll have a more explosive offense than Fsu will have anyday. Also, people will began to appreciate art kehoe being back, i'm not sure why some keep questioning the offensive line, 13 sacks given up all year and at least 5 to 7 of them were smo's fault, maybe even more.

Again, ej manuel is overrated, doesn't put fear in anybody. Also, if alex collins goes to Fsu, good luck, if he plans on going to the nfl, he'll have a better chance under terry than eddie gran and his fizzle out runningbacks after they get to the nfl.

Plus our depth chart, we need runningbacks for sure. We'll see what happens later on, but this offense

Jimbo Fisher played UM and UF last year and beat both. He recruited against UM and UF last year and beat both. Jimbo Fisher runs Florida until further notice, much respect due to the one six ooh.

I hope Miami gets a shot to upset Florida State in the ACC championship game this year and I KNOW that Al Golden is going to get Miami back to running this state sooner than later.

Stephen Morris needs to learn how to THROW THE BALL AWAY. I remember one year (his junior offseason?) Jacory Harris supposedly practiced throwing the ball away all summer. Morris holds the ball too long and it's a miracle he hasn't given up more strip sacks and tipped interceptions, it's the worst part of his game.

Watching this V Tech/FSU matchup right now, I really hope Miami doesn't give up it's postseason chance but it's great to know how valuable that chance is going to look in the NCAA's eyes if we do. No question we'd have a shot in the rematch and could be giving up the BCS bowl in our own stadium.

BTW, UM is one of two universities in the country (along with USC) who plays in a stadium that hosts a BCS bowl.

WTF was that guy thinking trying to fumble away the ball to avoid a safety???

Most UM fans are god awful Miamian fans and have never been to an away game in their life, but Va Tech's stadium is live and ALL the momentum is with them down one in the fourth.


Well sh*t. Hokies didn't lose, Florida State won this game.

Good for them, but they're beatable.

I'd love to see a rematch and am fine with giving up all that's been laid out for Miami. NCAA has to take notice if we turn it down.

Man, is there anything better than getting invested in a game, wanting one team to beat the other so badly, having the wrong team win, and being able to instantly flip it in your mind and say, f*ck Virginia Tech, I'm glad their a**hole fans are going home disappointed?

Yeah Eudo, man that was a game in which Va Tech out played FSU but FSU gets the win. I know our guys know they can beat this FSU team if given another shot. I don't know aht they should do about the bowl thing but if giving it up this year makes any sanctions less with all that we would be given up then so be it. For FSU to be such a highely ranked team the sure don't play like it.

Calvin and all 7 of his IDs need to troll around and see if any other blog will take his insane ramblings
Get a job Calvie

Sorry to see Denzel and Deon out. They are good players for us, and I particularly like Deon's heart and soul! He is a hitter...

Also, Robert will make a strong recovery and, along with Lewis, will be a factor for us.

Watching VA Tech go down to FSU. Not sure which team I hate more.'Probably the Noles.

Let's go Canes...Beat the heck out of Virginia. Dominate! Big outburst from the Offense out of the gate!

It's Miami and UCLA that play in stadiums that host BCS games. SC plays in the LA Coliseum, the Bruins play in the Rose Bowl. SC has played in more Rose Bowl bowl games than UCLA though, so it does appear that it is their stadium. As a matter of fact SC and UCLA shared the Coliseum as there home stadium till in the early '80's when UCLA moved to the Rose Bowl. During the USC-UCLA game (since they both shared the same stadium), both teams wore dark/home jerseys.

I completely agree DBC

UM has to beat UVA. Must wi. These are the scenarios:

-VT is out of the picture now

- If UM beat s UVa, and GT beats Duke, Duke can still beat UM and UM will win the Coastal

- If UM beats UVa and Duke beats GT, UM HAS to beat Duke to win the coastal-same if UVA and GT both win

-So even if UVa beats UM Miami has a chance by beating Duke.

IMO, if MIami wins out which is entirely possible, they will be 8-4 and play in the ACC ch. Then they can finish either 8-5 (Jimmy Johnson's first and second seasons) or 9-4. If they win the ACC (9-4) I absoultely would want them to play in a big bowl Why not? I tell you why if they do that they should play in a bowl:

recruiting (i.e. the near future of this program)

If they play in the ACC ch. and lose, it will still be an ok season considering all of the trials and tribulations this young team has had. 8-5 would still be respectable for this team, and at that time I would be OK with self-imposing a bowl ban because they would probably end up in a "minor" somewhere in the sticks.

Many of you and Greg Core claim that self imposing a ban anyway would help Miami's future. Thats poppycock because the furure is now. We need a decent recruiting class THIS year (2013) to parially offset the scholie reductions that will come in 2014 and 2015. And playing in a bowl goes a looong way towards that- if you dont believe that you have nbever played cfb or know anyone who has. Its important.
current player exposure (eg seniors who may want a shot at the NFL)
a reward for coaches and players alike

Oline has to step up big time in VA. No other way we can win. Its on the offense to win Sat.

Why not just ban the whole program. I didn't get my way,and Leach did not get the job. So i hate everyone, Golden, Shannon, Shalalalalala, and especially--MYSELF. If i have 2 personalities, can I love myself,and hate myself at the same time, or does it have to be different times?

Gallwos you hate yourself all the time...Now you are BABBLING, and writing nonsene..Just go away. We don't need you and the program is fine without you.

This UVa game is crucial..It will set the tone for us down the stretch.

Got Lower level 50 yard line tickets... and 65 degree weather in the Mountains..Very cool.

Also got 50 yard tics for Duke..so I will be with my guys as they put a beating on and finish out the season.

One bit of advice and I saw this last night in the Tech game.. Steven, if the reads ain't there, throw the Dang ball away... By all means avoid the sacks they are drive killers..
Predicted 8-4 season back in Jun-July, and I know 5>3>2> and canetillidie, Tampacane, and some others said that we would do this..Looks close, but finih strong.
Our 'Canes are playing and showing some Posters that they DON'T really know as much as they think..and like Gallows they just don't know when to STFU. We are fine
Go 'Canes Always

this is A must win and I think that we can
pull it off we need to play like we played last week
and I think good thing will happin for us
go canes!!!!!!!!!

Guys, we can't have it both ways. The rules say we cannot play the ACC Championship, AND give up the Bowl game. If we play the ACC C. game, we MUST play the Bowl Game!

I say, if they had any concrete evidence beyond players, as in coaches or the School cheating, they would already have lowered the boom. ALL the players, coaches, and even the A.D, are all gone now.

Let's play these games, and take our chances with the NCAA!

The NCAA has concrete evidence on former coach, Clint Hurt. They have his cashed check written to him by Shapiro. They have a lot of other evidence, as well. UM is going to get heavy sanctions, let's get out of the denial stage. If UM can win the Coastal and then give up the postseason, it will help to move their sanctions along.

Where do you get your information u? I think you're a FSU troll, scared to death to face us again LOL!

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