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Gabe Terry, Duke Johnson earn ACC weekly honors; plus notes from UM's coordinators

Here are some news and notes from Monday. The Hurricanes (5-4, 4-2) returned to practice after getting a couple days off following their win over Virginia Tech last Thursday night and are preparing for Virginia.

> Freshman linebacker Gabe Terry and running back Duke Johnson were named the ACC's Special Teams Player and Rookie of the Week, respectively, on Monday.

UM coach Al Golden said Terry, who blocked a punt in the win over Virginia Tech, learned from his roughing the punter penalty against Notre Dame.

"He went down low for the ball, elongated - he didn't put his hand up high like he did at Notre Dame, learned from that," Golden said. "That was a tough lesson for all of us at Notre Dame, but obviously he learned from it."

Johnson, who produced his fourth 200-yard all-purpose game of the season, was honored by the ACC for the third time this season. Johnson ranks 21st nationally in all-purpose yards.

> Defensive end Kelvin Cain has been reinstated and practiced with the scout team Monday. The 6-3, 245-pound junior had his name removed from the roster two weeks ago after missing the Florida State game for what Golden deemed "personal reasons."

Asked about Cain's return to the team after he was removed from the roster, Golden said, "It's personal, but he's been reinstated. He sorted some things out, so I'm happy for the young man. It's good to see him back out here today."

Defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio said he didn't see Cain practicing Monday because he "was watching our side of the ball [the first and second team defense.]" 

"Hopefully he's got his mind right and is back and ready to do what we need him to do," D'Onofrio said.

> Golden said there's no injury update on safety Deon Bush (stinger) or linebacker Denzel Perryman (ankle), but both were expected to see doctors Monday.

"Denzel we're protecting; he'll see the doctor again today," Golden said. "And Deon is seeing the doctor this afternoon."

Golden reiterated he doesn't think Perryman's health went backward during the Virginia Tech game and remains hopeful he's on track to play Saturday at Virginia.

Someone close to Bush told The Herald Monday night Bush's injury doesn't appear to be serious and he expects to play at Virginia.

> Golden said defensive tackle Curtis Porter, who got his first action of the season on Thursday night coming off an appendectomy, has to continue to improve with his conditioning.

Golden said the team was looking to get Porter "around 25 to 30" snaps against Virginia Tech. D'Onofrio said Porter got around 30 snaps.

"He's got another level he can get to if he can get in condition and eliminate the distractions," Golden said. "His biggest enemy is consistency, being the same guy every day. If he can develop that discipline, make good choices every day and have a positive attitude and stay focused he could be a really good player. Inconsistency is his biggest enemy."

D'Onofrio said he was "happy for Curtis." "He's had a tough run, a lot of injuries, hasn't had a chance to play," D'onofrio said. "It was good to have him back. I thought he played well. He was stout in the middle. We gutted him a little bit - he played in the 30s which is a lot of plays considering where he was at conditioning-wise a couple of weeks ago. And that was good. He gave us a boost."

> D'Onofrio noted that of the 26 players to lineup on defense for the Hurricanes last Thursday 22 graded out higher than their season average. He said the defensive line was the most improved unit and praised defensive tackle Luther Robinson for "probably playing his best game."

"It comes down to keeping the points down," he said. "We did that. We're starting to do a better job of that, even the FSU game - they got a couple [of late scores]. We're playing better red zone defense really over the last four games, are in the low 40s in touchdown percentage and that's where we want to be. That's helped a lot."

> UM already has more turnovers (18) than it had all of last year (15). There were three turnovers forced by the defense Thursday night and now UM is plus-5 for the season.

"I haven't coached it any different than we have forever," D'Onofrio said. "I think a lot of things happen. Guys become comfortable with it, become more ball aware. We've got some balls ripped out, we've taken some balls away that way. That comes with strength, with confidence. We're trying to make a big emphasis of it. We really challenged guys this past week. I'd like to see us cause a few more fumbles."

> Offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch addressed the issue of third down efficiency. UM finished 1 of 12 versus Virginia Tech. The Hurricanes are now 52 of 134 (38.81 percent) on third downs on offense this season -- that ranks 73rd. UM converted at 42.57 percent last season (63 of 148, 44th out of 120 teams).

"Last week was kind of an anomaly of game," Fisch said. "We weren't very efficient at times on first and second down, so therefore your third downs are third-and-10. I think we're like 58 percent on third-and-six or less, 90 percent on third-and-one. But when you have a lot of third-and-eight, nine, 10, you struggled there. But most teams do. You really have to execute."

> Quarterback Stephen Morris has continued to see his completion percentage drop over his last five games. Fisch said he's monitoring the way Morris throws the ball and sees no major problems.

"We just have to keep getting better," Fisch said. "The best part about Stephen is he still has a lot of games left with us. It's not like this is the final countdown. He had no spring. He only started one game last year, had no spring. I think his confidence is fine; we have to make some plays."

> Fisch said receiver Allen Hurns "ran some really good routes" against Virginia Tech.

Hurns had two catches for 21 yards and had a 16 yard TD catch against the Hokies. Since starting the season with eight catches for 91 yards and then taking a vicious hit at Kansas State that knocked him out the rest of that game and the next, Hurns has made 13 catches for 157 yards and two touchdowns over his last six games. Not exactly elite production.

> Golden said Sunday he would like to get Dallas Crawford more reps than the two he had on Thursday night. Fisch said Monday "maybe five, six, seven" reps would be possible for Crawford moving forward.

> Golden said Virginia's blowout win over N.C. State last weekend shouldn't be the only reason his team is wary of the Cavaliers.

"They beat us four of the last six, the last two," Golden said. "I thought they were a team that pushed us around and were physical a year ago. They have a great running attack. I think they're as deep as anybody, probably the deepest at running back. they have a big, powerful offensive line. They took the ball away on defense, protected the ball on offense, something they hadn't done as well. Coming out of a bye week they were a different team.

"I think our guys understand what we're up against in Charlottesville."

> Golden said right tackle Seantrel Henderson is still battling "consistency and discipline" issues with "his technique every day." But he adds Henderson is "making a lot of progress, has eliminated a lot of distractions" and "has become process oriented."


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say what you want....these kids are improving and have never stopped fighting!!! With this many Frosh and Soph on D, its only going to get better. Good job guys! Way to fight!

WTF?!?! Look, Terry's roughing the kicker penalty v. ND was bull. He took a great angle and was blocked into the kicker. Even the NBC commentator noticed it. Get it right coach! Terry has been doing his job on special teams! Stop blaming him for the crappy call by the ref. v. ND.

Every week, ND seems to get "a call" that totally changes the game. Against Pitt it was the phantom PI call on 4th down then the TD on the next play. It's insane the amount of corruption that helps certain teams in college football.

I agree. I was t the taium and the jumbotron showed he was 100% pushed on pupose into the kiker by a nd blocker. It was a disgusting dirty sneaky notre dame play. Golden... Dont throw gabe under the bus. It was a ref thing.

Congrats Gabe! Keep working, " I like two star guys who play with passion and heart!"

What Golden is saying is by Gabe improving his Punt block technique he has then taken the official out of the equation all together. Thats what a good coach does. He didn't throw Gabe under the bus he just stated the truth. It's like Jimmy Johnson told the Canes back when Cleveland Gary fumbled the ball in the endzone. When U go to Notre Dame you can't put any part of the game in the officials hands or U will lose everytime. Gary did it and Gabe did the same thing and both times the ref's made bad calls.

Notre Dame encourages the rape of young boys by older men...Sad very sad..Who is more criminal,him who gets a free meal or him who rapes a young boy??

Good work Gabe! ND creates their own luck...

Look, I can't stand ND either and they did get some calls against us and 1 big one against Stanford, but you make your own fortune and ND always finds a way to win. Contrary to what many 'Canes fans want to believe ND IS a good team. Are they the 1995 Nebraska Cornhuskers or the 2001 or 1986 'Canes? No. That being stated, they are undefeated they beat BYU, Stanford, Oklahoma, Michigan, Michigan State and blew our beloved 'Canes out of the water. I know, Dorsett dropped 2 touchdown passes (in reality it would have been 1 touchdown, because they were on the same drive), so now the score would have been 41-10, instead of 41-3, happy.

I hate to seem like I am bashing our team, but I would love if our team was were ND is now. They are recruiting well, Brian Kelly has a plan and they will only get better. Coach Golden has a plan too and we will be okay, but people talk about ND like they haven't played anybody. They beat the Sooners 30-13 on the road . We did beat Oklahoma 21-20 in 2008 at home, but last time we were in Norman, we got boat raced 51-13.

We need to get over ourselves. At this point and time of our program, we can't take anyone for granted. When we played KSU all I heard was how sorry KSU was. All I know is that they are #3 in the BCS ratings and we are like #43. Lets focus on going up to UVA getting a win and finishing strong against USF and Duke. Hopefully if we finish with a 4 game win streak, it will carry over into the 2013 season.

Coach.....that was a total bs kicker flag vs ND. Robinsons a beast on he field. A dang fine man off the field. This guy understands how to handle touchy situations (When family members get involved) with class and dignity. Anyway i like the way the guy plays and I think we're lucky to have him. Not tring to look ahead or anything. Personaly I think if we keep impoving at this pace for 3 (none ranked i know this)more games. FSU could b in for very rude surprise this time around. GO CANES!!!

Canes4Life, man I agree with you in that Notre Dame is a good team and Brian Kelly has done a great job turning that program around. I don't know how anybody could say that they have not played anybody because they have had a schedule that was loaded more than anybody else. And I like U hate Notre Dame as much as anybody but I have to give them their due and they deserve it. However anytime a team goes to ND you can expect at least one call to be horrendously in their favor. I don't know about you but it seems to me this year I have seen some of the worst refereeing performances in games all over the country including calls that were screwy both for us and against us.

You are 100% correct. Anytime you go into South Bend, you truly have to beat the Irish. You can not leave it in the hands of the officials. We as long time 'Canes fans remember what happened in '88 with the Cleveland Gary fumble. I guess that is what is referred to as the Notre Dame "mystique" or the so called "luck of the Irish".

I know that there have been a few teams who have gotten the benefit of the doubt in that stadium. It is far and few between though. The only one that I can think of off the top of my head is the 2005 USC team with the "Bush push".

Canes4Life, man I was thinking the same thing with USC as the only time I have ever seen any team get a call in that stadium.

Oh yeah big props to Kelvin Cain for getting his stuff in order and coming back to the team.


It is simple if you are a team with national championship implications then the refs will keep you in the game. It sounds like an excuse but how much money would have been lost if a five loss notre dame team beat an undefeated USC team. We have to be responsible for making plays for the hurricanes plain and simple. Hanker son dropped balls and went to see Duper I beleive to get better. I say we go and beat UVA and play fsu again. The NCAA would not let fsu get down by 17 points on us in Miami so they called an incomplete pass. Good teams get love and we have to start making our own fortune.

Now see...when differences of opinion like this are expressed respectfully and interestingly that is what blogging was meant to be.


Posted by: 86Cane | November 05, 2012 at 09:01 PM
What a cream puff.....pie faced drunk

go cry to manny and susan u loser

d'o saying he is staying with his defense he has run forever and says the kids are getting better??? WTF??
Against VT, the defense was totally changed, 4 down linemen, LBs a yard closer to the LOS, blitzes, man to man pass coverage that gave time for rushers to get to the VT QB.

Either d'o was oblivious of the changes, or he is a liar, or the kids changed the defensive scheme on their own. Whatever the reason, the kids had better keep the same aggressive defensive formations and use what held VT to 12 points instead of going back to d'o's prevent the win crap defense that gives up 30+ points per game.

N.D. does get favorable officiating calls, especially at their home field. I would not agree to play them at South Bend where you not only have to beat them, but the ref's as well. I think it stinks Miami has to play them there next season, especially after playing them at Soldier Field this season. Soldier Field is about an hour & a half drive from N.D. campus, about the as the Canes from Sun Life.

Did anyone see Louis Nix (Miami decommit) slap a Pitt player to the helmet after a 2nd down run in the 2nd O.T. Nix was upset and lost it after the play was over. A number of Pitt players pointed at Nix & waited for a referee flag, but guess what? They were playing at South Bend, N.D. players can do what they want there.

What about OL Jermaine Johnson, when will he rejoin the team?


See you missed your meds again this morning. Way to keep it humorous.

Soldier field was 99-100% home field for ND. Who the ( ) is anyone kidding here? The field was decorated ND. The Jumbotron ads were all ND. The fans were 90% ND. The venue is 1.5 hrs from south bend-easy drive down I-90. There were ND alumni there-not 50-50, but only ND. So donttell me this was a neutral site. The ref's call against Gabe was pure and simple BS- please dont tell me he was out of popsition. He was standing there and he was P-U-S-H-E-D into the punter on 3rd and ten from the ND ten yd line. UM would have had excellent field position in a 0-0 game after UM dropped two sure TDs. Insdtead ND drove the entire length of the field.
Another horrendous call was a tackling oob on the next ND drive that also kept the drive alive. For the players, by the end of the 1st quarter, it was obvious they were not going to get any breaks and Dorsett and AJ didnt help either.

No one said ND doesnt play anyone. They play very disciplined tough football with a sprinkle of excellent athletes. UM has MORE speed and excellent athletes, but ND is better coached and more disciplined.

UM has to beat UVA. HAs to has to has to. has to. They need to arrive thinking this is Tallahassee and play like theres no tomorrow.

Right on 532

ND is over rated
KSU was over rated
The whole SEC is over rated
Texas is over rated
So is Louisville, FSU and Clemson
All we need do is beat UVA and Duke
We are so awesome!

haven't been on the blog in a while...i can say this though....improvement improvement improvement.....they are starting to improve a lot(defense) still don't like some of the calls coach d makes..but as a whole they are improving...would like for them to take another bowl ban just to get it over with...the team is starting to buy in a lot...love morris as a qb...remember he and the receivers are all coming back..kind of feel like one of the freshman tight ends will get a lot of playing time next year....anyways glad to see the team improve..improvement improvement is the name of the game....lets finish the season strong...love to see them finish 8-4...and 3 losses coming against all top ten teams where they had opprotunities to stay in the game

CaneFan`72 aka Calvin aka jim gallo must of skipped his doctors appt again
Come up with some new material D-Bag or just S T F U
Theres a place called EOTH that would love to have another brainless idiot join them
You might even get a fake online lawyers degree if youre lucky
Run along jr and leave sports talk to people that have a clue

Congrats little girls, you are on track for a first ever ACC ship. Or are you? Why is lowly UVA favored over your sorry team? UVA and Duke stand in your way. Wow, that is scary. Scary for you, a cakewalk for anyone else.
No matter don't feel bad when you lose to one of those pansies even if you had made it to the ship game you would have been smacked down by either FSU or Clemson.
Wait til next year, or next decade.

"UM has to beat UVA. HAs to has to has to. has to. They need to arrive thinking this is Tallahassee and play like theres no tomorrow."

Dude you sound like a little whinny child. And you doomed your sorry team if they think they are going to Tally they will fold. Just like the idiot who said last year to treat the BC game like a bowl game. They did and were embarrassed.

WOW....18 turnovers....3 more then last year. I know this defense is still a work in progress. We have seen improvement each week. This defense next year will be scary good actually. Getting takeaways was pretty evident the first game of the season at Boston College.

Not related to this article but it looks like bryant is probably decommiting and Collins is pretty much a fsu lock.

Got tickets for the UVA game, and the consensus in this area is that if the real Miami team shows up and plays the way Miami can play UVa will be shattered by exceptional young athletes, in a truly breakout game.

If one looks at the UVA lineup you will notice that there are No 3, 4, and 5 stars but a bunch of kids Coached to the nth degree. Athletically we have them beat, even with our redshirt lineup.

When the 'U' puts together our complete game it is going to be a thing of beauty, and I have 50 yard seats to enjoy it...I think this Saturday we make the next step..Win and move on to the ship.
The 'U' will have a great game on a day forecast to be sunny and 62-65 degrees.
Let's play some football.
The 'U' 48-14
Go 'Canes Always

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