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Gameday blog: Canes vs. Virginia Tech

The Canes (4-4, 3-2 ACC) are coming off a bye week and playing the last of three consecutive home games at Sun Life Stadium tonight against a Virginia Tech Hokies team (4-4, 2-2 ACC) that isn't your uncles Virginia Tech Hokies team.

Kickoff is set for 7:30 p.m. and the game can be seen on ESPN.

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GO Canes!!
Start fast, hit hard, maintain.
We can DO this.

Gotta win this one. GO CANES!

Just read on the sentinel fsu has offered franklin and he is claiming him and collins will play together.could this be a two for one deal?we need collins bad for more depth.

All orange is this 1984

Stadium is empty as hell.

Oh no! Gimme 1st.

PICK!! That'll stop that.

Anyone remember fan concerns about empty stadiums before moving from the OB? Anyone remember shalalala saying with busing the stadium would be just like the OB? Thanks shalalalala...

30k people must've missed the bus....this is pretty sad.

We are blitzing on every play.

TD thats the first blocked anything i can remember in years. GO CANES

I get upset about his play sometimes, but we all have to admit Morris is a lot better than Jacory was.

stopping Logan should have been the #1 goal. without his runs, they are a bad offense. c'mon def.

Good D stop.

Morris looks like Joe Montana if you are comparing him to Spongbob.

Sending LBs into coverage is opening it up for Logan.

yes johnny, morris is not a great qb, but much much better than JH. i think in part he is better coached, though fisch makes some strange calls at times. this team will grow up together, which is great for the future

Now let's stop Logan Thomas!!!

I like the no huddle, but the offense should milk the clock more to give the D a break. It helps scoring like this, 2 special teams plays, great to see.

Agree!!! Quick scoring drives from us and long drives from them are going to wear this D down!

Logan running is the only thing that will bite Miami in the butt later.

He is very inconsistent passing, make him throw.

2nd and 7 and you go deep? now 3rd and long. we need to learn to maintain drives for the defense fisch should be more patient.

We need to score!!

I like taking the shot. We hit that and Fisch is a genius.

That should NEVER happen. Maybe a spotter for him, bad coaching there.

Worst dc ever

Unacceptable!!!! The only person beating us is the QB, and we turn our backs to him? Wow!

with all DUE respect to Coach Golden. If he doesnt FIRE DNO after todays game HE IS MORRON!!!

WOWW LOGAN is so BAD at passing that he THROWS BRICKS!!! and knowing that we only have to stop the run to win HE RUNS &( YARS UNTOUCHED FOR A TD!!!!!! DNO TAKE A HIKE

I am not excusing the def, but the offense needs to keep them of the field for more than 1-2 minutes. We need a good drive


I'm getting the feeling that we are going to need BIG plays all night to score. Can't seem to move the ball otherwise!

65 yard run and we cant punch it in?

For all of you that use the WE are Young excuse just watch tonights game and you will get convinced that our coaches LOOSE the games!!! Did you see that LAME play selection in the red zone by fisch!! and the LOGAN TD WOOOWWWW UNACCEPTABLE HE IS 260LBS!!!! and outrun our D WHAAATTTTT that is what happens when you are out of position!! on D

This team flashes so much promise for the future, but continues to remind that we are not ready!

VT coaching is helping us. They should be running more, their qb isn't a very good passer. Giving our def chances and self destructing their drives. I hope they keep trying to throw, we can't stop the run, again

It's goodto see Jake nailin' the FG's, but i wish they were extra points. J. Johnson looks good. A stop here, and we get the ball 1st sec half. C'mon DEFENSE

Good stop for the D, not pretty but 3 is better than 7. Golden says the same thing every week,"we need another takeaway in the 2nd half". The offense needs to score on the first possession. A long slow driveto keep our D off the field. VT coaching not as good as years past.

Has anyone ever seen a personal foul called when a running back gets tackled on a running play? I've never seen that before in my life.

Only when its helmet to helmet.

Great stop!!! Let's make a TD drive offense!!!

Greatto see big ol' porter in there. we need a big body to stand their ground up front. I hope your right snug, a D would put pressure on VT

COACHES are gona loose the GAME they SKKK

This is when Miami just starts acting stupid. Tired of this junk

Canes continue to get hosed by officials

Why are they running the ball? What is the OC thinking? Come on!!!

Cane offense is WEAK!!!!!!!!!! Offensive Line sucks!!!

Cane offense is killing Cane Defense!!!!!!!
Give Ryan Williams a opportunity!!!!!!!!!!!

playcalling !!!!! WTF

The problem is simple:

Fisch is horrible horrible horrible

Morris is a pubic hair above japicky harris

The o line stinks

Mike james is terrible

I dont want to hear tanymore about donofrio. Its the o. Plain and simple.

How many yds rushing tonight?

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