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Gameday blog: Canes vs. Virginia Tech

The Canes (4-4, 3-2 ACC) are coming off a bye week and playing the last of three consecutive home games at Sun Life Stadium tonight against a Virginia Tech Hokies team (4-4, 2-2 ACC) that isn't your uncles Virginia Tech Hokies team.

Kickoff is set for 7:30 p.m. and the game can be seen on ESPN.

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The O doesn't work b/c Morris doesn't play percentages and take what the D gives. We need a smarter QB.

4 consecutive 3 and outs. Bench Morris!

Stephen Morris, sincerely u suck!!

We gotta make something happen!!

Dear offense: please try to win. No one can blame the D for this game.

I'm tired of complaining. I feel like Dan Sileo. What's the point anymore. It's just beyond bad

Make that 5 consecutive 3 and outs. Guy has the brainpower of a gnat.

Wow, no 3rd down conversions in the entire game!!!!! Lame!!!!

I think it is time for Ryan Williams, he could not possibly miss targets any worse than Morris.

1-10 for 1 yard. In second half Morris is killing this team
And game. And golden won't pull him
And fisch won't call
Five yard gain on first down!

why is morris gunning the ball 40 yards every 3rd down when 6 or 7 will do, just get the first down

I'm not sure which coordinator is dumber three straight pass plays with a lead in the fourth quarter. Run the clock. We took no time off the clock and put their offense right back on the field.

Gee - you think the D might be a little tired.

Talking about developing players. Chick hasn't done nothing all year.

if we don't score in this possession u gotta bench Morris

Note: we just ran a running play.

Alex - agreed!


OK - there might be a God....

finally damn it!! TD!

canes should win this, VT suck...

run run run pass and the game is over

vT can score quick too. Hold your breath.

Finally, a TD drive!!! Let's go Canes! Don't quit D

we should be winning by at least 4 td, VT does suck and they are killing themselves and we have done nothing to take advantage

great series by the the defense!!! 3&out!!! let's run the clock out with james and duke

well this game is over unless we give the game away

D is growing up before our eyes.

about time they did... should win out the rest of our games



we got virginia, south florida and the reborn Duke LOL, we might finally see the ACC championship game... somehow we'll screw it up though

knowing our luck we'll probably lose to Virginia LOL

I talked trash about us tonight but this was a big win.

Can't lose faith on our guys!!! Can't give up!!! GO CANES!!!!

You called it Masum!!! Damn this feels good! Matt Thomas, Kirkland, Bryant, Coley, Grace, Collins, y'all boys see this. Imagine us in 2-3 years. The U invented SWAG!!!

Thank You VT and Logan for suking more than us and the nice W. Did you see that pathetic DNO celebrating at the end!!! he should have gone and thank logan for fumbling at the one and throwing an int in red zone plus missing an OPEN OPEN guy by 5 yards in 4th down plus all those horrible bricks he threw!!! we gave up almost 500 yards of O to a team that sks

This win was not pretty, but it was a W for

J I M M Y J O H N S O N.

Congratulations Coach this one is for you..

When you said your happiest days were with our 'Canes it made it all worthwhile.
Good win 'Canes.
Go 'Canes Always

UGoCane, great tribute. Ugly, I mean ugly win. This defense plays hard, even with their ranking. VT gave this game away. Golden actually outcoached Beamer, only because VT coaching was worse. I like Golden, his cood's not so much. I hate to see us go through the constant changes like with RS. It hurts having to learn new systems every year or so. But enjoy the win canes fans, work comes early tomorrw. GO CANES

All the hate for Morris? The VT D had a Pass rush & coverage in the 2nd half. The Cane D had the best effort in the 2nd half all yr. Morris had a bad start in the 2nd half but made a couple of big clutch throws in the 4th.When it counted the D the Duke , MJ and yes , Morris iced it in the end. GREAT WIN!!! The Tie did what Shannon and Coker couldn't do.

It's amazing how a little movement on the offense fired this defense up tonight. Defense was on the field way too long, but, they stood up and now have 9 days to rest, just like the last game. Then the defense made a couple of stands, which got the offense moving. Good game, a bit hair raising at times, but, never the less a win. Congratulations Team, Go Canes.

And the U still s.u.c.s........lol.... And again a home game but yet all of internet coaches are in here and not at the game....

It's time to give this young defense a pat on the back for this game. The offense sputtered most of the game, but the D held up throughout the entire game except for one play. They are growing up.


I was getting pretty worried there when VT kept driving and driving and it seemed the Canes couldn't get a first down .

Instead of folding , the Canes responded with big plays on both sides of the ball at the end .

Outstanding Canes , you did it .

there is no reason the canes wont make it to the acc title game duke will lose to clemson..so if the canes win 1 of the 2 acc games the have left the are in....now that would be taking lemons and making a full course meal.

Who were those idiots calling the game, they need to STFU! Keep talking like smo was the full-time starter last year, saying "he has so much more control of the offense this year". I couldn't take those guys anymore!

Once again they knew the middle of the field was going to be wide open for logan thomas and the sea just parted wide open, lol. Great job knowing down and distance and when you're being set up.

I had a feeling deon bush was going to eventually get hurt, that man gives it up for the team, lol. For the rest of the year i just wanted that man to stay healthy and get bigger for next year, cause he's out their playing like he's bigger than what he actually is. Laying it all on the line for your teammates. I know jamal carter has got to be saying, man, one of them spots in that secondary mines. If he can come in and play at least to the level of deon bush, we'll have 2 nasty safeties.

I like seeing jimmy johnson being frustrated on the sidelines watching that offensive series in the redzone, i know in his mind he's thinking, "next time i get al on my boat, i'm going to let em know, look, you and you need to tell your oc, enuff with all this cute stuff in the redzone and take hold and let it be known that this is where were going to prove we're a physical team".

2 trips in the redzone and we keep wasting the 1st 2 plays on offense.

Just wanted to say great win for my young Canes and Coach Golden.
Also wanted to send out a Hurricane size F-yourselves to Little Jimmy, Calvin, Snotman, and all the other dipsh!t$ on here that bash our team and coaches. How Ya likes us now boyz!

Just wanted to say - you guys are the absolute worst sports fans in America. Go follow some other school you didn't go to you cry babies.

Great win for the Canes!!!

Nice win. Not the prettiest, but nice enough. VT made a lot of mistakes but so did UM. The main thing is this team fought until the final whistle. Our D is getting ever so slightly better but still has miles to go. Can't wait for Porter to get up to speed. He's an impact player. Glad Wieclaw got his head on straight. You losers who wanted to bench him can suck an egg. Just keep plugging alone, one game at a time. Next up, some real payback v. UVA. I'll be there. Go 'Canes!

Nice win for this team...good job by the coaching staff. The defense is starting to show progress. The offense regressed a little at times but they also came up when it counted.

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