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Gameday blog: Miami at Virginia

The Canes (5-4, 4-2 ACC) are playing in Charlottesville this afternoon and taking on a 3-6, 1-4 Virginia team minus four starters: WR Rashawn Scott (suspended indefinitely), LB Eddie Johnson (didn't make the trip), S Deon Bush (stinger) and LB Denzel Perryman (ankle).

Kickoff is set for noon and the game can be seen on ABC.

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Lets Go Canes!!!

Why is Eddie Johnson And Scott not playing? What was the infractions?

FIRE DNO PLeassseeee

Cant stop teams on 3erd cant convert 3rds

HOPE we loose the last 3 games .... so we have no chance to self impose a bowl ban!! it is the same sht ..why play to win and not go to a bowl... instead we loose 3 games and coaches have to get fired ...!!! WE WIN!!!!

Now we get the ball and its going to be 3 in 3 out


The Cane players stop VA TWICE for third and long.
And what do gdamfugging morons golden and D'O do??????

prevent (the win) soft zone NO coverage defense.
No blitz, no man to man pass coverage.

God damn it, god damn it, god damn it.
Why is everyone so fuggging stupid at Miami???????????????????

All year I have been explaining the stupidity of D'O and golden's worthless defense schemes changing to them on third down. WHY????? do they keep using their losing prevent the win defense??????

When will these Aholes be fired??????????

Did you see our defensive scheme at the goal line with the LBs 2 yards in the inzone and leaving the 1 to 5 yards OPEN!!!!

OMG, shut up CaneFan'72...FIRE YOURSELF from being a "so-called UM fan" - I'm CERTAIN that when they do things right and the outcome is positive, you have a totally different mindset....typical of Miami's sad, fair-weather fan base!

Win, lose, tie...doesn't matter....I BLEED ORANGE AND GREEN (and, I go to home and away games too....!) I'm sure the same cannot be said for YOU.

UM is missing BUSH, PERRYMAN and EDDIE JOHNSON on defense, arguably their best defensive players along with Chickalo....so, shut the F**K UP, will you!


The only thing to dam--d with your post '72, will be you.

I thought this was a pro(for) canes site. Jerry and canesfan? 72, your not fans.

Defense is PUPU

D'Onofrio is the absolute worse DC in college football. Receivers running wide open all over the place. We make every QB look like a Heisman trophy winner. FIRE that bum.

Gallo are U watching the GAME!! Our D is Pathetic!! even worst their lowly QB looks like a heisman candidate.. even worst he has hit on almost all his passes to WIDE OPEN WIDE OPEN WRs .. WOOWWWWW

This defense is playing a prevent passing type of situation where they are afraid to get burnt deep but instead are giving up 15-20 yards per chunck. They should be better than that now this late in the season. Coaching?

*groan* Like a sieve out there .

OHHHH HO HOOOOOO ! DUKE !!!!! What acceleration !


ANOTHER 3erd down conversion to an open wr by the backup QB wowww

Jerry, Are you a canes fan or not. I think not. "I hope the canes loose(should be lose) the last 3 games". Wow, with more fans like you, I just don't know.

Can't get off the field on third. Try something different D'Onofrio. What a moron.

Against our D. Virginia's O looks like Oregons or Oklahoma woww

lets go canes

Stay perfect on third down conversion. Damn it.

Im Alumni 1990. Never missed a game then Used to travel from overseas with my brother and friends to watch Canes
games every year..
Now to our team Virginia !!! is 3 for 3 with TDs....
This is NOT CANES football... It is HUMILIATING!!!
But the worst part is our ADMinistration that doesn't care anymore about our program only about ratings and MONEY!!! as all liberals DO!!

Canes have got to come up with answers on defense .

wow our D is sooo horrible, this is a total shame, soo hard to watch these guys

wow just wow at this defense missing players or not no excuse for this bs

See my comments from yesterday; AG and coaching staff will not get it done for U.

They need to fix that defense right now, in this game.

Seems like the D has given up the usual 500 yds already

apparently duke has 2 do it all for the canes

going to be a high scoring game neither team playing defense hopefully our offense can out score theirs

Hey jerry. Blaming this on the liberals? Romney lost. Get over it.

Our offense and special teams are looking good so far, the D line is playing with some intensity. Our LB's and DB's need some immediate attention.

One thing I noticed from that last Va QB TD , was a blatant hold that was missed on the line .

42 points of offense , and we're barely into the second quarter . I didn't see this happening .

hurns should be getting the ball more instead of dorsett bigger target who doesn't drop passes as much

It's because of Liberals Miami had a lousy D, bwahahahahahaha. MORON!

DE 51 is not a DE but an LB and cannot really play the run game well at al.

YES!! a turnover


Kacy got realllly lucky that wasn't called .

D'Onofrio made and adjustment. Now they are running the ball too. Good job.

very hard to watch this defense

our defense plain stinks there is nothing more can be said...

Why do I torture myself watching the Canes on a 6 x 6 computer screen??

I have never seen such piss poor defensive and head coaching of any football team as on the Cane defense as I have seen this year.

This is disgraceful.

For all of the morons who do not know their butt from a first down about football, VA has scored an average of 23 points per game.

The first quarter ended with VA scoring on every drive, now 21 points. Like Duhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

The receivers are wide open, our LBs are five yards off the LOS, no blitz, no stopping of end runs.

WTF is wrong with Miami fans and alumni? You act like you never saw one game during UMs five championships and in the final BCS game for three more??????????????

Chickollo is way past overrrated, he is contsatly getting caught inside or simply being blocked out of the play. He has been a starter for 3 yrs and this is the best he can do REALLY!! The staff benched Telemaque and that was the correct decison because he is a JUCO starter at best.

We need to go to FSU and and hire their D coordinator and demote Golden ASAP!!

I am curious to see what rules where broken...? So far this game has been exciting. I like what I am seeing in rotating defensive players in and out. It may not an immediate impact other then giving players breathing time. But down the road when all these freshmen and sophomores have all these reps then Miami will have a formidable defense.

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