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Gameday blog: Miami at Virginia

The Canes (5-4, 4-2 ACC) are playing in Charlottesville this afternoon and taking on a 3-6, 1-4 Virginia team minus four starters: WR Rashawn Scott (suspended indefinitely), LB Eddie Johnson (didn't make the trip), S Deon Bush (stinger) and LB Denzel Perryman (ankle).

Kickoff is set for noon and the game can be seen on ABC.

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Still in shock thought this team grew up last week but I was very wrong. Out coached, when are the coaches going to stop the defensive ends from crashing and when are they going to cover the middle. If we as fans can see some of the problems, why is it coaches who gets paid and watch game film can't see the problem. We must have the slowest defensive backs in the country. Ok we had a few players missing but there were still 11 players on the field and you play with the players you have. Maybe if they coached harder and talked less about how young this team is, there would be more wins.

At least they won't be able to self impose a bowl ban because you have to be ELIGIBLE for a bowl before you can ban yourself. Looks like the kids are going to make sure they don't go to a bowl game and keep it out of the administrations hands....pitif U l

We play with no fire. Comes from top down. Time to move on Golden.

Worse defensive performance in history

I cannot watch this. My wife cant watch this. Our collective blood pressures were 200/120 each! This team is going to kill me one day.

Why do I even care when these overpaid clowns keep losing games with their horrific coaching?

How do you call a conservative series when you have such excellent field position? This type of game time coaching is pathetic- I blame Fisch more than Golden.

Donofrio- You are a jerk and youcant coach a pop warner defense. You are horrendous. Every team looks great against us thanks to you.


Highsmith and Finnie dont belong in D-1 period. Give your scholies away because you all stink.

Eddie Johnson- Whatever you did to get you suspended for this game? Give away your scholie

Same with Rashawn Scott.

Chikillo- whatr did you do in the off season to become so soft and slow?

I cant watch this anymore. Thye will lose to Duke because Duke plays the same type of offense- to the TEs and dink and dunk to great receivers and Miami'
s D will play soft and not tackle and not put pressure on the QB


this defense, talking all season long and certainly today...WORST defense i have ever watched in all of my years of watching football...it's like they arent even there..grew up last week? VT beat themselves last week...they moved the ball at will...worst defense i have ever seen.
the duke is a star

ONLY thing that is making me feel good today is that Texas A&M is beating Alabama and Saban 21-0 (I know it is early still), but it would be great on 4 counts:

1) SEC honks had been getting on A&M and Missouri coming into the SEC that they can't compete.

2) There would no SEC team in the BCS championship game this year. Those no tooth losers would not know what to do.

3) Any time Saban loses it is good.

4) Anytime 'Bama loses that is great. For those of you that don't know, that program and it's fans can't stand Miami (most SEC teams/fans are like that too). They bang on our team and fans whenever they get a chance. They were mad about the ESPN 30 for 30 program "The U", because it never discussed the 1992 Sugar Bowl loss to them or the fumble by George Teague on Lamar Thomas. Their fans are insufferable and any time they lose I am ecstatic.

Truth is though, unlike Gator and SEC fans, I can not really take joy if another team loses or my conference is doing well and my team is not. CAG and company need to step it up.

The good ol boy buddy coach hires have to go! D'Nofrio goes or I'll encourage 2 recruits I know personally, very well or lets say have a moderate bit of influence over to go else where. One happens to be a family member. I'm sure everybody saw repeated passes over the middle. No adjustment! DB retreating waiting on the ball to be caught before reacting! Chickillo too slow and out of position, but still coaches pet! safeties never come up always play prevent! With a competent DC we would have won these close games. Youth or not! The kids deserve better.

Its time for Cane Nation to demand D'Nofrio be released!

I don't mind be the epilog to a game that in my estimation we should have won.

Bright day, 68 degrees, and the 'Canes warm up looked very good. In fact the Coaches and players you could see were really up for this game.
Just at the close of the first warmup, Duke looked around, waved to a few fans, and then at the finale of the warmup he did a full back somersault and smiled while he ran off the field..The kid is a pleasure to watch.

The game we all know went bad for us in the last 10 seconds, but many Wahoo fans said it was a close game that could have gone either way, and gave Miami a thumbs up for the speed and sportmanship during the game..How many flags, not many.

Our defense did rush the QB's on occasion but when we needed it we were't able to make it happen..

Now I know that you posters went ballistic at the loss, but I left that stadium thinking that these loses are something that all the players will have in their heads, and on the last play reverberates becasue we had to get to the Quarterback. Got there 6 " short, and that is what makes this loss so painful.

Seeing Duke play and hearing the Miami fans shouting "Duke", "Duke" was wroth the price of admission..in fact seeing this kid play is electric...I would have paid $1,000 for my seat and consider it money well spent.

Now we move on to Duke and I will be there to support my 'Canes..on the Lower level 50 yard line.

Right now the last thing the team needs is for people to be ripping them.Newsflash they know they lost.
Think on the plane flying home how you would feel knowing the fans are going to rip everyone to shreds...

Support will keep us growing and improving not bashing and naysaying..

The team needs us right now because what they do at Duke will predicate the mindset for 2013.
If many of you cannot be supportive, who will you be supporting in 2013?, and who will be the players and Coaches you will be asking to win...
Think about that...we make our loudmouth, woe is us dribble now, and then these players return and we want to go to the BCS game..Don't kick them while they are down..Lift them up because down the line it will be crucial for the return of the 'Canes to the Winning team that we know they can be..
Go 'Canes Always

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