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Gameday blog: UM at Duke

The Canes (6-5, 4-3 ACC) are playing their final game of the season at Duke (6-5, 3-4 ACC).

Kickoff is set for 12:30 p.m. and the game can be seen on the ACC Network. Locally, that's Channel 4.

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Defense need a fumble or interception

Looking good so far future looks bright!

Why does coach D put his corners 10 yds away every play?

Another game...another week where Mark D'Onofrio is out-coached.

It's going to take a big sales job to convince people that the Duke Blue Devils have better offensive talent than our defensive talent.

I'm convinced, Morris is the best QB they've had since Dorsey

^^^^^^I agree rbleigh

why all the complaints about the defense this game? the score is 28-10 calm down

Who is that #21 playing DB for us? Never seen this kid before. Lol... Finally McGee looks like a vet. Closing on the ball extremely fast and playing physical!

Future looks bright? No, future looks HD, 3D, and Blu Ray!! Lol.... These young players plus the young ballers we are recruiting are about to serve the ACC up real soon!! All the real cane fans who are with us through thick

Cut my last post short!! It's all good! Real U fans gotta be feeling anxious about national signing day and next years kickoff!

correct snug

whos the canes top recruit coming in this year? like how duke and bush are this season?

Canes are playing great for their experience.... this team will be good after alot of these young guys have 30+ games under their belts.... I myself am of the belief that this bowl ban will open up a great opportunity in 2014/15

Duke Johnson is sick!!!

Should have gave Mike James the Ball
More on that Goal line possesion

12 games in and you could foolme that the defense has gotten any better

shame we should not have let that TD happen : ( they have Mo now : (

All season underneath and middle passes have hurt Miami. Coach D please stop putting then 10 yds back! A little pump and run isn't bad.

Longtimecane....Kevin Olsen - QB is probably top recruit at this time. Brother of a former UM TE Greg Olsen

Longtimecane.... The #1 recruit is a actually two players from the same school. LB Matthew Thomas and OL Denver Kirkland. Both from Booker T in Miami. Teon Harris, Brandon's little brother would be a nice addition as well to make it a trio!

Not to 1 up you "canes", but I believe Olsen is already locked in. I was just speaking about recruit targets who we still need to win over. Love Olsen as well. Great QB prospect!

Would love to see our Defense put a game away for once... Sacks, picks, or fumbles. They need to get nasty out there. Off is gonna stall at times. D needs to grab some momentum.

The question was "who is top recruit coming in this year", but if they can snag M Thomas - LB, he'll be top recruit not yet committed.
Either way, not sure anyone is "locked in" until signed. With pending sanctions, not sure I'll trust anyone until after signing day

ok are we gonna do the typical, where we come out and shove it down their throats and then we sit back and let em get back in it???? our defense is not dependable, STOP TRYING TO GET CREATIVE ON OFFENSE WITH THE STUPID WILDCAT!!!!!! run duke johnson and use our passing game!!!!!!!!

Coach D...... That's all that has to be said.

Now you can complain about the defense lol smh...

Yea I hope Olsen stays commuted. Gonna need a good qb when morris leaves after next season.

Wow!! What else can I say to describe Duke?

whooo hoooo Duke vs Dook!!


If only we had a defense. We'd be Atleast 8-3 right now

duke just got DUKED!!!!!!

Cubes fans, we have ourselves a potential Heisman candidate for the next 3 years. Not saying he's gonna win it, but he'll get an invite to NY before it's all over.

I feel bad for Mike James. He is so strong but dosnt run like it. I wish him luck if he can make it in the NFL. Duke Johnson is the truth tho.

being offsides on kickoff has to be the biggest bonehead play in the world

James reminds me of Berry, Javarris James, and James Jackson. Good, solid, string backs... But not "great". Duke has "it"!!!

Finally a stop

Good stop D!! 3 and out

Air it out Morris

This offense is so dangerous when clicking. Proud of mike James

Good hit Howard

Sack! That's what I'm talking about. Now score to break thr backs!

ACC refs are the worst. There on the level of NFL replacement refs.

WOW it's amazing that you people think this is good. ITS DUKE. OK maybe duke actually made a bowl, but its still duke. get real, the canes are still not even close to anything. The only tied in the coastal, not won. If NC ins today, they would be coastal champs, beating miami and GT. So miami has still done nothing, and DUKE UNIVERSITY will have over 500 yds of offense. GET REAL

That play by Duke sums up Hurricane football this year. So promising, yet so disappointing at times. Can't wait until this D grows into a consistently strong D!! Key word... Consistent

No way to keep DC. Should be fired.

@ realitystrike... you have never, not even once seen be defending our DC.. yet, I am able to see the difference in the attitude.. the way that this team does not quit and pack it in, unlike what had happened before ... no, do not ask me to defenf that because that was the most significant symbol of how far this program fell... but now we are on the way back up if you can not see that, you are blinded by your perceptual set and are not seeing what is developing in front of your eyes. I do not know if it will be next year, the year after that or the year after that, but I do KNOW that this program is headed in the right direction.. WITH VELOCITY!!

When does the Duke for Heisman 2013 officially begin?

al golden you just can't learn to put a team away can you? you can't play USF every week. Are we playing virginia again today?

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