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Gameday blog: UM at Duke

The Canes (6-5, 4-3 ACC) are playing their final game of the season at Duke (6-5, 3-4 ACC).

Kickoff is set for 12:30 p.m. and the game can be seen on the ACC Network. Locally, that's Channel 4.

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geez are you kidding me, VIRGINIA ALL OVER AGAIN!!!!

Nice push off in front of ref

Defense is scary bad. It is by far the worst in Miami history. How can they be this bad? It's just unreal.

can duke johnson play defense?

expat, that velocity seems to fading, again

Speed kills

Golden may have lost tnis game if they lose... Should have kicked a fg. And mike james... Sorry bro but you cant punch it in from the one twice?

Brandon mcgee is garbage
Thomas finnie is junk

Cant wait till all of randy shannons recruits are gone.

Herb waters you a stud.

What no flag. where are you refs, lol

Who is number 71, I think thats the first tackle he made in weeks. I know its chick, the biggest bust and overhyped waste of a scholarship

5>3>2 is right. If duke was any good at all, miami loses. Twice they took over this game, came within a TD, and miami gets a big play. But it's duke being inept that wins this game. (maybe)

This defense looks helpless at times. We're playing Duke people.

is it the scheme or is it the players or both, please someone help me understand what is werong with this defense.

The scheme is terrible so is the coach

Football iq. You cant be that stupid and play football some smarts are basic and necessary

This is the worst UM defense ever. Please get rid of D'Pieceofcrapo.

maybe is best it ends today, incredible that you score 52 points and you cant secure a win against Duke. In all my years never thought i would see a Canes defense like this. Never.

will this game ever end. lets see if golden and company can give this game away. it should be at least a 28 point lead, but we dont want to hurt dukes feelings. shalalalalalalal said dont win by more than 7 points, but you can lose by 48.

232 left to play.

This is golden morris and fisch time. Mike james, you get the ball got to have at least 5

580 yds by duke. Im sorry but donofrio and is scheme is unbelievably bad. 600 yds?

You better get that onside kick and score on this possesion. Cant get conservative

We WILL lose this game.

Wrong Bert

4 more yards and it's finally over

what i dont understand is that the ultimate goal of UM is to win a national championship.....that will never happen with mark d'nofrio.....golden says he is not replacing him....so what does it matter if golden resigns....if you cant accomplish the goal with what you have...you have to make changes....how much more simple does it have to get?

maybe the light finally goes on with these bloggers.....golden will announce resignation after this game....watch

Looking at Duke's field, is it to crazy to think a similar field at UM where the track field is next to the baseball field. I guess i am still missing the OB that field was worth at least 5 points.

I'll be glad if I'm wrong but this is pathetic.

sorry but not happy with this win, defense is pathetic socre 52 points and it is not over till the last tick against Duke ? really ?


Actually, this LB group could be special, with good coaching. Gaines, Perryman, and Johnson show a lot of potential. The D-line is a joke, all of them. Maybe portis if he says healthy can show up. Other than that, this defense has very little talent. Next season will be more of the same. Unless Golden gets some players, donna is happy, 7 pts. see ya next year

First Coastal division title, yeah that's pretty pathetic,get a life Bert, you moron! the zebra's tired to make a game of this but they ran out of time.

Jim Gallo, still ignorant and another moron joins the club!

Enjoy the lame defense AnonymousCane. How about a real name you ass wipe?

You are a real tough guy Rooster. Get a life.

Any win is good. Renfree may get drafted. Vernon for sure.

Miami pass defense is horrific. How does donofrio sleep at night?

Who busted on that Duke 99 yd TD? That dude was wide open. Cantblame donofrio on that one. That kept them in the game.

Great game refs!!

Worst officiating of the year. BIG homefield advantage. Out of all the replays Miami got none!

Officiating in this game was Terbakky Road at its finest. Tell me why we are in this league?

keep saying that but I have been right on every post.....I cant wait to get UM's final statistics from ACC....defensive yards for year probably close to 6000....al goldens resignation is starting to pick up speed on the internet.....it dosent matter, dnofrio is history.....he will go with him. now we can move on the getting the right coach for this team...butch davis gets a call, he is avalible....todd bowles gets a call....mark stoops gets a call after todays win....tremendous opportunities for UM now.....

Terribly officiated game.

Here is the our defense comparison with FSU.

FSU : DUKE = 45 : 7
Miami : Duke = 52 : 45

Similar offense between Miami and FSU, but defense is never same level. We cannot BEAT FSU and UF with this defense.

You have to know exactly how our defense and DC are bad.

The only way to fix this defense is to change DC ASAP.


go auburn

Please golden, dont defend DoNofrio. I believe this goes way deeper than having young players

I think bottom line of today DUKE game is three touchdown, 21.

Over 21, there is no hope for the next year and forever.

UM should first know this fact and every one has to ask UM and AG to fire DC ASAP.....

it still would have been better for miami to play for the championship then possible OB bid if won....you never know...maybe fsu loses today..injuries...whatever....miami comes in on a high....fsu loses....anything can happen.....all you have to do is say...ksu-ala-oregon....who would ever have thought they would lose against their opponents.....

Good, a win, and Duke really isn't all that bad this year. The defense needs to continue to grow. Seems like they let down some in the 2nd half. Good way to go out for the seniors with a win and they even beat the spread. Folks, considering all the freshmen and sophmores on this team, they really haven't done all that bad, considering where they were at the beginning of the season. Considering last year's team, with experience went 6-6 and this year's team with all the youth, 7-5 just isn't that bad. I'm not sure how many seniors we lose, but, it's not that many and only 1 is on defense. As I said in another post. Last year's team was at it's peak, while this year's team is still growing. They now have a full season under their belts and with the off season emphasis on weights, this team will be much stronger and a bit faster next year. Go Canes. Keep growing.

Jim Gallon is synonymous with the word moron, not just moronic but short sighted and couldn't be more wrong than he is a moron and that is without question.

The U did the right thing and has been proactive in this entire investigation. Listen to Golden and he already has a plan in place and implemented for any potential loss of scholarships. The bowl ban takes some of the sting out of the program and allows the U to tell recruits they will be going to bowl games without the threat of a bowl ban by the NCAA. The U broke ground taking their second consecutive bowl ban and the lost opportunity to play for a conference title will also count for the U when all is said and done. This situation is about the future not the here and now!

Also Golden on WQAM this week stated again for all you morons that don't understand basic English, he likes it here and is in this for the long haul, so stuff it morons and get used to the fact that the Canes won the Coastal outright and inspite of the ACC officials.

If Duke's stadium was worth 7 points to the home team than the refs were worth 14-21 points for the Blue Devils as well. Twice Vernon pushed off the db for a td and the call on Duke Johnson's TD pass was wrong, that ball was caught and controlled. Maybe another 7 points on giving Duke how many chances to score from the five yard line? Not many defenses have to defend that many plays on the five yard line.

If anything about this game was pathetic it was the ACC officiating that has not been stellar this year by any means!

I'm out for more football this afternoon and evening, so morons show your ignorance and again the U won and won the Coastal, eat it you idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ROFLMAO

We have the worst defense ever and there are still some morons talking about Shannon.lol can u wait for our dc to leave as well 5>3>2?

Anonymous, you are right about alot of things, but miami did NOT win the coastal, N Carolina did. NC beat both miami and GT giving them the tie breaker.
If backing into acc champ games is the only way to get there, then the U aint the U. We need to earn it, not because someone else is being punished.
Golden hasn't proven he should be here yet either, this defense would get anyone else fired, so he should be glad for the ncaa stuff right now, it gives him security

BTW, those who can't wait for all of Randy Shannon's recruits to be gone, try to field a team without Duke Johnson, Chickillo and Denzel Perryman and Stephen Morris(recruited by Randy Shannon and were verbally committed to UM before Randy was fired)and all starters on the ENTIRE offensive line. Flowers, who does not start, is Al's only guy. It is so funny, you guys need to get over it and move on and stop being butt hurt. We just squeaked by a basketball school 52-45 and you are bringing up Randy frigging Shannon. Classic.

BTW, those who can't wait for all of Randy Shannon's recruits to be gone, try to field a team without Duke Johnson, Chickillo and Denzel Perryman and Stephen Morris(recruited by Randy Shannon and were verbally committed to UM before Randy was fired)and all starters on the ENTIRE offensive line. Flowers, who does not start, is Al's only guy. It is so funny, you guys need to get over it and move on and stop being butt hurt. We just squeaked by a basketball school 52-45 and you are bringing up Randy frigging Shannon. Classic.

How about this...
Our offense is VERY good with EVERYONE coming back.
We have one of the most exciting players in CFB on our team.
This team, with a bad defense, did not quit.
They were picked by people, who know a helluva lot more about football than you guys, to finish 5th in the Coastal.

I'm all in. You "glass half-empty" guys who want out, get out and stop complaining. Go root for the Gator.

I can't wait 'till next year!!!

LOL!Shannon must have shagged their old girl or wife.

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