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Gameday blog: UM at Duke

The Canes (6-5, 4-3 ACC) are playing their final game of the season at Duke (6-5, 3-4 ACC).

Kickoff is set for 12:30 p.m. and the game can be seen on the ACC Network. Locally, that's Channel 4.

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Doesn't matter how many good players we have coming if we have a garbage dc we will not win anything that counts. Last in defense

Let's Go Gators!

Watched Miami today. Good offense great player with Johnson. That kid is already one of the top backs in the country. Defense is horrendous. I can only compare to gators' D and you guys are light years behind. Remember canes fans defense wins championships, offense wins you ACC coastal and not much else.

If I am a potential recruit I can wait to play in front of 20k in A barn burner @duke for no bowl
Game while my high school competition is playing in BCS games

First last game of season win since 2006...thanks shalalalala for all the "improvements" you have brought us. Thanks to golden, James, and duke for working hard despite our administration.

If I am a 5-star recruit I have the confidence I can make the difference on this team just like #8 has made this year.
And, with a few more "football players" along side me (forget about the stars), we can do some of the things this team has done in the past, things that no other team has done in the modern college football era.


Good Win for the Canes. Stellar offense but troubling defense. Our guys can score.

Sorry they couldn't play for the ACC title, and disagree with that decision. Cowardly administrators.

Don't see indications that Golden is leaving. Future looks bright on the Offense. But there is a major problem with the defensive coaching and this could really hurt us in the future. This must be fixed for the sake of the team. I don't think D'Onofrio has it...

GO CANES and congrats to the Seniors on a good win and a winning season! It should have continued!

That degense isnt getting any better. Golden has a olt of ecplaining to do necause Duke just scored 45 points.

Defense was horrible- although take away that 99 yard TD and the game is basically over. That was a blown assignment. Whoever let that receiver that open must be made to do up downs all day sunday.

That 99 yd TD wasnt on Donofrio. The Duke passing game is pretty solid. Renfree is pretty good abnd so are his receivers. They can dink and dunk all day if you et them. SO UM won 52-45. No one says anything about Oregon usually winning 70-58 or 55-45 either. Passing offenses today are quite sophisticated. Baylor put 60 on Kansas State. Just an example.

But overall I agree with everyone here that Donofrios defense is horrendous. Years and continents behind the gators defense.

That said- The ACC refs were at it again. Worst in college football- by far. I dont know if its an inbred bias against Miami (dont doubt it since its always been like that), or if they are plain pathetic. Even my friends in the SEC acknowledge that. The call when Walford caught a pass and ran it to thge 1 yd line was horrible. It was reviewed and in slo mo and still, he was 100% in, but they called him out at the 9. The catch after the jump pass was 100% good. How do they have replay and not see the obvious? Vernon pushed off like 3 times. Come on man!

But not to be a sunday morning QB- or nothing, but Golden kicks a fg after Mike James ( 1 yd and a cloud of dust) fails to conver from the 1...twice, and the game is basically over- the next play the 99yd TD doesnt happen, and we dont sweat it, like we did. It's called COACHING 101. BUt I'll give him a pass because UM won and has a better record than last year.

Whats worse? Coming in ranked #3 in the nation like the noles with all these hyperinflated expectations, Heisman talk for EJ aka Xavier Manuel, and they choke it away like this? Or--- NOt to be expected to do much and continue rebuilding like UM is? I feel IN SPITE of the horrible D Um is a better football team than they were even 2 years ago. There is a lot of green talent here that needs to be molded. Duke J. will come back bigger next year and clearly run for 1000 plus- He just surpassed Clinton Portis for freshmen rns all time.

Duke Johnson HAS to be an all american. How can theyleave him out in good faith?

High hopes for this team- next year will be ranked and will build from there.

I just hope Notre Dame does not win the NC this year!

For now it will still be 5>3>2. Dont forget that noles and gators.

stpete: exactly.....how sickening is GT who lost 42-10 playing for the championship against fsu whos realing from the fla loss......shouldnt that be miami? then on to OB in home town....thats the best recruitng ever.....golden says he has something in place...wtf could that be? the top florida picks have already committed to fsu/fla....we have 3 or 2 depending on whether keith bryant stays....they have over 24.
notre dame starting defense:
freshman - 2
soph - 2
jr - 4
sr - 3
fr - 1
soph - 4
jr - 5
sr - 1
not a whole lot of difference....so say BS to the young argument plus freshman QB. add to that 2 best goal line stance ever (stanford/usc) and you have a defense that carrys you to BCS
mark d'nofrio - 170/200 defense at 6000 yard (all time UM record) and a head coach that says he is not getting fired....no parent will let their kid come to UM vs lsu/fsu/ala/nd/fla or any other top 10 team....we will not recruit anyone, youll see.

here is perfect example...tcu beat #16 texas yesterday
fr - 3
sph - 4
jr - 3
sr - 1
a younger defensive team than UM.....your not even safe with 52 points....bloggers are in dream world if you think UM is going anywhere....


Your point on the TCU defense is well taken. They are traditionally a good defensive team, and even with youth, were strong again.

Something is seriously wrong with the UM defense. With all due respect to the players who played hard and were not quitters, there is a problem with the coaching. I don't hear a lot of love from D'Onofrio and question his ability to connect with the players and build a deep loyalty with them.

The secondary coach, Williams, isn't real impressive either.

I have never seen such a confused secondary in the FBS, even with some lowly teams. This has been really upsetting. Guys are confused, off receivers, leaving huge spots in the zone, giving up underneath passes all day, etc. It has been very odd.

I like Gunter as an aggressive player and a hitter, and Bush is a definite star coming up.

It ain't just youth, unless we truly do not have the players. But I don't believe that is it. It is coaching and something is definitely off. Very little improvement in the secondary game to game. Just like last year.

I mean look at the yardage being given up! Crazy numbers!

I hope we don't lose an Eddie Johnson, a great young player and a man-sized LB. Why don't the coaches cut this kid some slack and encourage him? Any team would snap him up.

Where's the love from Golden?

But it isn't all about youth and I got tired of hearing that and the players being blamed for the struggles on D. Yes, there was some improvement up front, for sure. But the secondary was really out of sync. I felt bad for our guys too many times this year.

The buck stops with the coaching, D'Onofrio. Step up or step out!

Without building a traditional Hurricanes D, we will not take the next step. I hope it gets fixed and believe coaching is the central problem.

look golden has drawn a line in the sand...he is not letting Dnofrio go.....im a stats guy....a person does not go from 170 out of 200 to top 10 defense....it dosent happen in the real world....the only logical answer is to get rid of the whole staff....work with the loss of scholarships and build with a better and more experience coaching staff....but you need a big name as HC which requires UM to step up the salary to the 3 million range (719 million UM endowment covers it).....focus on the top ncaa/nfl defensive coaches....mark stoops or a todd bowles...recuit thru them....the top guys have already committed to fsu/fla....so there is really not alot out there to begin with in florida other than tier 2 types....the current team can be repaired with the current talent...all is not lost

More evidence that the ACC sUcks:

UF 37 - FSU 26

So Carolina 27 - Clemson 17

UGA 42 - GaTech 10

Vandy 55 - Wake 21

On rivalry Saturday every single ACC team showed it's true colors........they sUUUUUUUUUUUck

And while all the traditional rivals were playing throughout the land, your Miami canes were playing their great rival DUKE, and giving up 45 points in the process.
Duke, really? Is this basketball?
45 points to Duke football?
But you will be back, right.
Wait till next year, right.
Pathetic, right.

is 45 points basketball..thats funny. it is true the acc does suck....however fsu did have a chance to beat fla....acc teams just struggle to get to bcs....seems impossible for them....

Whelp, 11 AM on a Sunday, time to read up on the University of Miami and try to troll some of their fans into talking to me!

First and foremost, Good win and much improved record from last year (6-6, 7-6)shoulda been 8-4 UV game. Along with that we played many more freshmans and sophomores than last year team and college football teams this year.

That doesnt give Mark D"fino a pass tho. This guy has to go. I say like i said since week 2 fire the whole defensive staff expect for Michael Barrow. Hopefully this new AD gets the point that this is unacceptable UM Football.

Then there's this troll named Donna Shalaaa, She can go after these sansations come. That the boosters, ect. will be pissed what the penalties are and blame her tail. Now more than what USC got in my opinion with the 2 year bowl ban already served.

Damn it mane damn it mane
firrrrrre Defensive Staff and More importantly Donna Shalaa


Who the ( ) cares if the ACC s-ks. That argument is old. I could crae less if FSU is great, or beats alabama or whatever. UF s-ks too. Another year without a NC, another year without an SEC ch. And here we were thinking BOTH Driskel and Jacoby Brisket were the #2 and #3 comings of Tim ( i have broken ribs and I still cnat start i n the NFL) Tebow. Sigh! what its like to be a gator. And dont get me started on the noles.

Ole Miss

Yeah these teams are great.

I dont mean to argue the point that Clemson and FSU are the champion chokers of the world and VaTech is not far behind. But please stop because your argument is boring. What will you all say whenNotre Dame beats Alabama or Ga in the NC? I'm actually cheering for one of the southern teams. But thats not cheering for the "SEC". Unlike you pathetic redn-ks who have nothing else but to cheer for the "SEC"

NJShore, dbc, 5>3>2.
I think your posts says it all as far as potential for our 'Canes.

Here are my observations from seeing these guys at Doak Campbell yesterday.
1. McGhee,Jenkins, and Perryman really stepped up.
Especially McGhee had a good game.
2. Tight ends really sruprised me and I know that these guys Dye and Wolford are going to be keys for our 'Canes next year. Big, Strong and Speed.
3. Finnie and Howard should also improve, but in person Tracy looks really small..He needs to bulk up.
4. Duke what can I say but in short back or I back or receiving, and even throwing, this guy plays smart and shows his football intelligence. A pleasure to watch.
Anyone who has a chance to see him play and does not make the move to do so is crazy...He is awsome.

The 'Canes fans on a beautiful day outnumbered in my estimation the Duke fans in the opposing stands..I know that it was Thanksgiving break but we made more noise that echoed in the stadium than they did..

Coach G and Coach F have the offense humming...On D we made a lot of errors and penalties in not putting these guys away.. I know that out of position, and reaching without wrapping up is one thing, but when Duke went Uptempo the Canes were totally confused and not ready.. This tells me that in our prep..we did not allow for our placement in fast actions, a cardinal sin on defense..

In conclusion, our Offense is ready to move to the next level..on D we have a lot of things to clean up, and as another 'Cane fan said at the game, we need to get some JUCO animals that really want to be 'Canes in there, and cut them loose...

Coach G was non stop action..He walked 10 miles and was in on every play. Watched him with my binoculars and he never stopped moving from warmups to game end..
He even had a reflex action with his legs when plays take place..this guy is still playing tight end on the side lines and wishes he could be on the field..Head slapping, high fiving, and jumping, he is a REAL CANE my friends and bro when it is in you bleeding for the 'Canes you are hooked..He ain't going anywhere..He is in for the process and getting ready to Coach 'em up for 2013 .

Good closeout of the season, and to be co-champs in the Coastal, I hope the seniors get their rings and have good memories.
Thanks guys for a good season and let's bring it next year.
Go 'Canes Always

Ole Miss

Yeah these teams are great.

Well, UK and Auburn are big time stinkers this year. The other 3 on your list can beat any given ACC pansie any day. And you chose the bottom of the conference, still they are better than most ACC teams. The other SEC teams you conveniently left out are in the top. In fact ranked #2 thru #7, all SEC teams.
The rest of the evidence the ACC sUcks will be manifested after the bowls are played. More losses for all your ACC pretenders.
This argument is not"old", it is current. It is true today as it was last year, and the year before that too.
It is also current that the " ACC sucks and the canes can't compete". Go home after that "big" win over "powerhouse" rival Duke. Pathetic.
See you pansies next year for your next beatdown.
Better start hitting those weights dUmmies. Not that it will matter much.

So we share the Coastal title after being pegged to finish in the bottom of the ACC. There are a good number of teams with high expectations (or, should I say higher) that did not even come close. Here are the top 10 disappointing teams with the same or worse record than us (in order):

1. USC (7-5)
2. VT (6-6)
3. WVU (6-5)
4. Arkansas (4-8)
5. Michigan State (6-6)
6. Auburn (3-9)
7. Wisconsin (7-5)
8. Tennessee (5-7)
9. UVA (4-8)
10. Missouri (5-7)

You could add FSU and Oklahoma to this list. They did not have a 5 loss season but they may as well since they each were predicted to have a chance at the BCS National Championship.

Canekiller you CAN'T KILL the 'CANES. Your team sUcks, and yoU are so SCARED that Miami will be back.

We will not see your sUck face on these posts when Miami start winning again..

Get it in Now while yoU can MORON...

Oh by the way Get a Life.
Go 'Canes Always

Ok, I know we have FAU, USF, Florida... So who's going to be that 4th team on the ooc schedule?

Well you know what we say, we will play anybody, anywhere, anytime. But lets get us another cupcake like these SEC and rest of college fottball. We played 2 top 5 BCS schools and played on the road.

Whelp, Sunday afternoon, guess I should keep reading up on the Miami Hurricanes and trying to troll some of their fans into talking to me!

1. USC (7-5)
2. VT (6-6)
3. WVU (6-5)
4. Arkansas (4-8)
5. Michigan State (6-6)
6. Auburn (3-9)
7. Wisconsin (7-5)
8. Tennessee (5-7)
9. UVA (4-8)
10. Missouri (5-7)

You could add FSU and Oklahoma to this list.

Wow the Morons are out in full force. You did play 3 of these weak teams on your list. You lost to 2 of them dUmmy. And if you played the rest you would lose most games. So if all these teams are disappointing and weak, what are you Moron? Wow.

"Well you know what we say, we will play anybody, anywhere, anytime. But lets get us another cupcake"

Richy are you so dUmb, really? You have been playing tons of cupcakes for years. That is not your problem fool. The problem is that you are the cupcake.
Next year you also play multiple cupcakes like Bethune, UVA, BC, Maryland, FAU, USF, Duke and more. This is more than half your season, 7 guaranteed wins for any decent team. Problem is you aint no decent team, you sUck.
Wait til next year, for more of the same crap.
We will be back, back to being mediocre and irrelevant that is.
All dUmb, delUsiuonal and in denial is no way to go through life clUcks!

Yippy, Yippy, some of you say, the Canes are 7-6! However, this Staff blew, or almost blew, several games, just like last year!

Ohio State went 6-7 last year. They brought in a Good Coach, who put together a SOLID STAFF. Result: UNDEFEATED! Say what you want about OSU's Head Coach, but the facts don't lie: HE CAN COACH and Surrounds himself with Good Coaches, not Best Friends Forever (BFF)!

Penn State: Every skill player transferred after the scandal. Yet, with a Good Coach, they ran off an 8-4 season. PSU was never embarrassed in any of their 4 losses, nor did their Defense give up a freeking 500 yards a game! The Coaches did not blame players. "You know, we are playing Backups" Nope! They just Coached!

Damn, I wish we had a Head Coach that dont have their best friend as best friend

Well richy you finally posted something that makes sense. Amazing, there is some intelligence for the followers of the University of Mediocre. OSU and Penn State, two excellent examples of what a good coach can do.
Problem is, for you that is, that those are 2 football schools with tradition, fans, facilities and administration support. None of which you have. So while they were able to make a turn around, you can't.
Wait till sanctions hit, it will get worse for you.


Kill yourself, Us Canes might disagree with each other but aleast we support our team Win, lose, or draw.

First why are you on UM board, Oh i forgot u dont have a team your a bandwagon fan. Typical SEC fan

any team that gives up 45 points to lowly Duke ought to self-impose another year's bowl ban for good measure

Yo Cane trash

Yo congrats on Ur "big" win @ Duke
At least U finished a little better than last year record wise. That's an improvement.
Too bad U self imposed and can't play in what woulda been Ur first ever ACC ship game
No matter U woulda have been blown out in it, at least U woulda made it.
Won't have that opportunity again for a long time

Yo this CaneKiller fella is killing me with the stuff about Duke being Ur rival, man that is funny.
Do U maggots play Duke every year on rivalry Saturday? Is that a fact? Pathetic!

Yo is Golden Retriever gonna bring back Onofrio next season? How's he ever gonna fetch U a Defense maggots? U can't win without a Defense. Against a good team that is, anyone can outscore Ur average ACC cupcake. Like U have shown, most of the time, not all.
Yo go home, sit back and watch some real football coming up in bowl season. See the real teams play.
Resist the urge to pop up that old DVD, living in the past won't help.
Have a great holiday season, see ya next year for more of the same.
Bunch of pathetic LOOSERS!!!

Funny how "fans" puff their chests out about their teams that they have no effect on what so ever. Your life must really suck to ride the high of others. Get a life.

I just read that "beating Duke allows Miami to finish season on a high note", anyone believing that has obviously never picked up a musical instrument. How bout those ACC Champions--The Florida State College for Reprobates and Wayward SAT scores. Of course it would be beyond hilarious if the high SAT scoring Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets defeated Clown U. in Charlotte in front of 38,000 spectators and 42,000 empty seats.

Does Golden fire the DC? I dont think so, but he will probably change the scheme. He has to do something about that defense.

Well guys, my jean shorts are feeling way too tight - I guess men should not wear thongs. Anyway, off to get my food stamps and then a nice classy dinner with my mom at the Gainsville McDonalds tonight.

Cane trash ur killing me with your words maggot & fetch u must redneckgonize we have a past that's y your on here u c us rolling ur hating but we got 5 on it & I'll bet anyone of u cane haters that big al & u m will play for a national championship b4 fswho or the gayturds bet big $$$$$$ on that!!!!!!!

Whelp, Sunday afternoon, better spend ALL DAY reading up on the University of Miami and trying to troll some of their fans into talking to me!

7-5, while not great is better than last year. This has been a crazy season:

Ohio State 12-0 but ineligible. that one would have killed me. Serves them right for 2002.

USC starts the season ranked #1. matt Barkley overwhelming Heisman fav. Finishes (so far)- 7-5 no better than the canes

FSU- perennially overhyped, perennial under achievers.

UF- the ugly duck at the ball. Yet again. LOL. Your besties georgia may win the NC rather than you all. Makes me shite myself laughing.

Wisconsin- man, what happened?

texas- seriously- You are the FSU of Texas.

Miami is rebuilding. NCAA or no NCAA. theyll be back. The brand is still intact judging by the TV ratings. The ACC heads and the TV people are pulling their hair because of what could have been: an ACCch matchup between UM-FSU and potentially a Chick Fil-a matchup with Florida.

crockilla you sound more like a chinchilla, dUmb and dUmber. 7 - 5 is better than what you did last year that is the only thing you got right dUmmy. Now remember who you played, any other of the schools you mentioned would have been at least 9 - 3 or better.
FSU beat you up dUmmy. Again. Even if over hyped and under achievers they still clean your clock every year. That makes you an under achieving, over hyped looser and wannabe. Rebuilding. For a decade. You will be back. In another 20 years.
You dummies should be glad you didn't get that rematch with FSU, they would have schooled you again.
Chick Fil-a matchup with UF? Only in your wet dreams. UF is Sugar Bowl bound to play a real opponent like Oklahoma, not an ACC pretender.
Texas, seriously would clock you too. So would Wisconsin, remember that bowl game against the corn fed UW linemen? Run all over that excUse of a defense you have to roll out.
Considering you play in the ACC and an assorted number of OOC cupcakes you should be in the ACC ship every year. But you are not. Rebuilding right?
All dUmb, delUsional and in denial is no way to go through life clUcks.

To canekiller u m had the 9th toughest schedule in fbs schools played 3 top ranked schools 2 away 1 at home fswho played 2 ranked teams both at home & u were preseason ranked #4 u lost 2 a team the canes beat get a life punk were coming

Oh boy, I've trolled a bunch of people into talking to me on this blog!!

Hope it stays up for days!!!

Time to read up on the Miami Hurricanes some more!!!

where are the Canes listed as having the 9th toughest schedule?

On Sagarin ratings, they are listed with the #45 toughest schedule.

Where are they listed at #9?

And with this name change, they won't even know it's me!! ;)

Hey dUmmy, I don't need no stinkin' name change, I'm not as nice as this rc dude.
I would have phrased that something like this:
you dUmb clUcks are making up crap again, you did play 3 ranked schools and got schooled by all of them. Apart from that you played ACC and OOC pansies and struggled to win and even lost to 2 bad ACC teams. #9 toughest schedule in your wet dreams little girls.
See the difference you big dUmmy?
The facts remain the same, you still sUck.

yea we suck with 1 2 3 4 5 national championships clown

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