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Gameday blog: USF at Canes

The Canes (5-5, 4-3 ACC) are playing their final home game of the season against South Florida (3-6).

Kickoff is set for 3 p.m. and the game can be seen on SunSports.

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another game of trying to find the hurricanes on TV

the game is on fox sports

watching Canes in NC, on Fox Sports South

I live in maine they are on nesn here, So im lucky i actually get this game

Please any web pages with live stream of game . In atlantic city.

6-0 Canes, wow how far we have fallen

Lets go canes

This canes O line stinks!

Thanks guys. In Gainesville and watching on FOX.

Go Canes!

The only person in JRS more stupid than golden and D'O and their prevent-the-win defense that allowed USF to move the ball the length of the field with D'Os zone pass NO coverage was the coach of USF letting 30 seconds slip away and going into the locker room at the half with all three time outs and 3 points instead of 7. Talk about stupid coaching.

UM is more than capable of losing this game in the 2nd half. USF QB is finding wide open receivers and UM is getting no pressure on him. UM better keep playing or they will have more problems.


I never want to see a person lose there job, but coach D is horrible. Football is a game you have to learn. Can he just study from other defensive cor? Why does he keep calling that zone? It never works! What's his problem?

A complete drive for a TD, followed by a defensive stop? That's what I'm talking about!

Big Herb from Homestead!! Let's go baby.

All I want for Christmas is a new coaching staff at the U! Guys this was USF not FSU, so don't get it twisted with this win. This game has not excited any top HS recruit to attend the U....The coaching sucks, 35 seconds left and Morris and Duke Johnson are still playing in a 30-3 game...WHY????

Mike James, Kendall Thompkins, Vaughn. All seniors getting no PT. Yet Waters a true freshman is out there every play. Why?

Is this what we have in store for us next year? A poise, strong armed QB in Morris, a deep group of talented WR's, and The Duke!!! I like it!

So running up the score on an inferior team makes Golden feel good. We are playing starters in the 4th qtr with the score 37-3 now. The coaching staff is a perfect collection of idiots!!! I guess we are back to receiving free tickets at McDonalds with a purchase of a Big Mac.

Snugg954, we have had Morris but some reason Sir Golden elected to play that highly touted pro prospect Jacory (Loser) Harris, for 2 yrs

Jacory was bad, but Whipple didn't help at all! J12 improved with Fisch. But Morris is a better QB/Leader! I agree

Interested to truly see what this teams looks like next year. Should improve greatly!

Really need another RB to compliment Duke.... Alex Collins????

We better blow out Duke the same way.

Damn Thompkins!!!! Great catch bro!

Should see more growth next year. looking forward to that need another back to go with duke tho.

A win is a win canes bowl eligible now!!!!!!!

You guys would complain about a free lunch...what kendall tompkins et al are doing today will make players think twice about screwing up...might not get another chance.....like old times...

Yeah, but we won't be going to a bowl. We are going to self-impose a ban.

I am glad that we won this game but let's face the truth Golden and his coaching staff are not ready for prime time. I agree that we should not take the bowl bid, becasue we would simply get embarrassed.

Golden is a good coach, it's just going to take time to get back on top. No coach could come in and do a better job than Golden. The defense needs a lot of work, but the team will get there eventually.

good game canes, every win counts...the offense has good potential to be a power house. defense is a work in progress and im not talking about the players. defense today looked like all pro, good job men....go canes.

Great job, Canes!

Good game Defense, and great game Moris and WRs.
And nice perfection by Wielcaw.

A satsfying win, 40 - 9.




Tbe NCAA will screw us however possible, whether we self-impose or not. Stand up for the Team, the Fans and the University.

You to Shahlalalala...

These guys can be proud of their accomplishments and should reap ALL the rewards! Period.

Go Canes!

Some of you know nothing about football. Win or loose this year, Golden is a terrific coach. These guys are young but he is developing them nicely.the difference between this and next yr will be dramatic. Once he adds a few pieces, esp on the defensive side, and w/ some more experience, they will be much better. It would have taken Jesus three to four yrs to clean up the mess Golden inherited.Al is recruiting, developing, and coaching amazingly well considering all the problems he has had this yr! Injuries, suspensions, youth, NCAA etc.

This defense will be better, only giving up 3-400 yds a game next year. There is no, NO signs of growth on the def front to make a difference from this year to next. The LB's will improve, but teams will still run and pass at will. This game was against a pathetic SF Bulls team who will fire their coach, did not have a QB, and the depth gone from what was a competitive team a few years ago. IT MEANS NOTHING.

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