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Golden after heartbreaking Virginia loss: "It's really important we don't splinter"

The Hurricanes are back at .500 following a heartbreaking 41-40 loss on the road at Virginia.

Of all five UM losses this season, this one will probably haunt UM coach Al Golden and his assistant coaches the most. UM (5-5, 4-3 ACC) had a 10-point lead in the fourth quarter, and then a five-point lead with the ball following a safety with 4:19 remaining. 

This loss wasn't about a lack of talent or being outclassed by a better team. The Canes simply blew too many opportunities against a Cavaliers team (4-6, 2-4 ACC) that will be lucky to finish .500.

This, by the way, is Golden's third loss to a sub .500 team in his first 22 games as Hurricanes coach. Golden's assistants deserve to share the blame equally.

Jedd Fisch's offense had the ball in Virginia territory on each of its last two possessions and went three-and-out on each drive.

Mark D'Onofrio's defense, meanwhile, gave up a 12-play, 71-yard scoring drive which made it 38-35 and then a 16-play, 87-yard scoring drive with six seconds left to give up the lead for good. Virginia converted two fourth downs on the game-winning drive including the last one on a defensive holding penalty on cornerback Thomas Finnie.

Afterward, Golden called the loss "heartbreaking."

UM, which was minus two suspended starters (linebacker Eddie Johnson and receiver Rashawn Scott) and two injured starters (linebacker Denzel Perryman and safety Deon Bush), returns home next week to host USF.

We have to see if Bush and Perryman will be healthy enough to return, and if Johnson and Scott will be allowed back. Golden didn't elaborate on the status of either suspended player.

"We just got to keep fighting," Golden told WQAM after the game. "We can't go backwards here. We got to stay together. It's really important we don't splinter, we stay together."


> Freshman Duke Johnson pretty much solidified his spot as the ACC's Rookie of the Year. He ran for a season-high 150 yards on 16 carries, threw an 8-yard TD pass to Allen Hurns and returned a kickoff 95 yards for a score (the two kick returns in one season tied the school record). His 368 all-purpose yards in Saturday's game helped him surpass Edgerrin James, Graig Cooper, Chuck Forman, Santana Moss and Lamar Miller for all-purpose yards in a season. Johnson now has 1,688 total yards on the season. Willis McGahee holds the UM record with 2,108 in a season.

Yet, it somehow still wasn't enough.

Fisch turned to Johnson with the game on the line -- with UM facing a 3rd and 6 at the Cavaliers 49-yard line with under three minutes to play. Johnson only got two yards on the carry and the Hurricanes had to punt. But Saturday's loss was hardly Johnson's fault.

"The last 3rd and 5, I wanted the ball in his hands, thought he would be able to get us in there," Golden said. "We didn't and had to punt the ball. Duke gave great effort. Last couple of weeks he's been healthy, preparing better. He's really playing hard for us right now."

UM's defense gave up 482 yards of total offense including 388 through the air as Virginia's two QBs Michael Rocco and Phillip Sims combined to go 40 of 51 passing in the game. That's a 78 percent completion percentage. Rocco was completing just 58.2 percent of his attempts coming in. Sims was completing 55.8 percent of his passes.

By giving up 41 points, UM's defense has now surrendered 312 points on the season -- just two shy of the previous UM worst set by the 1984 and 2008 defenses. The Canes have already given up 4,896 yards in all. The previous worst was 4,369 yards (1997).

The records for most yards allowed rushing (2,492, 1944) and passing (2,695, 2009) are well within reach with two games to go. The Canes have now given up 2,310 yards rushing and 2,586 passing after Saturday's loss.

> Gionni Paul ended up leading UM with a career-high 14 tackles. With Perryman and Johnson out, Paul and Jimmy Gaines (12 tackles) saw extensive playing time. Paul was beaten by Jake McGee for the game-winning touchdown pass.

"Obviously we left some guys home that could have helped us here today," Golden said. "We got to get off the field more on third down or the play count gets too high. The play count got really high on us. We didn't have the depth we need right now at the linebacker position and it showed late."

> Defensive end Anthony Chickillo produced his first sack in six games and helped along with Curtis Porter to produce a safety on Rocco in the fourth quarter when it was ruled he intentionally grounded the ball while jumping back towards the end zone. Chickillo was later credited with his second sack on that play.

Despite his effort Saturday, it's clear the Hurricanes need Chickillo -- and other pass rushers -- to be more productive consistently. Virginia's QBs rarely felt the heat on third and fourth down. The Cavaliers were also 6 of 6 in the red zone with 6 TDs against Miami. The Hurricanes have now given up 33 touchdowns in 54 red zone trips this season.

> Freshman Rayshawn Jenkins didn't start for the Hurricanes at safety, but finished third on the team with eight tackles. Jenkins and Bush are the future for UM at safety and D'Onofrio might consider playing both together in Miami's final two regular season games -- assuming Bush will be back.

> Cornerback Ladarius Gunter continues to impress in pass coverage. He had three of UM's five pass breakups. Most of Virginia's successful passes went in the direction of Finnie, freshman Tracy Howard and over the middle against UM's linebackers, who were out of position on many plays. 

> A week after going 1 for 12 on third down versus Virginia Tech, UM finished 4 of 10. It's the last two third down attempts that will haunt them.

> Receiver Phillip Dorsett, who had just eight catches for 81 yards in his four previous games combined, finished with six catches for 103 yards and a touchdown.


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golden better get it together next year and start winning or he can hit the road. the U should hire jimmy johnson---he will come back for enough money and win big.

The Canes are no longer your "Daddy's Canes". Intil thre NCAA drops the hammer, there is going to be frayed nerves with this team. Defensive side of the ball needs a major coaching overall--no progress at all. A line that cannot penetrate and D backs that are mostly out of position. Sorry that is the story.

This defense couldn't stop ELEVEN NUNS on CRUTCHES. This alleged Defensive Coordinator needs to start job hunting. All these defensive players were considered top prospects when the came here. What happened to them?

This is the worst UM Defense I've seen in over 30 years. 40 points from the Offense should've been enough for a win. I like Golden, but Coker and Shannon were fired because they lost to teams they should have beaten. They did fight hard but at the end of the day it was a loss. TCU played 16 Freshmen last night against K-State and put up a better fight than we did. Excuses for youth are running out. Losing three years in row to Virginia is not job security!

Folks, did anyone else see Tommy Tuberville at Texas Tech snatch the headset off one of his assistants? Reese Davis and Hotlz and Mark May were criticizing Tuberville about doing that on the field, but I absolutely love it and support it.

I wish AG would do that at times to Fisch and all the damn time to the DC! That's the next coach for UM. Or if Tuberville does not want to coach any more, maybe he can become our next AD and get the right coach in there that knows Miami football.

Win against USF, if we can, then move on to probation for the bowl game. PERIOD

I dont think we'll ever get back to being the program we were inthe past. Unfortunately, football is no longer a priority at Miami with that hobbit at the helm. I agree with other commenters stating that the program is dying... Actually,its dead already.

The coaching is terrible. They must think think is Temple where you don't play teams worth a crap. He's obviously outmatched. When you are up 10. Tell your offensive line to hammer down. When you get 2 kick returns in the opponents side and now you can't even get a first down? As for the defense, it's not the players, it's the play calls. When you run cover 2 on 98% of the plays its easy to beat. Especially when your front 4 get no pressure. Golden isn't terrible but I think he needs to take control more. How long are we going to hear "it's a young team" they only play 3 maybe 4 years and most have 2 years in. ( this season is almost over) lack of progression from everyone!!

On the bright side the canes should win the next game. The opponent is weaker than UVA, imagine that. Plus the crowd noise will be a lot more manageable. Playing in an empty stadium in front of 8k silent and frustrated family members is a lot different than in front of a packed house with supportive fans. So the atmosphere will be very calm for the players to rebound.
The Golden Era part 2 unfolds, just like part 1 did, so far the same mediocrity. Must be a cane thing..........

Al Golden is not the answer, you look around the country and u see coaches winning with lesser talent then we have. Al Golden scheme sucks and on both sides of the ball! Al Golden need to coach to the strengths of his team. Duke and Mike James were killing Virginia defense, why stop running down their freaking throats? Morris had no business running the ball, that's not his strengthed. He's not a play maker, put the ball in the playmakers hand and live with the results. If Duke was on another team he will easily be a heisman trophy candidate. We need a proven coach thats familiar with South Florida athletes. I'm tired of these off brand coaches that's full of excuses.

How much more do we need to see of D'Nofrio to freaking see he is not a DC!!! Any adjustment he made at half we quickly overcome by Virginia's OC and D'Nofrio was back to being befuddled! We all clearly saw our defense confused on the last drive and on two occasions our dline wasn't set! These db's could do a better job if they had had a DC to teach and scheme better.

Anybody who can't see that D'Nofrio is not a competent DC is as nieve as a chick being told "I only want to cuddle"! D'Nofrio must be fired!

How about the media ( Manny, Susan, Barry in the herald, others in the sun snetinel, etc, Joe Rose, Zagacki, Cote,Labatard, etc) having the journalistic guts to actually ask the tough questions and not be satisfied with a "cookie cutter response":

- Why is the defense so bad
- Why is there no adjustment at half time by Donofrio
-Why and how do such medicore teams have such an easy time passing against Mimai?
-Why are our dbs so bad
-why is the middle always open
-why is there hardly ever any prerssure on the opposing QB?

-How in the world did you get conservative int he last 2 possesion KNOWING FULL WELL that they were going to dink and dunk all the way to the goal line and win the game?

-To that effect why did you not at least try to conserve some time?

- How much longer will you acept this level of poor coaching by Donofrio?

wasnt defense fault, we could of tried to win the game actual;ly instead of playing not to lose and moved the ball in the 4th qt




If Coach doesn't see that his friend (D'noforio) is a huge problem, then Coach Golden is not the man for the job. I really don't think he is. He keeps referring to Temple. He didn't win anything at Temple. He didn't beat anyone at Temple. He has not won a game against a ranked team. 0-10.

Fear the tie? More like laugh at the tie, cry for the tie, be pissed at the tie! I am begiining to think Golden and his crew either cannot teach or cannot recruit! They must be teaching some serious life leasons because they sure are not teaching football!

5>3>2 is absolutely right!
The media coddles to Golden and staff instead of asking the obvious questions concerning our blaring weaknesses!
Good coaching shows a steady progression as the season wears on, our guys are just as bad now as they were at the beginning of the season, and some are just as bad as they were last year!...just as with Shannon - zero development! Chickillo's upside looked phenomenal last year...LAST YEAR!!!
I am at my wits end with Mediocre Hurricane Football!
-uck what Golden is preaching, it's time for results!
Or time to spend some real money to bring in A PROVEN WINNER!
I mean, just look at Ohio State under Urban Meyer, from 6-7 under an interim coach to 10-0 in one year under Urban!...DESPITE SANCTIONS!!!


From the first game of this season, I have written over and over and over that a defense can not stop the sisters of the blind football team with a NO blitz, NO pressure, zone (NO) pass coverage.

When will anyone listen and get on this coaching staff to fire D'O. Every time the Canes use an aggressive man to man defense for two downs, they stop other teams for third and long. Then, moron D'O puts in the three man rush, no blitz, zone coverage, and Stevie Wonder could complete the third down conversion and have time to write a letter while waiting a half hour for receiver to get open.

again, 3 or even 4 pass rushers can NOT put any pressure on a QB guarded by 5 or 6 linemen and a blocking back. And zone pass coverage will always have DBs too far away from receivers to prevent a completion.

After having miles of yardage run and pass on D'Os prevent and lack of defense, why are he and golden so GD stupid not to see the obvious???

And as to offense, the OC still is so stupid, he does not have 10-20 yard crossing or slant passing patterns so that Morris can lead his receivers. Same old flat passes and hail mary passes which are wastes of downs.

This is the most stupid coaching staff I have ever seen in 60 years of playing and watching football. And the troll shalalalalala is a freaking moron. How do these incompetents get to such powerful jobs????

I'm beginning to agree with canefan 72.

It is still UM's to lose. I cant imagine the embarassment, the fallout, the humiliation if they go to Duke and lose thereby handing them the chance to play in the ACC ch. And if they lose to USF and Duke they will finish 5-7. If they win one, they will finish 6-6. Some progress eh? According toGolden, its a "process". We,, Coach Golden, your "process" ain't working a dang. So do likeleaders do when things are going badly- Lincoln changed things around during the civil war whne his Generals werent doing the job. Eisenhower did the same during WWII. A leader has to step up and make tough decisions.

I cant imagine if they lose to Duke. I willstop watchiung UM football till theyre out of sanctions.

Golden's excuse about a young team this young team that. Getting old.

Freshmen QBs LEADING their teams:

- Mariota at Oregon 10-0 (would you expect a freeshman to do that?

- Johnny Football at A&M (9-1 just beat powerhouse Alabama at Alabama in front of 101,000)

- Gholston at Notre Dame also a true freshman

We are blessed to have Duke Johnson. But the defense and the DC should behind close doors get on their knees and apologize profusely that THEY single handedly lost the game despite Dukes 150 yd rushing, whatever yds receiving, and 100 plus yds returning.
Shame on this defensive unit:

Thomas Finnie gho my U you dont belong here- you stink and you belong at FAMU

Zo Highsmith- gh out Coral Gables- you shame your daddy's UM name.

Chikillo- What happened to you man? You are always plying paddy cakes and standing around. I can do that. Give me a scholie.

Miami will be fine. Golden is dealing with the youngest roster in division one football. The Canes lose nobody worth mentioning for next season. These young Canes will grow and continue to develop this offseason. Rome wasn't built in a day. I heard the same things from Canes fans when Butch was building the best college football team EVER.

I'm enjoying watching these kids grow up right before our eyes. This defense will be night and day better next season as will the offense.

CaneFan72 and 5>3>2 and others,

Agree with your general analysis of what is happening.
And youth is obviously working in several places.

Hurts to say it, but this team is embarassing in so many ways, in spite of often playing hard.

Morris is inconsistent and the intermediate passing game does not exist. Receivers usually don't get real open.

But the opponents do, week after week. Easy.

Golden, D'Onofrio, Fisch, etc. belong at the MAC level. These guys do not have it, players are not improving and the defense is a true embarassment.

I feel sorry for our DBs and LBs in the passing game. They look so confused and poorly coached.

I believe they play hard, just not well, and like under Shannon, are not developing. The D line is to some extent making progress, but our overall scheme negates an already weak pass rush.

We are fortunate to have Duke Johnson who is a great player. Who didn't hope for a miracle TD at the end of the Virginia game when he got the ball?

You know, on the order of the Gators blocking a punt and scoring to win with 6 seconds on the clock!

But, I hate to say it, having been a Golden supporter and believing he is a good man, but these coaches need to go. The sooner the better. UM and its traditions are way out of their league and skill set.

Names mentioned are Tressel (change the sweater if you come here), Petrino (knows how to win and build a strong passing game) and Butch Davis (roots at UM and a proven winner). My Duck friend says we could steal Chip Kelly (burned out on the rain in Eugene?).

These guys could get it done for the Canes, recovering from sanctions to then coach at the BCS level for us. The Miami area is like no other. Maybe, even with the downsides, South Florida could be a draw.

Who knows?

We should be able to whisper to each other at the USF game.

Golden et al. Sayonara. Back to the MAC! Central Michigan needs you! Go Chippewas, or whoever you are!

Southpaw, you and the coaching staff just do not get it.
With a strong pass rush, the QB must get rid of the ball in 2.5 seconds or be sacked.

With golden's and d'os NO pass rush, no blitz, zone coverage, the QB has all day to find a receiver, set his feet, draw a bead on his receiver, and complete the pass.
That all takes about 4 or 5 seconds.

golden and D'O are compete screwups. They know nothing about effective defense. Proof is in their losses, their gifts to other teams of putting in their prevent-the-win defense, proof is in their miles of yardage other teams have run up against the Canes. That is the coaches' fault, and NOT the players fault. With a good defense on first and second downs, the players have stopped other teams for third and long which the other teams convert against the prevent-the-win D'O defense.

Die-Hard fan since 1980. On the verge of loosing me as a Die-Hard. Every year it's something=The Same Something. Enough is Enough.

Schem or no scheme, these players are not being developed. They dont know how to tackle, play assignment and gap football, read offenses, read the QBs eyes, etc. Do anyone of these kids watch film leading up to the game? Or do they spend their days hanging out with their baby mommas or honeys at Joes Stone Crabs?

Its like they never played that position.

Thomas Finnie is an example. He played DB in highschool but come game time he is always out of position, always gets schooled. How many ints does he have?

This should have been a breakout year for Chikillo. He outplayed Jadaveon Clowney in the Army all star game. They played simultaneoulsy at opposite ends, yet who got the MVP that game? Chikillo. But now, Look at Clowney. He looks like a man. He's always dangerous. Offense plan around him. Chikillo? He puts fear in no one. He hasnt progressed.

If Miami does not beat Duke-in fact, if they lose to USF and Duke- Golden will have to be fired.

I wish a lot of the posters here would get a grip on realility. Miami is not a top program. It's not a distinction for any coach that wants to succeed. We are broken and we are going on a lengthy probation period with stiff sanctions. Stop firing everyone here because no one good is coming to rescue this program. ND is doing well because they are not a scandal ridden mess that going to be whacked by the NCAA. They also have far superior facilities , like a great place to play and bowl trips to promise recruits. So guys get a grip. We aren't going anywhere until some of this crap is behind us.

And let us not forget the play calling with a chance to lock in the game.

Second to last possession, when running clock made sense:
First down - Pass blocked at the line
Second down - short run for a few yards
Third down - poorly thrown and timed pass on out pattern
Fourth down - Punt

Virginia TD

Last possession:

Frist down - short run
Second down - run
Third and 6 - run off L tackle for two yards. needed six
Fourth down - Punt

Virginia TD and well-deserved Win. No quit in them, especially against our "defense." Easy drives with a few breaks on 4th down.

Note how Fisch called the same kind of dumb plays as he has all year. He never (I do believe) ran Duke outside, although his ability to accelerate and cut is exceptional and would provide an advantage, especially with pulling linemen out front.

Reminded me of Whipple as OC. Clueless.

Set up what many knew would be a Virginia win, in spite of our hopes to the contrary.

But no Pass D in the middle. Fourth down? No problemo!

News Flash: Rocco solidifies Heisman hopes! May make trip to NY with Sims as likely number #2!

Two great sure-handed TD catches in the back of the end zone. These guys did not drop the ball. They looked like men against our defenders.

Perfectly placed passes over the DBs to the tall receivers.

Offense sluggish with chance to lock down the game. Massive O line no factor. Morris looks weak and uncertain once again. Out of sync. Once again.

Same story as the last 2 years, with few exceptions. Or, the last 10 years maybe...Tough to watch anymore if you truly care.

You may be right.
Status quo is unacceptable to many of us.

A lot of fair weather fans here....with this talent level, and the youth, and the missing players - this is what happens. This is not the end of the road, just a spot on the road. UM is digging out of a deep deep hole, and if it weren't for this coaching staff - defense included - we wouldn't be competitive at all. This is what happens when a program degrades as far as we did. Temple had three tough years before this staff got it going, and this is a tougher conference. Stay patient - next year - we'll see something.

Posted by: Reno Domenico | November 10, 2012 at 06:34 PM

Reno I AGREE with you...All the posters have a scorched earth mentality, but they still talk about building and rebuilding the 'Canes..
The question is how can that be done by rebuilding after you have burnt everything?.. It is totally asinine.

I feel the pain of this Loss...I WAS THERE and saw it occur.

That being said, I know that we want our team to improve and make an impact again..but after all this ripping and tearing that is going on, we need to step back and analyze after we have torn down the Coaches, Players, and team how do we expect them to play?. Do you expect the players to play full lights out knowing that if they LOSE this doomsday scenario will replay everytime..?

If this is the reaction of "SO CALLED FANS" to a loss, then bar the doors when sanctions occur..

We ALL need to get a grip...I see so much of the jump on the bandwagon mentality...This piling on mentality on our team and Coaches is all B*******.

We lost get over it, and figure out a way that we do NOT get in the head of our young players...

If we do not get our S**** together then no one will want to Coach and attend the 'U' and we will further decline..Let us work with what we have to improve and if not this year know that 2013 we can build on something...
Let's get a grip also, and be supportive of our 'Canes disappointed at the loss but still backing our team.

The 'Canes are bigger than you and me...I will be there at Duke supporting our team...now anyone who does not like this can STFU.
Go 'Canes Always

I think the players are improving, the defensive scheme is an issue. Mike James looks good, Dorsett, Chickhillo to name a few. How can these guys win when they cant stop the opposing offense. A little bit of defense wins that game.

jimmy johnson needs to just go head and take over the a.d. job. He knows exactly what this program needs and how to keep the rift rafts away from the football program. He likes goldie and understands goldie is in a tuff spot and will not make the tough decision so jimmy would.

Not only is oach OH-NO the worst coordinator to ever come thru UM, he's the worst coordinator in college football at his position hands down.

I hate hearing about how good or tuff all these football teams we play are, we heard how good the cavaliers defense was coming in and all we did was put up 40 points against them, how are they a good defense, who's judging them. We kept hearing about how physical they were all week, all we did was put up 40 points against with a half executing offense.

I like goldie, and i want him to be successful, but he's idea of what a good defense and good team is, makes it clear, he doesn't know yet. All the teams we barely beat, he said they were good teams. Or in his own words "don't let anybody fool you, that's a good team over there). goldie has to raise his level of what a good team is, i could careless about the goal being, let's win the acc as goal, all you have to do is win the first game, and than the rest of them after that, and you'll be where you need to be at the end of the year.

For those who think it's jedd, goldie said it himself, he wanted the ball in duke johnson's hands on that 3rd down play, that wasn't jedd's idea.

Also, smo17 hand ties jedd fisch, he has to many o to negative plays, on 1st down, ball gets batted down, smo needs to make a play, and no more qb running plays, get that out of his head.

This loss sucked and I agree it was unacceptable but when 3 of our best defensive players are left at home and are replaced by these other players who really are not that good things like this happens. I remember Butch losing 4th qter leads like this to Va Tech back in the 90's and people wanting him gone, so I have seen this before. That is no excuse because losing this game should not have happened.

Oh no we suck again!!!


IT wasn't all bad Saturday at least Alabama lost.

If I had to choose between NCAA sanctions and Shalalalala being our president I would choose NCAA any day. in 10 years her decisions have gutted us internally far worse than any external entity could.

We have nobody to blame but the defensive play on the field, we no killers on field except a few, no 5 star players to many average players that means 500 ball. Coach dont use corrections or help defense see plays to stop other team. We are getting out coached and played on defense. We will not be Duke, they are far faster and actually have a good defense. Our best luck would be bowl decline again if we make it???????

"8-4...I told you so"..."We can not forego the ACC Championship and possibly the Orange Bowl"...

Those of you who were looking too far ahead really put the whammy's on us. Things have really changed in the last 24 hours haven't they?

This team is too inexperienced to look ahead of anyone. With 4 players out it reminded me of Maryland '11 all over again.

Let's suck it up and get ready for 2 close ones to finish the season...although I'd like to see this team dominate a game ONE time this year!

Duke will be our bowl game. Let GT play FSU in the ACC Championship game. The ACC will be cool with that if GT wins out...and so will I.

I though my Canes would provide a little relief again. Not so.

Now it's back to surreal reality tomorrow am.


Canesfan72 "Curse",

It is you who don't get it. You talk about pass rush but then forget to mention that true sophomores and freshmen are the ones doing the pass rushing? You have an agenda on here and being a Canes fan isn't on that agenda. Again, Golden is dealing with the youngest roster in division one football. This team lost a ton of Seniors and Juniors from last years squad. Anyone with half a brain understood this team might take a step backwards before the progression started.

Take away Perryman, Bush, and Johnson off of a defense that is already young and the Virginia game is the outcome you get. This is where you spew some garbage about 4 down linemen versus 3 down linemen correct?

Win the Coastal, become bowl eligible, forfeit the championship game and bowl game and put this Shytpiro BS behind is about all you can hope for this season. One more year of Utough and development and Miami will be rocking next season.

All of you instant gratification clowns need to either step off the ledge or back away from the ledge and act like you've seen a rebuild before. The fans need to be fired before anyone on the coaching staff should be. 55 true Sophomores or younger explains everything. 10 years of Coker and Shannon got us here. Golden will get it done.

I see my handle is still being used. Guess you trolls can't keep me off of your minds or your mouths. I blame this completely on Coach No D. He's pure garbage that continues to run the same defensive schemes time and time again praying that they will eventually work against somebody. DBs continue to play 8yds off of everyone. We need to play man2man and just blitz. Someone please sit down with Coach No D and tell him his contract is up at the end of the season. This conservative offense and defensive play calling is what is hurting us. No aggression what so ever. We could have had a much better season if it wasn't for those things. C'mon Canes get it together!!!

Some people on here crack me up. Win the coastal. C'mon, wake up. This team, can't "Win" anything. Having 3 acc losses is not winning the division, it's backing into it. And then we will read how we will beat fsu. Really. We are a lousy team, with a lousy record, with a group of lousy coaches who can't develope players. We haven't developed players since butch left. With Golden signed for 6 more seasons, nothing will change. The article say's coach called this game heartbreaking, but I wonder if he realises he's breaking the hearts of miami.

finally the light has gone on with these bloggers.....6-6 or 5-7 is season ending record.....like I have been saying form the very beginning....golden and company do not have it....his record and stats speak for themselves. he is not a 11-1 or 10-2 coach.....golden has always had losses of 4/5 every year....thats the type of coach he is.....it was a rushed decision by shalala....he has poor judgement by virture of his unwavering support for Dnofio...all need to be fired ASAP. stats are always the preview of things to come...you started to se it very early in the defensive yards giveaways....expect more transfers and de-commits...team will now start to spiral out of control...thats how these things usually happen going forward since no leadership at the top with any type of credibility

the defensive cordinator sucks ...I can't take it anymore...where is the improvement...i haven't seen too much

The only reason Al Golden was hired is because Kirby Holcutt was a moron. The reason that Golden was given a contact extension and raise after his first year is that AD Sean was brain dead. The stock of Al Golden has only gone down over the last 2 years and I do not think any team is looking to steal Al and Mark and pay them what UM is paying them.

Al is a very good politician and an average football coach at best.

I have lived in the Philadelphia area for 25 years and Temple has never been a good football school. Golden improved a horrible program to make it a better program in a bad division at Temple; this was no great accomplishment. I know of no major programs looking to hire Golden 2 years ago and his hiring has bever sat well with me.

The positives I see are that:

The teams are in better condition physically but they are not as well conditioned as mosy top 40 programs.
The players are motivated.
Golden is a good recruiter.

I think OC JF has no idea how to call plays or manage a game. JF has failed to develop the skills of Morris and to call plays that utilize SM's talents. Why they do not call not quick slants and square outs I do not know. In most games Morris has had
time to throw the ball. Morris is not a good runner and he fails to protect the football. I do not see wjy theu call running plays for SM.
We know Morris has talent but there are games where he is not playing well. I do not see why Ryan Williams is not put into games when Morris is playing poorly. Tbis would have included the last 4 games.

The OL, special teams and linebackers have certainly improved and developed under Kehoe and Barrow.

The defense has had major injuries to the guard position and the rush has been very poor.

I DO AGREE THAT MARK D is clueless in his schemes and his failure to make adjustments during the game. The management of the D is terrible. It is obvious that in the Virginia game the D was tired and confused during the last 6 plays and there should have been 2 timeouts called by Miami. Mark D fails to substitute well and this affects the ream and the schemes.
Miami has lost several games because they were outcoached and head coach Golden has to be held accountable.

I do not think Donna is to blame. The AD's and committes to hire the AD have been horrid. Miami pays Golden and his staff top dollar and frankly they are really overpaid. Miami has given Golden everything he has asked for for the team including hotels during summer practice sessions. Donna is not an expert at hiring football coaches but she has agreed to pay the coaches and has not hampered the program. UM is never going back to the OB. I that fans will go to Sunlife stadium if they think UM has a competitive team; the fans certainly showed up for The Florida State game.

I think if UM can get a good coach who is not tarniished,like Chip Kelly, they shoud jump at it. I hope UM is currently reviewing other head coaches.

I would be happy to see Kehoe and Barrow remain and have Golden and the other coaches take their talent elsewhere.Even if Golden stays another year Jedd and Mark should be fired THE MOST IMPORTANT DECISION IS TO HIRE A GREAT AD WHO IS ACCOMPLISHED, LOYAL AND UNDERSTANDS WHAT IT TAKES TO BE THE AD AT THE U in MIAMI.

golden is too young and inexperianced for miami....he was biting at the bit to be hired here...he knew how lucky he was....but all these idiot fans were praising how lucky we were to have him....totally looking the wrong way....27-34 at temple with an average yearly loss of 7 games...why the f...k would we hire a guy like that? it is completely mindboggling...would oregon or alabama or ksu hire someone with that type of recored?....no way....we need to fire everyone under these sanctions and start all over...simple as that...when your #1 recruit de-commits..that tells you something

Lasvegas, the one thing you hit on that will make the difference, is the hiring of the AD. Someone who WON'T accept a football program that just exists.And is willing to keep shalala out of the Football program. But you must realize, the univ. cannot, fire Golden. They cannot afford to pay him, and another coach. But an AD who is a MAN, will make Golden accountable for the program. With sanctions, excuses are easy to come by. So me, and all canes fans like yourself, will SUFFER for a few more years. Depending on the ncaa, how many excuses Golden will have.

what excuses....hge is the captain of the ship....its his job to oversee the defense.....how in the world can anyone lose a game when the refs hand you a safety with less than 2 mins left?.....the whole coaching staff first should be all fired....then shot after

UM must fire Golden if a great prospect is available and willing. The new TV contract with the ACC is lucrative. The loss of money from not having a good crowd at Sunlife would offset the expense of paying Golden and a new coach. The AD is the key and funds could be rised if UM supporters were sold on a stud coach.

I do not think the NCAA sanctions will be severe as there are many unsubstantiated allegations that are ridiculous.

Posted by: ATLKane09 | November 10, 2012 at 05:18 PM

I heard the same radio show as you. You just plagiarized Dan Sileo word for word.
You can't offer something not ripped off?

Calvin, can you not say it in less than 2000 words?
Sheesh, man, every one of your posts is a treatise.

I have to accepted that we are not a good football team anymore and we are a below average program; in fact, we have been for almost 10yrs now I'm spoiled from the 80's, 90's and early part of the new millennium. Coker, Shannon and now Golden has destroyed the program that was built from blood, sweat and tears.

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