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Golden talks USF, suspensions, injuries; McGee has 'heart-to-heart' with Eddie Johnson

The hot topic in Coral Gables -- aside from the NCAA investigation and whether or not UM will be skipping a bowl game -- have been player sideshows, and the discipline coach Al Golden has had to hand out over the last couple weeks.

Tuesday, while two suspended players -- freshman linebacker Gabe Terry and receiver Rashawn Scott -- remained out, second-leading tackler and starting outside linebacker Eddie Johnson was reinstated and back out at practice. All three players were disciplined before last Saturday's game at Virginia.

Golden said Johnson will be allowed to play this Saturday in the Canes' home finale against South Florida (3-6), but he won't start. Asked what he told Johnson upon his return to the team, Golden said: "That there's a responsibility and a level of accountability that we can't move on without."

"It's not do this for me, it's do it because the rest of the team is doing it and because you want to be accountable and responsible and want to be a good teammate," Golden said. "I've been in this situation before and hopefully he'll be stronger, come out of it stronger and respond... As a coach, you can't look the other way when those type of things are going on. Hopefully he learned from it. The rest of it is in-house."

While Scott remains suspended indefinitely, Golden remains hopeful the situation with Terry, who blocked a punt in the win over Virginia Tech, will be resolved.

"I'd love for him to play," Golden said. "But it's in his court - he's got to mature. He's got to see the big picture and how he impacts the team. Right now he has not been reinstated. I don't know if that's going to change."

Cornerback Brandon McGee, one of roughly 15 players on the Hurricanes' leadership/unity council, said Tuesday he had words with Johnson recently and is confident the redshirt freshman will "respond positively."

"I spoke with Eddie and had a heart-to-heart with him, just a real pow-wow session," McGee said. "There's a mutual respect between us both. He's a great athlete. He understands. I think he'll keep moving forward and Coach Golden will continue to support him. Coach Golden supports all of us. There's been many times when guys have been in his office and he's never once turned his back on them. He'll keep developing these guys."

How did Johnson respond to a teammate pulling him to the side for an important talk?

"[Johnson] was receptive to what I was saying," McGee said. "He was very understanding of where I was coming from because I took him to a real place."

As for Scott, McGee said he's doesn't know the true extent of why the sophomore receiver has been suspended indefinitely, but said "it's unfortunate."

Another teammate, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said: "For Rashawn to get suspended indefinitely, he had to have done some real messed up [bleep]. The rules aren't that hard to follow."


> McGee said UM's leadership/unity council meets usually once a month in the Edgerrin James room at the Hecht Center to discuss important issues with Golden. "It's pretty much a connection between the players and coaches," McGee said. "Coach Goldenm he stresses to us what we have to get done and sometimes the players may have requests and it's our responsibility to take it to Coach Golden."

"When you see a guy who may be going down a [troublesome] path, everybody will talk to him and things like that. We'll pull him to the side ourselves and address it then. If coach sees an issue and he feels it needs to be adjusted we'll handle it."

Who is on the council? Every class -- seniors, juniors, sophomores and freshmen are represented. "[Running back] Mike James, me, [quarterback] Stephen Morris, [receiver] Allen Hurns, [offensive lineman] Brandon Linder, [cornerback] Tracy Howard, [receiver] Malcolm Lewis, [safety] Deon Bush those are some of the guys," McGee said. "It's a big group. We're not necessarily policemen, it's more like a bridge between the coaches and players."

Are there times when players have been proactive to stop a teammate from getting in trouble?

"There definitely has been times," McGee said. "We've also been able to do some other things, too. We talked to coach about bringing music to practice and he was receptive. We impose our own discipline as well. Guys don't sit out games -- that's not our decision. But other discipline measures. It varies."

Golden praised McGee's leadership Tuesday.

"Brandon McGee doesn't get enough credit for being the leader he's become," Golden said. "He's blessed with raw talent to play the corner position. What we're seeing now is he's a guy committed to working on his tools. He's so much tougher now than when he first got here. And he's a leader for us. If you asked when we first got here would he emerge as a team leader, captain, I'd say No. 2, No. 3, that's the chance he'd have. I'm really proud of him."


> Golden said he expects receiver Allen Hurns, who cracked his left thumb blocking on Duke Johnson's 95-yard kickoff return for a touchdown Saturday at Virginia, to play on Saturday versus USF. Hurns, who returned to the field and caught two TD passes after being injured, was at practice with a cast on his left hand Tuesday.

Golden lauded Hurns' toughness. "We're protecting it certainly in practice. We'll see how it evolves on Thursday - we want to protect it through Thursday and see if there can be some kind of soft splint or tape job he can [play] with," Golden said. "He's got a crack if you will, in his thumb, and he's working through it. It's not in the joint or anything thats going to be career threating. But he's been cleared to proceed."

> Golden said "it's a little bit cloudy" whether or not the annual series with USF will continue beyond next season because the ACC could go to a nine-game conference schedule with Notre Dame added to the mix. What does Golden want with his out of conference schedule moving forward?

"We have to construct to have the ability win the Coastal," Golden said. "That's the biggest thing. And we have to make sure when everyone walks through the building the way out is through our division, which we haven't won, and then go to Charlotte.

"I'd like to see us play Kansas State, Notre Dame … let's play them in Charlotte and a BCS game, not week 2 on the road because we're taking ourselves out of the tournament pretty quickly by doing that. Our first priority has to be to get to Charlotte, and let's all travel, go to Charlotte and have a great time. Let's enjoy that and then you go from there in terms of taking the next step. We have a long way to go as a program. I see what you see. We have a long way to go. But I'm dug in, here to fix it. We have a staff that's committed to it. We had 32 young Miami Hurricanes that joined us last year that are really making a difference, part of the solution."

> What is Golden's message to his senior class going into the final two games? 

"That they have an opportunity this week and the next two weeks to right the ship," Golden said. "Their legacy will be that, that they fought through it, that they didn't quit, didn't leave, they dug in and fought through the tumult, adversity when it would have been easier to say `I'm out of here.' They deserve to finish on a great note, a positive note. They have been through a lot, and as a staff we're grateful to them. Hopefully they go off on a positive note here."

> Golden said the reason fifth-year senior defensive tackle Darius Smith hasn't played the past two games is because "other guys are playing better than him right now."

"The emergence of Curtis Porter has kind of taken some of his reps away," Golden said. "[Freshmen] Earl Moore and Dequan Ivery have taken some of his reps away. That's unfortunate, but that happens in college football. The only thing he can control is having a positive attitude and going to work tomorrow and hope he has another opportunity."

Golden said Porter's conditioning is improving, but he probably played "too many plays last week, to be honest with you."

"His attitude has been great," Golden said. "We're really trying to push him to get eight weeks worth of conditioning in two weeks. I think he'll be better this week. He was better last week. We played him too much. He's effective when he's in there. If he can just buy into a process and consistency he can be very, very good, as good as he wants to be."


Coach Golden's full press conference

Cornerback Brandon McGee discusses the Canes' unity/leadership council


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“I’d like to see us play Kansas State, Notre Dame…let’s play them in charlotte and a BCS game, not week 2 on the road because we’re taking ourselves out of the tournament pretty quickly by doing that.”

Really! Instead of looking at the down side of playing these teams (any powerhouse program), why not envision the up-side and expound on the opportunity to excel? For me, “If we play and win those tough games early in the season (week 2), then we are set up to be in it late in the season.” For example, if we would have beat ND and K State, we would be set up in the BCS standings; but instead we are on the outside looking in and searching for more excuses to be an average team. Even though we are not the team of the 80s, 90s, and 2000s, the standard for winning should be measured by such accomplishments. Take on all comers and simply game plan to win – get past the excuses.

Blindfollowers abound despite clears so many proofs of the truth. Calvin, I don't know how you do this really. These dudes scorn the wisdom of your words and they aint worthy of your efforts. Deaf, dumb and blind. They deserve what Shalala and The Board are providing them as a sports program. They love being duped and protecting the inept to the very end --Golden and D'omino////.

Look how BC played ND and TCU played KSU. Texas Tech murdered WVU and Texas A&M just beat Alabama. How is this possible when the talent differences are so starkly different? Coaching my friends.

Golden and D'omino/// can't coach. He tells you this every week when you read his post-game comments. Why is this not clear as day now? It aint personal because i like his energy, he just cannot out-coach any opposing coach with talent that is superior to at least 80% of teams in college football.


Yes, Coach D is running a very similar scheme to Saban. You can LOL all you want to but it doesn't change that FACT. I never said Saban wasn't handed talent. I had a typo where I said he was handed a dumpster fire instead of saying he wasn't handed a dumpster like Golden was. Anybody with a lick of reading comprehension would have figured that out though. I'm glad we agree that Saban was handed more talent than Golden was Shula was leaps and bounds better than incompetent moron Randy Shannon. Kind of destroys your argument though doesn't it? You wouldn't understand what I mean so I'll move on.

Saban runs more man pressure because his defense is more experienced and has more talented depth. Coach D would love to run more man but he's forced into this bend but don't break defense. Notice how the defense regressed from the VT game with the absence of Perryman, Eddie Jonson, and Bush?

Kehoe claimed there are 45 guys on the team now who are able to bench 225lbs more than 20 times. When Golden took over there were 11. At this pace there should be around 60 to 65 players benching 225lbs more than 20 times next season. At least we know the strength and conditioning program has been overhauled successfully. Randy didn't do anything right. No wonder he's a LB coach now.

Golden is moving this program right along. People with no vision who want instant gratification may need to take some time off from being Canes fans.

Die-hard fans have been telling die-hard fans to be patient for 10 years now lol!

A die-hard fan is not blindly loyal to those ho are obviously not loyal to them. Shalala and The Board have been the constant during this last 10 years of misery. A die-hard would notice this and call out those who truly ail our team and are actively selling Us short. Unfortunately, our unshaken and unbridled support for the Hurricanes funds our misery. We are all in a bad place due to our allegiance. Its time to call out, petition and remove those who don't share or honor that allegiance. Stop attacking each other for differences in tolerance levels, while the decision makers count our money and go unchecked.


The problem all started when Paul Dee lost sight of why Coker was given the job and he gave him that crazy contract extension. Coker was hired to not change anything when Butch left. Everyone knew the Canes were on the verge of a breakout season. Just about anybody from Butch's coaching staff could have stepped in a coached that team to a national championship. They were on auto pilot.

Randy was hired because of Cokers contract extension. Randy was never going to be run out before he was at least given a four year chance to get things turned around. As soon as Randy proved his incompetence and Cokers contract was over Miami went right back to their proven formula of hiring a young up and coming hotshot from a lesser program who does less with more.

Golden is the next soon to be great Miami HC...

The Canes have real issues with rotation, and depth on defense, and although we are conditioned, the 3 rd and 4th quarters have continued to be problems.
We did not close out for weeks..

Added to this suspensions and injuries also are factors to be considered.

We still have something to say in the ACC..

Coach G is in for the long haul and have 30+ freshmen on the team, and as the year winds down the experiences of wins and loses have to mean something as the 'Canes prepare for S. Florida, and the key Duke game.

The chance to put a stamp on this year...fighting to the finish of the season is all that it is about.

The Rules of the 'Canes football team, truly impacts the team with keeping everyone on the same page...don't screw up because as Coach G says each player represents more than themselves..

It MEANS something to be a 'Cane player..

We are setting the foundations for the 'Canes of the future..
Let's be positive and realistic.
Go 'Canes Always

If you look at the rosters of the teams we have played and how many juniors and seniors are playing against us it's playing men against boys .How much better can a player get if you add 2 or 3 full off seasons and 20 to 30 more games experience and getting stronger ? It's worse than playing D3 teams when they play us half or more of our kids still have pimples and were playing high school ball last year . Some of the ineptness may be on The DC but scheme is only part of playing defense at somepoint being able to read and react quickly comes into play . Ray Lewis , Ed Reed , Sean Taylor etc were not great because of the scheme they were running . Go Canes

Heres a fun Question to ponder What happens this year if we would have had Lamar Miller with Duke in our Backfield,Tommy Streeter with Dorsett at receiver, and Olivier Vernon on the other side of Chickillo , and Brandon Washington on the O line for more depth . How different is our season ? Sometimes it's situation that dictate success or failure . Go Canes

I certainly pay and hope so Southpaw

Ga cane, Thats interesting to ponder and I made a similar post earlier in the season. Its also interesting that those players didn't just leave for the money, the also knew that in terms of development, they would get better in the league playing in an aggressively adequate scheme that accentuates their talents.

The choice came down to getting paid to get better or not developing while losing and attempting to do more with less. Cane football has become an uphill battle in all aspects and the kids can see this struggle. The opposition/hate for our program used to be external, but now these types/influences are employed by our university and it has become a self-imposed subjugation from within.

At least we knew who Tad Foote's was and what his agenda encompassed. Now these anti-swag/pro-establishment types are embedded into our fabric AND ACCEPTED. They only participate in the pageantry aspects (Cane walks, pep rallies, fundraisers, etc) of Cane football and in word--process, patience, persevere (my incompetence), Go Canes, next year, we're young (every year), etc. Snakes in orange & green clothing.

Our administration is a self-imposed ban.

I usually don't post here. I just read. I am familiar with one of the posters. WUZ UP CALVIN! I see you're still doing ya thang. I don't agree with you about Saban. That man is a great college football coach. Give credit where it's due. I disagree with you about Shannon. He was in waaaaaay over his head. Strait garbage & pure sanitation as a head coach. But...

You couldn't be more right about No'D & the d-line coach, Jethro Franklyn. This is the "U". Dade county. South Florida. The cream of the crop football talent in the best state that produces football talent. Why? Because we grow up playing fast & in your face. The style & culture produces swag & speed. You don't hold that talent & speed back by playing a soft zone. CB's 10-20 yds off of the line on 3rd & 3??? WTF?! Who does that? Obviously Golden's scheme. I say Golden's scheme because it is the very scheme that got torched consistantly when he was the DC at Virginia. It IS NOT THE SAME SCHEME THAT SABAN RUNS! Period. Golden & No'D said when they got hired, they run a SOFT ZONE. There is no press or man coverage in their scheme to run when the players do get experience. Golden believes that when the South Florida speed learns the system it will dominate. XXX!!! WRONG!!! I'm about to give you the role each level of the defense has, tell you the results that we've all already seen, if you know football it will make sense.

The D-line is supposed to engage & stand up the o-line.

The LB's are 5 yards behind the d-line to keep everything in front of them.

The CB's line up 10 yards of the line to keep the play in front of them.

Defense & offense both start up front. For defense the mission for the d-line is to penetrate because nothing disrupts an offense more than penetration by the d-line. As we've seen in every game under his tenure. Golden does not teach this. He teaches to engage not penetrate gaps. With the LB's & CB's so far off the line, the RB's are 5 yards up field before they get touched. Sound familiar? On runs to the outside, when the CB's are 10 yards off the line if they get blocked good, the RB has an easy 10+ yard run or will take it to the house. In pass coverage with the soft zone, on 3rd & short the cushion alone gives up the 1st down. EASILY! Because the D-line isn't taught to penetrate, there's no pressure on the QB. So, all the WR's have to do is run to the hole in the zone. EASY PITCH & CATCH.

RESULTS: Every QB, no matter how much they suck against everyone else looks all american against the "U". With this scheme there is no amount of top level talent that will make it dominant in a BCS conference. For the record. Every top offense Golden's scheme has went up against whether he was a DC at Virginia, HC at Temple or here at the "U", IT GOT SCORCHED!!! Sorry. I hate this truth. RIP UM :-(

Whats poppin CoCane?! Its Zakkee, I chnaged my post name to Harriet Tubman because she was more man than 99.9% of the men God has ever created and she freed slaves, not just physically, but mentally as well. U know I got banned from Canespace for saying less than what most bloggers are saying about the state of Cane football right now on the blog. I just happened to see these things before they did and 86 agreed, so I got banned. Apparently our thoughts must align and not surpass his or else.

Just thinking about some of the recent comments. Do you really think the school is simply not supporting the athletics dept?

Despite the overall average performance, I think football will improve though I don't see us competing with the elites anymore.

Baseball down

Basketball, mens is what it is

2 ADs gone

fan base dead

If the answer is yes, why? Do they cut corners in sports to pay the bills elsewhere. Just thinking someone closer to the school might have insight.

Posted by: USAFCane | November 13, 2012 at 10:01 PM

Need to pay the going rate in some sports, need to cut the dead weight in others, need to get the lifetime achievment coaches a nice gold watch and upgrade in others, USAF. The basketball team is an embarrassment right now, we can't handle Fl Gul Coast, yet we're supposed to be able to handle UNC, NC State, or Duke? I guess that joke is on us. For my own santity, I can't support this team, Maybe I'm 100% wrong, but I don't think I'll miss much. I honestly don't remember seeing UM be so awful at all three major sports at the same time, yet here we are on year 3 or 4 of overall mediocrity.

Posted by: j.w. | November 13, 2012 at 10:07 PM

Larranaga will look 95 after this game

Final FGCU 63 Miami 51

November 13, 2012 at 09:05 PM

The "best team in school history" per Larranaga. Really? So good we kept it close against a D2 team in an exhibition game? That get embarrassed against a school nobody outside of the State of FLorida has ever heard of, a team with no basketball history? Thank God Eichorst did leave. Resigning the women's basketball coach will go down as his biggest achievement. Larranaga should offer his resignation on the spot if this is the best he can do.

A great president and a great AD are needed now!!!

Who is the only person still at UM related to the Shapiro-UM scandal??? Who is responsible for this mess???

Wow! Do we suck at basketball too?
Sad to say, IT IS not so GREAT TO BE A MIAMI HURRICANE these days.

Posted by: nemo2002 | November 13, 2012 at 09:52 PM

When the current nightmare that is UM athletics ends please wake me up.

Posted by: 86Cane | November 13, 2012 at 10:46 PM

The comments above are from real and true Canes fans...This is troublesome.

Wake me up when we will have a new UM President.
I was banned after posting this

Good win by the Canes, I'm happy but not satisfied.

I saw improvements in the execution of a bad defensive strategy (he did bring more pressure-just from too far away).

Players = B

Coaches = C-

We have average coaching, they are no more competent in their duties as the players are in theirs.

Posted by: Zakkee | November 02, 2012 at 12:06 AM

Zakk...it has been nice knowing U.


Posted by: SOUP | November 02, 2012 at 12:59 AM

All season people have been complaining that the Linebackers were playig to far off the LOS . If you paid attention to this week they were closer to the line LOS . The middle of the feild was open all day . Thats experience and being able to read what you see and react properly to it , that comes with alittle time , faster for some but it will come .Also if your D-ine gives up an average of 50 to 60 pounds per man across the line your going to get fatigued hence the fourth quarter collapses we had . Go Canes

I don't begin to know what the banning rules are. I just like to talk canes football. I don't post here often but I get a good laugh at the rants. Lol! I never saw anything wrong with your posts (shruggs). You're alright with me bro. We see eye to eye on a lot of issues, not just canes football. It does seem like there are a few bloggers from the space here. I wonder if this is where to go if banned. One thing I do know is the "U" isn't on track to get back to powerhouse status anytime soon. A lot of fans are starting to see it too. I hope I'm wrong about Golden but after 22 games, I haven't seen improvements in areas there should be. If the defense was getting coached right, they wouldn't be this bad. I knew they would struggle but not like this. Golden & No'D won't be able to blame youth next year because the team returns 20 starters. My personal opinion is that the athletic programs will steadily decline as long as Shalala is the President. She doesn't know or care to know how to build & sustain a top athletic program. She's just pizzin in the wind while rolling the dice. Until the check book is opened for proven winning coaches, we'll get what we've been getting. Then again, where will the money come from if they're not making any because the team continues to lose??? It's ugly times ugly right now...

Ga Cane,

I respect your optimism but the only time the LB's were up close was when they were obviously blitzing. Then the QB made the obvious hot read. Easy pitch & catch to the holes in the zone. What's the point in blitzing without covering the hole that the blitz left open? Rocco isn't a running QB. If they went man coverage with those blitzes they would've been more effective. I grew up with a few former Cane players. They see the bullshyt in the scheme too. TRUST ME.

Just think back to week 1 against Boston College. After the game, their WR that burned us for 100+ yards said it himself. He said the coaches watch the tape from last year, saw the holes in the zone & gameplanned to expose it. You don't think every other team hasn't followed the blueprint??? The only reason VT & UNC didn't score more was because they shot themselves in the foot with turnovers special team miscues & penalties. They both still racked up over 400 yards. Only Bethune didn't rack up 400. If their WR's didn't drop a couple they would've had 400 easy too. The only thing that we as fans can hope for is that the coaches learn & tighten up scheme in the off season. If they don't next it'll be butter & jelly for all opponents because they'll be getting toasted again...

Agree with you corpus, if they an get a defense next year the U could be scary. We score enough on offense to win, just need to stop the other team from scoring more. That is football 101, score more than your opponent and you win. I believe ww will be good next year even with the NCAA sanctions, even with scholarship reductions. In '97 when the U was at the height of the sanctions they went 5-7, then progressively got better and better and 3 years later we were beating the crap out of the Gators in the Sugar Bowl and played for the National Championship the next 2 years, winning 1. So, with that said, let's fill JRS this Saturday for this senior class, they deserve to support. Go Canes!

Football is a very simple game (I know this because I played at the college level and I coached the game for a few years)

Rule #1 - Know your team, know its deficiencies, know its strengths

Rule #2 - game plan around those deficiencies and strengths

Rule #3 - if what you're doing isn't working, change it up

Rule #3(a) - if what you're doing can't be absorbed by the players because they are young, simplify the terminology, and the scheme. Figure out what they do well and keep doing it!!

I don't think Coach D is following these rules.

Aside from what I just mentioned, we tend to get a sense early on if a coach is ready for prime time. We know Coach D is NOT ready for prime time. it's year 2 and Golden deserves 4 years (if Coach D, doesn't cost him his job before then)


If your team's average age of starters is 19.5, and they go against another team that averages 22, your team will lose.


What rules do you use when you have 22 true Sophomores and Freshmen in your two deep and three of those best are missing?

Rule #1 and #2 are the same rule. I see why you USED to coach. You think Coach D is still figuring out what his freshmen can do and still game planning around that. You also think that maybe some of these youngsters are developing so his game plan is constantly changing?

Rule #3- Coach D has been changing it up all year long. This defense has been in and out of man coverage and shown multiple fronts in every game. Have you been watching the games at all?

The only problem on defense is that Miami fans are expecting a JV defense to go out and dominate Varsity. Until the players are experienced and there's depth that's not going to happen. Hell the only Senior DT on the roster is a JUCO transfer who should have gotten a shirt last year. The only Junior DT on the roster is Porter and he's been glass his whole career. The same problem exists at CB. The prior coaching staff just completely forgot to recruit DT's, LB's and DB's. They also forgot to recruit WR's and RB's. That's why that coaching was fired and Golden has this program in full rebuild mode. Goldens done a great job considering.

When fans are arguing back and forth about what makes a team suck... I've noticed it's usually because a team sucks. What I can't believe is that a 'die-hard' fan can stomach watching this team play. Golden is Randy Shannon Lite with a tie. I'm wondering if the 'fear the tie' slogan is for the other team's fans or ours!!!???

I USED to coach Southpaw because I moved on and went to grad school (smart, talented people have choices in life). Golden specifically said that youth was no excuse during the preseason so please spare me the excuses, I'm holding him to his own words, you know accountability. I don't think coach D has figured anything out. I've played on winning teams and losing teams, what I hear from Coach D are the same things that I've heard from coaches on losing staffs (i.e. - it's not the scheme it's the players). I'm willing to give Golden his four years but I'm done with Coach D, I'm entitled to my opinion and you can ride it out with this MAC level talent if you choose. I watch every game (please don't insult me with that childishness). So what you're telling me/admitting to me is that this deep into the season he (Coach D) STILL can't figure it out? Randy had some of the top recruiting classes so don't give me the cupboard is bare nonsense. lack of experience is no excuse for the poor schemes, and lack of development during the season. Statistically speaking this is the worst defense in UM's history. Numbers don't lie but delusional fans do.

I won't stop until D'Nofrio is fired or resigns!

championships is an idiot...coker/shannon did not kill this team...golden did with his staff....all you have to do is look at the nov 14, 2012 team statistics....the worst is the history of miami.....shaannons boys were TOTALLY responsible for all this years wins or golden would be 0-10...he tried to duplicate what he did at temple with playing freshman when he had soph/jr/seniors at alomost every position....didnt work...forcing recruits to come to his camps to get a scholarship...bye bye alex collins and keith bryant.....creating turmoil with the players that I have NEVER seen EVER. I feel sorry for the seniors leaving....Golden and his staff are killing this brand, whats left of it....

I will take Coker back anyday....golden is 38-45 vs coker at 70-25...keep believing but then again you never went to Um so what do you know anyway....

"DL Keith Bryant of Miami has four remaining official visits to take and named USC as one of them. Bryant has been committed to Miami but continues to evaluate other schools. "I took an official (visit) to Purdue," he said. "It was way better than I thought it was going to be. People told me things about it and I liked it a lot more than what I expected." He plans to take his other visits to USC, Oklahoma and Florida State. "I might go to LSU for the other one," said Bryant. He named USC, Miami, FSU and Oklahoma as his top schools. "South Carolina sends me stuff all of the time," he said. "I really like that. They tell me they want me to come in and disrupt things in the middle. Ilike them a lot." Bryant did not name any favorites but did say he remains committed to the Hurricanes. His visit to Columbia is planned for January"

if you think keith Bryant is comming here you are delusional...so golden loses #1/#2 recruits...when has that ever happend at UM or any other top 25 school.....please advise

D corch sucks!!

Jim Gallo "Curse",

Golden killed Miami's football program? LOL! GTFOOH mole...

You continue to show just how dumb you are. Shannon's players were responsible for this years wins? Still waiting for you to list all of these Seniors and Juniors that the freshmen should be sitting behind and keeping their mouths shut. I'll continue to wait...

the reasons i want to be patient and trust coaching staff is i dont beleive we can get the level/status of coaching staff in here that many people are calling for. i dont remember a line of championship caliber coaches wanting the job when shannon was fired. i also think coaching turnover can be worse to a program than "bad coaching". have watched notre dame be a joke for around 25yrs playing musical coaches.

...please dont bring up leach cause that guy is a circus!

Gallo, U stating that you would take Coker and Shannon over Golden just shows everybody that you are the real idiot. I reckon Cokers record is better U f-ing moron, he had basically a pro team left to him and everyyear his win totals dwindled down and losses were gained. The Canes record never improved under him from one year to the next. He lived off the fumes that Butch left him until they were all gone.
Golden has taken two programs over and rebuilt them from the ground up. Just take a look at what temple has become since he left and the wanna be Urban Meyer guy took over. Another Coker and now the talen he built up is turning into fumes and they will be bottom feeders again. Golden and staff are just providing the framework and solid foundation for another Hurricane Dynasty and it will take some time just as it took Butch Davis to build the last one.

Oh and Shannons recruits showed us just how good they really were Saturday, didn't they lil jimmy? Had Bush, Perryman, and johnson been there they wouldn't have scored no ways the points they did because one of them would have taken somebody's head off by halftime of that game.

Coker was reponsible for all the offensive wins in the 90's.....even if you take those freshman that butch/coker recruited...it was coker that taught them college football and elevated them to NFL.....butch was gone. golden was 27-34 at temple with an average loss of 7 games per year...dig deeper and you at least 2 wins per year by 1 or 2 points against nobodys.....golden and company are completely wrong for this program.....he will not be a 11-1 or 10-2 coach here so what is the point. add his management style that has totally alienated the team...and what you are seeing are the results...why did we get rid of shannon then....shannon was 28-22 at miami vs 19-30 with golden for the exact same coaching time...dosent make sense....the answer is find a replacement...why deny the inevitable since golden is NOT replacing Dnofrio who set the all-time worst defensive record at UM....unless you believe in miricles

Gallo offers a respectable argument. I'm still at a loss what the love affair is with Golden. This team has re-defined bad. The man is obviously going to be here next year so I'm committed to bearing the burden of that. But until UM beats a top 25 team I've decided that spending quality time with my kids beats watching this hot mess hands down. Heck, I just MIGHT bother tuning in should they manage to keep a D1 team to under 450 yards gained.

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