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Live chat: Canes Q&A with Manny Navarro

Chat with Herald Sports writer Manny Navarro from 2 to 3 p.m. today. Leave your questions below in the comments section and he will answer them during the live chat.


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With kelvin Cane still on the scout team do you think we will see more of Ricardo Williams?

Any news on the design of next years jerseys?

Any updates on the NCAA investigation?

how many players have been redshirted already

How much are parents a pain for the coaches to deal with? Are there a lot of parents that are calling the coaches asking why their kid isn't playing more?

Are you better off than you were 4 years ago?

Are the coaches high on Tracy? Seems like they only use him out of necessity. Is he the future with Deon in the secondary based on comments by coaching staff?

Will Ryan Williams Play Next Year?

How many commits should Miami Have for 2013?

Yo Manny is it true Alex Collins decommitted today. If so what other rb is on our radar? Also is there any more recruiting news like who is high on us.

what's miami home schedule look like next year?

Does Blake have the inside track for the AD position? Who else is interviewing?

How's Dorsett's psyche after starting so well, but not playing well as of late?

What position does Miami need help at the most?

Any chance we can get decent food on the Club Level at the stadium? At least have orange and green gatorade to match the Canes colors instead of red and blue. :)

Isn't Ray Lewis's kid also a running back? How good is he? I read that he's putting up great numbers, but not going against top competition. Thanks!

Won't we have 6 QB's on staff next year (Morris, Williams, Dewey, Crow, Thompson, and Oleson)? I know we want competition, but is that too many?

Are there any plans to overload on DL? Go back to fast DE's and D Tackles that can beat blocks?

Haven't heard much hype about Crow, Dewey or Thompson? I know they aren't game-ready now but are any of these guys the future or is Fisch and Coach Golden looking to get a big-time QB prospect for next year?

Manny do u think UM is going to switch yo a 3-4 next year. Also do you think the offense will go back to more a pro style next year, since we have Danny Dillard coming back from his redshirt year. Do u think coaches think he is a better between tackle runner than Mike James.

Will the defensive scheme change soon? Every sees that it is not working. Even NFL scouts see this.

I know it's an advantage for Miami, but having noon games early in the season was brutally hot. We shouldn't be fanning ourselves at a football game. Does Miami try to solicit later starts to draw at least a few more thousand people to the stadium.

Thanks Manny for all the great work you do covering the Canes. It is very much appreciated.

Do you think Stephen Morris Will stay?


Where is he gonna go? He is surely not NFL ready.

Dion- R U kidding me? You were joking right?

He's made progress. But he still needs a lot of work. Pasrtly not his fault- look who mentored him, and he was thrown to the wolves very early in his career and got all bruised up and such.

I say he puts in the work, brings an 8 or 9 win season this year, puts onanother 400- 500 yd show this season (hopefully withDorsett getting out of his funk), and his stock value will rise tremendously going into next year.

Next yearand two will be intersting. Yes we have 5 additional QBs. Who will stay, who will go- I say at least 2 will leave. Greg Olsen's brother is good- I'd like to see him play. Ryan Williams has huge upside and he is only going to be one year after this. I think. Maybe another one after that. Then, its going to be between Olsen, Dewey and Crow. They need to remember how it was back in the day at the U- You played one full season as the true #1 QB. That got you to the pros.

As far as rbs are concerned, I'd love to see a Duke Johnson- Danny Dillard back field, along with one more year with Eduardo after he heals, maybe one year wih Dallas Crawford back there, and Sony Michel coming in.

When will these questions be answered??? Lol

My bad manny, I see your answers now

1.When will we go back to black socks/shoes???

2.I can't stand the music selection at the stadium. We're copying what other schools play in there stadiums. What happened to Metallica, Pantera, WuTangClan?? What happened to the DownSouthBass???

3.That 6 O's song needs to go, leave that to those fokeyes to jump around to.

4.When will we ever get rid of the band of the hour?? We would be better off renting a band from another college or have a highschool band play. Which ever school has highest marks at the end of the year gets to play at the stadium for a whole season. That will give them some incentive to perform better in school, plus it will include the community a little bit more. Sell the tickets to their parents at 50% the seat price so they can see and hear their kids play. At least it'll fill up a couple more seats. Selling a seat at 50% discount is better than having a empty seat at full price. Just saying.


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