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Monday's UM practice notes, plus audio from Golden, D'Onofrio and Fisch

A couple of quick notes from Monday's post-practice interviews:

> UM coach Al Golden said linebackers Eddie Johnson and Gabe Terry, who did not make the trip to Virginia Saturday for not following team rules, didn't practice Monday. But Golden said he hopes to resolve issues with both of those players "tonight and tomorrow."

"I just wanted to get through the game film of this and didn't really want to -- they weren't part of that and I wanted to get through today and move forward with them tonight and tomorrow," Golden said.

> Golden on the length of the suspension of receiver Rashawn Scott: "Indefinitely. I don't know if that means there will be closure to that or not. But it's indefinitely for sure."

> Linebacker Denzel Perryman (ankle) was back at practice Monday according to Golden and practicing with the first team at weakside linebacker according to Mark D'Onofrio. Safety Deon Bush (stinger) was back at practice and was running around and participating in conditioning. But Golden said Bush will need medical clearance to return for Saturday's home finale against USF.

"Denzel is going to be ready it looks like," Golden said. "Deon, we're still in that stage where we have to evaluate. He looked great. He's out here running and everything. It's just, the doctor has to give him the okay. From a conditioning standpoint we'll keep him on track to play. But he can't play until he gets cleared."

> Freshman running back Duke Johnson was named ACC Rookie of the Week for the fourth time this season after tallying 368 all-purpose yards at Virginia. Johnson became only the third FBS player since 2000 with a TD pass and a kickoff return for a TD in the same game.

> Sophomore Gionni Paul was named co-Linebacker of the Week after tallying a team-leading 14 tackles against the Cavs. Paul, who was honored by the ACC for the second time this season, was practicing as the backup to Perryman at weakside linebacker on Monday according to D'Onofrio.

> For those of you hoping Golden might decide it's time to make a change at defensive coordinator, don't hold your breath. We continue to get the sense that despite the Hurricanes resetting the record book for most points and yards allowed on defense, Golden doesn't blame D'Onofrio for any of it. He blames youth.

"The mindset right now is we're in this to fix it long term," Golden said Monday. "We just had a two minute drive at the end of the game and we didn't stop them and there were no seniors on the field. None. So, I think the guys understand we didn't get it done, but if you're here long term and you want to get it fixed, it's going to be all of us that are here plus whatever we add next year. It's not just going to [snaps fingers four times] just turn overnight. I think they have a good attitude. I think they understand that. For all the things we didn't do persay in that two minute drive, look at all the guys who were on the field. The [Tyriq] McCords, Tracy Howards and [Rayshawn] Jenkins that did a nice job."

> Big picture you get the sense Golden is tiring of dealing with outside distractions. It's not even the NCAA anymore. It's his own players like Johnson and Rashawn Scott getting themselves suspended in Week 10 of the season that are troubling him.

"It's been TMZ since I've been here," Golden said of the outside distractions. "Let's be honest. Yeah, it's been tough. It's been tough on the coaches. It's been tough on me, personally. There's not one minute I go to bed where I don't think I'm fighting that with the team. Again, I'm looking forward to the day when we're focused on our opponents and making our players better and not talking about [outside distractions]."

Are the players totally focused and where they need to be? "I don't think we're there yet," Golden said. "I think we've made a lot of progress. I think we've gotten to the point where we're starting to focus on what's important for our program and what we need to do in terms of the Coastal Division and those opponents. But clearly we had some missteps last week. I don't think there's any questions about it."

Golden said players need to do a better job policing themselves "proactively" or before someone makes a mistake. "Every team battles it," Golden said. "I just don't want to be there in November."

> Golden believes UM will be focused to take on South Florida (3-6, 1-4 ACC) this week.

"This has turned into a rival," Golden said. "There's going to be a lot of energy and effort that both teams are going to put into this game to prepare. I see some guys playing a non-conference game, but it's a non-BCS or FCS game to get them ready for their rivalry game or get them settled in for their conference championship. That's not the case here. This is all we can handle. This will be a well rested team, a tough team coming in. We better get back on the horse."

I will update and post more notes after I transcribe them. Stay tuned for updates. But for now, the audio from today's interviews are available for your listening pleasure.

AUDIO: Coach Al Golden post-practice Monday

AUDIO: Defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio post-practice Monday

AUDIO: Offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch post-practice Monday


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Watching the Canes on defense is torture. They can't seem to get off the field. Any other system seems can work better. We can't be getting gashed like that week in and week out and expect to go anywhere. D'Onofrio needs to show huge improvement, make adjustemts or take a hike out of Miami.

It pisses me off when Duke catches the kickoff five yards deep and Dorsett hilds him in to take a knee. Are you kidding me why do the other team such a favor. Anytime Duke has the ball you need to let him go I don't care if he's 10 yards deep, take it out he may, go, all, the, way.

The D is putride. Hope they get the reps needed to improve and come out next year on a different level.

Third down offense also sucks and thats on the coaches paly call.

Man, i know if ej44, gabe terry, rashawn scott are being suspended for them trees, goldie needs to cut that out. I'm surprised the whole offense is not smoking weed, sitting around watching this defense, you need something to take your mind off of it.

Watching this defense will damyum have everybody looking for narcotics and living in the bottle to. Watching this defense is about as frustrated as i've ever been watching UM play, but it doesn't get worst than watching frank costa keep leaving the defense out on the field all fgame long against nebraska. frank costa was the 3 & out king of qb's of all time to ever come thru UM for sure, maybe even college football.

For the last home game, they should pass out weed to the whole stadium and you can only light it when the defense comes on the field, watching this defense sober is to got damyum stressful.

Man, i know if ej44, gabe terry, rashawn scott are being suspended for them trees, goldie needs to cut that out. I'm surprised the whole offense is not smoking weed, sitting around watching this defense, you need something to take your mind off of it.

Watching this defense will damyum have everybody looking for narcotics and living in the bottle to. Watching this defense is about as frustrated as i've ever been watching UM play, but it doesn't get worst than watching frank costa keep leaving the defense out on the field all fgame long against nebraska. frank costa was the 3 & out king of qb's of all time to ever come thru UM for sure, maybe even college football.

For the last home game, they should pass out trees to the whole stadium and you can only light it when the defense comes on the field, watching this defense sober is to got damyum stressful.

My concern is QB. You want 2 min. drill effectiveness. 3rd down and red zone effectiveness. Our QB fails all three with exception the red zone once in a while. When you have to call on your field goal kicker it is because your red zone play has failed and yet AG says he is satisfied with his progress??? I do not see any improvement.

I try not to criticze the offense, i know some bonehead calls come out of there from time to time, but jedd and his crew have been putting up points since he got here, unlike the last 3 oc's that were at the controls here.

If we had a better defense, it would make our offense that much better, they're not getting to much resistance in practice and that's why this offense is not really going off out there and stepping on the other teams throat.

I think most need to leave jedd alone, when goldie is admitting that he's the one dipping in and out of the offense. goldie only needs to do that with one side of the ball and that's be over there huddled up next to his boy and get aggressive with that defense.

i luv the way art kehoe has his boys playing, those guys are playing championship football, no matter who this o-line has gone up against, the o-line has shown up and they'll never back down from no team. In fact, kehoe has them going after and trying to break the will of the defenses so called best player.

Also, these coaches are just not use to or understandign the type of players they have under them. They're to busy being amazed at the talent around them.

I like what i'm seeing from herb waters, come next year, we're going to continue to be straight at the wide-out spots. Also, they must of gotten robert lockhart hurt by throwing him to many alley oops.

well there you have it..its official like i have always said...golden is going to go down with his DC...there is a TOTAL mutiny on the team and he is just plain stubborn...you can forget about keith bryant, there is no way he will come here, you would have to have your head examined and besides his mom wants him at fsu....tmz since he got here..please dude, grow a pair....what a pu....y. this aint gonna work at all....bloggers just face it

fighting with the team.....alumni since 1979...NEVER, NEVER has this ever happend at miami....a muntiny at UM....unthinkable......fire everyone right now....f...ck them all...rather have none than these idiots

When was the lasttime a UM team scored forty points and lost?


I'm listening to this coach goldie interview, they're talking about the suspended guys and goldie is talking about "hopefully those guys will start buying in"

They did(i got $5 on it), that's how they all got suspended in the first place!


For Coach Golden, I'm giving him 4years just like what Schnellenberger had. Not saying he'll win a National Title in that time (if he does GREAT), just return the Canes to Nation Power.

Coach No D - don't let the door hit you in the a55. The defensive woes are on him. He loves to throw it at the kids but never once has he taken credit for any failure this year or last to my recollection. The man (if you can call him that) never makes adjustments until the game is almost over. DBs are assigned to zone coverage when they should be playing up and aggressive. Zone coverage all day until we get it right, whether we win or lose. This bend down break garbage is not the Miami Way. The Miami Way is play to win with aggression, not playing not to lose. DOMINATION IS WHAT HAS BEEN MISSING PEOPLE. THAT'S IT!!!


Sorry for the poor grammar. I didn't check it. I'm simply pi55ed!


Agree with 'CANETILLIDIE'. Got to give a head coach at least 4 years, a complete class cycle. Same does not hold true for a DC. I've tried to stay positive and upbeat but I'm done with D'Onofrio. Do you people realize that if we had even a plain-Jane average defense we'd be 7-3 right now? Our D looks perpetually confused and out of place.

What a bunch of excUses. ExcUse U. Golden Balls seed nothing wrong with No-D-ofrio . It's youth. What a load of Golden Crap. And he says to take a 3 win team serious, just like he did with UVA.
You get what you deserve, more mediocrity.
Pathetic clowns.

Cant wait to the future.... Luv the young guys man they playin and every week good are bad... Ive enjoyed seeing them.... U

This is a make or break job for Al & he knows it. Whatever loyalty he has to D'Onofrio, it won't stop Al from replacing him if he's truly to blame. That said, we're returning 10 starters next year on D (offense as well). If there isn't significant improvement next year, be sure heads will roll. Until then, be patient. Starting over, yet again, will get us nowhere.

The dumb jerk is too stupid to realize that it is golden's and the DC's worthless prevent the win defense that has cost the Canes a potentially great season.

He feels like he is fighting the team. Well, duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. The team is composed of guys who have played for some winning coaches. Duhhhhhh.

They know crap coaching, crap defenses, statistics, losses from D'O going into his prevent the win defense, no timing patterns on offensive passes, just crap flat passes and hail mary passes that are wasted.

Golden, shalalalala, D'O, OC, just leave. Pay back the money you have gotten in your breach of contract incompetence.

Wait til next year!!
The cries have started already.
Same thing was said last year
And the one before that
And the one before
All the way back to the early 2000s
The cane motto
Wait til next year
Wait for what
Different players same crap
Different coordinators same loosing
Different coach same mediocrity
Must be a cane thing
Poor little clowns

Every year, we're saying we're young.

Every year, we're waiting on "depth."

Every year, we're waiting on the Coach to clean up after the previous Coach.

Every year, we play "It's this coordinator...It's that coordinator."

Every year we're waiting on the next star HS qb to come save the program.

Every year, we watch these pre-season, hype videos, and get fooled into expecting different results.

Every year we end the season with a heart-puncturing loss.

Phinsane and canekiller are harping on the same topic. The canes have been mediocre for the past decade and can't get over the hump no matter what players or coaches come or go. It is a systemic problem dating from the poison of Uncle Luke all the way to the present mess with Lil Luke Shapiro. The AD has to be in charge, but the AD has been a revolving door. So it falls on the president, and we all know how much Shalala likes football. There lies your problem.

I agree with the above sentiment.

Miami's immediate problem is the head man, who is a poor game-day coach and(it appears)a mediocre recruiter. Miami's long-term challenge is that the school can no longer attract a quality coach to turn around the program with young players has been done at Alabama, Florida, Ohio State, etc. So, two years after Randy Shannon gets fired after a loss to USF in front of a sparse home crowd, UM again will face USF in front of a very partial sellout. The Canes are 11-11 under media darling Al Golden - who alarmingly has disciplinary issues with his team - the OB is gone, Donna Shalala is still UM pres, and we fans either suffer through the long-standing mediocrity of UM football or find something more useful to do during that most wonderful time of the year - College Football Season.

What's funny to me is, when the offenses under shannon were struggling, the majority of the people kept blaming shannon. The special teams was trash, alot of people blamed shannon, here we are with the worst defense ever at UM and college, and not to many people are blaming goldie.

What i don't like about what goldie is saying is, "if we can get more players to give effort like duke johnson" Man, that's not even a real/fair comparison, the defensive guys are giving just as much effort within that scheme, they are just not being put into position to suceed the best.

goldie again saying "we gave up to many explosive plays" whatever, that's not what cost us the game. The fumble by smo17 didn't cost us the game, in fact, that fumble by smo was like a punt, had we scored on that possesion, it would have only put us up by 10 points which we did later on in the game, so smo17 fumbling helped chew up more clock.

Now we're hearing we didn't have a senior on the field on the last drive, lol, who cares, if we're going to keep giving up the middle of the field on runs and passes, giving up the flats all game long, of course a teams is going to drive up and down the field on you all day long.

The new defensive coaches around here idea of a good to dominant defense is just not up to standard and on par with how we're suppose to play defense here at UM period. We're use to playing downhill on defense all game long and wearing oppossing offenses down, under this scheme, we don't re-route receivers and when in doubt play zone, if it's an aggressive scheme, it's only designed to be aggressive within the front 7, the back end is basically told, don't let anything get behind you.

Man who cares about a guy getting burnt, we need to run a defense that displays the athleticism of our athletes, all this engaging crap helps make this a slow defense. Oh, well, the only saving grace for this coaching staff is if curtis porter ends up being a high draft pick, he's well on his way, that's for sure if he keeps playing like he's playing.

What's funny is, i hear omar kelly and dan saying UM can't keep up with the bama'a and others with getting the best coaches, lol, we don't need those high priced assistants, all we need are the guys who know what type of football UM plays, randy shannon would coach here for no problem for at least $500K a year.

We got alot of coaches that coached here who would comeback, to much football knowledge around here to say we don't have the money to go out and get the so called "best d-coordinator", lol, we just need a guy who has enuff common sense to let the athlete's be athlete's, this defense gets no one excited.

The thing is, i don't know one player to ever play in this type of defensive scheme that produced the type of defensive guys we know that come out of UM.

U dumbasses obviously forgot to mention that 3 of our best defensive players which are wither freshmen or sophomores were not at the game. Also you fail to realize or have the sense to understand that the team is young, and this game was an emotional letdown that many teams this young go through in learning what it takes to win weekend after weekend. Not to mention what did we have to replace Bush with? Oh Highsmith thats right. Should they have won that game yes, but could it be expected yes. I have seen Butch Davis when he was rebuilding blow 4th qter leads to teams like East Carolina when he was up 21 points. Bet U dipshits forgot about games like that didn't ya?

Calvin, are you not reading these posts each week. There are so many calling for coach G's head it's unbelievable you would say this. Stop with the poor Randy trash. He stunk as a coach, failed miserably. Could not recruit, in fact I don't really think he tried. Golden should be on the hottest seat on college football right now, but the univ. gave him a contract through 2019, because of the sanctions coming down. If changes are to be made, Golden has to leave, his decision though.
I don't like it anymore than anyone else watching this team. But it will only get worse before it will get better. We think we are bad this year, the next 3-5 won't be much different.
What good HS player who can go play somewhere and win games, is going to want to be here. Afterthis season, even a gullible HS kid should know miami is not close to being anything it once was. What can you say, but GO CANES

CaneKiller, who's your team..? I'd like to know if they got wiped by the CANES and, you whiitle feelings and still hurt; If so, GET OVER IT NANCY AND, GET A LIFE..!!!
Sign Me, CaneKiller who really cares what you think...?

Forget 'Goldy: The whole coaching staff is mediocre. The DC is a problem and the offensive play calling is suspect. UM, as in the past, has the players, probably always will. Florida ain't ever going to be short of footballers.

'Goldy has a so-so record at temple and can't find the guts to say DunnoToday, JustDuuno is a waste.

MikeS; Did U say RS couldn't recruit? U mean the same RS that had Heisman candidate Teddy Bridgewater and some more NW players all but signed?

golden is getting top ncaa money....2.3/2.5mil reported....the issue is that he and dc just do not have enough experience or success at coaching....all you have to do is look at their records and the teams that they beat....this is not hard..please...golden could have easily lost 7 games per year at temple....his wins were at 2 pr 3 points....listen to his audio...completely lost the team and is spinning out of control...trust me he wont last....only a matter of time.....say bye to keith bryant also...rumors all over the place he de-commits and goes to FSU...dc will make it easy for golden to resign...just watch

Maybe you didn't read all the hate post randy shannon got when he was the headcoach. But whatever went wrong, they blamed it on shannon. Only people who don't know football say shannon couldn't recruit, lol, basically the only side of the ball that's doing anything are mostly shannon recruits, see most of the offense. In fact the only idiots are the ones who rated the 2008 class as the best in the nation than most bozo's took that and ran with it.

How is a class rated #1 before even playing 1 college game, lol. That 2008 class couldn't have been ranked that high with a bunch of linebackers & widereceivers in it, and barely any trench players. Some of us said back in 2010 that that was shannon's best class and it's proving so right now but it was shannon's most physical class. All these people who keep getting caught up in these so called football class rankings need to wake the hell up and realize, that's not real.

Also keep in mind, when shannon took over, not only was the 1st round draft picks done, but only 1 player got drafted(spendcer adkins). shannon is the one who upgraded the talent and players started getting drafted again, higher and higher under shannon. Last year and this year, thus far, several players draft status have went down under this mac staff crew.

So to say shannon couldn't recruit is just not true. That's another lie people tell on that man. If shannon had a solid oc, there would barely be any justification for getting rid of him. Instead he had an oc that turned on em, and right now, this is what's going on with the team, the offensive players and the defensive players as well as other defensive players are starting to in fight.

Keep in mind, shannon was the d-co that came in and almost all the defensive guys start flourishing under him. When schiano was here, the defense never would've played up to that level.

If shannon was here right now, and he rightfully should be, we wouldn't be having all these defensive problems.

How many times are we going to see us continue to get caught with linebackers consistently having to cover wide receivers without being able to press them, the problem is, they db's are not being taught to be physical on the back-end like we're use to. We're double teaming receivers who are trash and wasting the safeties instead of using them to help control and keep an eye on the line of scrimmage.

Alot of the players that shannon recruited left early or goldie didn't want their kind on the team. If goldie thinks he's going to have a perfect team like that's going to be a cause for being a winning program, than he can hang it up. One things for sure, we don't get penalized that much, so they can't use that as an excuse. The smo17 fumble didn't hurt us, it actually helped us because it took more time off the clock.

If us not having 3 players cost us that game yesterday, that's another prime example of why this schem is trash!

Bring Randy Shannon back Calvin says? LOL!

I stopped reading after that. Hell he also said in another post that Golden needs to let the players smoke trees. My god you can't make this kind of stupidity up. And people wonder why Miami fans are known in the CFB world as being jackasses?

Thank god the Calvins, Gallo's, and 72's have no pull in this program. Yes, we'd all like fries with our combo meals. Clowns...

Calvin have you lost your damn mind? The defense was never as good under Shannon as Schiano. Shannon just did what Schiano had left him as far as play calls. Shannon recruited pretty good as a DC but he sucked as a HC recruiting and at coaching. His teams never played as hard as Goldens do. And dipshit when those 3 players are the tone setters for the defense that happens. Besides none of the older players are or have demonstated they are anygood. When have you ever seen Highsmith put a lick on someobdy like Perryman, Bush or Johnson does? And all of those are freshmen or sophomores.

Telemaque puts licks in people just blitz him all day. When u have green covering Tompkins in the flat just plane stupid. Taking Ports who is obviously our best pash rusher playin him in a zone is just flat out stupid. Play calling is stupid yeah they are dropping balls but why are you not running the ball. If we lose so be it but don't lose half cocked and making stupid decisions. Even without the players it's no excuse to keep losing to UVA. Golden might have the look of a good coach but he has proven he is just mediocre wherever he has gone. I'm glad qb like cam newton, luck and RGIII don't think because there are young qbs playing in the NFL don't make excuses because they are young. Whenever you hear Saban talk after a loss you always hear them saying as coaches we have to coach them better. Never we are young so that why we aren't playing well. There can be no progress until there is accountability. We can't even close in the worst coastal division since we have been in the acc.

We wouldve lost 40-0 with Shannon as coach. The dude is a linebackers coach now, give it a rest.

Golden isnt going to fire his boy, so learn to live with him.

I'm still proud of tommy tubberville for what he did saturday. That's how guys are use to being coached round here, goldie is thinking by suspending guys, hell those guys don't care about that to much especially if they know they're right. If tommy was here, somebody would've gotten slapped last year and than shot this year.

All the real balla's/nephew's are being attacked/singled out now, first it was luther robinson, than it was tracy howard, now it's eddie johnson, who's next. You can tell who knows football around here, if they think schiano was a better d-co than shannon, lol. If goldie had nipple as his oc, most of you on here would really know how bad alot of the coaches on this staff really are. If it wasn't for jedd fisch, alot of guys on this taff would be fired mike brown lakers style by now.

That's the main reason i leave jedd and the offensive staff alone. The former a.d. locutt forced nipple on shannon, that's the only reason people say the team quit on shannon, but our defense was never this bad for this long under shannon, also shannon let his coordinators coordinate, although that's why they named nipple assistant headcoach to shannon, to try and keep shannon at bay.

I keep hearing goldie say he's trying to build a program and i can understand some of that, but you build it by making sure you have a championship system in place and right now, and while he understands the recruiting formula, does he understand the system formula.

I also was one of the main ones saying bring art kehoe back, soldinger and heargraves when they got fired, so far kehoe is back and the kehoe affect is real evident. I want goldie to be successful as well, but it's sickening for alot of us to watch this defense get teams in 3rd and long and knowing full well, we're going to run a defense that allows a team to pick that up.

ALso, if goldie wants to leave the fate of his own job in the hands of his boy oach OH-NO, that's on him.

Just because you can accept be last in in overall defense doesn't mean that others will stop trying to deflect the subject by referencing Shannon. These coaches are mediocre at best and their record proves it. No real cane fan would keep trying to defend this hot garbage. At least give us the respect of knowing that we have seen good players and coaches and this not the Miami way.

I didn't see anyone on here trying to defend this garbage on sat or Sunday when all the other irate fans where on here. You have waited till the smoke has cleared and tried to defend this trash. If you think this coaching is acceptable please don't bother to read my post and I will do the same for you. The same thing that you all blamed Shannon for you try to say oh it' s youth. Youth didn't try to cover Thompsonfsu in the flats with a de nor did youth take your best pass rushing dline man and drop him into coverage. Youth doesn't abandon the run during the middle of the game and run three consecutive running plays when the other team knows your gonna run. I was with a an Fsu player who won a NC in 93 and they laughed and said you got rid of one dumb coach and picked up another. No accountability no NC.

Tally, First of all your boy Shannon sucked worse as a head coach than anybody but Coker.
Second, Shannon was in his 4th year with an experienced team and he and that team sucked.
3rd, no body is accepting losing on here but anybody knows that when you have a team with all the really good players are freshmen and sophomores and the upper classmen mostly are 3rd team players for most colleges and then you take 3 of that defenses best players out of the equation by injuries and a suspension, not to mention those young players haven't got any upper classmen to learn from because they suck, problems and games like Saturday happen.

4th, I wasn't at a computer Saturday because I was at the game.

5th, RG3 and Cam aren't doing jack squat in the pro's. Luck is the only one that has a chance to make the playoffs. But I love to watch RG3 play the game. Man he is fun to watch.

6th in case you missed the press conference Nick Saban, did blame the players for being out of position or making mental mistakes that they were not coached to do. So it does happen even for the great Nick Saban. So quit making him out to sound like he doesn't throw it down on his players when they screw up because he does. He did however also state that he takes responsiblity for the loss. Big Deal, he's the HC so he is going to get the blame.

Calvin I got one question for U dipshit. Who is coaching the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and who is a LB coach at TCU? I rest my case.

The announcers saw the problem Saturday. The Linebackers were not taking a deep enough drop to stop the UVA passes over the middle. Why didn't OhNo see the same thing and make an adjustment?

If you have time, check out Texas A&M's roster. You know, the team that beat #1 alabama. They have a total of 37 Sr & Jr players, some of which are walk ons and don't play. The rest of their roster is made up of underclassmen. I didn't hear them make excuses about "youth" and "inexperience", when they lost games to UF and LSU earlier this season.

There was also a good mob of people who wanted Shannon gone, after his first year...Playing with the "Coker Kids" we all loved to hate.

And a few more in 08', when he was playing all freshmen....INCLUDING at the QB position.

And even more in 09', when he had the team ranked in the top 10 in the nation, and the closest they'd been to a double digit win season in six years.

Golden still has my personal vote of confidence, but often times...the same things Randy Shannon was crucified for, many people coddle Al Golden about.

First of all unsaid ston blaming Shannon for all this he hasn't been coaching this team in over two years. Saban also said that is on us we must coach them better not say over over again that they are young. I named those qb not to compare them but to say that being young is no excuse for you to play well. I would take cam over luck any day of the week. It's the sophomore season lets see how we'll lick plays when teams get a whole year to game plan for him. If you have been watching cam you would know that he can't play defense but they have lost a lot of close games to good teams. The point was good coaches expect these young players to play well because they design good schemes for them to be successful in. Bad coaches run schemes because that's the only thing they now and when it doesn't work say that these players are to young are to whatever to grasp the scheme. If you don't think the players are capable then why recruit them are put them out there. These players can perform better they just have some clueless coaches. They may very well turn Miami back into a respectable program but I have no confidence in them winning a big game against another good coach. Either we win big or lose big. Last year Ksu,vtech,Fsu and bc were all games that were lost by coaching. Unc, UVA were all lost by coaching in some form or fashion. Gt was the only close game they have won since they have been here. Not acceptable.

So young people get an indefinite suspension for what? Marijuana? I certainly hope not for these guys could be involved in way more negative behavior than that. My point is let's not throw the baby out with the bath water. Golden says it's been TMZ since his arrival? Really? My how that just provides some nice cover for the terrible job D'Onofrio has done this year. Look guys! next year we will know plenty about our program and these coaches who Golden continues to protect. It is true we have some very young guys but boy does this staff enjoy riding that excuse into the ground.

I see we got alot of clowns on this site. I'm no nick saban fan, but i think it's safe to say that's one mofo got enuff credibility that when he says "some one was out of position" that's more than likely the case.

If you're seriously trying to compare a championship coach to a mac staff that didn't even with a championship so far nowhere in their coaching lives, no need in talking with you. Guys are on here trying to somehow make a case that goldie's 11 & 11 record over 2 years is somehow better than shannon's 1st 2 years here, lol.

Again, goldie got left with a lot fo nfl talent when he got here and still came up 7 & 6, shannon's 1st year, nobody got drafted in the whole draft if i'm not mistaken.

I like goldie, but he can either win or go home to, it's one thing to lose a tuff fought game, it's another thing to lose a game like we have been the last 2 years to scrub teams. butch davis may have been a first time headcaoch, the difference with him was, he knew how to coach to the UM standard.

goldie and his boy only know how to coach to the big 10 standard and that's not good enuff here. This is why the big 10 never really win championships and fall short, that style of football is for the birds.

Correction, it has not been over two years since Shannon was the coach and I have not blamed Shannon for everything but he shoulders a great amount of the blame but not as much as Coker. Some of his players are still on this team and the only one who is anygood is Davon Johnson who Shannon buried. It isn't that the young players aren't bright enough to understand the scheme, its just that it takes time for them to all get on the same page and time to build depth in recruiting cause the older players just don't have it and are soft. Brandon McGee has performed better in two years under Golden than he ever did under Shannon. While he is not the player Gunther is he is alot better than he used to be. Once our D linemen gain some age and size then we will have the pass rush that will make everything else come together. Name one Safety, or LB that Shannon brought in that is better than Bush, johnson or Perryman? There ain't one.

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