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Monday's UM practice notes, plus audio from Golden, D'Onofrio and Fisch

A couple of quick notes from Monday's post-practice interviews:

> UM coach Al Golden said linebackers Eddie Johnson and Gabe Terry, who did not make the trip to Virginia Saturday for not following team rules, didn't practice Monday. But Golden said he hopes to resolve issues with both of those players "tonight and tomorrow."

"I just wanted to get through the game film of this and didn't really want to -- they weren't part of that and I wanted to get through today and move forward with them tonight and tomorrow," Golden said.

> Golden on the length of the suspension of receiver Rashawn Scott: "Indefinitely. I don't know if that means there will be closure to that or not. But it's indefinitely for sure."

> Linebacker Denzel Perryman (ankle) was back at practice Monday according to Golden and practicing with the first team at weakside linebacker according to Mark D'Onofrio. Safety Deon Bush (stinger) was back at practice and was running around and participating in conditioning. But Golden said Bush will need medical clearance to return for Saturday's home finale against USF.

"Denzel is going to be ready it looks like," Golden said. "Deon, we're still in that stage where we have to evaluate. He looked great. He's out here running and everything. It's just, the doctor has to give him the okay. From a conditioning standpoint we'll keep him on track to play. But he can't play until he gets cleared."

> Freshman running back Duke Johnson was named ACC Rookie of the Week for the fourth time this season after tallying 368 all-purpose yards at Virginia. Johnson became only the third FBS player since 2000 with a TD pass and a kickoff return for a TD in the same game.

> Sophomore Gionni Paul was named co-Linebacker of the Week after tallying a team-leading 14 tackles against the Cavs. Paul, who was honored by the ACC for the second time this season, was practicing as the backup to Perryman at weakside linebacker on Monday according to D'Onofrio.

> For those of you hoping Golden might decide it's time to make a change at defensive coordinator, don't hold your breath. We continue to get the sense that despite the Hurricanes resetting the record book for most points and yards allowed on defense, Golden doesn't blame D'Onofrio for any of it. He blames youth.

"The mindset right now is we're in this to fix it long term," Golden said Monday. "We just had a two minute drive at the end of the game and we didn't stop them and there were no seniors on the field. None. So, I think the guys understand we didn't get it done, but if you're here long term and you want to get it fixed, it's going to be all of us that are here plus whatever we add next year. It's not just going to [snaps fingers four times] just turn overnight. I think they have a good attitude. I think they understand that. For all the things we didn't do persay in that two minute drive, look at all the guys who were on the field. The [Tyriq] McCords, Tracy Howards and [Rayshawn] Jenkins that did a nice job."

> Big picture you get the sense Golden is tiring of dealing with outside distractions. It's not even the NCAA anymore. It's his own players like Johnson and Rashawn Scott getting themselves suspended in Week 10 of the season that are troubling him.

"It's been TMZ since I've been here," Golden said of the outside distractions. "Let's be honest. Yeah, it's been tough. It's been tough on the coaches. It's been tough on me, personally. There's not one minute I go to bed where I don't think I'm fighting that with the team. Again, I'm looking forward to the day when we're focused on our opponents and making our players better and not talking about [outside distractions]."

Are the players totally focused and where they need to be? "I don't think we're there yet," Golden said. "I think we've made a lot of progress. I think we've gotten to the point where we're starting to focus on what's important for our program and what we need to do in terms of the Coastal Division and those opponents. But clearly we had some missteps last week. I don't think there's any questions about it."

Golden said players need to do a better job policing themselves "proactively" or before someone makes a mistake. "Every team battles it," Golden said. "I just don't want to be there in November."

> Golden believes UM will be focused to take on South Florida (3-6, 1-4 ACC) this week.

"This has turned into a rival," Golden said. "There's going to be a lot of energy and effort that both teams are going to put into this game to prepare. I see some guys playing a non-conference game, but it's a non-BCS or FCS game to get them ready for their rivalry game or get them settled in for their conference championship. That's not the case here. This is all we can handle. This will be a well rested team, a tough team coming in. We better get back on the horse."

I will update and post more notes after I transcribe them. Stay tuned for updates. But for now, the audio from today's interviews are available for your listening pleasure.

AUDIO: Coach Al Golden post-practice Monday

AUDIO: Defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio post-practice Monday

AUDIO: Offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch post-practice Monday


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Oh Calvin my boy, asnwer the question if you can.
When Golden is in year 4 and if he has not improved better than Shannon did and has no sanctions I will admit you are right and I am wrong. The question is are you man enough to admit it when I am right.
Besides no matter how you look at it if we win the Coastal Golden will have done more in two years than Shannon did in 4.

Youth didn't try to cover Thompsonfsu in the flats with a de nor did youth take your best pass rushing dline man and drop him into coverage.
Posted by: Tallycane | November 12, 2012 at 08:53 PM

ROFL, don't leave out now, the new found/returned coverage guy in curtis porter, they got him dropping back trying to cover the flats now to. If anybody need to be tubbervilled is coach goldie's boy just for thinking that was a good idea.

I hope curis porter's Father is still around, he should be the next one that calls into wqam and go off.
keith bryant if you reading this, start working on your back pedal, you'll more than likely only have to do that after 1 year before they get a real g coordinating the defense again.

Don't worry fans of the U. The alumni are getting very concerned about this coaching staff. As we understand our contact extention with Golden we have no allegiance to D'onfrio. We will apply a lot of pressure to the Trustees once this season ends. The ball will then be in Goldens corner.

Who on defese right now is better than spence was while he was here, lol.

Al is speaking SOME truth. I have to say the SCHEME on DEFENSE is PAST QUESTIONABLE! If you see this same MESS next year, then the DC has to go or AL and his staff has to go!!! Kids would be 3 yrs in the system, 2-3 yrs stronger. The soft zone has to GOOOOOOOOOOOOO, this is not PENN ST. This is the SOUTH , these kids can run!!!!!!

Thats easy Denzel Perryman and Eddie Johnson at LB and Deon Bush at Safety. DuhHHhhh dummy. No disrespect to Sean but he just wasn't big enough to be a LB and not fast enough to be a safety.

Brandon McGee also plays on a defense that's last in the nation and he was a sophomore when randy coached. I guess he was young under Shannon. Shannon did not prove to be a good coach for whatever reason and whether you agree or not golden isn't looking any better. Perryman, Duke and Chik were all commits under Shannon soft or not. Have you ever heard of Jaquan jarret?

I often read how great golden was at developing talent. I ask again do you know who Jaquan jarret is?

"The mindset right now is we're in this to fix it long term," Golden said Monday. "We just had a two minute drive at the end of the game and we didn't stop them and there were no seniors on the field. None.

UMMMMMMM lesseeee if I get this nonsense. You CHOOSE to have no seniors on the field and then blame the youngins for the loss? How manly of you, NOT. And besides, it just ain't true! Will any Herald reporter count the seniors on the last drive, fact check Golden like we fact check political debates. I am sure he is wrong (Brandon McGee is a senior, Telemacque is a senior was he not out there? Shaylon Green (redshirt junior same as a senior basically) and I saw Curtis Porter redshirt junior same as a senior on the field) but even if he is right, he would be an idiot for not having the seniors or their equivalent not out there. The problem is not youth. The problem is Al Golden and his DC.

By the way, the only fair way to judge any coach is what he does against other FBS schools. Al Golden is 9-11 against them at Miami. Beating Bethune Cookman two years in a row is no test of any coach so throw those games out. When Golden boy goes up against real coaches, he has a losing record. And that is what he is. He is a loser of a coach period. Don't matter how well he talks. He and his staff are losers until they prove us otherwise. I am completely and totally unconvinced he has what it takes to do the job.

Hey Tally, man I don't know who Mr. Jarret is. Just saw it on your post. Well Chick stuck when others didn't so he had to see something good enough to stay. What I am saying Tally, is it is too early in the rebuilding process to cast any stones. When Golden is in year 4 and he has no NCAA sanctions to deal with then it would be only fair to make a comparison or call for his or any coaches head. The point is this defense has basically had to start over becasue the best players are freshmen and sophomores. ONce these kids are juniors and seniors then the DC would be more fairly evaluated. Am I happy with the defense? Hell no, but I have seen this process play out before, so before I start blasting the guy, I am going to give him an appropriate amount of time. When you as a HC start doing that musical coordinators thing then the program will suffer, just as it did under Coker and Shannon. Continuity amoungst the coaching staff, player development and recruiting is where a program is built. Once the guy has had 4 years then I and all of us logically can better evaluate him and the staff. That is what I did when Shannon was coach. It sucks but years like this are always the toughest for fans.

Hey LOok everybody Snotman has popped up like a pimple on prom nite. Has anybody every told you that if Gallo was to get kicked in the ass you would get brain damage?

I support whoever coaches at Miami and I am all on board with Coach Golden and staff. It is interesting to note that Shannon was crucified like you say for the same things that Golden does get a pass on. The reason that I guess it happens is that bad loss to UVA to close out the OB and the bad loses to FSU at home, USF at home, again to UVA on the road when Jacory got hurt. It is interesting to note though that if Jacory (no matter how bad he was)did not get hurt, Miami probably wins that game. Nobody gave Shannon the benefit of the doubt with that though. Golden has lost 2 straight to the same UVA team. If it had been Shannon, you would never have heard about how the DC should be let go, but how Shannon should be let go. Shannon was not as articulate or the politician (baby kisser and hand shaker) that Golden is. He in my opinion is also not the developer of talent that Coach Golden is.

And to all those who say, "well RS is now only a linebackers coach, that shows he is worthless", that is an asinine statement. It is not the total story. 3 coaches wanted to hires RS as their DC (for years Mack Brown at Texas wanted to hire him when he was UM's DC, before he got Will Muschamp from the Dolphins and RS was promoted to HC with the 'Canes)). The only reason he did not take the job was because it would have mitigated UM paying him 1 million dollars. No DC makes 1 million dollars, so RS decided not to go back into coaching and to get paid by UM. Fans yelled "Oh, typical RS, he should take the job and let UM free up the money for the program". Really now..., would they do that? Of course not, but being hypocritical RS should. By the way, many HC's take position coaching positions after they are let go. They take those positions knowing that when a DC position opens back up that people have not forgotten their work and they will be able to get another coordinator job.

Look, I do not want RS as the head Coach and have confidence in Golden and the program he is trying to build, but they are many on this board who through the vitriol and utter disdain for RS hope that the man ends up homeless under a bridge. To those I say, where you involved in any of Miami's 5 national championships?........crickets. Well Shannon had a part in 4 of them while you were either watching on the t.v. or in the stadium (looking at our fan support EVEN WHEN WE WERE WINNING, they were probably watching on t.v.), so move on and support Coach Golden and his staff. RS is water under the bridge.

Can't stand 'Bama or Saban (see my history of post), but he has won 3 NC's and may win a 4th this year. That S.O.B. can throw anyone, including his Grandmother, under the bus if he wants to. He has enough collateral.

Jim Gallo is a loyal fan who has had enuff. Trust me, he and I are not the same person. I have repeatedly posted when I have felt he was wrong and will continue to do so. So stop the BS. It is hard to believe anyone who says championsips is all that matter would support a losing coach and his staff. It is 9-11 against FBS schools. Justify that!!! You can't. This is mediocrity unworthy of wearing the uniform either as a player but ESPECIALLY as the coach. But you ain't worth my time.

I rest my case about golden developing talent. If you don't know who jarret is maybe you shouldn't say That golden is a great developer of talent. He has the de Wilkerson that plays for the jets and that's it. Jarret was a high second round pick for the eagles that got cut one year into a three year rookie contract. No team has even thought about picking him up.He had no injuries just a bust so please stop saying golden developes talent because his record doesn't indicate so.

Quite frankly, I think Al Golden and his staff are the WORST developers of TALENT at UM in three decades. It isn't even close. They throw away seniors, push unprepared FRESHMAN to not only adjust to college football but ALSO college life in general, which is a HUGE adjustment for 18 and 19 year olds, and then BLAME them for not being PREPARED. What is going on at UM right now is borderline ridiculous, as freshman are asked to play like seniors (hello even an average fan knows that don't work - see We Are Marshall movie for why it doesn't work) but the have the extra burden of being called out in the press by the head coach. Al Golden is a narcissist, only happy when people he wins an argument (convincing the press he is not at fault) than accepting his responsibility for putting young guys in a position they are neither ready for or which leads them to inevitable failure. He needs to be replaced who will give the players time to grow even if it doesn't fit his timetable for getting to the NFL.

GD Miami fans are some stupid SOB's. You clowns calling for heads to roll are the same idiots who flew that plane over the OB calling for Butch's head. Then you clowns couldn't figure out why Butch left you high and dry? You don't deserve a good coaching staff. Hell you wouldn't know a good coaching staff if it slapped you clowns across your faces. Butch didn't have success until season #5. It takes time to put a dumpster fire out and build a program up out of the ashes. Most of you have never built anything in your lives so you just don't get it.

This team has 55 true Sophomores or younger on it. It is one of the youngest rosters in all of D-1 football. You want man coverage on defense but then when man coverage gets burnt you'll complain about that. It's probably best if most of you just STFU and let Golden build this program. It's clear most of you don't know jack when it comes to football. You talk about Saban but fail to consider that Coach D is installing a defense very similar to the Bama defense. DUHHHHHHH!!!

Bring back Randy? GTFOOH! That incompetent stooge couldn't even string a coherent sentence together. That's what you want leading this program? And you claim to be a fan? I'm convinced the haters on here are either brain dead or moles...

First- Canespace and 86 both suck!!!

Second- If Al Golden keeps defending this inept sorry excuse of D corch that we have, he needs to go also...

cool cat- Teddy Bridgewater is not I repeat is not in any way shape or form a Hesiman candidate. And yes, Shannon recruited him, and you say Shannon could recruit-- But you forget that before Shannon was fired, by November, he had something like only 4 commits for Miami. Seriously. He couldnt recruit. If by "recruiting" means only Northwestern, OK, Ill give you that. What did that get Miami?

Jacorry Harris- Out of football-flipping pancakes in Opa Locka

All of Miami's national championships came via aggressive defenses, LBs up close, man to man coverage.

When coach ericson came to Miami, the Cane players told him to not change a thing. So, he didn't and won a NC. When Butch left, the players told the Administration they wanted to keep Coker and his offense. And they won a NC.

This moron golden should fire D'O and listen to his players and all of my brilliant suggestions.
1. four down defensive linemen, DEs going across the LOS every play outside of the interior offensive line to turn back end runs into pursuit.
2. Move LBs to within 3 yards of the LOS to stop runs for no more than 3 yards.
3. Blitz from the end or up a gap in the interior line EVERY play.
4. Tight man to man pass coverage. So what if you get an interference penalty once in a while. It is better than zone coverage that gives away 10 yards every pass by the other offense.
5. ON offense, use 10,15,20 yard slant patterns so Morris can see the route and adjust his slingshot. Morris is as good a QB as any of the great Cane QBs. But golden and the OC have hitched up this triple crown winner to a plow of an offense.
6. Pitch out to Johnson with a pulling guard out to the wide side of the field and let Duke do some turn and burn on DBs.
7. Put a biggggg back in the offensive backfield even if it has to be a big fast lineman so you are guaranteed to get three yards when you need them.

Nick Saban just says the politically correct things he does not truly blame himself for any of the problems beleive me . I liked RS but as a DC not a HC , I don't think he was ready yet . AG may not be ready yet but he stuck with us when all this crap with the ncaa came down on him , and I believe he deserves the benefit of ddoubt for four years to impliment what he beleives to be a winning formula . After that time our sanctions should be all clear and mostly over with so we would be a more attractive draw for a big time coach if he has not succeeded . If he has not at least made us competitive with the better teams by then I am all for replacing him but we are not in any position to be trying to find a coach right now so lets just back him until we know what is going to happen. Go Canes

forget all this technical stuff.....the captain has throw most of his crew overboard....defections, suspensions, voluntary leaves.....never have Ive seen anything like this.....the players no not respect the coaches....jimmy showed them the way and they were afraid of him....dennis brought the 1 back offense to miami and the players respected that....Golden and co have yet to gain the trust and confidence of the players which results in a UM muntiny.....SI article plus socisl media will matastasize the relationship problems.....Golden HAS the drastically change his staff....2013 recruits are running from the program behind the scenes.....more to come...stay tuned

I feel bad for all you little girls so torn about the lack of coaching at your sorry program. Randy or Golden or Coker. It doesn't really matter they are all the same, as in they get the same results. So some dUfus calls for more time for Golden Balls. I think I've heard this before about Shannon.
It doesn't matter, more time will result in more crap.
None of your sorry coaches has been able to develop any talent lately. The players make it to the NFL in spite of their college experience at UM. What a legacy! Player after player coasts and underperforms at Dah U only to make it to the next level.
The Shapiro effect? The Shalala Paradox? Must be a cane thing.

Funny about canekiller and other morons coming to the site and helping us complain. I can't figure if they are from FSU or the gay tu--ds or the rest of the Cane football program wannabee envious universities, USF, UCF, FIU.

What is also funny is that the Canes have more national championships than all the other Florida schools combined, and but for a ref's hometown call at notre dam, and testawho throwing the game to Penn State, there would have been two more NCs.

So, I reckon canekiller's whining and glee over shalalalalaal's and golden's and shannon's debacle is really a compliment in disguise.

The Cane players know great football formations from growing up in south Florida and dreaming of playing for Miami. They should go ahead and mutiny and run the offensive plays and defensive formations and man to man coverage like they saw win championships over and over at Miami.

Commodore Golden sir, there seems to be a mutiny on our leaking vessel.
Why do you say so Colonnel Donofrio?
We are losing young conscripts to the enemy and our more experienced troop are restless. Back home our supporters are squabbling among themselves and we are losing support.
We must defend the homeland Colonel.
Our defenders are on the run, our lines have been penetrated, we cannot find a way to stop the enemy.
Go back to the times of yonder, muster the strength of our forebears, go watch that DVD of our glory days.
But Commodore I'm afraid we do not have the personnel.
Hang in there we got 2 more battle left and then we can rest.

Hey Canekiller( yeah right) Since you seem to have all the answers why don't you let all Cane fans in on the big secret to success . I know it must have been your wise all knowing self that was guiding all our success in the past . Believe me thats all sarcasm . All the complaining in the world is not going to change what we are now , only one thing we as fans can do and thats to support our team and let any potential recruits know that we have their backs and will be at the games doing our part to make the experience what they were hoping for . I for one look forward to the improvements coming next year with 10 starters on O returning and 10 on Def ,not to mention a full spring for Stephen Morris . Go Canes

You all need to chill....esp Gallo. We have a good coaching staff in place. Do I agree with AG leaving Eddie Johnson behind for missing a "meeting"....NO. This defense needs everyone of it's playmakers on the field. Why not gassers? Extra running? AG needs to win AS MANY GAMES POSSIBLE at this point and time. By all means necessary!!

I rather be a rebuilding team that isnt there yet than a wannabe team that hasnt won anything since 1999 and keeps getting overranked and overrated. Id be more dissapointed

For now, lets hope Ga Tech beats up on Duke, I mean physically, and mentally, even though its all going to boil down to the Duke vs UM game

Explain to me how anyone can know what kind of recruiter AG is when he has'nt really had the opportunity to recruit without his hands tied yet? Think long and hard and tell me if he really has had a fair playing field yet . I don't think so but that is just my opinion. I know I would like better circumstances to base my career on . Go Canes

forget all this technical stuff.....the captain has throw most of his crew overboard....defections, suspensions, voluntary leaves.....never have Ive seen anything like this.....the players no not respect the coaches....jimmy showed them the way and they were afraid of him....dennis brought the 1 back offense to miami and the players respected that....Golden and co have yet to gain the trust and confidence of the players which results in a UM muntiny.....SI article plus socisl media will matastasize the relationship problems.....Golden HAS the drastically change his staff....2013 recruits are running from the program behind the scenes.....more to come...stay tuned

Posted by: Jim Gallo | November 13, 2012 at 08:48 AM

I told people when alot of this staff first got here, they would have to learn to adjust to the players round here. What's killig me, is reading this dumb azzzz article about "how frustated goldie is with the suspended players" lol, i got an idea for em, instead of being frustrated with the balla's like ej44, gt58 & rs80, how bout you take whatever frustration you have and use it to fix this coward's defensive scheme that was brought here.

Cane72 knows exactly what he's talking about, many of you don't realize the only reason most of yall are Canes fan is because of that same style of play Cane72 is talking about, that's UM football. Alot of you just know that UM won alot of games, some of us know exactly how and why.

goldie knew coming in that these are not 3-4 athlete's. He's already talking about "nobody can tell him that tyriq mccord won't be a better pass rusher at 245 than he is at 217", lol, i'm sure he felt the same way about anthony chickilo last year, that him being 25 to 30 pounds heavier, he'll be a monster out their, and we all see how that has turned out. Trying to put all this weight on speed guys to fast is counter productive.

If tyriq mccord gets up to 245 by next year, i'll be surprised if he's as productive as he was this year. Again, this is not a weight lifting contest, i heard goldie say this team is in way better condition than when he first got here, ok, the record doesn't reflect that. Those so called "out of shape defenses" played way better defense than this supposedly in shape defense.

I like goldie, but come on dawg with the excuses. If all 110 players never got in trouble, would that change the defensive scheme, quit your whining and coach, this happens at every college, you getting paid at least 2mil a year, deal with that small shat and STFU, why is this(players going against teams rules) news, because of the losing and somebody is looking for scapegoats. I don't want to hear about in-house team counsels and this & that, that's petty shat that needs to stay in house.

goldie acts like this is rocket science, i'm sure he has rules at home at that not all of his kids follow all of the rules all the time, so again, WTF was this srticle for again. Than when he said "you start doing things that's detrimental to the team, that's grown mans territory now, so what you're saying is, these suspended players might cost you or your rboy your jobs, lol, sounds to me like the people that need to learn to adapt are the ones complaining.

It's college, that's what people do their, how many presidents were dope-heads in college! In fact how many college presidents are dope-heads ow!

calvin....miami play 4-3 first of all as base scheme....second the technical is irrelevent....you have to have a relationship with your players that ypu can build on.....there is no confidence with these players with the coaching staff....NONE..thats why you are seeing this MUTINY.....make no mistake that is what it is.....

Hey Gallo you think 2 or 3 players not following team rules constitutes a mutiny , then everyteam in the country is going thru a mutiny , now I don't feel so all alone , way to dramatize Gallo .Go Canes

"I rather be a rebuilding team that isnt there yet than a wannabe team that hasnt won anything since 1999 and keeps getting overranked and overrated. Id be more dissapointed"

Well lookit here lil' cane clown is some type of dUmmy. Guess what Einstein wannabe, you have been "rebuilding" for a decade now and it aint working, you still sUck.
Talk about a "wannabe team that hasn't won anything since 2001".
No problem getting "over ranked", the pollsters know better and don't rank your sorry arse at all.
Now over rated you still are even though everyone knows you sUck, guess some people have hope that you can come out of the cellar, but you keep going down instead and dashing the false hopes of the few chUmps who think you will be back.
Still sUcking after all these years
Wait till next year, for the past 10 years
We'll be back, repeated year after year
Yet you still sUck, no matter what
A cane thing must be
Pathetic clowns

Calvin your posts are long winded...your ideas are ok but shorten up man..I am not sitting here reading all day.
If you think that winking on anything in an Organization and not setting ground rules are a joke and a little weed does not hurt, you don't know about running a Company.

Champs I was at the game also, and I can tell all the posters here that seeing the relationship with Coach G and the players was huge. He went around and shook every hand of every starting player in warmups..He went to every group, offense, defense, Special teams kickers as they gathered and circled going over stuff.
He pulled individual players out and they were laughing and kidding around as he moved from group to group.
It was evident to me that the guy is VERY close to many team members.
I watched this through my binoculars so I saw this first hand.
Now to have a few guys that push the bubble screw all that up does not make sense. Sooooo sit their A**** out and lose if we have to in order to make a point and that is "This is my team, and you toe the line or pay a price". Nothing wrong with that because the WHOLE team and Coaches are watching.... Tight ship buddy. No one is entitled to anything here.Work the "PROCESS" and think of the group not yourself.

Championship is right, give the guy time to develop his style just like we did with Butch, and Jimmy J.
The irony of all this is that Little Jimmy Gallows would have been calling the U to fire Butch and Jimmy also back in the day, but is such that he would deny if asked now.Typical A**H*** There is confidence with the players Gallows it was evident.
What a moron LOL.
There are a lot of things to fix, and there are good points on the board, and we can disagree but get real..Rebuild and patience.
Go 'Canes Always

I wish Golden felt the same way about D'Nofrio. He is the biggest liability this team has. These kids are football players not choir boys. Play them and sit D'Nofrio!

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