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More football, just not the Miami Hurricanes. Will you be watching FSU-Georgia Tech? Al Golden: "I probably won't be.''

It's a big weekend for college football.

Unfortunately, a lot of us who would have been in Charlotte this weekend for the ACC Championship, will now sit at home Saturday and watch Georgia Tech (6-6 overall. 5-3 ACC) take on Florida State (10-2, 7-1). 

Probably not Al Golden.

Unless he changes his plans.

When The Hurricanes coach was asked If he would be watching the ACC title game, he replied, "I probably won't be. I hope I'm at a recruiting dinner trying to get someone that's going to help us get in that game -- again.''

You know it's driving Golden crazy that the Canes aren't in this game, which should have been UM vs. FSU in a rematch of state rivals. When the UM administration opted to self-impose its second consecutive bowl ban in hopes of softening expected NCAA penalties in the Nevin Shapiro case, that also included the ACC title game. 

"We've made a significant sacrifice here,'' Golden said. "It wasn't just one postseason game. It was three postseason games. It was a chance to play in a championship game and it also was a chance to play our arch-rival and have a chance to go to a BCS game. So, we're giving up significantly."

Especially frustrating that Georgia Tech is the team that got the nod for the title game over the Hurricanes, who beat Tech in Atlanta in overtime this season (remember Mike James' incredible performance that game?)

Anyway, in case you didn't hear already, the NCAA has granted Georgia Tech permission to play in a bowl game should the Yellow Jackets lose to FSU and have a 6-7 record. In doing so, that could prevent a team such as 10-2 San Jose State from playing in a bowl, or 6-6 Central Michigan.

Doesn't seem to make sense. 


Wanted to give a shout out to defensive end Shayon Green, who won the 2012 Brian Piccolo Award along with FSU running back Chris Thompson.

The Piccolo Award, given annually since 1972 in memory of the late Brian Piccolo, goes to the "most courageous" football player in the ACC. Piccolo, who played for Wake Forest (and the Chicago Bears) and was the 1965 ACC Athlete of the Year, moved to South Florida when he was 12 and graduated from the former Central Catholic High -- now Fort Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas -- in 1961. He was stricken with an aggressive form of cancer and died at age 26. (aside: any of you remember, or ever seen, the movie that immortalized Piccolo -- Brian's Song? A remake of it was made in 2001. The original was aired in 1971.)

Shayon, according to the news release of the award, "had to overcome four different major injuries:'' two ACL tears in his right knee, one meniscus tear in his right knee and also suffered a dislocated wrist that forced him to miss "all, or a major part of the 2009, 2010 and 2011 seasons.''

"Shayon is an amazing individual with an unparalleled work ethic,'' Golden said. "I cannot think of anyone who exemplifies the ideals of Brian Piccolo or is more deserving of this award than him. He has overcome a dislocated wrist and three separate knee surgeries to become our leading tackler and team captain. His commitment and perseverance is an inspiration to us all.''

Frank Gore (2004) and Glenn Sharpe (2006) are the other two Canes who previously won this award.

I did a feature about Shayon early this season. He's a tough player, whom I recall many a day walking to or from practice limping. But he ended up leading the Hurricanes in tackles with 67 in 12 games -- three more than LB Denzel Perryman (nine games); six more than LB Gionni Paul (nine games); and eight more than LB Eddie Johnson (10 games).

Shayon will be back next year.


 When Shayon Green learned that fifth-year senior linebacker Ramon Buchanan sustained a second major knee injury Saturday on the same knee Buchanan tore last October, tears welled in Green’s eyes.

“That was very upsetting,’’ Green said this week, taking a few moments to compose himself. “He’s in my prayers.’’

Green’s empathy is palpable. The 6-3, 260-pound Miami defensive end tore the anterior cruciate ligament of his right knee as a freshman during 2009 fall camp. He tore the same ACL again during spring practice of 2011.

“But I never quit,’’ he said.

This medical marvel, an inspiration to teammates and coaches alike, resumed his playing career six months after his second reconstructive surgery. Today, the redshirt junior leads the Hurricanes (1-1) in tackles with 15 – highlighted by his tackle-for-loss on an attempted trick play from the 1-yard line at Kansas State in the second quarter.

KSU missed an attempted field goal on the next play.

“He’s as tough as they come,’’ defensive coordinator Mark D’Onofrio said of Green, who plays strong-side, rush end and nose tackle on third downs. “He has come back from multiple injuries, yet he throws it around every day. Here’s an example of someone who doesn’t make excuses, a guy playing three positions and owning the game plan.’’

Green, 21, grew up in Tifton, Ga., where he was rated the No. 65 weakside defensive end by rivals.com. He said his mother, a nurse; and father, who owns a small construction company, helped keep his spirits up through both ACL tears.

“Proud is not the word,’’ said Larry Green, who had just hung up with Shayon a day after the demoralizing 52-13 loss at Kansas State. “He’s very respectful, well mannered, smart – and I love him to death. He was a little upset because he’s a leader on the defensive line and they played poorly. I told him, ‘Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get ready for Bethune-Cookman. You’ve got to rally your troops.’’’


Tickets are on sale for the UM Football Banquet, which will be held Dec. 9 at Jungle Island in the Treetop Ballroom -- 1111 Parrot Jungle Trail, Miami, 33132.

Tickets are $60 per person, which includes buffet lunch.

Check-in and reception begin at noon, with luncheon and awards program at 1 p.m. 

Fans can purchase tickets online or by calling the Hurricane Club at 305-284-6699.


 The UM baseball team will host the Wounded Warriors Amputee Softball Team for a 7 p.m. exhibition on Saturday, Dec. 8 at Alex Rodriguez Park at Mark Light Field.

  The Wounded Warriors are young veterans and active duty soldiers who have lost limbs while serving their country in the military since 9-11. 

  Pregame festivities will begin at 6:30 p.m. All proceeds from the game ($10 general admission tickets a the gate) go to the Wounded Warriors.

  These guys are awesome -- and they're incredibly fit. I've covered the Wounded Warriors who run in the ING MIami Marathon. It's a fantastic organization. I'm guessing that this event will be inspiring, and worth attending.


  Another shout out, this one to the men's and women's hoops teams, who had back-to-back great victories against highly ranked teams -- the men against No. 13 Michigan State and the women, last night against No. 6 Penn State.

  Michelle Kaufman covers UM hoops for The MIami Herald, and wrote two compelling stories on the games.

  While she was at the men's game two nights ago, by the way, she caught up to UM interim AD Blake James to ask him about the speculation of Al Golden speaking to Tennessee (or other teams) about head coaching vacancies.

  She relayed this quote to me, from James: 

"I spoke to Al the last two days regarding all the rumors and he assured me that he'll be with us next year and isn't going anywhere."

 I believe it.

 I am on furlough next week (mandatory and predetermined), so will be back after that.

Everyone have a healthy and happy week ahead.




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Susan....good article..

Your three words that were written are very important regarding Coach Al.

"I believe it".

Thank you.

We can therefore look forward to press conferences which deal with football, and not whether Coach G is leaving or staying.

The 'U' is home for Coach G.
Go 'Canes Always

Right, I believe Coach Golden when he says he will be here. He will finish the job. Besides, Uncle or cousin Luke or whatever the dumb *&^%$ name is. He is the main reason we got in trouble the first time in the 90's. Go make money off of the gambling that is done in pop warner division "Mentor". Go CANES!

great article....anyway we can find out who all redshirted.....i hope they get the defense ready in spring....before Stoops came to FSWho..their D was 109 or something like that

Its only a matter of time before Gallo shows up to spew his stupidity....that sh*t train is always on time.

How about a blog for the Men and Women's Basketball team?...No? wins vs #13MichStU and #6PennSt are pretty dam good. Or are you guys just fans of the Football Team?

Is golden leaving? Tennessee has their press conference word is golden may leave

To counter Gallows think about these facts:

1. Coach Schnelly has repeated that his tenure at Miami was the happiest as a Coach and he was sorry he left.

2. Jimmy J has said repeatedly that he had the best times as a Coach, at the 'U' coaching our 'Canes. He enjoyed it even more than the Dallas Cowboys. Said he loved Coaching College players over the Pros.

3. Coach Erickson on Dan's show said that everyday he thinks about, and regrets, that he left Miami as a Coach and wonders what they could have done in Winning more Championships... Two was not enough for him.

4. Butch Davis looks back and regrets that money and the NFL talked when he left...Multiple Championships if he stayed. Miami was ready for a run when he left.

With that history and the leagacy that these Coaches produced, we should see why Coach G wants to add to that rich history at the 'U'.
As Jimmy Johnson has said "Once it gets in you,you can't get rid of it, and that is being a Hurricane".

All of these accomplished Coaches who moved on but smile and talk of the days at the 'U' as being the best in their lives..
That is the reality of the 'U'.

That is why Coach G is staying and adding his mark to the above.
We shall return.

Go 'Canes Always

UGoCane brings tears to hurricane eyes with his reminiscing of former accomplished UM coaches of lore from long long ago.........
Same tears of longing from watching our DVD of past glory days...
Ohh what was back then, and what it is now. Polar opposites.
All those legendary coaches and their legendary teams are but a fading memory decades removed form our reality.
Now we have Golden and D'nOfrio...........
Now we have the worst defense on record......
Now we have Shalala as prez and a revolving door for AD........
What's a cane fan to do but reminisce and watch the DVD.
Ahhhh who has a time machine?

Marty get back in your Delorean and head back to Tallahasse. Golden brings enough energy to fuel the 10 million gigawatts needed to hit the bricks.

Primos, I will be at the football banquet where REAL fans will be there to support the team win, lose, or draw. #istandbyU #canefam #dirtfarmersofhialeah

McFly your blogging name is aptly applied.

Golden is not going to Tennessee or anywhere else, BC is having wet dreams thinking he will jump to them over the U, NC ST. good luck with that, lol.

Golden is now into year 3 of his rebuilding project, having to do it from the ground up he has accomplished much in two short years, now that the worst of the NCAA investigation is behind the U with the two bowl bans and conference title game ban things will be looking up soon, in fact they already are! No need for a DVD of the past, the future is now!

Why shouldn't he talk with these folks, it's like networking in any professional field, although I realize not too many professionals blog on this board judging by many of the comments, lol! and so many don't understand, hey I know you may have gotten to the seventh or eight grade so I don't expect you to understand. It is what it is!

Thank you Susan for your efforts in covering the Canes. I'm with you: Coach would love to be playing in Charlotte this weekend, but it couldn't be helped. With any luck, we'll be in the Orange Bowl next year. Have a good week.

Thanks Canelyst and frostdog0819 and UGoCane and everyone else for your comments. Keep them coming. To BayArea (Ca) Cane: I'll check with Michelle and see if she can post some hoops blogs.

Enjoy your weekend.


We need to put a fire under Miami's Athletic Department to pursue joining the "Big 10". It would be a perfect fit for Miami and provide the revenue the U needs. Can you imagine the crowds Miami Football will draw when playing Ohio State, Penn State, Michigan State and of course Michigan to name a few.

Why in the hell would the Miami Hurricanes even think about going to the Big Ten. This has got to be right up there with some of the dumbest comments of Gallo's. That is just plain stupid.

The Canes are much more likely to join the Big 12 if they move at all. I could see UM, FSU, Clemson, and GT all joining the Big 12 to give them 14 teams.

There has been a lot of noise today that GT has received an offer from the Big 10 and that NC will also go. I think Miami, FSU, Clemson and Virginia will go to the Big 12 with VT and NC State going to the SEC. Duke, Wake, Louisville and BC will be left out with no home.

Very good points. Lots of people on this blog bang on you, but do not take the time to read (again, many of your post are long, the same is probably true of mine). You are right about lots of the people on this blog, if blogging was around when UM was winning the first 4 ot the 5 NC's that they have, they would have been banging on the players about their behavior. After the fact, they gloat about the4 NC's. Many do not care about the kids or where they come from, they only care about them while they are on the field and IF they go on the the NFL and are pro bowlers.

Lastly, I watched the Louisville and Rutgers game (while watching the Heat and Spurs also). Unlike a poster on this blog, I do not believe that Teddy Bridgewater should be anywhere near the Downtown Athletic Club in New York on the night of December 8th. That being stated, the kid is a gamer. He played with a BROKEN wrist and SPRAINED ankle and led his team to a come from behind win on the road against a Rutgers team who was playing for the Big East title like they were. I would not trade him for Stephen Morris, but I tell you the kid is a very good player and leader. Lots of people on this blog will never give him credit because he played behind Jacory Harris and he went to Miami Northwestern, thus he is overrated and not good. Hopefully CAG will be smarter than lots of the "recruiters" on this blog and not let the MNW class of '08 poison him from the great players that MNW will produce in the future.

Posted by: Cane4Life | November 29, 2012 at 11:11 PM

Exactly why it's a waste of time to talk to alot these hypocrites man. It's obvious that most people, all they can do is have faith in most of these coaches because they don't know or understand football. So i can see why alot of them are blind to the facts. To ranked 116th in the country in defense at UM, that's real hard to do.

The only adjustment that was made by the staff from a defensive standpoint was, as the year went on, you didn't hear this dumb statement no more "we'll, they threw in new wrinkles that we didn't see on film, they went way away from their normal tendecies", no sh8t. oach OH-NO kept saying since he's been here, how other teams when they played us, did different things when they played us than what he had studied on film of them, as if they were cheating by doing that or something.

It's call adjustments byyyootccchhh, something he obviously and admittingly let it be known that he continued to have problems with. As close as he is on the sidelines to the plays, you'd think goldie and OH-NO would be able to adjust accordingly, but those 2 can't wait to get in the locker room for halftime.

This is why if goldie wants to justify his boy being here, he needs to send oach OH-NO up to the press box to call the defense, that way he'll be able to see from a birds eye view how much dumb shhhhaatttttt he's calling. He'll also be able to see how his pre-snap alignments are alread set to fail prior before the ball is even snapped.

Gatorsam - That makes sense. I would be surprised though to see any more movement until the Maryland exit fee issue is settled. Under your scenario where would Pitt and Syracuse fall? Big 10 or left out?

I would prefer if the ACC sticks together. However, a Big 12 Conference with Miami, FSU, Clemson, K.State, Oklahoma, OKST, and Texas would rival the SEC and be very exciting for college football.

The ACC and Big East need to be blown up they are a sorry excuse for football conferences. Imagine if the canes would move to the Big 10 or Big 12, they would never rise above .500 playing some real competition for a change. FSU, Clemson, K.State, Oklahoma, OKST, and Texas would beat up on the canes every year. Wait, 2 of those teams already do.

Why would the canes sell out any more games in the Big 10, cause people would come to see OSU or Michigan? Same pathetic attendance you would get, it is in your DNA.

And the cane waggoner wailed: "It sUcks to sUck !"

al golden bolts....all the blogs dont want him.....all say the same thing....mediocre


"I hope all this Golden Talk is a smokescreen....Fulmer is a much better candidate than Golden....Derrick Dooley could have went 7-5 in the ACC at Miami.....We need someone that exceeds expectations not 7-5 in a bad ACC......Jimbo Fisher Yes , Gundy Yes, Gruden Homerun, Golden No Way...."

"Dont blast me for asking, but what has he done at Miami? Im not trying to down the guy, I just hope someone can change my mind on this. Because I doubt Hart will or can hire anyone from the A list. So I am trying to find some sort of hope in some of these B and C list coaches."

"There is one thing that worries me about him.
The defenders of his tenure at Miami sound a lot like the arguments made for Dooley.
inherited a mess, much worse than expected, playing with freshmen and soph, no depth, no support from University, NCAA issues, etc. etc."

"I just don't want to hire Golden and use those same excuses in 2-3 years."

"no way to golden"

"We need someone with a much better track record. As others have said, I would rather have Jim Chaney and a new defensive coordinator than Golden. Better yet. If you can win three in a row at Memphis high, your a better candidate than Golden"

only idiots class 2016 cane fans are in love with golden love letters and excuses.....everyone else in the NCAA world think he is weak.....forget top 10 or bsc with those 2 (golden/dnofrio)

Stating the obvious is an idiot

Where does gallo get those drugs? Most likely from gayturd sam.

You no I was against the Defensive coach until I actually Saw Rayshawn Jenkins blow the coverage in the Duke game. I was at the game and I was like how do u come up on a rolling quaterback from the safety spot in what looked like a cover 2 d end is in pursuit and coner coming up how do u do that. Being young that's how. We will have a powerful team barring no major injuries and quitters. If we land Alex Collins to complement Duke it will be awsome season. No ARMY has ever prevailed if the troops didnt rally arond their Leader and these young canes have started to believe ing their leader. Good times are coming sooner than we think.

Canes4ever, I could not agree more. We will be really good next year and the year after.

Reality, Gallo is just a babling drunk who posts the same crap every day. He knows nothing about football other than the fact that Golden is building a monster that is going to kill his little Gaytors.

GatorSam is a CANE compared to Gallo...LOL
BTW, Miami has a TON of ex northerners living there. Big Ten would be a MUCH better home draw, as well as nearly twice the pie to split.
The negatives are that our Canes would be playing perhaps 4 games in rurally bad weather. rain is one thing, sleet and snow another.
I hate the ACC, as it is dominated by North Carolina officials, teams, and attitude.
The officiating may be the worst among major conferences, the SEC next.

If the Big Ten came calling, I'd jump on it, though Shalala, ex Badger she is, won't pay the exit fee.

cane4ever: 100% agree bro.

You cant blame a brain f%rt like that on Donofrio- tack 99 yds to the duke offense there. Game would have been over even if Duke had driven the ball with their customary dinking and dunking and scored, they would have run out of time. Game over. Jenkins is young, and that was a typical rookie (freshman) mistake. He gets a pass. For now. But this happened over and over with these young defenders, and many here including me blamed Donofrio- you could see him almost pulling his hair out on the sidelines!

That's why we need to give him a break, and 1-2 more years. As long as they progress, meaning from 116th D this year to 40-60, then top ten.

Susan- I disagree with your opinion. Ga Tech gets a bowl. Why not? They are 6-6, and was it their fault that they get to p lay in the ACC ch? Had they not, they would play in a bowl. So playing in the ACC win or lose is a punishment? They went 5-3 in the coastal which typically is 10X more difficult than the other division. They play Miami, VaTech, Carolina, and by the way they also play UGa. SAN JOSE STATE???? Are you serious? I could care less if they went undefeated!

And there are many morons here that talk about UM going to the BIg 12- Not gonna happen. Period. Thats stupid. The ACC is just a bit down, but will be back. And with the addition of SU and Louisville and PItt- dude, basketball wise no one will touch the ACC!

I for one could care less about conference realignment. All I care about is THIS U. EF-F everyone else.

This is not a Knock Coach D Thread! Say Yippy, Coach D Backers! LOL He is coming back, assumming Golden does, and I will give him the benefit of the doubt going forward to next season. Now, if we are giving up Half a Grand per game next year, I gotta get him! LOL Until then, Coach D is an Awes. Can't say it! Coach D is a Grea. Can't Say that either. Let me see! Coach D is a Loving Defensive Coordinator.

I want to explore Our Defense over the last 6 years. As you guys know, I stand firm that Good Coaching Makes the Difference. The last great DC we had was RS. Bill Young was okay!

The last year that RS served as DC: 2007: 252.3 ypg 33 Sacks!

Let's compare Miami vs Temple Keep in Mind that Temple Played the Buffalos of the world until 2012!

2007: 345.9 ypg Temple: 363.4 ypg
2008: 315.8 ypg Temple: 388.0 ypg
2009: 321.3 ypg Temple: 335.7 ypg
2010: 317.2 ypg Temple: 317.7 ypg
2011: 359.9 ypg Temple: 315.5 ypg The AG Era begins
2012: 486.4 ypg Temple: 437.2 ypg Against a Big East schedule, not that Amish League

Can Coach D get us down to or below 320 ypg?

If we are in the high 300s/400s, HE HAS to be Replaced. Thoughts?
Scoring defense is all that matters. I dont care if we give up the most yards in the country(we might) as long as we keep it between the 20's. That is my realistic answer.

I agree that the officals in the ACC this year have been awful, but going to the Big 10 doesn't make any sense no matter who lives there. Geographically, or from a total sports market it makes no sense. Also, our conference in football is much better and has much more upside than the big 10 has and a much brighter future than those weak schools. And besides who the hell wants to play in that cold weather?

I believe the ACC is about to be raided and UM's AD needs to be proactive or UM could be left out. Right now, UM's large S. Fla. market is more important than the strength of the football program. UM is not currently a hot commodity because of how long they've been down. The large S. Fla. population is UM's greatest strength that other Conferences will look at. The Big 12 may be where UM ends up. It may be the only option to stay relevant while the Program rebuilds.

Way to go, Shayon! You are a tribute to all the best in Hurricanes football, and a man of courage. You will win in life. Thank you for your dedication.

Regarding the ACC championship, it is about cowardly administrators punishing our team and coaches. They should be in that game.

But UM has gutless leadership that values PC and groveling above pride. Shalalalala is all about it.

Good for you, Coach Golden, to stand for your team and against the BS decision.

The NCAA will do exactly what it intends to do, self-imposed sanctions or not.

And to all the clowns who acted irresponsibly, thanks a lot. Your worth of 20 cents on the dollar is, like your egos, way overinflated.

We shall rise again...

I think Golden is awesome and totally on the right track. Coker & Shannon got out recruited in their own back yard and they were way too easy on the players. Coker and Shannon put kids on the field out of shape and fundamentally not sound. I honestly don't think either had control of the team nor the system. I think Golden does.

D.C. is suspect I agree, but that is still a product of bad recruiting before Golden. I am shocked at how many Miami guys are at bama, LSU or you name it. That is what has to stop and will. I like Golden's passion and it is obvious he is ALL IN. He is committed to the program and winning. Canes are on the right track and 1 or 2 years away from greatness again!!!

Allot of you guys in here need to be patient and stop banging on this staff. All this crap happened on Shannon'& Coker's watch. Stop blaming the president of the school, that is ridiculous. She trusted these guys and they failed. I think Golden was a great choice and will continue get better every year. I listened to the post season interview with Golden. He knows what he needs to fix. If the DC sucks, he will be gone eventually.

I don't agree with much Gallo posts, but it seems to me he has forgotten more about football than most of you think you know .As far as the Golden stuff, I hope he stays, but if he thinks D'Onfrio can coach, then there is a problem..A REALLY BIG PROBLEM!!!

NEVER close with basketball, SMD. Never.

All Gallo knows is how to read a stat sheet. Hell any woman can do that. For someone to be able to see the big picture not just the present, now that takes knowledge of the game. Hell seeing the present is how Coker got all of those years ruining our program. I saw where he was taking us his second year, and really the 1st year when he didn't have us ready to play BC. Thank God for Ed Reed and Matt Walters in that game to save us.

to sh*t head gallo butch davis is the leading candidate for the vols coaching job & there on probation till 2015

Posted by: championships is all that matters | November 30, 2012 at 06:37 PM

How can you possibly say the Big is not as good in football as the ACC. Experts laugh at the ACC, and the match-ups show the ACC to be inferior on average 7 out of 10 times. This year is a particularly bad year with VT down, NC on suspension, and UM waiting for the hammer to fall.
Look what Wisconsin did to us a few years ago. Look what a big ten STYLE team ND did to us (twice), and will do the the ACC in the coming years.
Mind you, I dislike the Big Ten, always have since the say I saw Woody Hayes on the OSU sidelines.
But the fact is, other than the SEC, the Big Ten, Pac whatever they're called, Big 12 are all superior to the ACC.
I wish it weren't so.

BTW, shouldn't that be "Championships ARE all that matter?"
That said, I often agree with your postings, especially THIS one.."Reality, Gallo is just a babling drunk who posts the same crap every day. He knows nothing about football other than the fact that Golden is building a monster that is going to kill his little Gaytors."

Shayon, I hope my kids have HALF your focus and commitment...and heart when they are your age.
Thanks for being a CANE!

Hey Ima, thanks about the Gallo thing. In regards to the ACC or big whoever they call themselves. First off those idiots can't even count. Second what I am looking at is speaking of this year the Big 10 is down just as bad as our conference. Hell, OSU went undefeated and they aren't even in the top 2 regardless of probation or not. Michigan is weaker this year, Nebraska is playing a weaker Wisconsin team and neither one of them are all that. Now in regards to what Wisconsin and ND did to us. The wisconsin bowl win came because we were coached by SHannon and the first ND game was basically a SHannon team even though he had been canned at that time. And the game this year we played a whole defense against their team full of seniors and juniors and Brian Kelly has been there a few years and built them up and changed their mentality. So its kinda hard to compare them because we are at different stages of the process. Lastly, I am looking at things down the road. Va Tech had a bad year and had to replace some key players. FSU who disapointed me last weekend are well on their way to being back annually in the top ten. Clemson another team that played like a b i t ch this past weekend is going to be a top 10 team, then UNC will probably be a top 25 team with Fedora, Pitt will come in under Christ and be one as well. Mike London is doing a decent job at Virginia, and well we all know Al Golden has got us heading back to the top. So when I look at the Big 10 what I see in the future is OSU,and Michigan being the two top teams, then Nebraska a decent team, and after about a decade if Obrien is still at PSU they will be pretty good. After that thats it. I mean who else do they have that you can really say has the potential year in and year out to be a BCS team, let alone a National Title contender every year?

Not sorry about the frustration of golden.He deserves it for not being vocally pro active. he really let the team down.

Golden doesnt deserve this, he wasnt even here. Imposing a ban was smart. Its Dec and no notification from ncaa....wtf

Ima, Wisc. games was a beat down, but came down to the last minute,or series with the on sides kick. The big 10 was pretty awful this year also. OSU would never have gone without a loss if MSU, Mich, and Wisc. were at their normal talent level. N Dame maybe a loss also.
tO RCHY, RS was a cane, and a cane is always a cane. But he was like Coker, riding Butch's kids to stardom. The dropoff was beginning as the kids left. Just my opinion, nothing personal, I believe neither of those were up to the job.
As far as moving to the Big 10, all I know is the last time we moved, we never recovered. So I think it's a bad move. The ACC is strong in basketball, and baseball. Football, besides the Big easy, not very good. But there are some good, not great football teams here, FSU, and Clemson. VT is usually respectable, though they can't win the really big games out of conf. If we, and after many years of "maybe next year", IF we can be the "U" again, the rest of the ACC will grow also. But MIAMI just needs to take care of it's own business right now, and get better. MUCH, much better.
Like Golden or not, he is here for many years, and I believe he will make us better How much?, remains to be seen. He has a lot to prove, but I think once the ncaa gabage is out, and we start to heal, we will improve quickly, like with Butch. Who I believe to be UM's best coach. He suffered through the penalties, and built a machine that was robbed of a 3-peat by the BCS and a bad call. No offense to HS or JJ, both great, GREAT coaches. Have a great off season canes fans, see you next year when all the hype starts.

Well....the Cane football season is over now and I m glad they fought to at least 7-5.It s optimistic knowing they re gradually improving their mental toughness.The NCAA needs to hurry and finish their business.They ve held Miami at bay long enough.2 consecutive football seasons Miami has been affected in recruiting Top Tier prospects.Miami will MOVE FORWARD once they get through the sanctions.Recruiting will be looking up again once Miami s program has shown it has made great progress in preventing/stopping the alleged recruitment violations.Their NEW oversight committee now 100% committed to doing the job.Can t wait to begin selling the U again........focusing on the GREAT futire for recruits......NOT the problems of the past.GO CANES.

Would have been fun to have gone to the Championship game. I don't think we would have won, probably not, I just didn't see any improvement in the defense to think FSU wouldn't just outscore us like the other teams have. So I think giving it up was the right thing to do. Now if the NCAA will just get off their a** and make a decision we can all move on. I hope they can wrap it up before Spring practice. It would be nice for the kids to go into that knowing what the season ahead hold for them.

Yo cane trash

Yo if championships ARE all that matter U aint mattering for more than a decade and wont matter for another
What kind of fool says the ACC is better than the Big 10, only a a clueless and delusional cane maggot.

Yo IMAWriter only in my limited mind, U did right in calling out the champ maggot only to come back and post "Golden is building a monster that is going to kill his little Gaytors."
Really? What evidence of this do you have?
2 coaches come in at the same time to programs that are down, one down for 2 years the other for 10.
Coach M goes 7 - 6 his first season
Coach G goes 6 - 6
Coach M goes 11 - 1 his second season
Coach G goes 7 - 5
Coach M has a D ranked in the top 5
Coach G has a D ranked in the bottom 5
Yo Golden Retriever has to fetch the top recruits to build Ur monster, he can't, they go to UF and FSU first.
Yo Golden Retriever hasn't "killed" anyone in his 2 year mediocre tenure.
Yo Golden Retriever can't fetch a quality win, his teams lose to any good team they play and to a few pansies too.

Yo maggots worry about dominating the weak ACC before you talk crap about moving to a good conference like the Big 10 where you would end up in the cellar.

Yo clueless and delusional is your reality, wake up fools.

Bunch of pathetic LOOSERS!!!

al golden should just shut his mouth and do his job and prove he is capable...so far he isnt

1. 27-34 temple record
2. 7 game average loss at temple
3. no bowl wins
4. 4 games at temple where he won by 2 points against teams that were either 1-10 or 2-9 (all last place teams)
5. 2012 stats worse than 2011
6. worst defense in UM history
7. 1st time not 1 UM player makes acc conference team as 1st string
8. 1st time UM has lost its #1 recruit
9. UM record 13-11 and 8-8 conference
10. 1st time that UM has so many players leave the team
11. 1st time a parent has called a radio station complaining
12. 1st time in UM history a coach has denied his team a chance to play thier in state rival and advance to its own field for a bowl appearence

good luck tennesse, your gonna nned it......welcome jimmy johnson as new AD and welcome butch davis as new UM head coach......finally the family is back

from the UT website tennessee.com:

"I hope all this Golden Talk is a smokescreen....Fulmer is a much better candidate than Golden....Derrick Dooley could have went 7-5 in the ACC at Miami.....We need someone that exceeds expectations not 7-5 in a bad ACC......Jimbo Fisher Yes , Gundy Yes, Gruden Homerun, Golden No Way...."

"Dont blast me for asking, but what has he done at Miami? Im not trying to down the guy, I just hope someone can change my mind on this. Because I doubt Hart will or can hire anyone from the A list. So I am trying to find some sort of hope in some of these B and C list coaches.
There is one thing that worries me about him."

"The defenders of his tenure at Miami sound a lot like the arguments made for Dooley
"inherited a mess, much worse than expected, playing with freshmen and soph, no depth, no support from University, NCAA issues, etc. etc."

"I just don't want to hire Golden and use those same excuses in 2-3 years."

"no way to golden"

"We need someone with a much better track record. As others have said, I would rather have Jim Chaney and a new defensive coordinator than Golden. Better yet. If you can win three in a row at Memphis high, your a better candidate than Golden."

Only golden lovers think he is good....they dont want him at all...UM will NEVER go anywhere with this crew and the stats say the same.

Giving up this acc championship game doesn't bother me simply because we didn't beat unc. Georgia tech is backing into that game the same way we backed into it by not beating unc, but since they're on hiatus right now, that means we didn't earn it the right way either. So for that, it was a good call, than being 7 & 5, and definitely no need for this type of defense we playing to continue to be on display for all to see, it's sickening to watch our defense.

The whole college football world knows and understands that UM was built and it's foundation is about our defenses. So when we're seeing basically every team just do whatever the hell they want against our defense, people crossing the 50 yard line all game long like it's ok. How about we start that ghey pump fisting thing on the 1st series of the game and not wait until somebody gets in the redzone to try and get aggressive.

These commentators and coaches that keep sayig at the end of the game, the score is all that matters when it comes to defense, don't jack about football. And if they're saying the score is all that matters and go and look at how many points we've given up in wins and losses, that reference only applies to the offense.

I think coach goldie has alot of potential, he's not a championship coach nowhere, but i like how after the BETHUNE COOKMAN game, he was quick to try and point out how this year's team held BETHUNE to only 7 points, and that last years team full of seniors and older players couldn't. Once i saw that i said, "hell naw he didn't just say that" he playing games, taking shots, so i wanted to see what he had to say the rest of the year about this year's team vs last year's team.

Kansas State L 24-28
Bethune-Cookman W 45-14
Virginia Tech L 35-38
North Carolina W 30-24
Georgia Tech W 24-7
Virginia L 21-28
Duke W 49-14
Florida State L 19-23
South Florida W 6-3
Boston College L 17-24
Boston College W 41-32
Kansas State L 13-52
Bethune-Cookman W 38-10
Georgia Tech W 42-36
North Carolina L 14-18
Florida State L 20-33
Virginia Tech W 30-12
Virginia L 40-41
South Florida W 40-9
Duke W 52-45

What about Georgia tech, Fsu, duke, boston college and the Virginia scores from last year, don't jump out their again like that goldie by going to wits end trying to defend your boy. We know football down here and right now, this defensive scheme is trash and it's based off a philosophy that another teams offense has to be real efficient in order to score and than once they get in the redzone, it's relying on the field being shorter and forcing fieldgoals, that's not HURRICANE football, we don't even want them getting in past the 50 yard line let alone the redzone. But when you got your db's playing 10 yards off the line of scrimmage, what is that and when does that make you have a dominant defense.

It's the same stupid defense the dolphins use to run when we had 2 o the sorriest corners in football of all time in lankford and judson. Keep trying to point out that rayshwan jenkins was at fault on that 99 yard pass play, who's fault was it all year for all those other yards. We're already at the point where paul johnson was at this year when he had enuff of that same al groh defense that we're seeing at UM, the difference is goldie brought his boy wit em so he's still here.

We all know he wouldn't be here if shannon was the headcoach.

More football, just not the Miami Hurricanes. Will you be watching FSU-Georgia Tech? Al Golden: "I probably won't be.''

Ahhhhhhhhhh, championship games and bowl season coming up, what an exciting time for college football fans.
Except for Al Golden and the canes........
The good teams are having valuable practice time and player development.
The canes are home watching TV. Or a DVD.
The good teams are getting ready for the bowl season.
The canes are getting ready for the Spring game.
Ahhhh Spring and Summer, best time to be a cane!
Baseless predictions will come out about winning seasons and return to glory. They will prove as always to be baseless.
The usual meaningless mottos will be utered. We are back! Only to be brought back to reality when the real games begin and the losing resumes.
Same as last year, and the one before, and the one before that........

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