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More football, just not the Miami Hurricanes. Will you be watching FSU-Georgia Tech? Al Golden: "I probably won't be.''

It's a big weekend for college football.

Unfortunately, a lot of us who would have been in Charlotte this weekend for the ACC Championship, will now sit at home Saturday and watch Georgia Tech (6-6 overall. 5-3 ACC) take on Florida State (10-2, 7-1). 

Probably not Al Golden.

Unless he changes his plans.

When The Hurricanes coach was asked If he would be watching the ACC title game, he replied, "I probably won't be. I hope I'm at a recruiting dinner trying to get someone that's going to help us get in that game -- again.''

You know it's driving Golden crazy that the Canes aren't in this game, which should have been UM vs. FSU in a rematch of state rivals. When the UM administration opted to self-impose its second consecutive bowl ban in hopes of softening expected NCAA penalties in the Nevin Shapiro case, that also included the ACC title game. 

"We've made a significant sacrifice here,'' Golden said. "It wasn't just one postseason game. It was three postseason games. It was a chance to play in a championship game and it also was a chance to play our arch-rival and have a chance to go to a BCS game. So, we're giving up significantly."

Especially frustrating that Georgia Tech is the team that got the nod for the title game over the Hurricanes, who beat Tech in Atlanta in overtime this season (remember Mike James' incredible performance that game?)

Anyway, in case you didn't hear already, the NCAA has granted Georgia Tech permission to play in a bowl game should the Yellow Jackets lose to FSU and have a 6-7 record. In doing so, that could prevent a team such as 10-2 San Jose State from playing in a bowl, or 6-6 Central Michigan.

Doesn't seem to make sense. 


Wanted to give a shout out to defensive end Shayon Green, who won the 2012 Brian Piccolo Award along with FSU running back Chris Thompson.

The Piccolo Award, given annually since 1972 in memory of the late Brian Piccolo, goes to the "most courageous" football player in the ACC. Piccolo, who played for Wake Forest (and the Chicago Bears) and was the 1965 ACC Athlete of the Year, moved to South Florida when he was 12 and graduated from the former Central Catholic High -- now Fort Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas -- in 1961. He was stricken with an aggressive form of cancer and died at age 26. (aside: any of you remember, or ever seen, the movie that immortalized Piccolo -- Brian's Song? A remake of it was made in 2001. The original was aired in 1971.)

Shayon, according to the news release of the award, "had to overcome four different major injuries:'' two ACL tears in his right knee, one meniscus tear in his right knee and also suffered a dislocated wrist that forced him to miss "all, or a major part of the 2009, 2010 and 2011 seasons.''

"Shayon is an amazing individual with an unparalleled work ethic,'' Golden said. "I cannot think of anyone who exemplifies the ideals of Brian Piccolo or is more deserving of this award than him. He has overcome a dislocated wrist and three separate knee surgeries to become our leading tackler and team captain. His commitment and perseverance is an inspiration to us all.''

Frank Gore (2004) and Glenn Sharpe (2006) are the other two Canes who previously won this award.

I did a feature about Shayon early this season. He's a tough player, whom I recall many a day walking to or from practice limping. But he ended up leading the Hurricanes in tackles with 67 in 12 games -- three more than LB Denzel Perryman (nine games); six more than LB Gionni Paul (nine games); and eight more than LB Eddie Johnson (10 games).

Shayon will be back next year.


 When Shayon Green learned that fifth-year senior linebacker Ramon Buchanan sustained a second major knee injury Saturday on the same knee Buchanan tore last October, tears welled in Green’s eyes.

“That was very upsetting,’’ Green said this week, taking a few moments to compose himself. “He’s in my prayers.’’

Green’s empathy is palpable. The 6-3, 260-pound Miami defensive end tore the anterior cruciate ligament of his right knee as a freshman during 2009 fall camp. He tore the same ACL again during spring practice of 2011.

“But I never quit,’’ he said.

This medical marvel, an inspiration to teammates and coaches alike, resumed his playing career six months after his second reconstructive surgery. Today, the redshirt junior leads the Hurricanes (1-1) in tackles with 15 – highlighted by his tackle-for-loss on an attempted trick play from the 1-yard line at Kansas State in the second quarter.

KSU missed an attempted field goal on the next play.

“He’s as tough as they come,’’ defensive coordinator Mark D’Onofrio said of Green, who plays strong-side, rush end and nose tackle on third downs. “He has come back from multiple injuries, yet he throws it around every day. Here’s an example of someone who doesn’t make excuses, a guy playing three positions and owning the game plan.’’

Green, 21, grew up in Tifton, Ga., where he was rated the No. 65 weakside defensive end by rivals.com. He said his mother, a nurse; and father, who owns a small construction company, helped keep his spirits up through both ACL tears.

“Proud is not the word,’’ said Larry Green, who had just hung up with Shayon a day after the demoralizing 52-13 loss at Kansas State. “He’s very respectful, well mannered, smart – and I love him to death. He was a little upset because he’s a leader on the defensive line and they played poorly. I told him, ‘Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get ready for Bethune-Cookman. You’ve got to rally your troops.’’’


Tickets are on sale for the UM Football Banquet, which will be held Dec. 9 at Jungle Island in the Treetop Ballroom -- 1111 Parrot Jungle Trail, Miami, 33132.

Tickets are $60 per person, which includes buffet lunch.

Check-in and reception begin at noon, with luncheon and awards program at 1 p.m. 

Fans can purchase tickets online or by calling the Hurricane Club at 305-284-6699.


 The UM baseball team will host the Wounded Warriors Amputee Softball Team for a 7 p.m. exhibition on Saturday, Dec. 8 at Alex Rodriguez Park at Mark Light Field.

  The Wounded Warriors are young veterans and active duty soldiers who have lost limbs while serving their country in the military since 9-11. 

  Pregame festivities will begin at 6:30 p.m. All proceeds from the game ($10 general admission tickets a the gate) go to the Wounded Warriors.

  These guys are awesome -- and they're incredibly fit. I've covered the Wounded Warriors who run in the ING MIami Marathon. It's a fantastic organization. I'm guessing that this event will be inspiring, and worth attending.


  Another shout out, this one to the men's and women's hoops teams, who had back-to-back great victories against highly ranked teams -- the men against No. 13 Michigan State and the women, last night against No. 6 Penn State.

  Michelle Kaufman covers UM hoops for The MIami Herald, and wrote two compelling stories on the games.

  While she was at the men's game two nights ago, by the way, she caught up to UM interim AD Blake James to ask him about the speculation of Al Golden speaking to Tennessee (or other teams) about head coaching vacancies.

  She relayed this quote to me, from James: 

"I spoke to Al the last two days regarding all the rumors and he assured me that he'll be with us next year and isn't going anywhere."

 I believe it.

 I am on furlough next week (mandatory and predetermined), so will be back after that.

Everyone have a healthy and happy week ahead.




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The main thing that bother's me bout goldie is his vision for what a defense should look like, before the Georgia tech game, him and his boy were basically salivating over the way the Georgia tech players looked on paper, talking about their size and how it looks like an al groh defense should look, 6'6 defensive ends, 345 pound nose guard, 245 pound linebackers, HEY, i got news for you, STFU, nobody here gives a shaaa55tt about that down here.

With all that, how many points got hung on them. Also, had paul johnson not have gotten rid of al groh, they wouldn't be in position to back into this acc championship game as well. Great move pj, if that teams gets a defense, their going to be tuff to beat for most teams.

We heard similar things going before the uVA game, nobody on this team gives a care about how the other teams defense looks physically, deon bush doesn't care, dzp, eddie johnson, they don't care, tracy howard, curtis porter and crew they don't care. Our whole offense particularly the o-line doesn't care for sure, our offense is on the verge of being strong and solid enuff to be a championship type offense, but they need a real HUURICANE defense like it times past where if another team was shutting down our offense, our defense would go out their and be sure to out shine the other teams defense even more.

THey'd also keep giving the ball back to the offense which would give the offense more opportunities to get in a groove, if we're going to keep running a defense where we giving up all the underneath routes and letting teams methodically move the ball down the field all game long, it's going to help chew up clock and limit our offensive possesions.

goldie point out the obvious saying "i made the decision early on that we were going to have to out-score teams, i knew who we were going to be" lol, ok, good call than, but of course you were going to have to outscore teams, 116th ring a bell. goldie says he'll challenge anybody on his boy oach OH-NO's track record, oh really now, which one, can't be the UM track record, that's for sure, went from bad to worst.

The gaytor game will be the game that come next year where we'll see what goldie and his boy our made of, those 2 a groomed from the big 10, the close to the vest conservative mentality type. They don't understand fully the athletes they got right now, muschamp does for sure, he played in the South, coached in it, so he understands it and that's why their defense is strong, these to guys we got, i have no faith in their ability to coach defenses.

Other than that, goldie is doing a decent job but for all he's doing, his record is no better than shannon's. In fact it's actually worst, because when shannon took over, he had no real talent to work with, he left goldie with a load of talent, while not the best when if we comparing them to what we're use to seeing from a UM team, its way more than enuff talent to have won way more games than goldie has by now.

3rd year in, alot of guys came in early over the last 2 years, and the majority of the team will be going thru their first spring, so come next year, i don't want to hear excuses about the defense if we're healthy.

lets see if.....keith bryant, artie burns, jamal carter and angelo jean-louis committ.....I say on 1/2 dont.....bryant is already gone....he visits fsu in jan.....a win tonight for fsu and the win against boise state jan 4th in OB....seals his fate...he jumps to fsu

only a plain idiot would self sanction tonight and OB appearence.....2013 recruiting is done and golden knows it....stupid decision....all golden, not shalala

i see columbus beat killian....after they beat my high school 49-0...there is still hope for miami high...we ended up above coral park, lol...pathetic

If Golden stay, the U will have to step up the plate and offer the man some more money for his loyalty. And his team of assistant coaches. People, just think of hte contunity that will develop if this coaching staff remain intact for at least anoother year, possibly for the next 2 years. All of the coaches' wifes love the city and the weather, therefore, they dont want to leave, but money always is the deciding factor!

Jim Gallo, how could you possibly say "all golden, not shalala", when it was literally 100% Shalala, the AD, and UM's attorneys and 0% Al Golden?

No one's this dumb, you must be some kind of extremely dedicated troll.

Jimmy G is a a DOUCHEBAG!!!



little jimmy is a c u n t!

Jim Gallo is actually one of the most level headed posters here. All you dUmmies are drinking Golden Kool aid. You can't refute what Gallo says so you just call him names.
Typical cane clown MO, you have no facts, you have nothing based in reality, just make up stuff and call those who see the truth names.
Prime example is this championships doUche who says the ACC is better than the Big 10. With a claim as stUpid as that he dares call Gallo names. And there are many others like him.
It is a fact that Golden Balls is losing the recruiting battle to FSU, UF and many more teams. Fact.
It is a fact that his record as a coach is mediocre. Fact.
All dUmb, delUsional and in denial is no way to go through life clUcks!

One time for leonard hankerson toasting tht gaytor janoris jenkins for that 68 yard bomb. Than i see santana got jayron hosley against the giants, lol. One things for sure, the other 2 should've been at UM too, but that's Miami Florida on Florida crime right their.

Anyway, good to see. The offensive recruits are not going to be a problem as long as this offensive staff stays in place, even though alex collins more than likely might switch up, that has not to much to do with a football move, just rolling with his boy which is a bigger mistake, because it's clear which school would use alex collins better and has the better offensive game plan and potential. Same with angelo jean-louis, he sees the work being put in by our receivers, we got the best receivers coach in the state for sure and in fact, young mcdonald has had a better impact than curtis johnson had when he was here and that's saying something.

For one, young mcdonald came from the nfl to here an cj did it the other way round, but that's part of why our younger receivers are having an impact. Going into the year, we only had one starting receiver and that was allen hurns, now we got receivers that'll be coming at people in droves. herb waters already showing what he's about, dorsett, rashawn scott comes back, than we'll see what we got in jontavious carter, i got d'mauri jones making noise a year or 2 as well.

We can throw in another receiver like stacy coley or jordan cunningham, won't be hard to get qb's to come here after that. We'll also began to see real true qb devlopment again, guys like dewey and crow being groomed, than olsen will come in next year and be groomed and than another real qb competition will be looming large after next year.

The offensive staff needs to be kept together, they definitely are doing work. The defensive staff, barrow is straight as the linebackers coach, after him, everybody else is suspect on the defensive coaching staff, plus barrow knows what defense is suppose to look like as well.

I'll say this though, the way deon bush is playing safety right now, that'll definitely attract safeties to want to come and play here, that's why that's the only reason i can see why carter won't come is if he's scared of not being able to beat out bush or jenkins!

Poor little Calvin gets his college football kicks not from the canes but from the NFL. Way to go little Calvin them NFL canes are kicking some arse, what a great NFL team you got there doUche. Too bad none of those players could do squat while playing @ UM. But hey, we got some pro bowlers ova here!
All dUmb, delUsional and in denial is no way to go through life clUcks!

Santana Moss couldnt do anything at UM? And you're calling him delusional.

I am loyal to the facts and the stats...I cold care less about golden love letters, ties or qimmick cane walks.....when the stats show otherwise then I'll come aboard....that goes for any other future UM coach

as for tier 1 florida recruits:

#2 - florida
#4 - FSU
#6 - florida
#13 - florida
#14 - florida
#17 - UM
#18 - florida
#22 - florida
#28 - UM
#26 - florida
#27 - florida
#30 - florida
#31 - florida
#33 - florida
#43 -UM keith bryant but he will de-committ (moms insist he goes to fsu - her alma mater)
#45 - florida
#49 florida
#50 UM

we are getting killed in recruiting golden sucks at it...where is ths great ability?

who cares gallo- UM will still put a beat down on that soft gayturd team in 2013.

Duke runs for 200 yds.

new website:


Sign me up....I am on board with the new website...

Guy is a total MORON....
Repeats himself OVER AND OVER (AD INFINTUM) and is like a nosebleed....

champ I know that you are on board too....also endorsed by ALACHUA...

Go 'Canes Always

UGo, U know it my brother.

I think Gallo and Canekiller are very humorous. I mean you must REALLY be scared or jealous, or just sick in the Fing head to CONSTANTLY post bs against a college football team. Do you guys salivate EVERYtime something about the Canes happens in the news, so you ahow the WORLD how STUPID you both are, not to mention childish. You guys really have a sickness.

Seriously you BOTH need help. Probably BOTH Gator fans. Yes you're better than us THIS year, but you'll NEVER have more NC's than us football or baseball, or more 1st rounders, or more draft picks to the NFL. All from a little ole private school, with only a 1/3 of your student body, LMAO.

Miami was independant and then in the lowly considered Big East conference. Any one remember that and we kicked ass so the conference dosent make the school.
FSU has been in the lowly rated ACC for the longest and have beaten many power house for Championship seasons. Right now the almighty SEC hasnt been nailed like these other conferences. Auburn highly favorite with Cam Newton now look at them, cant by a winning season. Alabama hires to ex UM coaches alledged of wrong doing and that goes overlooked. Does Alabama get hit with sanctions if those to get nailed probably not. But Saban knows those coaches are his pipeline and that the will get recruits at all cost. How can the NCAA not be investigating times that hired these EX UM coaches bad practices dont stop. Buth Davis proved that at UNC, KIFFIN at TENN and USC,

I say we never should have left the big east. We use to play anybody anywhere and could afford to do so because the conference was mediocre. We also had different sec type football players. Mia would still be good academia wise but could still get that certain type of athlete. Golden and cpamy will have to work on adjustments an scheme during the offseason. They will have to lock themselves in he film vault to match the personnel with with scheme and situational football. We need a big back to complement Duke. We have to get back to mauling teams an running for at least a buck fifty a game. Another te must emerge and we need another safety. It would be nice to cut down on carries for duke but increase his touches in space. Would really like to see some stretch plays,draws and screens for him.

Its not 2 people, its the same sad guy off of his meds.

Most of all we need the dt to get some pressure out there. That is the most important thing to address. Golden said everything I wanted to hear the question will be can he translate what he wants in philosophy to the play on the field.

What an a----shole watching fsu but no Miami only a delusional psycho denies championship how is class 2012 feeling tonight ....

Clint Hurtt and Joe Pannunzio better get banned from college football. Both are horrible coach anyway.

Facts are facts people. Everytime there is a tornado warning,it comes close to my trailer here in alachua county. I am tired of moving this thing. Urban lived 2 doors down, actually 3 but one had no door on it. He sold me this stuff, and it's pretty good. Canehater will be here in a while, (actually it's me), and the 2 of us,(really one), will share this stuff. Muschump is moving in this summer, it's his bonus, a new 1984 trailer, for a good season. Later canes fans.

right a 6-7 gt team that almost beat fsu tonight that lost 49-28 to mid tennesse....miami could have easily beat fsu tonight then would have played in front of home crowd at OB.....only to help fantasy recruiting which is already over for UM 2013...no way we catch up to florida or fsu......golden has to go...he is too stupid to be UM coach.....

will go down in UM history as the second worst decision after moving to sunlife.....keep believeing his BS...let me know how you make out

Man gallo give it a rest u bash on golden for everything he can't recruit he can't coach its his fault of the bowl ban he's stupid but your smart huh sitting there with mustard stains on your shirt skid marks in your thong delivering pizza for a living all the while coach g is getting paid millions on tv thousands of people support him but you & your alias calvin want to bash him u know everything about him but mr.stats is. A canes fan yea right uhuh

You're a lying piece of sh*t with all your lies & bogus reports tell me what has the gators done what has fsu done these past 10 years that the canes have been down what a top 10 recruiting class that's it for the past decade that's it oh yea the gayturds won 2 championships wow with a campus stadium top facilities and that's all they can muster up 2 child please we did that 20 years ago & to canestrash u call us clucks but who's the real duck u r quack quack

best bcs match up wont happen this year: Oregon- Alabama.

idiots like "ACC s-ks": you see, rednk billy bob, or whatever your name is, most of us civilized folk dont give a rats a55 about conference this versus conference that. That is for losers who stopped rooting for their program, and as a fall back can only root for the SEC even though they s--k.

Miami would be Miami anyhwere- SEC, ACC, BE, whatever. Its the U. Its a cane thang.

And for the morons like in ESPN who talk oooh "SEC defense" Well, Alabama put 350 yds of rushing on GEorgia. Where was the defense? Oregon would put 500 yds on either of those.

Jim Gallo, fact count for every coach but Randy Shannon you mean?

shannon 2010 - last year

total offense - 5070 yards / 44 TD
total defense - 3876 / 37 sacks

golden 2011

total offense - 4533 / 41 TD
total defense - 4319 / 23 sacks

golden 2012

total offense - 5282 / 45 TD
total defense - 5837 / 13 sacks

team is getting worse....plus never had mutiny, parents calling radio stations, masss exits of players from team, always had players on 1st team acc..plus shannon would have NEVER screwed the players he reruited by not playing rival again and going to OB

why did we get rid of shannon again?...oh forgot, to give him ability to be part of a defense that was ranked 2nd in scoring defense, 2nd in passing defense, 2nd in interceptions and 9th in rushing defense.....

funny thing about statistics......it destroyes fantasies and burns golden love letters like a scorned lover...

plus lets not forget that goldens offense are all randy shannons recruits:

current 2 deep offensive roster

6 - golden recruits
18 - shannon recruits

team would even be worse.....golden should be thanking shannon for saving himself from a total 2012 embarrassment

Looks like FSU was beatable last night, though GT's defense showed up for the second half.

Wonder what the Canes would have done with a decent defensive performance in that game? Painful, man.

Marty McFly, you make some really good points about the coaches that have left. I believe that any one of those guys would have established themselves as a coaching legend, had they stayed at UM.

But, as you note, the bucks beckoned, and with the exception of JJ, none were successful.

As a Canes diehard, I always hope for a great coach that, like a JoePa, Bear Bryant, etc., will find their heart's home at UM. A great University and a great city.

Golden is a man of integrity and loyalty. If he can prduce dominant teams, he might be that guy. JoePa is his psychological standard.

And of course, dreaming of a new on-campus stadium is always at the top of my wish list. Hurricanes Stadium. Where there's a will, there is ALWAYS a way...

It will be good to get this sanction stuff finished. I hope we never face this again, and that the players will see where their obligations are in terms of the UM, and that if they give it their all, the money league will welcome them.

Hope we answer the defense questions/issues and bring in some new talent on that side. D'Onofrio needs to learn how to embrace his players and inspire deep loyalty...and take responsibility for doing a poor job, not just dump it on the kids.

He is trying to build a Penn State defense, strong guys up front, maybe one outstanding DT pass rusher, not that fast, zone schemes with tough and slow LBs sitting back, hard hitting safeties.

Note how few PSU defensive linemen make it in the money league, or LBs or DBs for that matter.

It is similar to today's Notre Dame defense(about to get stomped by'Bama). He needs to learn that we have way more speed available, and use that in innovative, attacking ways.

We shall see....

Go Canes!

Im not so sure ND grts stomped, they are pretty good against the run.

We will have the sake record next year if we dont improve that defense. The offense had a decent season and i would expect them to be even better.next year. The defense has to show up or we're dead.


You receive a lot of smackdown here. Not sure, if you have aliases, what they all are. Don't really care.

But to the point, the stats you cite are strong. This is particlarly true on the D side when using Shannon's numbers.

I am not a believer in D'Onofrio or Williams as coaches. Rarely have I seen a secondary so confused for 2 consecutive years! Or such an unresponsive scheme week to week.

For me, the jury is out on Golden. I like a lot about the guy, but 2 more years will give us the true story.

I believe they are trying to create Penn State South. I like the toughness, team identity, sport jackets(!) and hard-nosed approach.

But I believe it overlooks the speed we have available and the implications for a more attacking defense.

Impressed with 'Bama and Georgia defenses (though 60 points given up). Big, hard hitting players with tremendous ferocity, against equally determined offenses, and great running back power.

To complement a great in the making, Duke, we need a similar tackle- breaking power back.

Lot of Gator putdowns here. Their O is weak with Driskell, but their D comes to play like a top tier SEC defense. UM should be so lucky...or good...or well coached.

So, we will see if the U, with great Offensive potential, can field a D to equal it, given the current coaches, their backgrounds as players, and the talent available in a good Canes recruiting class, plus our many young guys from this year.

They were not quitters and showed some improvement, especially when Porter and Robinson were in the line up.

Go Canes!

What i wanna know is, why are we taking linebackers out of Virginia now, lol, this is getting comical, that's a flaw when it comes to recruiting righ thier.

Next it'll be d-linemen coming from out of state to as well. Once that happens we'll be a full fledged 3-4 based team and the story is already written, that's why al groh is out of a d-co job now, but since he left, Georgia tech has been playing stronger and better defense. The good news is, it didn't take Georgia tech long to become a better defense after converting from that garbage groh was running and very soon, it won't take us long to become a better defense if we ever get rid of oach OH-NO.

It doesn't take this long for a defense to be able to play defense. jim gallo and dbc know what they're talking about, i got clues for yall too. Come next year, when you see d-tackles dropping back into pass coverage(when you alreayd barely got sacks) and you see defensive ends being asked to cover backs coming out of the backfield up the field, you'll know than, that it has nothing to do with the "young team theme" cause question is clear, at what year(junior,senior or pro) in college will shayon green be able to cover a chris thompson type back out of the back field.

fsu was absolutely beatable last night.....these things always end up like this....fear decisions all for nothing and you end up losing it all.....dnofrio is not a DC...if you want to stick around to witness his learning curve at stats like 7-5, 6-6 or at best 8-4...be my guest.....at least 3/4 years to be at parity of the likes of bob diaco, mark stoops, kirby smart or john chavis etc....look a tcu....all freshman on defense and years end #18 at 3864 26 sacks yards vs UM at #116 for 5837 yards 13 sacks

tcu get to the QB 1 more time than UM all season.....golden is not making a change....were doomed

dbc, the thing about saban's defense is, he's running an upgraded version of the 3-4 if you will. The main thing is, he's not running soft zones behind his front 7 on a consistent bases. He's learned from his prior stints what works well and what doesn't, he's a db coach at heart, so he teaches his db's to be alot more aggressive than those traditional 3-4 teams, which why it's translating well at the college level.

Be that as it may, they still get scored on and are not a defense that's going to be a trend setter. The UM standard of defense that we know and are use to is based on speed and athletes out athleting the other teams offense. Doesn't take a genius to see that, but it does take an imbecile to continue to try and balloon our defensive guys up and watch them become much slower players, for instance 3g, he came in at a real good weight, he also came in running a 4.7 forty.

So now, he's put on another 2o something pounds of muscle, and we have barely heard from em since.

I was laughing the other day reading about the dolphins and jared odrick, they were talking about how he's getting better and how he only has somewhere around 2 or 3 sacks his whole career here and yet in his mind he keeps thinking it's on him, he said something to the effect of "i should have more sacks, i'm just always a step or two away from making the play".

Well i got news for you odrick, if you're a defensive end weighing 300 pounds, you're going to continue your whole career almost being their. We saw 3g almost be their on alot of plays, he needs to stay at the same weight he was his sophmore year into his junior year, i can tell you right now, 3g doesn't need to be over 270 pounds, in fact, him playing at 270 is not good for him, 260 is plenty good enuff and just work on his speed and strength from their and he'll be able to elevate his play.

goldie and his bretheren think adding more weight to players will make us more physical. I'm dreading seeing tyriq mccord at 245(that's the target weight they're trying to get tyriq at from 218) come next next. 27 pounds in one year, lol, are they serious.

thats right calvin...thats why you see the sack count dropping off like it is.....

almost 6000 yards....give me a f....king break....columbus or st thomas aquin HS could have upheld better.....all these press conferences are all BS.....

both defensive lines 4-3 UM or 3-4 Alabama is almost parity:

UM 6'2" 282 vs ala 6'3" 283 - line
UM 6'2" 227 vs ala 6'3" 250 - LB

Um's linebackes are undersized by an average of 30 lbs...thats huge

Yo cane trash

Yo 5.3.2 and assorted doUhes like him
Listen to Ur selves, "Miami would be Miami in any conference" Lets see, a team that is barely above .500 in the worst conference would be what in a good conference? Cellar dwellers in the SEC, Big 10, Big 12 or Pac 10, behind Louisville and Rutgers in Big Least.
That is a fact.
Yo dbc U need to climb on that Time Machine and go reminisce about the legendary coaches and winning seasons cause they aint coming back. Golden Retriever cant fetch that for ya.
If U dont have the DVD I can get it for ya for Christmas, U r one of the few decent canes around here. Most of Ur brethen are doUches.

Yo fools SEC, SEC, SEC. U wouldnt understand U have never been part of a dominant conference. Who in their right minds would chant ACC ACC or Big Least Big Least.

Yo only in Ur wet dreams would U have been able to beat FSU in the ship game dUmmies. U blew Ur chance to participate, wont get another for a long long time. Serves U right, cheaters.

Yo Golden Retriever cant fetch the top recruits, next year U will still sUck and lose to all the good teams U play and a few ACC pansies like usual.

Bunch of pathetic LOOSERS!!!

canesh&t i mean canevomit:
I mean cnetrash

Listen to yourself. read your own garbage. Boy, is you stupid?

Go back to alachua or south georgia, or whatver. Your toofus dribble is nonsensical. So- is kinkos's letting youback in?

Maybe Clavin and Gallo can invite you over so you canblog together.

The U is alright,

2011-7-5 minus a bowl
2012-7-5 minus a bowl

2008 was a long time ago.

so was 1999.

Keep dreamin. The U will be 10-2 next year with wins over UF and FSU. Despite the NCAA sanctions. In 2014 they will bein the so called playoff.

Eff everyone else. This is about this U.

coach goldie talking
"On defense, not only do we need to supplement what we have with recruits, but we have to generate a pass rush. We only get one sack against [Duke], a team that throws it as often as they throw it. That’s happened too often. If we don’t get pressure on the quarterback, it’s hard to play more man-to-man.”

As it was pointed out the other day by someone who said it perfectly "you won't have good sack numbers or get pressure on the qb when your db's are playing 10 yards off the wide receivers".

It's common sense football, our defensive alignment makes it real easy for qb's to know what area of the field is going to be safe for them to throw the ball to, whereas in press-man, a qb will have to be able to scan the field for real.

More goldie speak:
### He said “our out of conference schedule was ridiculous. We played three teams that were No. 1 (Notre Dame, Kansas State, FSU).”

Come on goldie, we rooting for you, but you gotta quit your whining about this, seriously, like somebody knew k st. of all teams were going to be ranked #1(same holds true for notre shame) when this schedule was made. Also Fsu is in conference. I can see if goldie is talking about, we shouldn't have had to play that many tough games that close together, just spread them thru out the schedule, but we want to play those type of teams, that would ensure our strength of schedule numbers are up and proves that we didn't take the cheap route in.

That's what Miami was built on, so now we've scheduled Savannah St., are we seriously doing this, man, we're a private school, schedule a team that people really want to see us play and as long as oach OH-NO is here calling the defensive schemes, we'll either get middle Tennessee stated, or we'll have to here how good "that Savannah St. football team is" after the game.

al groh should've been fired after that middle Tennessee st. game, NO EXCUSES. goldie is going to sink or swim with his boy, either way, from the looks of things, we'd be better off. I feel like swingin on whoever has our d-tackles dropping back into coverage and whoever is asking shayon green of all people to drop into coverage and cover the flats against 4.4 runningbacks.

Welp, looks like they got tired of skip holtz at usF, i know one thing, their are a couple of coaches on that staff that would instantly upgrade our defense. kevin patrick for sure, but i'm not suree he'd want to coach in this conservative style of defense we're playing now these days.

I think it's safe to say if amari cooper doesn't leave Miami, bama would not be going to the title game again. Was a time when we use to be able to keep most of the guys home, just imagine us having, sammy watkins, amari cooper, duke johnson with geno smith at the qb spot. That very well could've been the case this year. On defense, had he listened, we would've had denard robinson playing safety for us, shannon and crew tried to tell em that would've been his best spot, now he'll only get drafted low on atheltic ability alone.

Sad to say though, even with that offense, the way we play defense now, it would be hard for even that squad to try and hold the lead.

"The U is alright,

2011-7-5 minus a bowl
2012-7-5 minus a bowl"

Hold on here Moron, for 2011 that would be 6 - 6.
"Alright" with mediocre record and no bowl.
"2008 is a long time ago", yep and longer yet would be 2001, last time U were relevant.
WOW, we got some cane Morons ova here!
Northern Illinois is going to the Orange Bowl, a MAC team much better than the lowly canes. Pathetic.
All dUmb, delUsional and in denial is no way to go through life clUcks!

Ok Goldie crying about playing kst, und, fsu..

Even if you throw out those 3 team you and your BFF defense still gives up 490 ypg and 29 ppg...

Even Bethune Cookman put up 200 yds rush...

Keep up w/the excuses but please stop pee'n on my leg and telling me it's raining..


FSU is 11-2 and going to play Louisville.
Wow. CAnt imagine the TV ratings for that one...

IS that what nole fans talk about when they brag?

Is that what you all are all looking for as a measure of success? Louisville?

The canes are rebuilding FSU isnt. At least not according to ESPN.

So is this what you all are proud of?


With losers like you as fans/

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