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More injury news: #UM #Canes WR Allen Hurns has cast on left hand -- and practice notes

Good morning.

Starting wide receiver Allen Hurns, one of the hardest-working and well-respected Hurricanes, has a cast on his left hand. A source told me he broke his hand in the thumb area. We'll get details later at the press conference.

Not sure if he would be able to play with that injury. We'll talk to Al Golden later.

Hurns is UM's third-leading receiver this season. He already had to deal with a concussion early in the season. He has 27 catches and four touchdowns for 307 yards, an 11.4-yard average per catch.

The Canes are already missing their second-leading receiver, Rashawn Scott, who is suspended indefinitely.


Other notes from our 15 minutes at practice today:

* Linebacker Eddie Johnson, who didn't make the trip to Virginia for football-related disciplinary reasons, according to Golden, was back at practice -- though he arrived very late.

* Safety Deon Bush wore a red, no-contact jersey and watched practice.

* Linebacker Denzel Perryman (ankle) wore a yellow, limited contact jersey.

* Running back Eduardo Clements, who had surgery recently, watched the start of practice and was wearing a neck brace. Eduardo is out for the rest of the season.




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When will the injuries let up?

Sooooo...Potentially that Kidd kid might actually catch passes for this team?

For crying out loud...

Can we PLEASE throw to Davon Johnson, more than once a game, Jedd and Stephen?

Stupid troll, we already beat the yellowjackets.

The injuries, suspensions, drama, etc is getting old fast. It's like a vicious cycle with this team. Just take the bowl ban, hopefully add one more yr by the NCAA and let's move on.

looks like Golden has lost control of this team already - from Henderson coming to practice whenever he felt like it in August, Cain quitting then coming back, a player's parent calling the radio station to complain, and now these problems with the players suspended

I expect all hell will break loose when the NCAA sends its letter of allegations next month, and the players line up to transfer

Rc you sir are an epic moron...typical gay-turd or semenhole who has no life and needs to comment on us in order to validate your existence...try facts every now and again.

WR Davon Johnson should see plenty of playing time, and don't forget Kendal Thompkins.

rc -

You wish!

Hurns is Clutch. He is Fearless. I hope he can play at Duke. Davon Johnson and Kendal Thompkins will get the job done, and I have every confidence in them, but I just feel better when I see #1 on the line. I can still remember his first game at Maryland.

I'm thinking now, if we beat usF and the headcoach gets fired, we should bring kevin patrick on back home to coach the d-line, although the way he teaches d-linemen, this staff wouldn't want that, i'm tired of the slow draggin our d-linemen keep doing now with o-linemen. I'm also quite sure coach patrick will look oach OH-NO square in the eyes and let em know, you make another defensive call that has one of my d-line in pass coverage, i'm going to either send him to paul williams(the db coach) or kick your azzz, the choice is yours."

I wish Ray Lewis would come help out with the defense. He would definetely light a fire under everybody's ass...we have the talent..they just need direction.

What about asking the coaches when or if Rashawn scott will ever return to the line up? What about increasing the number of plays to the tight ends? Seriously.

Morris also needs to learn to throw to his check downs- i.e. the running backs. Often he locks onto a receiver and instead of getting an easy 5-10 yds, he opts to throw the low percentage throw downfield to a covered receiver, and 50% of the time its an incomplete.

I wonder if any of our Cane greats have had a word with Donofrio yet...if not...thats a hint. How many times have the coaches blamed a big play on one of our players being out of position..i think having a 305lb DT drop into pass coverage when he could hardly walk on the last play of the game was more of a reason than another player being out of position. I see why these kids are getting frustrated on defense..they are listening to their coach who is calling schemes that they know are garbage.

As`bad as the defense has played, we would have 3 more victories if Stephen Morris would focus on a 3rd down conversion and play for the name on the front of his jersey and not the name on the back.

Calvin you are replaying the same theme over and over try something new will you?..

D'No is not going anywhere and we all know that so stop wearing it out...Listen to Omar and learn a few things....Defense sucks you are right but no one is coming in..We need the fix in house..not from outside.
It will be done.

Morris does not know how to look off defenders...where his head is pointed, there goes the ball..our opponents are playing off these tendencies..when Morris eventually sees our receivers are covered he throws high or in the dirt so there are no intercepts..
Follow the head and here comes the ball...everyone has picked up on that..
Is it too late to learn how to look off opponents? I don't know...
Changing this would even make him more effective...
the kid is talented. He throws darts, and bullets, but does not know how to finesse the passes and laying it with touch as Bernie used to say..

Rashawn Scott is deep behind the woodshed...he must really have screwed up but if you are going to be good you have to think "team" not "me".

Example: Duke Johnson....FRESHMAN
Go 'Canes Always

UgoCane, right now, morris is the last of our problems, it's a lil asanine to knock morris when the offense put up 33 points. jedd fisch and the offense are the least of our problems, and goldie is over there meddling with that from time to time, that's how we got the 3rd down duke johnson run for nowhere on 3rd and 6. You harping on morris, how carzy is that, for all his flaws, 33 points is 33points, more than enuff to win the game.

Even his fumble didn't cost us the game, it actually helped us because it helped to chew up more clock. Had morris scored on that run or had we scored on that drive, it would have only put us up by 10 points, we got up by 10 points later on in the 4th quarter which was better because of time.

It's insane to blame smo17 or jedd for anything in that cavalier game, they did enuff to win it, yeah i know they could've gotten another 1st down or 2, but hell, with 40 points on the board, i'm not looking for nothing else on offense.

So you'll continue to see me and other blast this coward's defensive scheme until it either proves us wrong, or their gone, somethings going to come to an end that's for sure.

I am surprised that this far into the season not one post has called into question this hurry up no huddle crap that wears out our defense because the offense is always doing three and outs that take sixty seconds Even when we have the lead we do not huddle and eat clock. This no huddle crap destroys morale, leadership and face to face accountability on offense. How are the o linemen supposed to communicate what they are seeing and where man on man advantages are seen? We are not playing pro defenses that substitute multiple personnel packages every down. It communicates a lack of confidence by the coaching staff in the team and their talents. Golden is in trouble, and is starting to gripe to the press. He is starting to realize that his plan is slowly crashing. It is very disheartening to see, and fans, players and recruits are slowly loosing faith.

Davon Johnson is the real deal....

The no huddle offense is not our friend right now. With our defense the way it is....we need to keep them on the sideline. However....I think the "thinking" of the coaching staff is to get as many plays under their belt for "experience" reasons....which makes sense.

D' Nofrio needs to be released immediately so a competent DC can be hired so we can win some of the better Defenders considering us. Some of you just can't see how it hurts other things besides setting on the field records for defensive futility.

D'Nofrio must go I plead!!!

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