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New #UM #Canes depth chart hot off the press (and on the web) for #UVA game

Good morning.

We have another road trip Saturday, this one at Charlottesville, Va., where the Hurricanes will face the Virginia Cavaliers (3-6, 1-4 Atlantic Coast Conference coming off a victory against NC State) of the Coastal Division.

The weekend off had to be beneficial for the Canes (5-4, 4-2), especially with a road game this week.

The newest depth chart was just released.

Not many changes, but there are some. A.J. Highsmith is now back at first-team safety.

And Seantrel Henderson has taken over at first-team right tackle.

At outside linebacker, Denzel Perryman now shares the first-team position with Gionni Paul.

Keep in mind that Denzel is injured, or at least overcoming an ankle injury.

And our comeback player of the week is Curtis Porter, who after his first game this season on Thursday, is the backup to starter Earl Moore at defensive tackle.


WR 80 Rashawn Scott 6-2 190 So.
  86 Herb Waters
6-2 185 Fr.
LT 79 Malcolm Bunche
6-7 325 RSo.
  64 Hunter Wells
6-4 300 RFr.
70 Jon Feliciano
6-5 314 RSo.

68 Jeremy Lewis
6-4 316 RSr.
62 Shane McDermott
6-4 295 RSo.

75 Jared Wheeler
6-5 314 RJr.
65 Brandon Linder
6-6 308 Jr.
  63 Danny Isidora 6-4 320 Fr.
RT 77 Seantrel Henderson
6-8 340 Jr.
  74 Ereck Flowers 6-6 314 Fr.
TE 46 Clive Walford
6-4 250 RSo.
  49 Dyron Dye -OR- 6-5 255 RJr.
  82 Asante Cleveland
6-5 263 Jr.
FB 33 Maurice Hagens
5-11 240 Jr.
  43 Sean Harvey 6-4 262 RSo.
QB 17 Stephen Morris
6-2 214 Jr.
  11 Ryan Williams
6-5 221 RSo.
RB 5 Mike James
5-11 220 Sr.
  8 Duke Johnson 5-9 188 Fr.
WR 4 Phillip Dorsett

83 Kendal Thompkins 
5-10 182 RSr.
  6 Robert Lockhart Jr.
6-1 188 Fr.
WR 1 Allen Hurns
192 Jr.
  24 Davon Johnson
6-0 188 Sr.



71 Anthony Chickillo
6-4 262 So.
  92 Jalen Grimble -OR-
6-2 295 So.
  99 Jelani Hamilton 6-5 271 Fr.
DT 72 Earl Moore
6-1 300 Fr.
  96 Curtis Porter 6-1 305 RJr.
  66 Dequan Ivery
6-1 303 Fr.
DT 91 Olsen Pierre
6-4 300 So.
  93 Luther Robinson -OR-
6-3 288 RJr.
  67 Corey King
6-1 295
51 Shayon Green
6-3 260 RJr.

17 Tyriq McCord -OR-
6-3 236 Fr.
  90 Ricardo Williams 6-5 240 RFr.
44 Eddie Johnson 6-1 238 RFr.

34 Thurston Armbrister
6-3 222 So.
59 Jimmy Gaines
6-3 230 Jr.
  56 Raphael Kirby  
6-0 218 Fr.
OLB 52 Denzel Perryman -OR- 6-0 229 So.
  36 Gionni Paul 6-1 230 So.
  31 Tyrone Cornileus
210 So.
CB 37 Ladarius Gunter
6-2 198 So.
  3 Tracy Howard -OR-
5-11 185 Fr.
  20 Thomas Finnie
183 So.
S 2 Deon Bush 6-1 190 Fr.
Kacy Rodgers II 6-2 210 Jr.
S 30
AJ Highsmith
6-0 202 RJr.
  7 Vaughn Telemaque  6-2 204 RSr.
  29 Rayshawn Jenkins 6-1 203 Fr.
CB 21 Brandon McGee
6-0 194 Sr.
  39 Antonio Crawford
188 Fr.


13 Dalton Botts
6-3 205 Sr.
  40 Jake Wieclaw
6-2 193 RSr.
FG 40 Jake Wieclaw
6-2 193 RSr.
  18 Matt Goudis 6-0 170 RFr.
KO 40 Jake Wieclaw
6-2 193 RSr.
  18 Matt Goudis 
6-0 170 RFr.
H 13 Dalton Botts
6-3 205 Sr.
11 Ryan Williams
6-5 221 RSo.
61 Paul Kelly 6-1 262 RSr.
  59 Jimmy Gaines 6-3 230 Jr.
61 Paul Kelly
6-1 262 RSr.

65 Brandon Linder 6-6 308 Jr.
4 Phillip Dorsett 5-10 185 So.
  8 Duke Johnson 5-9 192 Fr.
KR 4 Phillip Dorsett
5-10 185 So.
  8 Duke Johnson
5-9 188 Fr.





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What is with this "depth chart" crap. Just tell the kids who is starting and who is not. We don't have to know BTW, all we hear from these coaches is they have no depth. Just Coach, win, and shut up!!!

Its called weekly competition where no job is safe.
And Miramar, all that idiot Gallo is, is a pathological liar with schetzophrenic personallities who creats one BS statement after another in hopes of dividing a lockerroom for just the slim hope that screws the whole process of us rebuilding back because he fears we will be back bi t C h slapping his team around like we used to do and will again.

"Weekly Competition"? Baloney!! Compete on Saturday, practice as a team. No wonder guys are leaving, or arguing with Ass't Coaches. Walking on egg shells is no way to build a team..

We are not improving....its the perception that we are. Unless it shows up in the stats...then all this is psycho-babble. the offense has not improved in any area comapred to last year and we are down 9 passing touchdowns....the defense is gonna hit 5000 yards, which is a stat that I cant ever remember Miami hitting..EVER A miami defense giving up 5000 yards...this must be a dream.....playing freshman ruined this year...poor judgement, so it is only logical to blame and hold accountable Golden...hes the captain. alot of 7-6 / 6-6 teams have turned it around by now....there still is something very wrong with UM

Yeah dumbasses like U two on here is a start.

Billibong is that from the Larry Coker and Randy SHannon school of coaching? Everybody knows U and little jimmy are the same U stooge.

All the good teams are overrated stoopid miramar?

I mean miramar? Nice. Bastion of a metropolis.

Corpus forgot arkansas. Another 4-5 super sec team!

Uk, mizzou, tennessee, msu, vandy, aubun. Hahahaha all overrated!

Uf beats powerhouse mizzou14-7 at home yet, one genius here said uf will bet fsu. My oh my you guys are veritable brain surgeons!

Thy is a not even in the conversation about the SEC Championship.

The Best Player to ever wear a gator uniform is Tim Tebow Surly better then what has ascended from The U's Program.

We did only barley beat a squad that was never in the pecking order for a Big 12 championship, 4-4 Missouri with a QB Throwing Balls right at the defense.

Mr Meyer saw something he no longer liked anymore and he bailed to a place where he was aware of NCAA Punishments.

ok I really don't want to go any further some fans might start questioning they're loyalty.

Hmmmmmm. Just a thought, could canekiller b
the ncaa or one of those idots at espn or si. Dude seems to post a book everytime.

One senior total starting. Amazing how young this team is.

Do you know how to read? The gator troll is the one that said that in response to another idiot like you. You call yourself a Cane fan with that name yet all you post is about the SEC and try to put down Miramar. Two of our best freshmen come from Miramar, what is your problem. Idiots like you are the ones who draw in all the gator trolls to mess up our blog. Stop the crap about the SEC and talk about our Canes. We are on the cusp of history, our first ever ACC ship is within our control. Yet we get no respect, I heard UVA is a favorite to beat us. More motivation for us to bring it on!
Screw the gator trolls and the idiots on our side who argue with them.

Miramarcane- you should drop the "cane" from your name. You don't deserve it.

hummmmm look at that, Im right again as always

CaneAlumn why is that? Cause you rather keep up the moronic back and forth about which SEC team is over rated instead of discussing our team?
You and 532 deserve each other and the rest of us can do without you.

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