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Scott will return from suspension on Jan. 1st, plus other UM notes

UM coach Al Golden told reporters Tuesday suspended receiver Rashawn Scott will return to the team after Jan. 1.

Scott hasn't played since the Virginia Tech game.

Other notes from Golden Tuesday:

- Golden said team will start weight lifting as soon as the season ends. He said he wants the commitment to continue before players go home on holiday break.

- Freshman safety Deon Bush, who has missed the last two games with a stinger, has been cleared to return and play this week at Duke. Bush practiced Tuesday.

- Golden said he and his staff have been energized by the effort of the players this week in practice. That's a good sign considering players were flat last year after learning they were not going to be a bowl game prior to losing to Boston College in the season finale.


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In it!!

WISHING the entire CANES family a HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON, and even happier and merrier by Beating DUKE this SAturday..


The Cane nation of fans are with you...Thanks for your play.

Happy thanksgiving, and
BRING IT HOME on Saturday..

Go 'Canes Always

The future truely looks bright, we have some very good people on this team with character and heart, that is what builds champions, work in the weight room and study film, prepare for the coming season as it could be an awesome one! Happy holidays to all of you, cheers and "GO CANES"

I'm thankful for the staff, Golden in particular, the players, and those who are about to commit to This U. I feel a resurgence coming. The base is fired up! It's us agaisnt the world my friends. Lay some wood! I think Duke....will put a beat down on Duke!


To all of CanesNation I want to wish you all a happy, blessed filled and safe holidays. Thank you for all of your support and strength in these times and we, the CanesFaithful, will be here waiting for 2013 and beyond.


and the rest of the CANESFAITHFUL I wish you guys all a happy, blessed filled, and safe holiday.

GO U!!

hit the weight room hard, before you know it the spring game will be here in february and 7 months later we wait for the most overrated player in america jeff driskell and the gators to roll in, tyriq mccord you are the pass rushing specialist of the future, put on twenty pounds and let it rip. can you imagine the group of receivers, hurns, dorsett, scott, waters lewis, lockhart, carter, un real. does anyone know if davon johnson can get a medical redshirt.

Good news is al, his staff along with most of the team is coming back. Bad news is al, his staff along with most of the team is coming back. Esp. D'nofo.

Was looking at the team, we definitely got room and a need for at least 2 more wide-outs. It seems like we have alot of receivers on the roster, but than when you start looking at it, we got davon johnson & kt leaving this year more than likely, come next year hurns is a senior, dorsett and scott will be true juniors, after that we got malcom lewis(already proved he can make plays) herb waters, proved himself some this weekend, what i like most about herb on saturday, he was throwing his body into his blocks.

After that though, it's wide open for anybody to come in, robert lockhart will be coming off of that knee injury and should probably redshirt, than we'll have d'mauri jones and carter, we'll definitely need more talent within that group to help, so jordan cunningham and stacey coley, come on down, if you work with coach young mcdonald, he's on th verge of putting out 1st round draft picks at that receiver position. Talent with his coaching abilities, all of our receivers are off the verge of just killing teams from here on in.

I'm still hype from that hit dzp put on that usF qb, lol. Come next year though, espeically after this bs ruling, we need to start the hit pot, we got some good candidates(dzp, deon bush, eddie johnson and thomas finnie quiet as kept)

We ain't starting no hit pot, even though every team has one secretly within their team. Unfortunately I don't think Davon is eligible for a med redshirt, but it would be nice to get that kid back for another year, cause he is a clutch receiver especially on 3rd down.

Ships is all that matters....

He can't get a med shirt. It would've had to have happened much earlier in the season, not this late. It's true, Davon was clutch and under used. Damn shame. Hope he tries out for the dolphins.


Now the 'Golden to Tennessee' rumors start to fly. Arky offering Gruden could make a bidding war for the Vols. Golden is likely on the short list for whoever doesn't snag Chucky.

I would support these players refusing to play Saturday
why risk injury for a meaningless game? and sends a message to that lib-loon hobbit

Why would he want to go to that Tennessee dump? If Dooley with all that SEC DNA in him couldnt do it, it will be just a hard if not harder than rebuilding at the U. Their ecpectations are just as high and believe me, winning a ship there is tougher. Who cares about the 80-110, fans. thast just window dressing. What matters is ships.

Goldie stays here. He has a lot invested here. No way Tennessee boosters will like Golden recruiting in Jersey and PA. Here, its OK.

Players here love Golden. Theyve seen what he did with malcolm Lewis, They know he has their best interst at heart. He is growing as well as they are. 7-5 this season, sure not good enough for we cane fans but we must be realistic. Shannon and shi*tiro nearly destroyed this program. He basically had to start from scratch. Beat Duke canes. Come back bigger faster and stringer nect year- There is one big date I am circling in 2013- Sept.9th! When this U team is going to pund and eat some gator meat on their way to a 10-2 season.

happy Holidays my fellow cane fans.

Finally we will get to see BUSH again before the yr is over!!! # HE'S GOIN TO BE A BEAST NEXT YR

Not saying Golden leaves, but the reality is that he's likely to be pursued.

Why would he consider leaving?
Looming sanctions.
Piles of SEC money.
Facilities GALORE.
A fairly long leash. Dooley got 3 years, won 1 game int he SEC during 2 of them.
A real AD and President. Sorry Shalalalalala.

I don't know. We know sanctions are coming. DS was seen with Shapirio and smiling. They fired RS. They accused J12 of everything in the book. DunnoToday Dunno Tommorrow JustDunno is lost as DC.

What about all that?

The one thing that i know coach goldie is thinking is this, i luv Miami, this city and what this program is about. Although he doesn't know what the nc2a is going to do, he does have a since of knowing that after whatever the ruling is, he'll know what he's up against. He could very well roll out and go to another program, but who's to say that whatever program he could go to is not on the verge of being hit with sanctions either.

You the worst programs to go to sometimes are the ones where coaches are on the hot seat, why, they get desparate and i'm sure rules start getting broken cause some of them start going all in. At least here, coach goldie definitely has job security, the main complaints about goldie is him sticking with his boy oach OH-NO. I'm hoping it works out for UM and for his sake, and seeing him and his best friend win a championship/s together, but right, being a bottom feeder defense, that's not UM football, and until we get back to that, dominating style of defense, we're going to have problems with teams.

While offense sales tickets, defense wins championships and puts fear in the other team. We need to bring back the fear. Forget that fear the tie crap, we need to get back to people fearing our defense, to many times i've seen to many teams to anxious to go up against our defense. We gotta stop seeing that.

Here's what we know, come next year, from an offrnsive standpoint, personnel wise, we should be hard to stop, we definitely need another runningback to emerge, i don't want to see duke getting all the carries, here's to hoping danny dilliard becomes a back that can do some damge out there as well. o-line will be a year older, it's money time from seantrel henderson come next year and i like what i saw from him this year, him being aggressive and going at guys out there.

malcom bunche, while he doesn't have the best feet in the world, for a first time starter, he did real well over on that side and should only improve. I'm proud of shane mcdermont, came in, and out played what tyler horn did in 2 years, he should only get better. We already know about brandon linder and feliciano for sure and what they bring, so offensively, we should be improved come next year.

Special teams under barrow has been solid and should only get better come next year with guys being older and more physically mature.

Defensively, from a personnel standpoint, if healthy, all of our linebackers and whoever starts at those positions, we should be strong their. d-line, if we can get curtis porter for the first time from star tto finish, he'll make a difference by himself. olsen pierre will believe or not be going into his 3rd year quiet as kept, same a chick, and everybody behind them will for the most part be 2nd year players. factor in guys like jelani hamilton, jake o'donnel, jacoby briscoe and the crew, we should start seeing a better and more effective d-line rotation.

We will have a great year if we can play defense. Next year could be
. special, but this team needs a little but of a chip on its shoulder. That mean streak is missing....will the ncaa put it in place?

Defensively, we should be nowhere near the bottom come next year, if we are, no more excuses if we're healthy. From a secondary standpoint, somebody is going to have to step up and give what brandon mcgee gave us at least what brandon mcgee gave us this past year, if somebody steps up more than that, than we'll definitely be straight at the corner spots. From the safety spots, we're in good hands with of course deon bush and rashwan jenkins looks like he'll be a force back their too as well.

tracy howard will more than likely be a starter come next year as well as gunther and thomas finnie if he ends up starting, that'll mean he's ballin. We got some young guns in antonio crawford, dortch & larry hope, we definitely need to be bringing in some db's this year besides safties.

goldie is definitely building this program the best way he knows how, time will tell if this program will be dominant, we all do know he has a strong work ethic and is well respected but he knows he hasn't earned that ultimate respect and he's working on it!

Some Moron is now waiting for the Spring game. Wow, the season aint over and we are back to wait til next year and the Spring is the best time to be a cane cause it don't count.
Maybe your season is already over, Duke gonna pound ya.
So Golden Balls wants to start weightlifting right away. Lots of good the whole USoft BS did ya fools.
Next year you will be worse than this year.
All dUmb and delUsional is no way to go through life clUcks.

5+3+2, So you really believe winning a Championship coming out of the SEC East may be a tad more difficult for Al than winning one in the ACC? I agree!!! Friends?

f-off bi t ch

I just realized after defeating Duke that our Signature Win will be over a Georgia Tech team that probably ends up 6-7. We not only will not have defeated 1 team in the Top 25, we will not have even defeated a team "Among Those Receiving Votes." Ah, The Good Old Days.

championships is all that matters, Apparently Not!!! At least not recently.

It would be nice to send the wr to who was it duper or Clayton since we had so many drops. We also must get another back that can run the ball besides for duke. A run stopping safety would also be nice to complement bush. Golden must concentrate on the dine getting some penetration and causing more pressure. Teams didn't really run on us this year but we must figure out how to get off the filed on thir downs. The coaches could have helped the team out with schemes and play calling but bottom line is players must catch the ball and make plays. It's sad the season will be over for us but it has been hard to watch this defense all year. I'm looking forward to Florida next year. That would be nice game for golden and company to win. Lets spank duke and take our medicine.

Soon bi t ch! very soon.

I echo happy T-Day sentiments to all here, to Cane players and coaches, Manny and Susan, etc.
The Duke game will say a LOT about Al's ability to motivate this group.
The fact that Duke now has nothing to play for other than a better bowl won't make them less dangerous. Cutcliff is an excellent coach, one of the best in the conference.

I hope our Canes go in there and kick the Dukies behinds. I'd love, for once, to see our db's challenge the receivers at the LOS.
Establish the run game the Cane way.

I believe this game may determine D'Onofrio's fate. A bad day defensively, and Al will have a decision to make.

"There is one big date I am circling in 2013- Sept.9th! When this U team is going to pund and eat some gator meat on their way to a 10-2 season."

happy Holidays my fellow cane fans.

Posted by: 5>3>2 | November 20, 2012 at 05:46 PM
My sentiments EXACTLY!!

State champs next year!

Nice Place. It's really a fairly good article. I noticed the necessary information things, thanks

players and coaches as well no and should know its a blessing to be able to play and coach football at such a high level,there are thousands of kids and coaches that would love to be in there shoes me being one of them.both players and coaches play and coach for the love of the game,and enjoy the ride no matter the out come ,fi you play a 10 game season and you didnt love every moment of it practice included you maybe shouldnt play or coach this game.cause all it takes is one play ,one freak accident to leave you seriously injured for life or worst. so players play for the love ,coaches coach for the love . I WISH I COULD

Cane nation is behind you hurricanes! See most of you next year and good luck for the departing seniors!

I hope Scott appreciates the opportunity and seizes it. You rarely get a fresh start in life, but lucky for him, Coach Golden will give him the chance.

A "signature" win against Ga Tech and a "big" road win at Duke. What a pathetic program you got clUcks.
But you will be much better next year.
You will be State champs next year.
You will win the ACC next year.
You will be ranked and relevant next year.
Can't wait for that all important Spring game.
So is the pathetic life on a cane clown and a has been program.
Living in the past and wait til next year, a cane thing.
All dUmb and delUsional is no way to go through life clUcks.

This letter reminds me of when they bring you in and try to get you to confess because they don't have jack shaaaaat to go off of but the wanna be snitch is his croonies. But goons don't talk, and if a player that has played at UM, didn't make it to the nfl or if they, why you calling them now like you care, lol, useless. No mo t.mossin, either you got something or you don't.

The funny thing is, how the administration fell for that fake trick of "if you pay a certain amount, we won't subponea the players" now all of a sudden, they're saying that they're going to just go ahead and go by hearsay, lol, this gets more comical by the minute.

I knew all this time these bozo's didn't have nothing, that's what's been taking them so long, they keep getting shut-out. They already know players don't know what they're talking about. Who cares if nevin was in the same building with players, what the hell does that mean, the nc2a is on the verge of getting sued and if their ruling is anything close to penn disgrace, all of them are either molesters themselves or gay, it doesn't even compare. Us giving up 2 bowl games and the money we paid is already more than what penn disgrace did.

In fact, we should get time served, and say if they want to call it, a 2 schalorship reduction per year for 2 years, other than that, GTFOH with the quickness!

What I am thankful for is Coack Al Golden who is a class act, our outstanding student athletes who provide enjoyment and entertainment for us week in and week out and everyone else associated with the U.
We love U all.

lets beat Duke....7-5 will be a good year plus winning the coastal

leave it all on the field today Canes,play with pride,& passion,respect for your oponent,and the officials. VICTORY IS OURS!! bleedorange&green

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