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Are those recruits that get escorted on to the field during warmups to get some one on one time with Coach Golden?

Regarding the threatening, un-American (guilty until proven innocent) letter the NCAA investigator just sent out to former players - does that violate any NCAA bylaws? Does the NCAA even have any by-laws that pertain to how it investigates and make final ruling with regards to violations?

Any reason or guess why Scott won't be reinstated until January 1 and not before?

As a fellow Miami native would you agree that this is the worst defense that we have seen at the University of Miami? How would you compare Coach D to previous defensive coordinators at our beloved "U"

You have a guess as to whether Seantrel will be back next year or go pro? Based on him having to play catch up this season, my hope is that he comes back next year to solidfy a higher draft position (and to help the Canes be better). I guess in general, do you think the current players learned from any players that left early last year and are not having success in the pros (e.g., Forston)?

After two full years of having Al Golden as the Miami HC what is the biggest difference in teams mentality compared to Coker, and Shannons stints? Also do you think we will lose any coaches in the cycle of the coaching carousel? My biggest worry isn't coach golden because he has worked to hard not to reap the rewards of his labor, but instead Jedd Fisch. Whats your take?

When is the letter NOA expected?

Do you think this felonious attempt to propagate the professional athlete to adjourn himself before due process at the acquiscience of surrogate regulatory parents?

Do you feel the NCAA does not have much evidence to bake up the convicted felon's claims? Will the NCAA get away with the type if intimidation tactics? As a consumer of college football I am tired of all these investigations! Should the players form a union? There is so much money at stake...

Manny always value your opinion my man - are you buying the NCAA's bluff here with this letter? Or is this a sign they're desparate and are having trouble putting together a decent case? Smells like they're reaching to me

Any other responses from former players as to responding to the NCAA reuest?

just heard golden offered Tennesee job big money?

See you suckers in Berkeley! California-bound!

Manny. as a FL Panhandle Canes fan, I want to thank you and Susan for the coverage. Can't get anything here except FSU and UF news. Great to be in the loop
. Thanks again.

The letter says, If you dont cooperate we assume the fraudulent ponzischemer was telling the truth. That sort of intimidation by a former UF student is fraudulent in and of itself. What recourses does UM have? Doesnt that letter prove that the NCAA will do anything to bust UM bad- and therefore, this whole thought process that they "will take it easier" on Miami if UM self imposes this and that ad infintum is 100% garbage?

I say rescind the 2nd self imposed bowl ban, play Duke, play FSU, there is still time- then take the medicine, appeal if there is anything amiss- put it in the courts including the Supreme court as well!

"The allegations must be based on credible and persuasive information....). Like the rantings of a convicted felon still looking for his 15-minutes of fame?

Is it just me or is Saturday's game with Duke the last time we will see a Miami Hurricanes football team? I think the school is getting the DEATH PENALTY no matter what it does to get past the Sapiro scandal.

Don't people have realize that it's possibly a timing issue where it concerns Shalala taking the check from Shapiro? If she took it from him when he was considered legit and not under any suspicion of possible fraud, then she did nothing illegal. And obviously the money was returned once the truth was found out about Shapiro.

This is all BS. They're throwing this ultimatum simply because they have run out of time and have nothing to show for it so it's a desperate attempt to save face. What a joke the NCDoubleAholes are! All this time and nothing to show for it. Listening to a liar that's in jail for ponzi scheming 930million dollars (really credible person right there) and literally all of his accusations have come up and been shot down. Now there were cases that were backed up but the ones I remember were involving the Brown brothers in regards to a stay at the InterContinental hotel in downtown Miami. The there was the 2008 recruiting class that all paid back their "gifts" which didn't really amount to much to pay back in the first place. Some of those moneys that were returned equaled anywhere from $200-500. Sorry but worse things occur everywhere else in college football than simply $200-500. Those players even served out suspensions that were handed out immediately. We lost the season opener against mary-land because of that.

Since that stuff was already handled, those commies aka ncaa, are scrounging for anything they can find to save face. What a joke.

GO CANES 2013!!!!

Interesting article: http://www.thebiglead.com/index.php/2012/11/21/miami-scandal-desperate-ncaa-now-trying-to-extort-cooperation-from-former-hurricanes/

After the sanctions come down, what ultimately do you think the punishments will be? Another year of no bowl eligibility and scholarship reductions?

When will the NCAA answer about how they do things? Are there any checks and balances regarding their so-called due-process?

And now Ohio State fans are petitioning Obama to pardon the luckeyes so they can play in the NC.

The NCAA is going crazy. While I believe Penn State needed to get punished severely from top to bottom, I dont think the NCAA had any juridicton WHATSOEVER! because there were no recruiting violations or what not. This was a criminal case. period. What was the NCAA doing sniffing around?

Youre right, ncaa had no jurisdiction over penn st. All punishment for penn st shouldve fallen under the law. I understand the nfl imposing sanctions on team and players, they are an organization of private owners, this id something completely different. Colleges and universities are either public or private. Who voted for ohio state to be sanctioned?

If it's true, i'm glad they sent those letters out, they'll be told real soon "time to wrap it up". You can't send out letters like that, lol, just proves they don't have enuff info, and that they're going to try an rule based off hearsay and circumstantial evidence, hypotheticals and theoretics, so after all this time, this is what ythey got, lol. Once again this just proves, the "Power of Silence" still works.

The funny thing is, the nc2a is setting themselves up and is about to set themselves up some more, because the UM administration is cooperating fully, so the nc2a can't come out and say, "due to lack of cooperation from the institution" why, because the players who're not current players don't have to be involved or are either obligated to be involved with this shame investigation.

Time for these clowns to wrap it up, they've gotten all the information that they're going to get, and the info that they have is basically flawed because only outsiders(kyle wrong, i never considered him a UM player even when he was here) for the most part have said something that hasn't been confirmed. If those players who got immunity admitted to taking something, that's valid and can be held up as True(admittance of guilt) but even if they said "so & so was with me and took the same thing, lol, that's hearsay and who knows what vendetta those outsiders have against UM.

You know those transfer players are normally always bitter, not good or smart ally's to have for the nc2a.

I like this situation, IT'S GREAT, TO BE, A MIAMI HURRI-CANE!

Posted by: Calvin | November 22, 2012 at 07:54 AM

We are screwed... Kyle Wright and Tyrone Moss

Here is the thing, the nc2a can't punish UM for players accepting gifts before they got to UM, so those players who got suspensions last year, was for things they did before they got to UM, so that can't be factored in. Now what they can do is punish UM if their were assistant coaches that can be proved who may have coordinated this process, this is where guys(hurtt & gaytor aubrey) who couldn't coach worth a damyum to save their life may come into play.

I said it before when it was first coming to light shannon was about to hire em, that gaytor should've never been let on staff, one of the worst moves shannon made, than he tried to go back to his gaytor roots as soon as he got pushed out only to be let go their to as well.

So right now, the best coach at UM was shannon, because he is the one who smelled a rat and made it a point for guys to stay away from him. The dilemma for the nc2a is this, can they blame a program for an out of control booster that it took the feds a while to figure out, so are they saying that UM should have a better investigation department than the feds and all the other investors that got rug snatched from under their feet.

It's like blaming an institution if bernie madoff was hanging around it after the fact. So they have to be very careful and tread lightly on how they come down with their ruling. Also, with the punishment handed down on penn disgrace, they already know, from a moral standpoint alone, they can't come close to what they gave them and those pathetic individuals who covered it up.

Than they send out this pathetic letter, i said this when all of this news first came out, it's no big deal. The reason it's taking so long is because they don't have nothing and jumped out their based on this yahoo story and a bitter booster, lol, good luck!

A word to the not so wise nc2a, wrap it up and move on to the sec, we straight over here. If they want to make real changes, what they should do is allow committs to be able to sign their LOI's early on, and an institution doesn't have to let that info be known, that way, these guys giving out money will still be giving it out, so the kids can actually benefit for real without having to be found out that they already signed at a school.

The money is going to always keep on flowing, the reason they don't want these early signing periods is because they know it'll be real hard at that point to convince kids to leave Miami and the rest of the state.

Calvin, I know we don't agree on alot in the past but I am inclined to agree with a large majority of what you just said. The NCAA is the dirtiest group of old geezers in sports next to the SEC and I am sure they are scrambling around trying to find something concrete to use against us. There has to be a time table such as a statute of limitations for these investigations in which they have a certain amount of time to investigate, make a ruling and have some form of checks and balances rather than allow them to have total power which is being abused by them. I am so thankful that the former players other than those two wastes of scholarships had enough balls to fight back and seek an attorney so that they will not be bullied by this organization. That is more than the administration has done for the university against Emmert and his goons. It's funny to me that the NCAA can expedite an investigation in which a father sold his son out to the highest bidder in Cam Newton's case so that he can win a national title for an SEC team but they drag an investigation out to almost two years and seniors who have had nothing to do with the Shapiro are sitting out a chance to win a conference title and go to a bowl because the NCAA has nothing to stand on and are now just fishing for information that could be damning. Shannon was not the best HC here but the man did have a big enough set to see a piece of crap like shapiro, and did his best to keep his players clean. For that he gets mad respect from me. I do beleive that Randy will if given the chance to be a HC again, will not make the same mistakes he made his first go around.

For those of you worried about whether or not goldie is going to roll out and go to another team, let me put you at ease. The only way goldie leaves is if he's allowed to take his boy(oach OH-NO) with em and no sec team is going to agree with that package deal unless they can sneak in somewhere in the contract that says, "if our defense is ranked 115th or worst, the power of removal & replacement is automatically transferred to said university's administration".

No way goldie is rolling out without his boy, so that maybe the one good contribution thus far oach OH-NO has made to UM right now.

So lets see how great a job Golden is doing:
Out of #120 NCAA teams

Total defense is #112 @421 yrd avg vs 2011 @359
Rush defense is #115 @224 yrd avg vs 2011 @161
Sacks is #113 @1 per game vs 2 2011

You are dreaming if you think this staff can take UM to BCS or top 10...impossible....especially now that you will likely loose keith bryant...
watch jon gruden go to tennesse or arkansas...we f....cked that one up...there are so many coaches avalible this year....how about dave campo or bringing back to miami todd bowles.....alot of interesting choices out there that should have from the beginning been the UM picks for it history and brand......our staff dosent have it...get out of your golden bubble anf love letters....

should be ready for duke...then get excited to beat fsu...then to the orange bowl.....but, nope.....completely f.....ked up by Golden all for nothing.....kids walk away after 4 yrs with NOTHING...parents call and ask for partial refund of tuition....only a complete idiot turns down first acc championship....

how do you think those kids feel now that their season ended prematurely for no reason...the most important part of the season and most fun ripped from them when the college hasent even been charged with a crime and now appears to be weak and possible successful challange vs going to summary judgement when and if a notice of violations is handed down (is it possible that might not w happen?)....MAYBE, maybe NCAA had nothing in the end to serve notice with....all possibilities..but to late now....pin has been pulled and a team GT that has NO business playing for ANYTHING just got handed a christmas present of all time.....put the golden love letters down and smell the coffee...he aint getting it done

Callo, all of that and he is still the best coach we have had in the last decade and after a few years he may be mentioned in the same sentence with the great ones of the eighties and nineties. Boy next year we will be loaded and win a lot of games.

Here is my take on getting players who were once recruited to play for Miami immunity. If there passed up a good offer then someone gave them an offer they could not refuse. The NCAA IS GIVING IMMUNITY TO CANCER.

President Shalala if you want to save your ass then you need to take this matter to the highest court and get a third party arbitrator that not only will decide the fate of the Hurricanes, but also the fate of the coaches and administration. Furthermore, plead your case before the arbitrator that the innocent have already paid their price.

Here is my take on getting players who were once recruited to play for Miami immunity. If there passed up a good offer then someone gave them an offer they could not refuse. The NCAA IS GIVING IMMUNITY TO CANCER.

Read this Manny. This is the Todd McNair case and the court is backing the coach, I think, against the NCAA. I don't know how it affects the U.


This whole nc2a situation is comical. They just made sure they made themselves look like a joke by sending out those letters. That tatic might work at alot of Universities across America, but at UM, lol, players have been up against much worst in their lives to try and get punked like this. For them to actually think people were going to respond, lol, the penn disgrace situation came right on time, because they're stuck between that case and trying to make a ruling on us with the weak info that they have knowing full well, what we have been alledged to have done, fails in comparison to what penn disgrace has done, so if they try and come close to that ruling, this won't be just a college issue, and i'll hate to see it, but that'll force alot of people across the nation to actually try or have to be on our side now.

We still need to get back to realizing, it's still us against the world, that's what coach goldie is finding out right now, i'm luving the pressure he's feeling, it'll him force him to run out of town, or do things to get Miami back on top the right way. So does he want his name to be up their in the coaching hall of fame at UM, or does he want to be the 1st headcoach at UM, that was a headcoach somewhere else before he got here, to not win a national championship.

Time will tell, going onto his 3rd year, i'll cut goldie a lil slack, because he came into a senior laden team and alot of guys jetted out for good reason, so although he'll be going into his 3rd year, it'll be more like 2 to 2 1/2 years for real. If the defense wasn't as bad as it was, people could tolerate a whole lot more, but I, like many can't stomach watching that coward's defensive scheme, start challenging people more.

Calvin, I believe U are delusional because Golden is feeling no heat. He is doing everything that COker the choker or Shannon could not do and that is build a dynasty of the future from the ground up. Just look at the team in less than two years. Every play we play as a team not premadona's of the past few years who are only concerned with themselves. U don't here no players talking about themselves individually, its all about the team. We are so much better off now compared to the last two coaches we had it isn't even funny. The kids are learning what it takes to win each game and it will pay huge benefits in the near future. We weren't even predicted to have a 500 record this year and he has already assured that we will get at least that. That is with having to restart the process because of us having to play so many freshmen because they are better than the upperclassmen.
Now the NCAA crap I agree with you a 100%. Let em come for us and I hope they get sued for everything.

Golden is doing a great job with this program. He has a lot more support than Coker or Shannon. Everybody knew Coker was living off of the fumes of Butch so he never really had the confidence of the fan base. Shannon had tremendous support in the begining, but it ran out really fast.

The defensive scheme could use some work, but theres nothing else wrong with this team.

You know Junk, I really think that the scheme will be fine now that the majority of players now understand the basics of it. We played alot of young freshmen and it takes time for them to understand it and that helps them play faster. If our D line gets stronger and can get pressure on the opposing QB then the back 7 will be set and benefit with a bunch of Turnover's.
By the way happy thanksgiving fellow Cane.

Thanks Championships, Happy Thanksgiving!

Pressure on the qb would change a lot of things for this defense. We're moving in the right direction for the first time in a long time.

I like this goldie guy being the headcoach, but coach, do not, i repeat do not think about asking clive walford to put on another 10 to 15 pounds, get that out of your head. There is a reason he's the only tight-end getting open now these days. I see you saying he'll get stronger and be bigger come next year, stronger is fine, bigger, than all you'll have are 3 blocking tight-ends looking like hybrid left/right tackles.

Matter of fact while we're at it, asante needs to drop 10 to 15 pounds, than we'll have that dual threat pass catching tight-ends dimension, but i can tell you right now, dyron dye & asante sitting at 275 and 270, are not going to get open anytime soon at those weights, who are they going to out run, that's bad weight.

Keep fighting the good fight brah...

I see ya

golden blazing the recruiting trail.....what a joke, these bloggers must be in fantasy land or drank the golden love potion....of the top 100 florida recruits:

gators/fsu = 25 so far
UM = 3 (maybe 2 with keith bryant de-comitt - fsu via his mom)

alex colllins de-comitts....where is all this genuis ability...cant recruit, 170 out of 200 defense, 13-12 record at Um at best, 39-45 overall, average career loses per year is 7, turmoil all year with the players......we will wait another 2 years and nothing will change statistically...we will not be 12-0 / 11-1 or even 10-2....a guy that averages 7 loses per year all of a sudden goes 12-0....that would be a statistical impossibility

Next season....starting with your Gators.

yep next season vs playing duke sat....then getting excited with all the buzz about a fsu rematch....then win and onto the orange bowl....city in a wild craze...BUT...sorry, not going to happen....lets go forwrd with unknowns since it is in golden opinion that nexts year team will be better and we will go to the acc championship then on to a bowl....golden can see the future....I have an idea, why dosent golden wave a magic wand and make our defense #1 in the country?

this will go down next to the orange bowl fiasco as one of the worst decisions in UM history.

Championship wrote:

all of that and he is still the best coach we have had in the last decade and after a few years he may be mentioned in the same sentence with the great ones of the eighties and nineties. Boy next year we will be loaded and win a lot of games.

Posted by: championships is all that matters |

I agree with your analysis, and time will tell...I know in some of your posts you have been tough on the team but you and guys like Canetillidie, 5>3>2> and Junkie see the BIG picture and know that the ground work is being laid by a very tenacious Coach with a vision..both Short term and Long term to bring us back to a Championship.

I think everytime Coach G is asked if he is staying it is an insult, because based on what he says the reporters press the issue and imply he is lying.. What more can he say other than he wants to build on what he started... I wished that he would answer all of these questions with . "I am here . I will stay and I will let my actions building this team speak for itself." Use this each and every time then they will shut up.

We have a lot to look forward to, and I am anticipating a great game tomorrow..I will be there on the 50 yard line cheering on our 'Canes with a team that is growing up before our very eyes.
Happy Thanksgiving again guys..as Canetillidie posts:
Go 'Cane Always

THATs right Ugo- Maybe Manny and Susan should stop the "are you staying"? questions.

They need to beat Duke. They will beat Duke.

The NCAA is simply wasting time. They are looking for reasons to issue tough penalties to the U , but simply cant find any. The Miami Administrators did a good job by skipping thier 2nd possible bowl game. Don't forget no one can compare Miami infractions to that of Penn State, and the latter got 5 years bowl ban. USC got 2 years bowl ban for thier cover-up. I see Miami, maaaybeee getting 1 more year bowl ban if that, however, they will lose scholarships, I predict at least 25 over the next 4 years.

where golden the best coach in a decade?

golden 13-11 (assume win duke)
shannon 12-13
coker 24-1
davis 17-6
erickson 21-3
johnson 18-7

bloggers must dream then wake up thinking it is reality....top 100 florida recruits only 3 maybe 2 with bryant de-committ...fla/fsu 24....blows championship and orange bowl appearence....complete incompetence....so mark stoops DC one of the best in ncaa struggles to take fsu to bcs.....but mark dnofrio with zero DC experience and is 170 out of possible 120 defense is going to lead UM to championship.....is there any way I can make a bet on that?.....where can that bet be laid down?

AL; what infractions are you talking about to deny UM championship game and a chance to curb the recruiting tide fsu/gators have waged in the state.....then miss out on OB appearence......so far 24 fsu/recruits vs 3 (2 with bryant de-commit).....please tell me how this decision benefited UM?

please advise.

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