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Talk Canes with Manny Navarro, live Q&A begins at 2 p.m.

Come talk Canes with me one last time before the season ends. I'm sure we'll have plenty to discuss.

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these idiots have the fans totally looking the wrong way....the only real way to recruit florida is to beat fsu in the championship game then win against gators sept 2013....but golden took the easy way out since in reality he had NO confidence in this team....a real warrior would have taken the challange....not p.....y out. there was no downside to this, only potential upside and if he lost to fsu, he has another chance to make a recruiting statement in a bowl win.....now the idiot has to rely on BS in the living room....actions are worth 1000 words....so far his recruiting pick is not working and going forward there is nothing to say to convince a parent to go to UM....whats left is to have next years team be better and if they are so what.....fsu/gators have all the momentum in recruiting......a stupid, irresponsible decision....your fird, just like in any other business....dumb idiot

The NCAA and all those who put up with such BS instead of filing a lawsuit for a declaratory judgment in a real court are beyond pathetic.

Are college athletes really professionals? Yesss, they get full scholarships worth tens of thousands of dollars. Okay, so they work cheap, but they still are getting paid. Olympics which used to be "amateur" is now professional. Another way to pay athletes is for some alumni in a construction firm or whatever to give the athletes a well paid summer job or to give their parents a good job. This is even done at the high school level and has been done since the 1960s when a coach moved from school to school and took great players and their families with him.

Some of the silver back monkeys that tressel hired at zero state to "beat" Miami were too dumb to write their names at the top of a test paper. So, they were given "oral" exams, like who is buried in Grant's tomb. Lincoln? Try again.

Come onnnnn. The NCAA is a bunch of hypocrites. So is shalalalala as well as being a moron.

Mr Gallo you are vociferously expediting your ignorance with every post.

A few points I would like to pontificate:

1) why hasn't one former player come to UMs aid ad deny any wrong doing?
2) did Kyle Wright speak to the NCAA?
3) since UM took the second bowl ban, what did there internal investigation find?
4) who watches first take? Pure trash tv

What up nash, i see you man, just talking Canes football man.

jim gallo, why you crying about not going to the ACC bowl game, the way you post, i'm glad we didn't go, hell, we didn't earn it the right way either. unc if eligible should be going instead of us, if we don't win it the right way, the hell with going in because of another teams down fall. I'd be with you had we beat unc, who wants to go to a championship game knwoing fulll well it'll have an asterik by it.

At the same time, you gotta give goldie the benefit of the doubt to as well on the recruiting front. Fair is fair, this last class and the one coming up are being put together based off of pending sanctions, something Fsu and the gaytors don't have hanging over their heads. But from what i can see, goldie seems to have a real good idea about what he needs to be doing recruiting wise, but to go into a home and as a headcoach you can't guarantee either if they're going to be able to play in bowl games or have a chance at a national championship they're whole time at UM is not easy to overcome.

Everybody is not going to be like duke johnson, deon bush, tracy howard and crew. I know that goldie can tell them when you look at what happened at penn disgrace and compare it to the allegations against us, we're sitting in a decent spot, we bowl banned twice, players may come in and play right away or they may have to redshirt, if they redshirt, by the time they're playing, they'll be apart of upholding the legacy at UM.

I'm real interested in seeing how guys like dwayne holliet and jake odonell do come next year, i'm not expecting them to be world beaters, but them having that redshirt year and than be able to go and the trenches and do work, should make a big difference.

Callo, do U only know how to talk out of your ass? Or did somebody kick you in the ass and give you brain damage?

If we beat duke is should count as three year bowl ban or possible two years and as couple of scholarship reductions. Auburn has another recruiting scandal going on right know and USC had some one come out a couple of weeks ago making implications about impermissible benefits. Sheriff Floyd from fla was caught receiving 2500 dollars along with one or two more players. Why hasn't the NCAA posted up on their campus? With all,of the arrest they have had in three years surely they should be getting more attention then us. How does cam parents get almost 400000 dollars from msu who he did not play for and they don't investigate that but they would rather take the testimony from a cowardly ponzu schemer as truth. Calipari put very college he coached on probation before he got to Kentucky. Are we lead to beleive that he didn't do anything illegal to get all those recruits? It seems like UM layers would be able put up a better fight against the NCAA seeing asmhowmthey turn a blind eye to some institutions.

Forgive the spell check please

tallyCane, they always fear the rise of UM, why, because they know what type of mindset we have down here and the type of mindset that other people have that come here and want to come here. It's that same boss mentality they don't want to see again. This is why all you heard during the butch davis winning era and than the championship year from commentators and those around, the theme was always "these Canes are doing it the right way, a different way than how they use to do it, in fact they've been model citizens and having been winning without all that extra stuff, butch davis has really cleaned up this program"

All that bull kind of talk, alot of outsiders including troll shalala do not want to see that type of style of play again. So the objective has always been to suppress it. So anything we do or didn't do, they blow it out of proportion, they can't wait to try and jump/point out anything that looks remotely close to something that reminds them of the past, one of the funniest ones to me was during that oklahoma game in 2009, aldarius johnson caught something like a 10 yard out against them and came back to the huddle twirling his finger in the air like they did it back at west meaning "to lets keep this shaaaaaaiiit going" and brent cryberger was quick to say, "aldarius johnson is even styling like a Cane wide receiver".

Anyway, won't be to long before we have a whole bunch of guys on this team that's gone be of the same mind, i'm not so sure how many will be allowed in, but when you get a bunch of tracy howard's, and luther robinson and gabriel terry, deon bush, eddie johnson and the crew, we'll be right back where we need to be. Once we get more guys on this team who got that "go hard mentality", we'll be straight no matter what they do.

Mr Gallo you are vociferously expediting your ignorance with every post.
A few points I would like to pontificate:
1) why hasn't one former player come to UMs aid ad deny any wrong doing....why should they Um has not been charged with any violations
2) did Kyle Wright speak to the NCAA....who cares if he did
3) since UM took the second bowl ban, what did there internal investigation find.....who knows, that information comes after UM is given notice of violations....it will be present at the discovery part of the summary judgement or challenge of violations in front of the committee
4) who watches first take? Pure trash tv.....Um has do nothing as of this post....so why did we compromise forward recruiting, deny ourselves a change to play fsu and share state championship, deny an orange bowl appearence and finally f....k the class of 2012?

there is your answer

The Miami Hurricane players are great.

And they are great even though golden, shalalala, and the coordinators are mediocre and don't know their butts from a football.

If the football program had a real coaching staff that knew offensive passing downfield on slants and defensive man to man and four down linemen formations with blitzes, the players on this team would be in the top ten hunting another NC.

The players have gotten this team to a break even year in spite of the coaching staff doing everything possible to put them out of position by 5-10 yards on offense, defense and kicking of field goals.

Ill make that Gallo bet as well. With D'Onofrio at the helm, no way Miami beats a top ten team!

So FSU gets mark Stoops...we get Mark Dnofrio and we are supposed to compete? how is that even possible with 170/200 rating in defense vs mark stoops at #1/200...it is a total laugher....golden says he is not replacing his buddy, so how does miami EVER get to the BCS? The only championship and bowl apperance was handed to golden and he blew it. it was a gift from the gods....and all the players know it and are pissed....today dont count on an easy win or any....50/50 we lose today. Kids seem out of it by reports and I feel harbor very bad feelings towards the coachig staff....NOBODY believes shalala had the ulimate say so.....if the whole coaching staff met with her and insisted miami go forward with this season...no way she would have opposed.....and anyone that trys to say otherwise is a f....king lier. The herald need to drill down on this......there has to be consequences for incompetency......somebody has to be directly responsible.....all roads lead to Golden and he should not get a pass.....this is too much of a f...k up

“It comes from the top down as far as leaders on the team. If a guy sees me go in the tank and it’s like, ‘I’m ready to get the season over with,’ then they’ll have the same attitude. … Like Coach Golden said, ‘Every leader has to deal with crisis.’ We have to keep moving forward, and this team will do great in the future.”

BS....golden, leaders dont pass the crisis on to the troops...leaders take responsibility for self inflicted wounds....you are responsible and the only way to deal with it is to fire you and your staff.....your responsible to all the TMZ feeling this year.....nobody that is 170/200 in defense keeps their job...

btw...I was wrong about butch davis...he can come back to ncaa this year...remember the reason we had a hard time with coaches is in the past we didnt pay...now we do, put 3 million on the table and coaches will rethink miami....

we have plenty of money at 719 million endowment vs FSU at 525....its all BS, we are just cheap....endowment money justs sits there year after year.....

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