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Ultimatum by NCAA on former Canes players shows just how flawed system really is

In case you missed it, our Barry Jackson posted an interesting entry in his latest Sports Buzz column about how the NCAA has sent letters to former UM football players telling them they must talk or they will believe Nevin Shapiro's claims against them.

The deadline is this Friday. Barry and I heard about this last week and he got a copy of the letter recently and posted it on his blog.

Here’s how the letter to one player's attorney reads:

"The purpose of this letter is to apprise you that the NCAA enforcement staff is requesting to schedule an interview with your clients regarding their knowledge of or involvement in possible NCAA violations concerning the University of Miami, Florida, football program.

"Interviewing your clients is important in order for the enforcement staff to conduct a thorough investigation, and both the staff and the institution request you and your clients’ cooperation in this matter. However, at this time, all attempts to schedule and execute interviews with [blank] have been unsuccessful. As a result, this letter serves as a formal and final request by the NCAA enforcement staff for interviews with [blank] to be completed by Nov. 23, 2012.

“If we do not hear back from you or your clients by that time, the staff will consider the non-response as your client’s admission of involvement in NCAA violations. You may contact me at [blank] in order to arrange this interview. Your assistance in this matter is appreciated.”

Molly Richman,
Assistant Director of Enforcement


I've heard all along from a couple sources that were interviewed by the NCAA who have told me the organization feels like it has a solid case to hammer UM for lack of institutional control based on the testimony of about eight to 10 former players, former assistant coaches and recruits who went elsewhere and were given immunity.

Not only do I think that stinks (immunity), but I find it downright offensive now that this letter surfaces and that former players are basically being told as the case is being wrapped up they have to speak or all of it is going to be considered true. In my opinion, this is a huge black-eye on the NCAA and the way it goes about collecting its information.

Do we live in America or a dictatorship?

Somebody has to step in here and do something. This system is clearly flawed. 


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So you deleted my post? LOL!

The NCAA a joke! Maybe the NCAA should just come out and say that Miami isn't allowed to recruit their talent in their backyard. That's what this is really about. Miami messed up beating up on their sacred cows for 25 years. Complete bias against private schools. If Miami was a big public state funded school this wouldn't even be a case. Nevin is a lying conman that's behind bars and that's their source? GTFOOH!

Nevin claims he paid for an abortion for a hooker because a Miami player knocked the hooker up? Yeah, a hooker would know who knocked her up. A booster came out and said he could burn Saban for his illegal recruiting practices. Where's the NCAA? This is beyond absurd!!!

So the NCAA will punish UM on speculative info that may later be proven untrue... solely as a punitive measure to in efforts to force those outside of its jurisdiction to talk. How is this legal? Silence as an admission is about as un-American as it gets. WTF?

Been a fan for 40 years. We should kick duke then the phonies from taalihootchies ass and go to orange bowl. NCAA is going to kick our ass anyway from beating chumps for 25 years. Beat fsu and recruits will come anyway.This is problem with having a girl as president. We will not be back and that is a shame.

This tells me, either the NCAA is trying to build a case for the death penalty, or they don't have what they need to hit Miami harder than a slap on the wrist. This is desperation. It's unprofessional, sad, and unnecessary. At the end of the day, the NCAA would be making a huge mistake using these letters as an excuse to blindly believe everything Nevin Shapiro tells them. Much of his claims are based only on his "photographic memory" with no paper trail. Most of which will probably be proven to be lies.

Punishing innocent college students based on the lies of a Ponzi schemer seems a little too low, even for the NCAA.

i think there is a bigger problem looming... AL golden leaving and going elsewhere.. Tennessee, Arkansas etc have coaching vacancies..miami facing possible heavy sanctions,horrible fan support at games, loosing scholies this list goes on...don't forget butch davis said he was committed and left later that morning..And who wouldn't blame him for leaving,they "withheld" telling him when they hired him about this mess..Al golden leaving,who could blame him..

Which proves my point earlier whenI begged UM NOT to self impose. The NCAA already has its mind made up. They are going to do evrything in their power to destroy Miami. Self imposed or not, those two bowls UM decided to self impose will be like p--eing in the ocean. The NCAA will laugh at that. The UM administration and minions including the scoialist troll president are powerless and along the way proved they could care less about current players.

I say- with this new information, take back the self imposed bowl. Play Duke, destroy them, then play FSU in the ACC cha. It wont matter in the long runb, because the U will be dismantled by the NCAA next year, so why not enjoy and reap the fruits of their labor NOW?
All this self flaggellation is for naught and hurts the innocent current pplayers, coaches, and recruiting for 2013- that way, unl;ess there is truly a death penalty, UM will at least salvage the next 2-4 years penalties or not!

Please everyone should call into UM or write letters- Take back the self imposed bowl.

And by the way- I called the NCAA a gestapo. No. I was wrong. They are truly acting like NAZIs. That letter proves it.

it doesn't look good...

As a consumer of college football I am growing tired of all the NCAA "investigations" and feel THESE PLAYERS NEED TO FORM A UNION! To negotiate these ridiculous rules! NCAA contiues to hurt the products image by doing all these investigations.

Shame on you NCAA, Very unamerican!!!

like ive said....golden made a bad decision......to take a penalty and sacrifice a bowl/championship is idiotic....you have the option to fight the notice of violations when it is handed down....seems to me that the allen deposition yielded not much info to ncaa.....looks like they dont have a solid case.....too late now, golden and company are complete idiots...its totally his fault since shalala would have done whatever he said.....dont fall for the good cop/bad cop speech he gave....all BS

1. play fsu - win (fsu falls just like oregon,alabama,ksu)
2. claim to share state championship with fsu (assume they beat fla sat)
3. keith bryant does not de-commit (his mom is poining him to fsu)
4. beat fla sept 9 , 2013 (negates any sanctions for state recruiting)

miami was handed a championship and a bowl with a 7-5 record....only a complete idiot passes on that without even being charged yet.....

big programs will not hire al golden.....pure fantasy, his stock has dropped....dont kid yourself....he is 39-45 with 170 defense out of 120....bcs contenders are looking for more experience and successful candidates....too many better choices out there with current successful nfl or DC coaches (mark stoops as an example).....plus with a 2 million paycheck he aint going anywhere thats cold.


You are the most inaccurate poster here and the one who thinks the most of themselves. Golden didn't make the decision. You know that, but write the same thing every day. Give it up.

Keith Bryant is an exceptional high school footballer. He may or may become an exceptional college footballer. Time will tell, as it has for so many others anointed before doing anything.

BS.....golden had the ultimate say....there is no way that if he was insistant that the administration would still go forward with self imposed sanctions...not after they sandbagged golden from the beginning...he had leverage with the administration.....he made a calculated decision to benefit HIM....he though to sacrafice this years team for the prospect of better teams in the future (remember tmz)....HE DIDNT HAVE CONFIDENCE IN THIS TEAM to beat fsu....he wanted to protect his image/record from being crushed by fsu as a possible outcome...i would have taken the challange since the risk/reward was in my favor.....they made a very bad decision..plain and simple...all done without even being charged with a violation....IDIOTS

The author of the letter, Molly Richman is on linkedin. It turns out she is a 2006 Univ. FLORIDA grad!!!!

Molly Richman, J.D.'s Overview

CurrentAssistant Director of Enforcement at NCAAPastEnforcement at NCAAGeneral Counsel's Office at National Federation of State High School AssociationsLaw Clerk at Richards, Boje, Pickering, Benner & BeckerEducationIndiana University Robert H. McKinney School of LawUniversity of FloridaConnections87 connections

Molly Richman, J.D.'s Experience

Assistant Director of Enforcement


April 2012 – Present (8 months) Indianapolis, Indiana



June 2010 – April 2012 (1 year 11 months)

General Counsel's Office

National Federation of State High School Associations

August 2008 – May 2010 (1 year 10 months)

Law Clerk

Richards, Boje, Pickering, Benner & Becker

May 2007 – September 2008 (1 year 5 months)

Molly Richman, J.D.'s Education

Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law

2006 – 2009

University of Florida

2002 – 2006

After seeing this I have lost all faith. If this doesn't warrant the "Big Four" conferences then I don't know what does. That being said, once we get dismantled by the NCAA I will never watch another college football game again. For that matter, I will never watch another event sanctioned by the NCAA. I WANT SHALALA GONE!!!!!! This happened under her watch. The destruction of our sports program happened under her watch. My buddy just said to me "Well, until programs like Alabama and LSU get caught there innocent". F&^%$ THAT!! I am MAD and almost to tears. I will always love the U no matter what. I will be in Durham this weekend to watch us play. I hope not for the last relevant time.

If we are a family. A cane thing. U wouldnt understand...etc... The former people who received this should step up. My opinion. Blood is thicker than water

UM playing nice with the NCAA will accomplish nothing. When the enemy works out of the gutter, you have to fight them in the gutter. This billigerent group, accountable to nobody, full of UM haters will stop at nothing. Brace yourselves. Only hope is that the school will not take this without a fight, legal, that is. It won't.

There is no way this Shapiro scandal is worse than covering up decades of child rape, right? The penalties cannot be worse than Penn State. If they are, the NCAA loses all credibility. Of course, I don't think the NCAA cares about their credibility.

Wow an ULTIMATUM?? Really???

How old are you, ncdoubleaholes??? Oh, you better tell me or else I'll tell your mother! They have nothing substantial to show for all this time they have taken to collect information on this case. They look like a55monkeys right now so they have to pull this garbage to save face.

I WANT SHALALALALALA GONE!!!! I agree with many others here and I've been saying this for a very long time, she needs to go. All happened once she got here not before. If it was happening before then it was her responsibility to clean it up. But that's not the case. Candy randy and AD of Compliance Reed all knew it and tried to voice theirs opinions but were shot down by deaf ears with their hands extended out blindly accepting any and all money that is placed in it.

Looking at this from a legal standpoint it seems that the NCAA should be locking up their case with a strong closing argument based on their investigation in order to meet deadlines.

If their closing is still not complete, and they are still gathering information to present, then legally they are trying to justify or bolster their case in the argument they will present, for stronger sanctions because their investigation case is weak at this time ( In their estimation) .

I think their case is borderline, and they cannot force compliance,on former athletes, they can only request..

In my opinion we should not be wringing our hands at this time.. We have met all requirements and went overboard with suspensions, fines, and self imposed bowl bans.. these actions will all be considered in a positive light. Also working with the NCAA, and a legal team that knows how the NCAA operates gives us an inkling of any punishment that could be incurred.

Let's cool our heel as this wraps up and I do not think that penalties will be as lethal as some posters have suggested.

Oh by the way Coach Golden is settled in to the Miami lifestyle.. Who would move to Tenn. or Arkansas, etc. when he is in a growing program, family is close by, and loves everything about Miami, and S. Florida.
He is an East Coast guy and NOT hung up on Money or Dollars as some of you are...It is the journey and the process not the $'s. He is locked in to bring back the 'U'.. We are Lucky to have a guy like CG.
That we should be Thankful for on this T-giving.
Go 'Canes Always

UGoCane, I completely agree with you on the Coach Golden assessment. He is a great coach and seems to be a better person. I would not hold anything against him if he went elsewhere. In fact, I would support his new team since the **** is going to give us harsher penalties than "Dirty old man State University". I have to sub due my anger because it is Thanks Giving tomorrow and I will also be in Durham to cheer the boys on. However, since I support at least some money to the university I will try to make my voice heard to get Shalalala out of her position. I don't give much, but it is something. I love the university and I will always support it.

The ncaa is a fraud a team can cheat on their school grade FSU and get a slap on the wrist. Every damn winning team in the sec comes down here and steals players with money bags and they never get looked at. Its ok for alabama to pay to have dr phillips hs for new football fields and then they get 2 5 star players from that hs a few weeks later. I am so tired of this school getting picked on and a blind eye by the ncaa by the schools that are really cheating. Clemson gets a 5 star player out of florida every year, louisville has over 20 players from dade-a 5 star qb-5star lb, auburn,bama,wvu,lsu they all come down here and back the truck up. The u takes some kids out to party and we are the cheaters. The ncaa is a fraud.

Jim gallo, if you think Golden had the ultimate say in whether the U would accept a bowl bid or not, you're either studpid, as some of your post indicate, or don't understand college football athletic administration. The ultimate decision maker is the college president, with consultation of the AD. I'm sure AG had some input, but if Al would have said "we'd like to go" and the administration thought it wasn't wise, what do you think the decision would be, of course they wouldn't go.

what a love affair with golden...it is funny....he is a compelte incompetant idiot....this whole ncaa sanctions is all about recruting florida...nothing else. nobody cares about the kid in idaho....the best way to do that sans sanctions was to beat fsu, claim the acc championship/state...then the foundation for living room recruiting has been laid.....the only risk was getting beat by fsu.....a risk worth taking since a blowout would have been a low probability....nobody really gets hurt...and also who has all that upside prtential with a 7-5 record?...but lets just forget how this team got totally f....ked because we love a guy that is 27-34 and is 170 in defensive yards out of a total 200 teams....thats insanity

byw....2 million plus..he is ALL about the money since his salary exceeds well above the ncaa average of 1.64 million

I tend to be in agreement that the NCAA does not have a case for a heavy handed punishment. If they did threatening letters would be unnecessary at this point. They have been investigating for well over a year and the case really isn't that complicated. I think that our bowl bans will be enough and that the most we'll suffer is a small loss of scholarships. Glad to get his behind us.

o yeah **** the NCAA!

Magic Marc, I hope you are right.

Jim Gallo showers at PSU.

Mr Gallo : Go and do your Cacadoledo somewhere else!!! Miami will survive. Golden will stay and we will be stronger (specially on defense) next year.
The U has a very good amount of brilliant attorneys if the NCAA continues this extreme "bendetta", lest use this UM law resources.

Um if Tennessee offers Golden double his money he has to consider it, no? That way he can buy more ties. Ties are the key to winning in the SEC with 3 down lineman and a hard hitting safety.

As usual, a Gator is at the bottom of this mess, trying to make sure this program gets the death penalty. This whole mess just stinks, and with what we know is going on in the Gators' own conference and how this is ignored by the NCAA and the media, why even bother to field a football team when the NCAA can destroy any small school's program (and do it to benefit another larger rival school in recruiting) without any consequences whatsoever?

Violations run rampant in the SEC but the NCAA will never bite the hand that feeds them. This is extortion and should be investigated. Perhaps this will be the beginning of the end for the NCAA which continues to exhibit total hypocrisy. Buying into the words of a convicted felon over the UM President and former players. Is this really what amateur sports has come to.

How is that even Considered legal?

Been a fan for 40 years. We should kick duke then the phonies from taalihootchies ass and go to orange bowl. NCAA is going to kick our ass anyway from beating chumps for 25 years. Beat fsu and recruits will come anyway.This is problem with having a girl as president. We will not be back and that is a shame.

Posted by: Eddie | November 21, 2012 at 06:41 AM

ROFL, "Just say no to trolls", she could careless about football, and that's the main problem!

I say forget trying to appeal the NCAA and go straight to court

Why don't the former players just say, "ain't nuttin happened, dawg!" then hang up.

law resources about what? UM has not been charged yet.....also the acting AD had NO say so with this decision....golden/shalala all the way and golden had the last say....the AD was put out there for cover since he has no authority..standard proceedure and basic optic control.....you kids dont understand how the real world works......golen f....ked up...no denying it...sorry kool aid drinkers, your boy just blew a historic opportunity

How dumb are you people?

There is 0 chance "Jim gallo" is an actual Miami fan. 0.

Blatantly that same Gators troll trying to make Miami fans look dumb.

So on one hand Jim gayo is knocking Golden and on the other hand gay thinks golden will be hired by other schools despite his poor record.

LMAO, These is a weak attempt from a poor attorney to bully former players into an interview. It does not matter if they speak to the NCAA. They are going hammer UM anyway and punish innocent kids. So I say, go ahead, believe Shapiro. It speaks volumes about thier investigative integrity.

UM should sue and appeal any sanctions levied against them. Two bowls and the possibility of an ACC championship game are plenty.

The NCAA is now a total joke. If they follow through, I would sue THEM for deflammation of character. I thought innocent until proven guilty.

Are some of you insane? I mean I most of you are either Moles are complete idiots but now insane too? The NCAA comes out with this and now self imposing the bowl ban isn't a smart decision? This is even more of a reason to self impose because it looks like the NCAA is trying to roast Miami by taking the words of a conman at face value.

The NCAA probably doesn't want to end the case and then have new infractions come out like with what just happened at UNC. It also sounds like none of the former players have told them shyt and the only thing they have is the confession of a liar from behind bars. So he took some pictures with players, who gives a shyt? So he claims he paid for abortions for hookers? And... This guy has no proof and the players that were investigated served their punishment. Miami is going to skate with their self imposed bowl bans and Golden is going to tear the recruiting trail up and build another monster in Gables.

The NCAA bias against private schools should be investigated. It's criminal!!!

Jim Gallo, you are probably a decent and kewl guy; however, I do not understand the motives behind your posts. My gut feeling is that you relish the tete-a-tete feedback as some sort of recognition. Sorry your so lonely...get a life man. Fans are fans. I love true fans everywhere and I don't admonish them for their faith and love for their teams.

My heart doesn't understand how the NCAA can threaten the university through the wall of silence. IANAL, but my head understands that if the university cannot refute the Shapiro charges, the NCAA will have to weigh their source as well as the former players' silence, and then rule on them.

I wonder if there is a lawsuit-in-waiting against the NCAA...

Pretty weak of the NCAA to wait so long to send that letter, I want UM to get through this as quickly as possible like everyone else but it looks like they're going to have to fight some of these charges if the NCAA is willing to accept Nevin Shapiro's testimony at face value.

NCAA = National Coalition Against Athletes

All this tells me is the NCAA doesn't have jack squat as proof and they are wanting players to come in so they can trip them up. This is a bluff for us to hang ourselves and all we have to do is take it to court and the NCAA will lose.

I think some of you are over reacting...Anything more than Penn State would fire up a TON of people and the NCAA would have a ton of crap on its face. I think it will be half the punishment of Penn State (Similar to Ohio State). Remember, Ohio State, USC, Oregon, Penn State, North Carolina and a ton of other schools that got hit COVERED IT UP!!! Miami did not!!! That is a good thing people!!! Self imposing bowl bans will help big time. Look at Ohio State right now! Do you think they wish they self imposed a bowl ban sitting here undefeated? Damn straight they do! Miami probably won't beat FSU this year (too young) anyway so it's a good move. The letter only proves that former players aren't talking and this is a desperate effort by the NCAA to scare them to. At the end of the day, if they take the word of a con man in prison over all these former players then shame on the NCAA. Bottom line, all his "gifts" were nothing. $50 to $100 here and there. He didn't put up Reggie Bush's family in a house in So Cal for crying out loud! Oh, and again, look at that case. USC knew about it, and covered it up. Miami has cleaned house, Golden is doing a great job and playing clean. I truly believe Miami is going to make a great run starting next year!!! Stay positive and keep a clear head!

Posted by: Southpawcane
Actually most here are complete idiots and delusional as well. Including yourself.
How is Golden going to "tear the recruiting trail" when he hasn't been able to do that so far and both UF and FSU continue to get most of the best recruits.

All of you idiots blaming the NCAA, blame the administrators and coaches who allowed Shapiro to do his dirty deeds and Uncle Luke before him. You are acting blind and stupid in denial.

And some idiot blaming the Gators or an attorney at the NCAA who went to UF, get real. Didn't Paul Dee play a big part of the punishment handed out to USC?
Did they blame UM for their penalties? No. So why are you so stupid and blind?
Heck you even stole fat Seantrell from USC due to the sanctions handed down by Dee and the NCAA. So when the same thing happens to you coming up with players transferring without penalty just STFU.

Elena, it is spelled "vendetta"

Gallo is right only in saying UM should not have self imposed this year this is the closest you have ever been to an ACC ship and the closest you will ever get in a long time.
He is wrong in that there is no way you would win the ACC ship against FSU. No way you will beat UF next Sept. You may even lose to Duke this weekend, very possible.

So stop your petty whining and complaining, stop the pointless blame game and look in the mirror, you get what you deserve. Shapiro may be a liar and cheat but that doesn't mean he did the same thing Uncle Luke did before him. He was even called Lil Luke. The NCAA has what it needs if you think you will skate free you are a big fool.

you can send Molly Richman a message on linkedin..

and facebook https://www.facebook.com/molly.richman.52

Yeah, the letter was sent by a UF grad. HAHAHAHA It seems if there is a writer from UF they write bad artilces about Miami, If they work for the NCAA they try to hammer Miami. Its crazy how much UF fans envy Miami.

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