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UM elects to skip post-season again

Here is the official release from the school sent this morning:

The University of Miami has made the decision to withhold the football team from bowl consideration for the 2012 postseason. The decision was made in response to the ongoing NCAA inquiry and the University has informed both the NCAA and the Atlantic Coast Conference of its decision. The decision also means that should the Miami football team qualify for the ACC Championship Game, it will not be eligible to participate. Interim Director of Athletics Blake James informed the team of the decision this morning, two days after the Hurricanes became bowl eligible with their sixth victory of the season.

The unprecedented decision to voluntarily withhold the football team from a second consecutive postseason was made by University leadership, including President Shalala, the Office of the General Counsel and Department of Athletics leaders. Considerable deliberation and discussion based on the status of the NCAA inquiry went into the decision-making process and, while acknowledging the impact that the decision will have on current student-athletes, coaches, alumni and fans, a determination was made that voluntarily withholding the football team from a second postseason was not only a prudent step for the University to take but will also allow for the football program and University to move forward in the most expedited manner possible.

The University and President Shalala have been clear from the start of the inquiry that Miami will cooperate fully and will seek the truth, no matter where the path might lead and that the institution will be stronger because of it. The University has already taken proactive measures to ensure more strict compliance with NCAA rules and continues to evaluate further steps. No other self-imposed penalties have been issued at this time and to continue to protect the integrity of the inquiry, the University will have no further comment.


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Sweet! Let's pound Duke and start U Tough.

For all of you who think this is a bad idea, it's not. I don't want to see that defense again, get in the film room and the weight room and get that thing pointed in the right direction.

i agree , go out and lay the wood to duke, everyone already knows that georgia tech backed in. hit the weight room and and let al do what he does best, recruit.

Our Bowl Game will be Duke..

Let's turn up the heat and make it a game that we can build on...

The NCAA now have two Bans from us...bring on the shcolie hits and let's move on...

I feel for the Seniors, but on Offense and bringing in a new Class will definitely help, and the depth on our team on defense should be addressed..

In recruting if we beat Duke, we can use the dictum of Winning the ACC Coastal but ELECTED not to play in the Championship game for the long term betterment of our 'Canes..
Let's get out there and put some numbers up on Duke.
Go 'Canes Always

Don't know how much good this will do with NCAA, we'll see; But, if in the next 2-3 seasons CANES aren't playing for consecutive ACC titles, Shalala should resign and the Board of Regents, Chancellors etc, should go with her....Nuff'said

No problem with the decision. Like we didn't know what the decision would be. I hate that our seniors couldn't be a part of a bowl or ACC championship game but its all for the best of the program. Now we can put this crap behind us.

This was a great decision for a great institution. Focus on Duke and reload the team for next year. Morris will be even better and the defense can go nowhere but up. Coach Golden and crew are quality people and the []_[] in the best place for student athletes to shine. LET'S GO CANES!

This sellout of the current team is disgraceful! Not even taking into consideration the fallacious presumption that it will do some good in easing sanctions.

Miakid,,you need to re-think your statement! Imposing a 2nd self-imposing bowl ban will do wonders with the NCAA.
Penn State got 5 years bowl ban
USC got 2 years bowl ban
Miami 2 year self-impose bowl ban (may be a behind door deal with the NCAA)
Ohio State 1 year bowl ban
North Carolina 1 year bowl ban. Now all we have to be concern with is the number of scholarships the university will lose. But overall, this team will be a monster next year with all the returning talent.

well sports fans some of what i've read i can agree with! I would of liked the school to have waited till after saturdays game to self impose but it's over and done lets move on! kick some duke a-- clame the costal title. remember we wree only supose to win 4games this year lets make it 7 GO CANES!!!!!!!

Bad decision if we were any good.
Good decision if we were bad.
We suck
Therefore, great decision.

Good move. We haven't beaten a decent team all year and have been destroyed by the 2 great teams we played - KSU and ND. The other good team FSU give us a smackdown in the ACC title game. I'd rather take the hit this year and hopefully play in a decent bowl next year when we should supposedly be better.

where's ur head at look at the number of young players we have we were supose to be 4 and 8 with a wine saturday we will be 7 and 5 we don'd suck were young give the players sone credit I live over 400 miles away and travil to most of the home games i'm and always be a canes fan you sound like a fare weather fan grow up were not great but we can build on what we have lets suport the team. what pisses me off is the empty seats at the games if I can travil 400 miles why can't we fill the stadium!!!!

I like this move, we'd look like idiots being proud of going to a bowl game when we didn't earn it the right way ourselves. We all know unc should be going over us anyway, no need in us skipping them while their on a hiatus too. We don't need to go until we earn it the right way, and that's on the field. Had we beat unc, that's a different story.

Although they're probably not going anyway, but are they going to ban the bball team from post season play to...shhhhhhhhssssss!

another fare weather fan sure we got beat by KSU and ND, FSU also beat us look at the players that bailed on us last year. couldn't stick it out i give our palyers credit and hreart for the way they palyed this year ya i don't like to loose but it happens suport the team encourage them don't tare them down go CANES!!!

I agree with UGoCane, this is for the betterment of the team in the long run.



p.s. Attendance was once again pi55 poor. C'mon man support your team!!!

I don't know how much weight these self-imposed bans will have with the NCAA, when you wait near the end of the season and realize you're likely to end up in a crappy bowl and then decide to self-impose

a more legitimate self-imposed ban would be to announce it prior to the beginning of the season and allow seniors to transfer, as they would be allowed to in the event of a real NCAA bowl ban

I understand the bureaucratic level decision. However, it is unknown that the NCAA would provide us with another bowl ban after we excluded ourselves last year. Most of the allegations against the football program have either been over-turned and other punishments given (fines/games missed) been satisfied.

Can you say - time served?

The NCAA always accepts self-punishment. There is no case where they did not. They often add to the self-punishment, but they always give credit for what has been given up. The worst UM will get is 3 bowl losses. They will not equal Penn State's 4 bowl losses. Hopefully, they only lose the 2 bowl games. Scholarship losses are more damaging than anything else and I fear the amount UM may lose. Clint Hurt will be coaching high school next year.

AL,No problem with the decision made,take the pain now and,benefit from it later; But,just if the NCAA doesn't come down as hard as the speculation rumors say, then an opportunity was wasted here. I'm saying if CANES' don't live up to the expectations the next 2-3 seasons heads should roll...

Come on NCAA.Spank us if you must.We ll move forward.Next year has to be better.

More people at the USF game than at two games at the OB during the 2001 championship season.

UM fans don't go to games.

Good call on the bowl ban, bring on the scholarship losses and vacated wins.

Does anyone have any idea when the ncaa will render a verdict?

If we get something close to what penn disgrace got, the nc2a needs to be relieved of their judgement duties. 2 bowl bans is good enuff, and if they thought about reducing schalorships, they might want to reconsider that too as well. If they say 10 over 3 years, but again, if whatever they're thinking comes close to what happened at penn disgrace, they all must be gay too!

It hurts, but it is a good decision. Now the NCAA needs to give us our bitter pill, so CAG can go ahead and recruit. One thing that I believe he will be able to say to the incomingrecruits for 2013 though is, this team will be in contention for the ACC coastal next year AND will surely be bowl bound. Again, it stinks for the likes of Mike James, Vaughn Telemaque and others, but this move will move the program further along than going to a bowl game this year would.

Duke is our bowl game, play sound football assignment football and we beat them by at least 2 touchdowns.

Am I the only one who can see that the problem is shalala?

Correct decision but it should have come after the Duke game as a win would have meant the penalty of self-imposing is harsher. Now if we lose to Duke (which might be possible if the team is deflated) the NCAA might suggest that a low bowl bid is not enough punishment.

I think the team will play harder b/c of this just as a "let's show them" statement. I feel this medicine will help future recruits in that they'll know less, if any, bowl bans will not affect them coming to the U. Other coaches will try to use this. Also - our sanctions SHOULD pale in comparison to Penn State.

Announcing this BEFORE the last game of the season means that the bean counters and ivory tower academics that run this university could care less about the football program. It means that they could care less about these student athletes and coaches. It means that they could care less about the name brand of the U. Why couldnt have they waited until AFTER the Duke game?

Dont be surprised now if the 10 "commits" we have bolt. This short-sighted "decision" will have, ats its unintended effect, the implosion and destruction of the 2013 signing class, which could have been saved by playing in the ACC ch game.

They want us to care bout our U, but they could give a rats a55?

Forget the sanctions talk, i'll say this again, anybody that's blaming jedd fisch for anything, need to pipe that down. 33(1 on special teams; barrow) points last week, 40 points this week, but more importantly, this man is not just the oc, he's the qb coach to as well and is doing a real good job of teaching the qb's how to play the game. As well as setting up check downs that actually allows these qb'sto go thru their progressions.

Last year, j70 had only 5 picks going into the last game vs b.c., and his stats from last year:
passing yards Td's Int's
2,486 20 9

I said going in, all we need for smo17 to do is at least match or exceed j70's production, and that was being modest because jacory only had 1 year under jedd, this is smo's 2nd year, all we'll need from smo come next year is to improve his accuracy and completion % and yards per attempt/completion.

Why couldn't they have waited until after the Duke game?

Because if they're going to take a ban they have to do it the second they're eligible or else it doesn't do them any good. If they lose to Duke they'd lose all credibility for a bowl ban, and a bowl ban is definitely the right move here.

Some cane Moron did it again, called the Duke game "our bowl game".

You know what that means ladies, Duke will clean your sorry clock. Book it cane clUck, you will loose the Duke game.

A bowl ban this season is a good idea. Your team is very bad and will loose against Duke. Even if they made it to the ACC ship, FSU would cream you again. So who cares.

Move on cane clUkcs. You still sUck.

And BTW corpus, why should UM care about it's local fans?

You don't show up to games anyway, the only strength of "the U" brand comes from our east coast alumni base and our huge NATIONAL following.

The crappy local UM fans will pack the stadium for FSU and no one else regardless.

And yes, I know there are a handful of good local UM fans out there.

But the numbers don't lie, on the whole UM has the worst local fanbase of any major football program in the country.

Get a life CaneKiller, "your team" hasn't played us in 5 years and yet you still obsessively read every article that's written about the University of Miami and spend every day on this blog childishly trash talking people on the internet in the hopes someone will talk back to you.

Ok, It is not just a 2 year bowl ban. It counts as three games, IF we beat Duke. No one has had more than a three bowl game ban from the NCAA. Therefore, we will avoid any post season bans from the NCAA by forfeiting THREE GAMES not TWO. Also, we are losing out on bowl money. The lower bowl from last year and this year will be work about 5-6 million. I know if we got to the BCS game by beating FSU, which I don't think we could but anything is possible and that's why they play the game. Which means we are losing out on a possible 25 million dollar bowl in giving up the ACC Championship game. So, if you take into account the THREE games we are giving up plus the potential $6-$30 million in bowl money. Those two penalties cover the post season ban and the fines that the NCAA might assess. Therefore, the only thing left that the NCAA SHOULD do is take away scholarships. That being said, the NCAA is crazy and hates Miami. They will probably still mess with us even though the dragging of their feet over two years has always been a blow to recruiting and should be taken into account when they decide on scholarship reductions and should give us like 2-3 reductions a year for like 2-3 years. They will probably give us more like 6-8 reduction because they have it out for us and always will.

Beat DUKE. That is our bowl game. Send the seniors out in style. The legacy for this Sr. class should be the fact that they stuck it out. Took two bowl bans, but didn't quit. They helped put us on track by being the ultimate team players and paying the penalty for others who committed the crimes. Another reason why the NCAA is a joke. They penalize the innocent who are left behind after the guilty are long gone.



Dude, what are you talking about. This bowl ban just saved the 2013 class. Now Al can walk into any recruits house and tell them and their parents, "We have taken ourselves out of three games. We have paid our penalties, During your time at the U you will play in four bowl games. You will not have to sit out a bowl ban year. If you come to Miami, You can win and you don't have to worry about the NCAA anymore." That is priceless and that pitch will save this class and set us up great. The Negative recruiting can stop because now the other teams can't say, oh don't go to Miami because if you do you won't play in a bowl game.

Those 10 recruits we have right now, they can exhale. They will never have to worry about a bowl ban. They can come to Miami with a clean slate.

hay canekiller yes i used small letters cause u an't worth caps! I'm a canes fan and always will be no matter what the bcs does!!! my only gripes are the NCAA is listining to a convict who stoled from others to line his own pockets and some a-- hole who thought it was breaking news to write about it. and that jack a-- mark may who always screemes death penilty when it comes to the canes and a-- holes like u. the Canes are young they showed good spirit saturday and all year against others yes we lost some key games but they never quit, fsu was favored by 14 and only beat us by 6 we were supose to only win 4 games but have wone 6 with a win saturday we will have 7 and even with the ban imposed we can clame costal division title so shut up nuckle head!!!!! GO CANES

I would think Shalala will be asked to resign once the sanctions come down. This was all on her watch and she's the one in the picture holding a check.

Nobody is asking Shalala to resign. She has raised over $1 billion for UM and has increased its academic reputation far beyond expectations. She may retire at some point after this next fundraising campaign, but it will have nothing to do with any NCAA scandal.

what a coward golden is....he could have fought for this, he is afraid to play FSU again....you have a winning season at hand with a championship and a chance to share state title (in theory assuming fsu beats fla) and he bails. the best season is the one in front of you..there is no guarentee that miami will be beter in the future of have a better win/loss record let alone be in a future bowl. you say say bye to keith bryant...he will definitely go to fsu now....that was the prize to fight for....play fsu again with possible victory and that will convince bryant to stay....he is gone now....what an idiot golden is...this is what i mean...poor judgement. its better to play and let ncaa take it away than not to at least try and keep charging the hill....poor leadership at the top like ive always said.

I hope someone actualy i hope they didn't told nevin s.before he went to prison not to bend over in the shower because u may go in as a tight end but you will come out a a wide receiver if you catch my drift. Go CANES!!!!

wait a minute - FSU won 33-20, they didn't win by 6

and if you're going to declare the Hurricanes the Coastal division champs, you may as well give it North Carolina since they beat Miami on the field and have an identical conference record but can't go because they're on probation themselves

SunnyDee, $3,000,000,000 so far actually.

She's 70 years old, she'll be gone by 2016.

And nothing will change with UM, Shalala doesn't have anything to do with the football program. Larry Coker, Randy Shannon, and Al Golden have run the football program as long as she's been here.

hay jim wake up can't u read golden had nothing to do with the self imposed ban it was up to the people up stairs they made the choice i hate it but i accept it lets move on kick duke ass with a win saturday we will be costal division champs and no one can take that away... co canes!!!!

Good move...lets finish the season strong...

And that photo? At a bowling event sponsored by another booster who was way into the basketball team, Nevin Shapiro stands up to try to upstage the guy and gives over a $50,000 chump change check.

The check bounced, he never even gave UM that "money".

Good move. If the NCAA bans the "U" from another bowl and significantly reduces the amount of scholarships, then the rumors are true that the NCAA president wanted to make an example out of the "U". Lets face it. The NCAA has been licking their chops waiting for the "U" to mess up so they could slam them. Let's hope these last two bowl bans will help remedy some of what is coming.

hay rc sorry your right got cought up with the other bs we still kept them under 40 points they were favored by i belive 2 tuch downs so by the spread we wone go canes!!!!

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